Hardcore / Gabber / Rave DJ and owner of ReBuild Music (2009-2017). I've played in USA, Canada, Japan, The Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Germany and every corner of the UK at Westfest, HTID, Slammin Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, Uproar, Ravers Reunited and hundreds more.

Keen vinyl enthusiast and all round top lad. Always opinionated, usually right.
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posted a comment on Various - The Dreamscape Hardcore Collection. 6 days ago
Bust A New Jam on disc 4 is the Brisk 99 remix, in case anyone wondered.
posted a comment on Sy & Unknown - Squashed #2. 7 days ago
The B side is also known as Two Ruff - We Can Do This and was on Sy's Bonkers 7 mix. Awesome hard house influenced track with the familiar 'I'm surprised to see your suitcase at the door' vocal from DJ Unknown Homegrown releases.
posted a comment on Chrono | The Demon Dwarf | Sneiterheadz - Shut The Fuck Up. 16 days ago
For me this is the first record you could call 'uptempo', these tunes paved the way for that 190/200bpm style of Dutch hardcore that is so popular now. So if you want to blame someone, blame Chrono haha! I love this EP, all tracks are really strong with ... See full review
posted a comment on Future Cut - The Specialist / Razor's Edge. 20 days ago
Huge 2001 track that was hammered at all the big raves, love the sample and the evil breakdown with the bassline teasing before it all goes fucking mental, supported by everyone at Slammin, Accelerated Culture, World Dance etc...remember this going off ... See full review
posted a comment on Bassface Sascha - Big One / Answers. about 1 month ago
I can't believe no one has commented on this! The B side 'Answers' is about 20 years ahead of it's time with a huge fuck off gargling bassline that wouldn't sound out of place in a Hazard / Voltage set. Buy on sight!
posted a comment on Special K & The Dream Team - Tutti Frutti Remix / All DJ's. about 1 month ago
Underrated Joker tune hammered by Mickey Finn in 98 including at Human Nature I think
posted a comment on Kesj & Donut - Smack Up The Bitches E.P.. about 1 month ago
Played by Clarkee at Helter Skelter Energy 98 for any trainspotters out there
posted a comment on Wicked Dimension - Everytime I Think Of You. 2 months ago
Tucked away on the B side is a track played by a few UK DJs including Lomas. Awesome track with 'go get lyrical' rap samples, amens and a wicked female vocal sample. Very simple but effective track with an intro to die for.
posted a comment on Smile - Dream Of Heaven. 2 months ago
Ridiculously cheesy but very well made EP from Smile, every tune is a rip off of something at the absolute height of happy hardcore in Holland, but when it's this well done can you really complain? Very UK sounding with breaks over the kicks, would fit ... See full review
posted a comment on Global Hardcore Source - Fast E.P.. 2 months ago
Let's Get This Thing Off The Ground definitely uses elements of 'The Killer' by Tango & Ratty for it's eerie breakdown, the whole thing sounds very similar anyway.
posted a comment on Brutal Unity - Jam That Disco!. 2 months ago
Wicked Laugh has an absolutely amazing riff, perfect for any fast paced gabber / bouncy techno set! Underrated release on this mostly forgettable (sorry!) label.
posted a comment on Micron - Chaos Theory Overide LP. 2 months ago
Sheer brilliance from start to finish. Glitch ridden tracks with shades of light (the awesome Indie Mashup) and even darker shades with insane editing and enough stop / starts to confuse the listener and dancefloor. Takes a few listens but this is some ... See full review
posted a comment on Catkiller - Body Count. 2 months ago
Amongst the terror and silliness on this vinyl is an absolute beauty of a track called Silicone TIT, insanely heavy 140bpm ish shranz / techno slab with relentless kicks and percussion. By far the best track on the EP, proper head nodder!
posted a comment on Meander - Secret Places. 2 months ago
Wow Marshmallow is excellent, absolutely beautiful piece of chiptune style music 10/10
posted a comment on Various - Rave Mission Volume V - The Jubilee Box. 3 months ago
Essential for anyone into old trance or hard trance, for one the box and presentation are absolutely stunning, a real treat. Loving Loop, Final Fantasy and Commander Tom are highlights but the whole album is easy to listen to.
posted a comment on Micron - The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions. 4 months ago
Couldn't say it better myself! Such a talented producer, so happy he's back making new stuff!
posted a comment on Tieum - Psychiatrik Ⅱ. 4 months ago
The Funky Shit is an absolute anthem from the UK scene, championed by Clarkee, Dolphin, Scorpio and many more. Classic Tieum sound!
posted a comment on DJ Tron - Massacre EP. 4 months ago
Massacre is featured on HMS @ Hardcore Heaven Sep 1996, absolutely brutal track with the chainsaw scene out of Texax Chainsaw Massacre, lots of screaming, gurgling and blood spillage than a relentless kickdrum. Not for the faint hearted!
posted a comment on Infrabass - 00. 4 months ago
The A track was played by Clarkee at Helter Skelter Timeless 98, nice bubbling acid track with breakbeats galore...solid.
posted a comment on Sandkorn - Untitled. 4 months ago
Classic HMS track from 96 'this same type of rock and decay caused 16 of the 19 major civilisations to vanish from the earth', absolutely amazing track!
posted a comment on Tieum - Untitled. 4 months ago
Both Hardcore Clay and Werlook were hammered in the Technodrome by Scorpio, Clarkee and Producer throughout 98. Hardcore Clay is the standout track for me with cartoony samples ‘over here tough guy’, ‘sock it to em’ and ‘lousy combo’. Essential EP for ... See full review
posted a comment on Xylocaine - Xylocaine EP. 4 months ago
DJ HMS classic from 96, ‘Mr President, Mr Vice Secretary’.
posted a comment on Placid K - Is This Strange?. 5 months ago
Huge EP in the UK in 98 with Scorpio & Jay Prescott hammering all 3 tracks on the release. Buy on sight!
posted a comment on Dolphin, Tox* & Dare (4) - Yeah Motherfucker. 5 months ago
Massive track from the Technodrome days and still sounds fresh today, as does all of Dolphin's music! Essential 97/98 slab.
posted a comment on Brainbruiser - Backdoor. 5 months ago
Killerpoint is another 98/99 Producer & Scorpio classic from the Technodrome days!
posted a comment on Various - D-Boy Project 5 - Still Hardcore. 6 months ago
Appetite For Hardness and Dirty Mothafuckerz both played by Scorpio in 2001 at North
posted a comment on Ibex (2) - Powers Of Bright Darkness. 7 months ago
The real gem on this release is Streamline The Sickness tucked away on the B side. Amazing riff and perfect sample for this haunting track with great filtered kicks and lots of crunch. Sounds a bit like Promo 2000/2001 which can never be a bad thing!
posted a comment on The Death Syndicate* - No Sound FX. 8 months ago
Is this anyone else's favourite Deathchant? No Sound FX is 100% my favourite DC of all time, there's just something about this track that does it for me; it might be the long intro, the aggressive crunchy electronic riffs or the half speed drop where all ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Technohead 4 - Sound Wars: The Next Generation. 10 months ago
This CD was the first gabber album I bought when I was 15 in my local record shop, it introduced me to Nasenbluten, Ruffneck, DJ Skinhead, UVC, Japanese speedcore, Praxis and loads more and started my journey into harder music which so far has lasted 21 ... See full review
posted a comment on Strike Records. 10 months ago
it didn't last another 10 years, shame! Great to see I:Gor & Detest still doing well though...
posted a comment on Elektroplasma - Molecules. about 1 year ago
Is it meant to be played on 33 or 45? I honestly can't tell!
posted a comment on Sharkey. about 1 year ago
its out now at the HU site, over 100 tracks including lots of unreleased stuff
posted a comment on Master Mind - Meccanik EP. about 1 year ago
For anyone wanting to know, 'Big Brothers' is an awesome Frenchcore track with a lot of Tieum / Gobble influences, the breakdown has the famous 'this stuff is really FRESH' hip hop sample then 'take that motherfucker' before dropping into classic ... See full review
posted a comment on Unseen - Untitled. about 1 year ago
For the WWE fans out there, Hell In A Cell contains samples from the Triple H vs Batista match from Vengeance 2005.
posted a review of Peaky Pounder - Fasttalking. about 1 year ago
Fasttalking is one of my favourite hardcore / techno records of all time, there's just something about that groovy acid line and the percussion that just makes me nod my head. Definitely Peaky's best tune in my eyes!
posted a review of Various - Hardcore Heaven - The Impact Records Album Launch Extravaganza. about 1 year ago
Out of the 150+ tapepacks I've got, this is by far the greatest collection of mixes I have. The Sy, Vibes, HMS, 3Dom / Dolphin and Druid tapes are some of the most amazing DJ sets I've ever heard and if this isn't in your tapepack collection please do ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Brisk* - Happy Hardcore Foundation Vol 2. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Various - Hardcore Heaven Volume Two. about 1 year ago
The DNA remix of Midnight Express on this album is slightly different to the Vinylgroover & DNA remix that came out on Essential Platinum. Not sure of the details but it went from being DNA to Vinylgroover & DNA before release.
posted a review of Micropoint - Sodomination E.P.. over 2 years ago
Another classic EP from Micropoint, my favourite being Sodomination. Brutal kickdrums with crunchy distortion at around 220bpm, loads of industrial whirring and grinding throughout the track, this track is up there with Pied De Porc! and Armor Battle, ... See full review
posted a review of Micropoint - C'est Tout. over 2 years ago
Skip straight to 'Pied De Porc!' on the B side for a slab of absolutely relentless early Frenchcore, favourited by Producer, Scorpio and The Music Maker in 97/98. The looped samples were used (or copied) in Hellfish - Hardcore Body Harvest also. Great ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Hellfish* - Hardcore Body Harvest. over 2 years ago
Micropoint - Pied De Porc! on Dead End? Try that.
posted a review of Nukom - Untitled. over 2 years ago
No comments on discogs, what a crime! One of the most famous records of the speedcore boom of the 90s right here, head straight to 'Raise Your Hands' for the HMS / Loftgroover favourite, RAISE YOUR RAISE YOUR RAISE YOUR RAISE YOUR RAISE YOUR HANDS IN THE ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Fight Club Vol. 1: Germany vs. France vs. Sweden. over 2 years ago
Beautiful picture disc with possibly one of the best 'novelty' speedcore tracks of the 2000s. 'Fucking Angry' by Earfist uses the 'its 4 in the fucking morning! It's Saturday! No it's not, it's fucking Sunday, and I've gotta go to fucking work in 4 ... See full review
posted a comment on Mastervibe / DJ Clarkee - Control The Night / Clonk. over 2 years ago
It's on Clarkee from Slammin Vinyl vs Hardcore Heaven late 1998 if you ever find the tape on YouTube!
posted a review of Various - 惣流 (Japcore Samplers - Hardcore Osaka 1997). over 3 years ago
Contains the classic 'Kitty Whip' which fans of Loftgroover will know, relentless speedcore with 'are we going to see another day' rock vocal.
posted a review of Various - Torsion Féconde - Chromosome Y (Part One). over 3 years ago
Amazing record, especially Rush by Le Talium. Meaty kicks and a spooky vocal, really gut wrenching stuff but for all the right reasons, proper underground speedcore done well.
added DJ Kaos - Bad Ass / Back Breaker to their collection. over 3 years ago
submitted Force & Styles, Dougal & Mickey Skeedale - Sunshine / Look At The Stars. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Alek Száhala. over 3 years ago
totally agree, an absolute genius and total master of the freeform sound
posted a comment on Funky Flirts - Inner Sanctum / Exit, Exit. over 5 years ago
Yes the pressing is pretty f*cked, shame cos I think the DAT is lost too so this is the only version of the track!