For items that I'm selling, I'll always endeavour to post them as soon as I have received payment. If you find any of any reviews helpful then great, but we don't all have the same taste. They are really just tasting notes for myself.
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posted a comment on The Beatles - Let It Be. 5 months ago
I agree, the views opposed to mine are definitively not “more” valid than mine. Is that what you meant?
posted a comment on Gil Scott-Heron - Real Eyes. about 1 year ago
I could not disagree more. Wonderful album, a hidden gem. Your 'review' is not particularly abiding.
we can’t all agree all the time. Not sure why you have used apostrophes around the word review, is it only a review if you... See full review
posted a comment on Gil Scott-Heron - Small Talk At 125th And Lenox. about 1 year ago
Yes I agree, I guess tahts what I was meaning by its historical relevance
posted a comment on Barry Brown - Far East. over 2 years ago
I have the Studio One compilation called Roots and Culture, do you know when these were recorded?
posted a comment on Various - Café Del Mar - Volumen Doce. over 2 years ago
Quality, that has cheered up my morning, thank you :)
posted a comment on Canned Heat - Living The Blues. over 4 years ago
Parthenogenesis 'weird and weak'?Neither criticism is valid. Parthenogenesis is progressive. Parthenogenesis is experimental. Either you can follow these cats into the musical unknown, or you can't.

Progressive +... See full review
posted a review of Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune. over 4 years ago
One for the aficionados: there some nice playing, albeit fairly loose in places, an interesting and pleasant enough listen for Hendrix heads, but like the majority of his posthumous releases I expect that these are works in progress rather the final... See full review
posted a review of Lou Donaldson Quintet - Swing And Soul. over 4 years ago
This is a pleasant enough listen, but really lacks any punch really
posted a comment on Bob Dylan & The Band - The Basement Tapes. over 4 years ago
These songs have been tampered with prior to release so what you are listening to isn't the historic recordings, but someone else's definition of what they should have sounded like. This is one of the weaknesses of the original basement tapes; The... See full review
posted a comment on Johnny Ace - Pledging My Love / No Money. over 4 years ago
That's not the first time it's appeared in a film with Harvey Keitel. It also appears in Scorsese's Mean Streets.
posted a comment on The Beatles - Let It Be. over 4 years ago
I think the original review answers the question - sometimes it's difficult for some people to accept that views opposed to their own are equally, if not more, valid
posted a review of Ray Charles - Ray Charles The Genius - 17 Original Albums. over 4 years ago
Fantastic collection - although the date of the release of the individual albums is listed above, the R&B releases by Atlantic were in fact just collections of material recorded earlier so this contains the vast majority of anything recorded on... See full review
posted a review of The Grateful Dead - Aoxomoxoa. over 4 years ago
I love most of the work by the early Dead, especially the live stuff, but I've never really gotten into this Dead album. I think the production is quite good, definitely interesting, and there's some great playing, but the material just doesn't do it for me. See full review
posted a comment on The Grateful Dead. over 4 years ago
[quote=moshka-medicine] While at one time, I considered the Grateful Dead a huge and viable part of the growth of american progressive music in the 1970s, my views have changes since moving to Europe 7 years ago. Much of the Dead's early stuff is raw... See full review
posted a review of Grateful Dead* - Fillmore West 1969: The Complete Recordings. over 4 years ago
Amazing set of recordings; if you like Live Dead you'll love this. A must have for Dead Heads.
posted a review of B.B. King - Ladies & Gentlemen ... Mr. B.B. King. over 5 years ago
Too many of his collections feature later versions of his work. For that reason this is best B.B. King collection I have found.
posted a comment on The Grateful Dead - The Grateful Dead. over 5 years ago
Actually just got some much better headphones and it sounds better each time I listen to it, I agree with you about the live stuff, but this is a nice addition to that stuff
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Wall. over 5 years ago
So that is not what you were going for in your original post? Could have fooled me.

I don't understand what you are trying to say?
posted a review of Thelonious Monk Quartet* - Misterioso. over 5 years ago
Recorded on the same date as Thelonious in Action, this is a fine selection; Monk is truly the star that shines here, although Johnny Griffin (soon to be replaced by Charlie Rouse) and the rest of this incarnation of his Quartet ensemble support Monk well. See full review
posted a review of Derek And The Dominos* - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs. over 5 years ago
This is quite simply essential listening, and a must have, classic album. I have never really understood why isn't rated as one of the greatest albums ever when it features two of the greatest ever guitarists. Perhaps the country influence isn't too... See full review
posted a review of LTJ Bukem - Producer 05 - Rarities. over 5 years ago
I like Logical Progression, but always felt it was a little over hyped (Trolls - please don't crucify me for saying that I am entitled to my opinion). The Earth Series is pretty cool, and Producer One has some decent selections, but this is by far my... See full review
posted a comment on L.T.J Bukem* - Logical Progression. over 5 years ago
Di Gustibus Non Est Disputandum...everyone is entitled to their opinion, I have a more positive attitude to this release than you, however the trolls are those who try to deny you your opinion.
posted a review of Nina Simone - Tell It Like It Is - Rarities And Unreleased Recordings: 1967 - 1973. over 5 years ago
Far from essential listening, this is nevertheless an enjoyable collection with alternative studio versions, B-Sides, live cuts, and tracks that just never made it. I would recommend this to Ninaphiles, but not to someone looking for an introduction. ... See full review
posted a review of Rolling Stones* - Blue & Lonesome . over 5 years ago
I was a little apprehensive before listening to this, but I 'm pleasantly surprised. As the title suggests it's straight forward Blues covers; some people are complaining about the the sound quality, but I think they are just trying to produce a... See full review
posted a comment on Rolling Stones* - Blue & Lonesome. over 5 years ago
I think the sound quality is deliberate, in keeping with the original records
posted a comment on Bob Marley & The Wailers - Rastaman Vibration. over 5 years ago
I agree with your comments, but even if like myself you aren't just a casual Reggae or Marley fan, this music may not be for you
posted a comment on The Beatles - Abbey Road. over 5 years ago
I don't know where this idea that the Beatles invented concept albums comes from? John Lennon said Sgt Pepper wasn't a concept album, and there are plenty before that anyway, just look at Zappa, and Miles Davis was doing concept albums in the 50s.
posted a comment on José Feliciano - Feliciano!. over 5 years ago
It's not meant as a slight, I live this album, but it's easy listening isn't it?
posted a comment on The Beatles - Abbey Road. over 5 years ago
I tell it as I see it, my friend. I'll take the minority comment as a compliment, thank you
posted a comment on Bob Dylan - Live 1966 (The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert). over 5 years ago
You really think this stands up as a piece of music?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Wall. over 5 years ago
Like Donald Trump you must think everyone should have the same opinion as you!
posted a review of Miles Davis - So What (The Complete 1960 Amsterdam Concerts). over 5 years ago
Exactly the same set from the previous evening in Zurich can also be found here
posted a review of Eurythmics - In The Garden. over 6 years ago
A bit krautrocky, maybe it's ahead of it's time as it has the shoegazing Indie sound of later in the eighties. It's fairly accessible, and cohesive, but Lennox is a bit repressed; the albums just not that compelling.
posted a review of Maestro* - Blue Note Trip - Saturday Night / Sunday Morning. over 6 years ago
Apart from a couple of tracks this is all Blue Note post Alfred Lion, so don't be surprised that it isn't the hard-bop Blue Note are known for. It is however a very well put together compilation featuring more contemporary funky stuff. The whole... See full review
posted a review of The Doors - Strange Days. over 6 years ago
This doesn't work quite as well as their début; it's similar in style, but not quite as direct or powerful. Still fairly decent but not quite a classic.
posted a review of The Doors - The Doors. over 6 years ago
This is a really strong début that remains a classic, essential album.
posted a review of Lee Morgan - Standards. over 6 years ago
I guess this all sounds OK, it’s a bit tame considering the personnel includes Morgan, Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock though. Definitely not essential, but nice enough.
posted a review of Lee Morgan - Volume 2 - Sextet. over 6 years ago
Playing in a Sextet, again it features Horace Silver, Hank Mobley is on tenor with Chambers on bass. This is decent Hard Bop with Morgan’s own style developing. Most of the compositions are by Benny Golson.
posted a comment on Medeski Martin & Wood - Shack-man. over 6 years ago
I'll have to try some of that
posted a review of Lee Morgan With Hank Mobley's Quintet* - Introducing Lee Morgan. over 6 years ago

His only release on Savoy, starts off with some fine Hard Bop, and finishes with some nice Ballads. I particularly like Hank Jones’s piano.
posted a review of Neil Young - On The Beach. over 6 years ago
This is a great album, it doesn't contain the same sort of accessible gems as either "Harvest" or "After the Goldrush", but it's a personal, maybe slightly gloomy album that benefits from repeated listening. There are no dubs here, but i think the... See full review
posted a review of The Three Sounds - The Best Of The Three Sounds. over 6 years ago
This is a decent compilation from the competent Three Sounds. Fairly soulful, and most enjoyable.
posted a review of Van Morrison - Blowin' Your Mind. over 6 years ago
On his début album the opening track, his first solo single “Brown Eyed Girl” is the most enduring song, but “T.B. Sheets” may be the most interesting. Van sounds good throughout, but the material isn't great, it’s not bad, sounds OK, just not... See full review
posted a review of The Wonder Stuff - The Eight Legged Groove Machine. over 6 years ago
Along with "Pop Will Eat Itself", and to a lesser extent "Ned's Atomic Dustbin" the Wonder Stuff represented a Black Country alternative to Madchester. The début of the original incarnation featuring Rob "The Bass Thing" Jones is as decent as... See full review
posted a review of The Verve - A Northern Soul. over 6 years ago
Best Psychedelic Rock Album - How could anyone say that? More pop than than their début, and less compelling and fully formed than the follow up, this ends up in a dull no-man's land.
posted a review of Richie Havens - Alarm Clock. over 6 years ago
Unusually for Havens the opening tune is the only cover on this which is one of the reasons it's far more cohesive than his previous effort "Stonehenge". This isn't too bad an example of a folk rock album, easily ranks as one of Haven's best works,... See full review
posted a review of Richie Havens - Richard P. Havens 1983. over 6 years ago
There's some decent stuff on here, Havens stretches out stylistically, but overall the project is a little too ambitious and a more concise single LP (maybe with just one Beatles cover) would have served better. "Indian Rope Man" which was covered by... See full review
posted a review of Richie Havens - Stonehenge. over 6 years ago
This sounds pretty cheesy now. Most of the material is quite weak and sounds like something from a Christian teenagers' religious retreat. As usual his smoky tones are fine through out, but the musical production choices aren't that great; they don't... See full review
posted a review of Bill Evans - New Jazz Conceptions. over 6 years ago
His début sounds OK, fairly easy listening, but no where near as good as was to come.