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posted a comment on Dabeull - Intimate Fonk. 3 months ago
I think the repress is on black wax. Can anyone confirm? The sound quality on the transparent version is top notch. Perfect record edge to edge!
posted a comment on Daniel T., Duckcomb - Pleasure Of Edits 05. 10 months ago
Another version can also be found here Metropolis-Colegiala/release/13896856 on Magic Records Venezuela
posted a comment on The Gangsters (6) - The Gangsters. about 1 year ago
Sound quality and packaging is top notch. Lots of info and photos in the booklet.
posted a comment on Freeway (12) - No More. about 1 year ago
I own both and have played them back to back. The PPU release sounds better however this 7" release is louder. I have never heard the original BTW.
posted a review of Nolan* - I Like What You Give / Somebody's Cryin'. over 3 years ago
Insane drum break on " I like what you give "
posted a comment on Steve Monite - Only You. over 3 years ago
Sound quality for "only you" is better on the "doin it in Lagos" compilation. This release is more lo-fi.
posted a review of Joanne Wilson - Got To Have You. over 4 years ago
A different version of this track can be found on Bronze, BRO-80, Around the world in 80 seconds, by Nostromo. This version has slower BPM and no vocals.
posted a review of Nostromo - Alien. over 4 years ago
A different version of this tune (Around the world in 80 seconds)can be found on, Joanne Wilson-Got to have you-Kalinda KD-585. Also on a re-issue from Cultures Of Soul Records COS-503. These versions have a faster BPM and vocals.
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Professional Workshop Series: Rock Improvisation Volume One. over 4 years ago
There are two jazz funk tracks B1 and B2. There is synth on both.
posted a review of Brooklyn Allstars* - Let's Rap / Swing Low Sweet Chariot. over 5 years ago
There is a drug reference on "Let's Rap". Smoking Pot and others.

posted a comment on Man Parrish - Brown Sugar. over 5 years ago
Killer ambient track "Water Sports".
posted a review of Cashmere (2) - Do It Anyway You Wanna. over 5 years ago
Great dollar bin jam. I guees no famous djs have used it on a mix. Its in my gig bag under heavy rotation. get it
posted a review of Cream D' Cocoa* - Baby, Don't You Know. over 5 years ago
The flip side Toe Jam is really the track. Overlooked and slept on. Great for that roller boogie set.
posted a review of 5,000 Volts* - I'm On Fire. over 5 years ago
The 7" version, spinning at 33 1/3 sounds like a whole new track. The only way i can listen to it now.
posted a comment on Quantic - Magnetica. over 5 years ago
Buy the cd Brocahontas. This record is perfect the way it is. 3 pieces of perfection. DJ friendly.
posted a review of Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. - Shine On Silver Moon. over 5 years ago
I got the words, you got the music side B is the jam.
posted a comment on Vance And Suzzanne - I Can't Get Along Without You. over 6 years ago
Herbie Powers :-) in the dead wax?
posted a review of Vance And Suzzanne - I Can't Get Along Without You. over 6 years ago
I have this "shameless" bootleg and i have found the sound quality to be fine. Having said that I have never heard the original. I am sure that Herb Powers would not approve. The bpm is 111 for the instrumental and 117 for the vocal.
posted a comment on Kasso - I Love The Piano. over 6 years ago
Yes my copy drops out too.
posted a review of Lalo Schifrin - No One Home. over 6 years ago
Vocoder all over this track also smooth vocals
by Sylvia Smith . 116 bpm sweetness.
posted a review of Key Of Dreams - Africa. over 6 years ago
Such a tight version of this song! Vocoder!
posted a review of Bohannon* - Bohannon. over 6 years ago
So chill and funky. This is a record for every collection. Can be played anytime, for anyone. Masterpiece.
posted a review of K. Leimer - A Period Of Review. over 6 years ago
Great music. Great packaging with booklet and MP3 download. A must have.
posted a review of Nighthawk - Eye Of The Tiger. over 6 years ago
Great dollar record.
submitted Jade Warrior - Kites. over 7 years ago
posted a review of Dennis Coffey - Absolutely The Best Of Dennis Coffey. over 7 years ago
Song # 5 shreds!
posted a review of Charlie Ryan (2) / Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders - Hot Rod Lincoln. over 7 years ago
Really the outer sleeve should read Tommy Dugan & The Hot Rodders.
submitted Laurence Vanay - Laurence Vanay. over 7 years ago
posted a review of Mike Mainieri - Journey Thru An Electric Tube. over 7 years ago
This album is perfect in so many ways. Sound quality is outstanding. Heavy jacket and wax. Solid.
posted a review of The Chambers Brothers - A New Time - A New Day. over 7 years ago
This is a great record for 5 bucks. Overlooked and undervalued. Buy it!
posted a review of John Carpenter - Assault On Precinct 13. over 7 years ago
There are 16 track listings. However when i listen to it there is really only stand out track that seems to be rehashed. Buy something else like the Death Waltz release no. 15 (DW015) Room 237.
posted a review of William Onyeabor - Who Is William Onyeabor?. over 7 years ago
The best LP i have heard in 2013. Great sound quality. The future of music happened 30+ years ago.
added William Onyeabor - Who Is William Onyeabor? to their collection. over 7 years ago
posted a review of Various - Raw Silk Volume One. over 7 years ago
Killer comp. with chill tracks and serious low end.
posted a review of Jack Green - Humanesque. over 7 years ago
One of the best 3 dollar records available. Solid album edge to edge.
posted a review of Huey Lewis And The News* - The Power Of Love. over 7 years ago
The remix by Jellybean is amazing. Next level Huey.
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
posted a review of Cledus Maggard & The Citizen's Band - The White Knight. over 8 years ago
This record is straight up wacky. A perfect slice of 1976 Americana.
posted a review of Leroy Hutson - Hutson II. over 8 years ago
Great record from edge to edge. All killer no ................
posted a review of Donald Byrd - A New Perspective. over 8 years ago
I know i'm a bit late on this but this album is blowing my mind. Solid and soulful. A must have.
posted a review of Tommy Bolin - Private Eyes. over 8 years ago
This album is full of good samples, ready to be ripped and flipped.
posted a review of Sex Pistols - The Mini Album. over 8 years ago
Good sound quality.
posted a review of Various - New York Noise (Dance Music From The New York Underground 1978-1982). over 8 years ago
There is nothing disappointing about this compilation. Sure, an artist may have been left out or tracks overlooked. However what is on the compilation is pure listening pleasure.
posted a review of Jean Michel Jarre* - Equinoxe. over 8 years ago
Side B really starts to cook! Equinoxe Part 5 just blew my mind. Great record for 3 bucks.
posted a review of Imagination - Night Dubbing. over 8 years ago
The best three dollar record out there. Sounds like the Nu-Disco coming out today. Slow bpm's serious jams.
posted a review of Jacques Darieux And His Orchestra - Cocktails For Two. over 8 years ago
The band sure sounds like Frankie Ortega.
posted a review of R.J.'s Latest Arrival - (Aerobic Dancin) Keep Dancin. over 8 years ago
Serious boogie, the song is better than the title lets on.
posted a comment on Roy Shurland And His Big Bamboo Orchestra - The Big Bamboo. over 8 years ago
Little Sparrow on steel drums. 1961. Recorded in the Bahamas at the Big Bamboo Club.
submitted Conway Twitty - Conway Twitty's Greatest Hits.... over 8 years ago