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Specialist in : Soul/Funk/Reggae/Rare Groove/Jungle/Hardcore/Electro/Detroit Techno/Acid House.
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posted a comment on Gat Decor - Passion. 2 months ago
Half of these terms are bollocks - it’s just House as far as I’m concerned - same as it always has been since back in the days in the 80s....end of.
posted a comment on DJ Trace - Teach Me To Fly / Inception (After Dark Remix). 5 months ago
The female vocal sample is from , Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation and It’s actually, “Wanna say yes “ , not “stay up “..
posted a comment on Walter Jackson - It's Cool. about 1 year ago
Bought this in Disc-count Records Shepherd’s Bush back in the day. Masterpiece.
posted a comment on UR* - Electronic Warfare - Designs For Sonic Revolutions. about 1 year ago
Unbelievable music - Mad Mike et al really are from another planet...nobody on 🌍 are , or can make music like this. A work of art.
posted a comment on Various - Enforcers (Volume 5). about 1 year ago
❤️ All these - I’ve never considered selling any of my old-skool vinyl (apart from certain doubles that I used to get sent to me from labels way back when) I’ve lost count of friends who did 😢

Nookie - Phobia , is a work of art.
posted a comment on Dennis Brown & Gregory Isaacs - Big All Around. about 1 year ago
This was a massive tune back in the day. And it still sounds just as fresh ❤️
posted a review of Various - Further Adventures Of North. over 2 years ago
Dream 17, re-mixed , like only Derrick can. Pure perfection.
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Steampit EP. over 2 years ago
[quote=Soultronic] One of the best mills period. Automatic is legendary, driving clean impeccable techno. Native high to me is what the purpose maker is all about, as in percussion, use of samples and darkness combined with playfulness. Like Octave One ... See full review
posted a comment on The Martian - Firekeeper / Vortexual Conceptions. over 2 years ago
Two amazing tracks - totally disagree with a couple of comments- I think some people don’t quite get subtlety and rhythm.
posted a comment on The Martian - Meet The Red Planet. over 2 years ago
Another work of art by Mad Mike - nothing compares or will prepare you for The Intruder. Spellbinding.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on The Aztec Mystic A.K.A DJ Rolando - Knights Of The Jaguar EP. over 2 years ago
An absolutely beautiful record - a work of art ❤️
posted a comment on Underground Resistance - Inspiration / Transition. over 2 years ago
Totally agree - this record is a an absolute masterpiece ❤️
posted a review of The Aztec Mystic - Aguila. over 2 years ago
One of the most beautiful, moving, and well crafted pieces of music ever written. This track has a certain sentimentality for me for a reason that I won’t go into on here. A work of genius.
posted a comment on DJ Crystl - Meditation / Warp Drive. over 2 years ago
I remember when I bought it too. Total Music Records , Bethnal Green. A work of art.
posted a comment on PFM - Wash Over Me / Love & Happiness. over 2 years ago
PFM really went in on this track - that Amen drum edit is insane. Masterpiece.
posted a review of A Guy Called Gerald - 28 Gun Bad Boy. over 2 years ago
Bad bwoy tune - had the foresight to buy two copies of this when it came out, for maximum pullback carnage ❤️
posted a comment on Urban Shakedown Featuring Micky Finn - Some Justice. over 2 years ago
Bad tune! I can still remember when I first heard it played out , at a rave called Ibiza in Vauxhall arches when it first came out back in the day - people went mental ❤️
posted a comment on LFO - LFO. over 2 years ago
Remember buying this from Bluebird records in Edgware Rd. when it was released. Dat bassline ❤️
posted a comment on Meat Beat Manifesto - Helter Skelter / Radio Babylon. over 2 years ago
A proper warehouse classic ❤️ For those that know.
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea. over 2 years ago
Never liked this - it’s just a blatant rip-off of the mighty , Radio Babylon , by Meat Beat Manifesto, which is an absolute banger - this, on the other hand is completely shit IMO.
posted a comment on D-M-S* - Exterminate. over 2 years ago
No point even explaining about tracks like this to people who weren’t there - they will never get it. Classic.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Dj Carl Cox* - I Want You (Forever). over 2 years ago
Never forget dancing to this, at I think a Raindance rave and being mesmerised by a girl dancing in a black catsuit ❤️
posted a comment on Aaliyah - One In A Million. over 3 years ago
One of the finest female vocalists of all time, sadly gone..but not forgotten.
posted a comment on DJ Exodus & Woody (5) - A Classic Skank. over 3 years ago
Massive tune on the underground 🚇 Big up The Skeleton Krew. I know all these guys from my manor big up. And RIP Tyrone..gone..but not forgotten. Peace my brother.
posted a comment on Hardrive - Deep Inside. over 3 years ago
I find it hard to understand what you don’t like or seem to be bothered by with this track and why DJ’s like myself (and the crowd alike) love it. It’s irrelevant who mixed and produced it. There isn’t any need to over analyse music like this it is what ... See full review
posted a comment on Jesse James (4) - Love Is All Right. over 3 years ago
Another diamond from the soul mine; there’s no words to do this justice 💕
Just listen.
posted a comment on Liquid - Liquid EP. over 3 years ago
Bought this back in the day, on this original wax. Timeless.
posted a review of Marvin Gaye - Little Darling (I Need You). over 3 years ago
Words cannot do this masterpiece justice...A truly beautiful record ❤️
posted a comment on Frank Wilson - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) / Sweeter As The Days Go By. over 3 years ago
This record does everything for me. A thing of beauty.
posted a comment on Cliff Nobles - My Love Is Getting Stronger / Too Fond Of You. over 3 years ago
Almost next to impossible to pick a greatest of all time tune but this would definitely be in my top ten. Amazing record.

posted a comment on The Vibrations - Shake It Up / Make It Last. over 3 years ago
Big boy tune, this one is always in my bag!
posted a comment on Sandi Sheldon - You're Gonna Make Me Love You / Baby You're Mine. over 3 years ago
Hi, I wonder if you would know what mix this is, because there seems to be another version with slightly different beats? Sounds like an updated edit???
posted a review of Satin Storm - Let's Get Together / Free Your Mind. over 4 years ago
Massive tune back in the day and still sounds just as good. The clueless person who says "not for me" clearly wasn't there back in the day when all these wonderful records were made and played so your comments are at best unfounded. You and anybody that ... See full review
posted a comment on Rhythim Is Rhythim - The Beginning. over 4 years ago
'The Beginning' is a masterpiece.

Random fact:The track Emanon, is noname spelt backwards.

Peace out.
posted a comment on L.T.J. Bukem* - Music (Happy Raw) / Enchanted. over 5 years ago
Unless you was there at the time of release of tracks like this, then you'll never understand the significance of such vinyl.

A work of art...for those that know.
posted a comment on Bladerunner - Feel For You / Time Trap. over 5 years ago
Yeah I agree, later to that price.

Tune's alright, but £7 max.
posted a comment on The 28th St. Crew* - I Need A Rhythm. over 5 years ago
Big tune...for those that know. Big up all original Acid ravers.
posted a comment on Shy FX - Bambaata. over 7 years ago
Actually, the break in Bambaata is Amen, so therefore AKA is correct.