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posted a comment on Tommy Jefferson, (Halfman - Half Machine)* - I Love To Be Loved. 3 days ago
It's a fantastic private electro boogie jam with great 808 sequences, lovely synths and sweet vocals. Of course it can't be liked by everybody and I respect your opinion here but for all the collectors of the obscure Lo-Fi bedroom production sound this ... See full review
posted a comment on Opal (3) - Nice And Slow. 9 days ago
No, it's not. I don't know any 12" styrene pressings btw. That was only common with US 45s.
posted a comment on Ice (38) - Reality / Hey, Hey. 10 days ago
@ Thundertone: but this release has nothing to do with the ICE label anymore so I don't get your point really..
posted a comment on B Calloway* - 98 Degrees. 10 days ago
For me it's all about the B-Side here. "10" is a really fresh uptempo tune. Simple but yet very catchy. Would have been cool if they made this a 7" release. Track durations were perfect for that.
posted a comment on Various - Alte Schule. 14 days ago
B1 track "Linguist - Die Alte Schule" contains samples of "Jean Carn - Don't Let It Go To Your Head" (1978).
posted a comment on Unlimited Love. 16 days ago
They should rename this label to "Unlimited Disrespectfulness" . . .
submitted White Limousine - New York City Strut / Dreams Of Gold. 17 days ago
posted a review of Flashy (2) - Don't Stop. 21 days ago
Could have been a great track. Nice beats, bassline and guitars but unfortunately the vocals and that Violine(?) completely ruin it.
posted a comment on Ice (38) - Reality / Hey, Hey. 25 days ago
Why has this been blocked from the marketplace when it has been officially licensed? I know there is a second license by another label but I can't see any actual violations to the marketplace policy. Can somebody enlighten us please?
submitted Kool Blues - Can We Try Love Again / I Want To Be Ready . 26 days ago
posted a comment on Tanya Von - Tonite. about 1 month ago
This incorporates samples of "The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt" (1981).
submitted Empress - Dyin' To Be Dancin. about 1 month ago
posted a review of B.T. Express - Cover Girl. about 1 month ago
This is a cover version of the beloved Network classic from 1984.
posted a review of The Klass (2) - Teach / Young Lovers. about 1 month ago
Beware of suspicious copies surfacing on the internet these days. There is a french guy offering you homemade lathe cuts as mint OGs.
posted a review of Osunlade Presents Nadirah Shakoor - Pride. about 1 month ago
This has always been my fav Osunlade record. Both tracks have soulful vocals and a beautiful deep vibe. Very collectable cheapo record.
posted a comment on Willie Tee - Concentrate / Get Up. about 1 month ago
Beware this has just been bootlegged with photocopied center labels.
posted a review of Bobby Demo* - More Ounce (Rap). about 1 month ago
There is also a 12" version on Amherst with yellow labels and different text alignment (not in the database yet).
posted a comment on Rikki Patrick - Breakpoint. about 1 month ago
I want that dude's shirt from the cover ... !
posted a comment on The Chestnut Brothers - Sweet Little Rita. about 1 month ago
Beware of crappy bootleg copies from Italy surfacing these days.
posted a review of Boris Badenough / Farm Boy - Hey Rocky! / Jackin' Me Around. about 1 month ago
A 7" release on Trax is very special and looks really cool. The only one as far as I know.
Too bad the tracks on this are only average.
posted a comment on Billy Boomer - You Can't Hide / I Like What She's Doin. about 1 month ago
Easiest way to distinguish both versions: the original says "℗ 1982" and the reissue says "© 1982" on the bottom of each label.
posted a comment on Ron Keith - Party Music. about 1 month ago
Can somebody tell if this US version is a styrene pressing?
posted a comment on Sammie Relford - Isn't It Amazing. about 1 month ago
Looks like both tracks have just been reissued on "Izipho Soul" on separate releases.
posted a review of Hasani - Baby Be Mine. about 1 month ago
Contains samples of "The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets" (1983).
posted a comment on Earls BOOOM!!! - Earls BOOOM!!! Edits. 2 months ago
"The Paper" contains samples of The Dell's Disco classic "All About The Paper".
posted a review of Salim & The Team - Gotta Make Up Your Mind. 2 months ago
Nice cover version of the Major Harris classic. Includes even a little rap part.
posted a review of Etienne De Crécy - Tempovision. 2 months ago
It's all about "Hold The Line" here for me. A deep and mesmeric 14 minutes journey with moody bass and some soulful vocal samples.
posted a review of Rahni Harris & Family Love (4) - A Different Drummer. 2 months ago
Please note the version of "Inside Of Me" here is different to the 7" single release. It's a different mastering with a louder horn section while synths and organs are in the background. The arrangement seems to be same though.
posted a comment on The Harden Brothers - Deep Inside Of You. 2 months ago
Must be an old guide. The last 3 copies I saw went for much more. A NM copy recently sold for almost £600 at Manship auction, so I guess he will update it in his next issue.
posted a comment on Simulant - Out Of Ether. 2 months ago
You can't (re-)press from DAT tapes. A repress is only when it's from the original masters - which means same runouts, etc. See RSG §6.17.2. for detailled description. In this case these tracks will be featured on a compilation which is something ... See full review
posted a review of Jelly (13) - Hey Look At Me / Everybody Needs Lovin Now Is The Time. 2 months ago
Is this a confirmed official reissue? Could not find any infos on the interwebs.
submitted Azymuth - Maracana. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Future Soul Orchestra - Up And Above E.P.. 3 months ago
"Lifes Journey" contains samples of "Martin Circus - Disco Circus" (1978).
posted a review of Nicci Gilbert - Grown Folks Music. 3 months ago
"Can't Forget" plays the same bassline as Curtis Mayfield's "Tripping Out".
posted a review of Radiänce - This Is A Party. 3 months ago
This bootleg can easily be identified by the printed labels. While on the original copies "Ware Music, Inc." was printed in thin letters, it's in bold letters here. Also the alignment of the credits is slightly different.
posted a review of First Love - It's A Mystery To Me / My First Love. 3 months ago
Beware, this has just been bootlegged by Italians! You can identify the bootlegs by the small 32 mm rings on the center labels. The original pressings don't have them (see the release images here).
posted a comment on Ojeda Penn - Happiness. 3 months ago
It's pretty simple: the tracklisting is different. While the short version pressing has "What, If I Didn't Want To Want You" on A4, the long version has it on B4 and plays only three tracks on the A-side. You can see it on the backside of the sleeve. ... See full review
posted a review of Ojeda Penn - Happiness. 3 months ago
Be aware this LP is an extremely thin and light-weighted pressing. Only 80 grams! You might want this packed properly when you order it somewhere. However, it plays loud and has a great sound.
submitted Truth And Soul Gospel Singers* - I Still Remember. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Kenny Dixon Jr. - Soul Sounds. 3 months ago
@ Obsidian: yes, you're right. Lonnie Liston Smith is spot-on!
posted a comment on C.J. & Co / Lorraine Johnson - We Got Our Own Thing / The More I Get, The More I Want. 3 months ago
Mr. K started editing records in the late 80s. The majority of his edits came out in the 2000s. Therefore I think it must be a later release year than 1980.
posted a review of The Comforters (2) - The Williams Bros. Presents. 3 months ago
Another one of many great albums produced by the terrific Williams Brothers! Quite some quality tracks on here. Recommended for collectors of this genre.
posted a review of Théo (3) - No Name EP. 4 months ago
"Chord Evolution" might have been the French answer to early James Zeiter productions. Sounds a lot like the JS series.
posted a comment on Sammantha - Feel Me. 4 months ago
This contains samples of The Gap Band's classic "Outstanding" (1982).
posted a comment on C.R.S.T vs Chesus - Monster Munch EP. 4 months ago
"Special" is based on samples of "The O'Jays - Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love)" (1976).
posted a review of Chemise - She Can't Love You. 4 months ago
This original release can be distinguished from the reissues/bootlegs by a few characteristics. While the original has a color-gradient label-background with a light green/grey undertone the reissues have plain black background. The text alignment is ... See full review
posted a review of 95 North - Forever Underground. 4 months ago
This track contains samples of "Willie Hutch - Slick" (1973).
submitted Miss Patty - You Don't Want It. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Yasuko Agawa - L.A. Nights / New York Afternoon. 4 months ago
$800 for a NM copy?? This was sold for 15 Eur not long ago ...
posted a comment on Kerr - Back At Ya. 4 months ago
There is also a 7" version of this on Tra-San (not in the database yet). Very hard to find!