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posted a comment on Various - Lost In Paradise - Vibealite Arena. over 3 years ago
This was held 2.3.96, not 1994 as suggested. A great little pack with possibly my favourite Billy Bunter set. The Brisk tape is actually taken from Vibealite - Producers and Remixers of 1995 (26.12.96) and features the last happy hardcore set at Venue 44 ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Jo - Space Harmony. over 7 years ago
Is this the best hard trance tune ever?

I can remember the first time I heard it from Fergus' set at Vibealite - In The Beginning and just as the first break drops, someone blows a horn. It remains one of the best parts of any tape I've ever heard - ... See full review
posted a review of Crowd Pleasers - Volume One. over 8 years ago
A side takes the Rob Acid sample and makes it into a happy stomper I've loved ever since I heard Carl Cox play it at Vibealite - Carl Cox Birthday back in '94. The flip takes the main piano/vocal from Bass Selective 'Blow Out' and drops it into a nice ... See full review
posted a review of Crowd Pleasers - Volume Two. over 8 years ago
The A side uses the same sample as DJ Pooch's 'Take Control' on United Dance but with 'Can you feel it - Feels good' vocal. The flip has a nice stomping start with 'Take me Higher' sample before Baby D 'I'll take you up to the highest heights' vocal ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Ganja Brain - Sounds Of Summer / Better Beats. over 8 years ago
Tried to find the name of this tune after Swanne played it at Vibealite - Sugar, Spice and All Things Nice. Didnt even know it was on Discogs as its pretty hard to find. Better beats is a nice tune with a catchy riff thats well worth seeking out if you ... See full review
posted a review of SMD - #4. over 14 years ago
Although the fourth release often appears to be the last, there was actually a fifth SMD from around 96' that was never released despite appearances on United Dance 4 and playes predominantly from Slipmatt and Hixxy. However, this vinyl remains quality ... See full review
posted a review of SMD - #3. over 14 years ago
Onto the third in the series and no let up in quality. The info side of the vinyl was rightly popular with noisy pianos and bass over big breatbeats. Sounding similar to the first release in places, yet different enough to be unique - you'll be hard ... See full review
posted a review of SMD - #2. over 14 years ago
Slipmatts second release on the label continues where the last left off. Using lesser know samples, the vinyl boasts tunes both dark and light. Pianos lead the way on the info with uplifting vocals laid on top for good measure. The better known of the ... See full review
posted a review of SMD - #1. over 14 years ago
The one that started the series off and possibly the best release of all. Sampling Congress' '40 Miles', this was possibly overly happy for its time, but sounded great anyway. On the flip, Slipmatt fuses 'Playing with Knives' and 'Just a feeling' ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Seduction - Drop The Bass / Sample-Mania. over 14 years ago
Though 'Drop the Bass' is fine enough as an A-Side, the real treasure lies on the flip side in the form of 'Samplemania'. Seduction must not have know he had a classic in the making here, and most producers would have killed for this as an A-Side. The ... See full review
posted a review of Vibes & Wishdokta / Edit V - No More Tears / Sensation (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix). over 14 years ago
One of my favourite hardcore releases ever comes in the form of Vibes and Wishdokta's 'No more tears'. Having possibly the best ever breakdown at the end of the tune, this quite rightly takes its place among the giants of this lable. 'Sensation' on the ... See full review
posted a review of Ramos, Supreme And Sunset Regime* With DJ Slipmatt* - The Remix EP. over 14 years ago
Absolute stormer of a release with four remixes of earlier Hectic tunes. Leading the way is Slipmatts remix of the debut release 'Crowd Control', with driving riffs and lush pianos. The heaven remix of 'Gotta Believe' drops the kickdrum intro for a nice ... See full review
posted a review of A Sense Of Summer - Around The World / On Top (The Remixes). over 14 years ago
Possibly on of the finest happy vinyls ever released with two awesome tunes - certainly the labels strongest release. A Sense of Summer (aka Force and Styles) starts procedings with Techno Round the World - an absolute stormer of a tune with the 'tek tek ... See full review
posted a review of Trotski & Mercy - Forgotten Souls. over 14 years ago
Quite an obscure tune from back in 94'. Despite a play from Slipmatt back at Dreamscape 10, Forgotten Souls remains on of the lesser played tunes on this label, overshadowed by In Complete Darkness. Samples the hook from Justice and Mercy's 'Sooth my ... See full review
posted a review of Motiv 8 - Break The Chain. over 14 years ago
Looking closely at the Slammin' vinyl remix uncovers one of the nicest happy hardcore tunes of early 95'. Big pianos and a great vocal work well together, although few plays back in its day. One of the few hardcore tunes not on a happy label.
posted a review of N-Zo & DJ Invincible - Funky Sensation (Billy Bunter & J.D.S. Remix) / Get Higher. over 14 years ago
A massive tune from early 95' and Billy Bunter at his very best. Uplifting vocals ride over a catchy hook in a similar vein to the earlier release on the same label 'New Sensation', yet this time, everything seems a little more frantic. My favourite ... See full review
posted a review of Juicy Cuts - Vol. 1. over 14 years ago
Not sure who made the Juicy Cuts series, but they seemed to be popular nonetheless. The first release samples Paul Elstak's 'Love you more' with some sucess, although I never heard it played out much. Not a bad tune overall though and a lot more nicer to ... See full review
posted a review of Eruption - Just A Feeling / Nicey (Remixes). over 14 years ago
Another quality release from a time when you couldnt go wrong with Impact. 'Just a Feeling' - being the highlight of the vinyl - totally eclipses its average original with catchy pianos and the vocal 'Take control... Feeling'. Really big around late 94'- ... See full review
posted a review of Crowd Pleasers - Volume Three. over 14 years ago
Forget the sample of Rolling Stones 'Satisfaction' and flip over the B-Side where one of the most overlooked tunes from late 94' is. Played by the likes of Seduction (Dreamscape 15vs16) and Vinylgroover (Dreamscape 17vs18), the catchy hook builds up ... See full review