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posted a review of B.R.U.T. - Give Me The Night. 9 days ago
Fantastic synth-pop electro here! "China Freak" might have been the Belgian answer to Paul Hardcastle at that time. Love this tune. It never gets old.
posted a review of Silver, Platinum & Gold - Hollywood. 16 days ago
Great album! "Dance With Me" is a Disco/Funk blast with a fantastic break and "Only You" is a wonderful Modern Soul tune. This LP is definitely the best value choice if you don't care about the format since the 7" pressings of those songs are very hard ... See full review
posted a review of Ivan Neville - Dance Your Blues Away. 17 days ago
According to an interview with Ivan Neville the correct artist is The Neville Brothers.
posted a review of Chemise - She Can't Love You. 18 days ago
Labels look photocopied, sound quality is crap. I doubt this is a legit reissue.
posted a review of June Evans - June Evans. 20 days ago
All the effort for this album and then they did not even give it a name? And what's up with that Vaporwave artwork...
posted a review of Romel Westwood / Adrian Earl Johnson - I Can't Survive / Albuquerque Firefly. 26 days ago
B-Side is a fantastic instrumental synth-funk tune with a subtle balearic touch. A-Side plays a nice sweet soul stepper. Two cool Bud jams for little money.
posted a comment on General Lee - Pleasure / We Did It Baby. 26 days ago
Only for the B-Side "We Did It Baby" and the fact this is not a styrene pressing (like the other version). A-Side is an average Disco tune. Nothing special imo.
posted a review of Ocean (13) - You Are (To Be Mine). 26 days ago
Only the 1988 pressings have the good mastering. The Baseline release from 1989 has low intro and vocals, like half of the track is missing.
posted a review of Melodies International. 26 days ago
Label logo has been " inspired " by Marjon International Records .
posted a comment on Nitro (55) - What Would It Be Like, Sharing Our Love. 28 days ago
Yeah but both in G / G+ condition with lots of crackling. One of them was sold within minutes though.
posted a comment on Universal Love (3) - Moon Ride / It's You Girl. about 1 month ago
More rare yes, but not more valuable I'm afraid. It's a typical misprint then which you could add to the database if you want.
posted a review of Nick Allen (2) - I'm Burning Up / Need More Time. about 1 month ago
Beware, this has just been bootlegged by Italians. Copies can be identified by photocopied labels and small pressing ring.
posted a review of Shades Of Love - Do Your Own Dance. about 1 month ago
Beware, this has just been bootlegged by Italians. Copies can be identified by photocopied labels and small pressing ring.
posted a review of Lonnie Givens - The Heat Is On. about 1 month ago
Beware, this has just been bootlegged by Italians. Copies can be identified by photocopied labels and small pressing ring.
posted a comment on Billy Frazier - The Mind Blower (Finally Got His Mind Blown). about 1 month ago
The song is poorly written and arranged imo. Everything sounds forced and there is not a second of harmony. Drummer is boring, the bass player ain't recognizable at all. The overuse of those one-liner background vocals made it even worse. It's really ... See full review
posted a review of Gratitude (2) - Loving You / We Are Here To Party. about 1 month ago
There is also a 7" pressing of this (not in the database yet).
submitted Chemise - She Can't Love You. about 1 month ago
posted a review of LoveSpiration - God Is Love. about 1 month ago
If you're looking for this LP, seller "sweet_power" on Ebay has a backstock of mint/sealed copies. $25 each. Get it now, thank me later.
posted a review of Bernard Terry & Jerry T. Lewis - Try My God. about 1 month ago
Beware of counterfeit bootlegs popping up these days. They can be identified by photocopied labels with a trimmed text around the label edge (S in Silver, C in Sunic, N in Spoon). Text is also a bit blurry and the label color is slightly brighter than on ... See full review
posted a review of Bobbi Humphrey - Baby Don't You Know. about 1 month ago
Digitally remastered. Can't compete with the sound of the 1982 OG, mastered by the legendary Herbie Jr..
submitted United Voice Players, John White (9) Featuring Lee Williams - House Party. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Leroy Burgess - Heartbreaker / Stranger. 2 months ago
I would really love to see a 7" pressing of Heartbreaker. Always wondered if Salsoul made such a version since many releases from their catalogue came out on both formats.
posted a review of Stak'D Feat Preston Dennard - My True Love / Promises. 2 months ago
"Promises" is a lovely Modern Soul tune with a little bit of a "Kool And The Gang" vibe.
submitted Status IV - Lovin' You. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Opal (3) - Nice And Slow. 2 months ago
Yeah but that was more than a year ago. The last 10 copies here sold for much more.
posted a review of Expo (4) Feat. J. Eliot Robinson - Road To Sunshine. 2 months ago
I've heard there is a difference between both pressings and this is the better sounding one. Can somebody confirm?
posted a review of Cocoa (2) - I've Got The News. 2 months ago
This is a cover version of "Kreamcicle - No News Is News" (1983).
posted a comment on Andre Ward & Act IV (2) - The Pulse. 2 months ago
it's a clarinet though . . . . . .
posted a review of Patrice Rushen - Number One. 2 months ago
There's also a second version of this promo with different label ID (ST-E-69586-A-AR) (not in the database yet).
submitted Donald Byrd - Think Twice / We're Together. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Total Contrast - Next Time I'll Know Better / Sunshine. 2 months ago
Yes, this version is different to the LP version. It has been released a year before and has different instruments and arrangements.
submitted Patrice Rushen - Number One. 2 months ago
posted a review of Pupu - Who You Know Not What You Know / Living. 3 months ago
A VG+ copy has just sold for $338 at auction. Don't listen to people making you believe this is worth 12 grands LOL
posted a review of Derrick (4) - Boogie Times. 3 months ago
The track durations on the labels are wrong. The version here (same on both sides) is 2:56 mins long. I clocked it.
posted a comment on Emerson (3) - Sending All My Love Out / Why Are You So Cold. 3 months ago
The copyright owner once even posted here but did not show any interest to have it reissued. There even is an edit somewhere on a 12" comp but that has not been licensed. Can't recall the name at the moment.
posted a comment on 9th Creation* - Love Crime. 3 months ago
It will be only a vinyl rip with photocopied graphics.
posted a comment on Michael Baker - Don't You Want My Lovin'. 4 months ago
Good question. That YT upload sounds like it was recorded from tape or vinyl. Maybe it's from an early test press that has never been released. Maybe it is featured on one of the countless compilation CDs that do not show a track duration. Please keep me ... See full review
submitted The Coleman Singers - Walk With Me Jesus. 4 months ago
posted a review of DJ Cutex - Cutex Pfeift Drauf. 4 months ago
This track is based on "Slave - Feel My Love" (1980).
posted a comment on Jade (20) - One Down And You To Go . 4 months ago
It's not the same record as the Seville 45. Only the track "One Down And You To Go" is featured here. Budweiser 45s typically had a promotional studio montage by the local radio station on the flipside. Just check the other releases.
posted a comment on The Creations - Kinky Girl. 4 months ago
Not much difference. The 12" long version is just a little streched with an additional break and has a slightly longer intro. Personally I think even the 7" version is a bit too long. They should have made it a minute shorter in favor of a louder ... See full review
posted a comment on Stirling March, Rocky Rolle* - Under Cover Lover . 4 months ago
Style over talent. It's a private production with a unique and non-conformable sound. And that's what makes it special. Way more intersting than all those generic sounding major label productions. If you ever find a spare copy of this I'd be happy to buy ... See full review
posted a review of Underground Solution Featuring Jasmine - Luv Dancin'. 4 months ago
Why does this say "DJ use only" when it's a commercial release?
posted a comment on Together (7) - Do You Want To Go Home With Me. 4 months ago
Can somebody tell if this is a styrene pressing ?
posted a review of Advance - Take Me To The Top. 4 months ago
Unlike the regular 7" on Polydor this promo version is a vinyl pressing not styrene.
posted a comment on Infra-Red - When Luv's The Feeling (Remix). 4 months ago
Rochelle Fleming - Love Itch (1985) . . . .
posted a review of Osiris (2) - Fun / Slippin' In The Back Door. 4 months ago
"Fun" is a cool and underrated piece of uptempo party funk!
posted a comment on Sylvia Striplin - Give Me Your Love. 4 months ago
From all reissues this 1995 Japan pressing is still the best sounding.
posted a review of Incentive (2) - You. 4 months ago
Number of wants have increased from 80 to 550 in only 4 days. But please don't call it a hype. Nice $1 crate sound here. Would not spend more on it tbh.
Btw. if someone else but FDG played this record most people here would not even care. That's for ... See full review
posted a review of Willkerr. 4 months ago
I assume the label name is a mixture of the names of the producers William Pruitt and George Kerr.