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submitted Manny Lehman - Experience. 3 days ago
submitted Hot Since 82 Featuring Liz Cass - Eye Of The Storm. 5 days ago
posted a review of Pete Gooding - Viva Ibiza Nightlife. 6 days ago
Dark and heavy hitting progressive house mix from Gooding, who normally releases house, deep house, and downtempo mixes. This is nothing like his other stuff and is easily one of the best magazine cover mounts I've heard. Even his Tide Edits mix cd had ... See full review
posted a comment on Sasha - Never Say Never. about 1 month ago
Fantastic mix and one of Sasha's best. I almost feel like he accidentally switched this mix with Involver 3, as magazine mixes aren't usually on such a high level as full artist mix releases. This one is much better than Involver 3, released the same ... See full review
posted a comment on Big Audio Dynamite - F-Punk. about 1 month ago
Picked up a copy and I concur. Tremendously better sound quality than the muddy, compressed CD.
posted a comment on Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents... Great Wall. about 1 month ago
Much better without it. Track 2 flows into track 4 (3 on the US release) very nicely.
posted a comment on Isobel Campbell - There Is No Other.... about 1 month ago
I ordered from the UK Rough Trade site and got the bonus CD, but I didn't see it listed as being included if you bought it from the US Rough Trade online shop.
posted a comment on Komakino - Man On Mars. 3 months ago
Nah, I would say the Talla 2XLC melody is better.
posted a comment on Paul Weller - In Another Room. 5 months ago
What's even sadder is a small label like Ghost Box is the real loser, as the resellers will soon profit more than they will on it.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Paul Weller - Other Aspects (Live At The Royal Festival Hall). 6 months ago
Mine isn't noisy at all, but all three records are wavy and slightly warped, most likely do to the three Lp gatefold being tightly shrink wrapped. With this type of packaging, and the fact one record has the DVD in its sleeve, it would probably be ... See full review
posted a comment on Christopher Lawrence - Hook Recordings. 6 months ago
Some superb songs in this mix, but there are many tracks he already used in his Rise (1997) and Temptation (1999) mix CD's, which are both stronger mixes than this. Most tracks just stop and start without being mixed, so this is more like a label ... See full review
posted a comment on Christopher Lawrence - Temptation. 6 months ago
Exciting and dark progressive trance mix from Lawrence, and it's his best CD release. The energy stays high from the opening track to the last. It's all mixed analog on Technics turntables, but you better turn the bass and volume down when you start ... See full review
submitted Inna - Hot. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Big Audio Dynamite - F-Punk. 7 months ago
Can anyone comment on whether this LP sound quality is any better than the awful CD mastering?
posted a comment on The Jam - All Mod Cons. 8 months ago
Why does this listing state 'The Butterfly Collector' as a track when the images of neither vinyl-label nor sleeve show this?

Not any more. It was incorrectly taken from a draft of a different release. I fixed it.
submitted Vince Gill With Patrick Williams And His Orchestra - Breath Of Heaven: A Christmas Collection. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Above & Beyond Pres. OceanLab - Satellite (Trance Wax Remix). 11 months ago
I'm not big on how the beat meshes with the vocals here, either.

The original Above & Beyond version is great, but the Markus Schulz Coldharbour Remix is the best version and holds up better today than any other.
submitted Hernan Cattaneo* - Balance Presents Sunsetstrip. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Craig Richards - My Friend Is Losing His Mind. about 1 year ago
Exciting techno track found in Richards' Fabric 100 mix. The vocal sample comes from the 2003 track Reflections by Rhythm Unlimited.
posted a comment on Harold Budd / Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois - The Pearl. about 1 year ago
I stay away from all Eno pressed by Editions EG. I've had problems with their sound quality, even when they look unmarked like yours.
posted a comment on Jim Rivers - Global Underground: Nubreed 007. about 1 year ago
The only thing I can think of as a reason why this is rated the lowest of all the Nubreed mixes is that those expecting the progressive house of the original releases weren't pleased when the series picked up after 7 years, and Jim Rivers brought a more ... See full review
posted a comment on Morrissey - Low In High School - Édition Extrême De Luxe !. about 1 year ago
Nope, one clear and one purple. Did you pull both out of their inner sleeves? I also thought my album LP was purple because it was in the front sleeve, then I noticed that this was the bonus LP, and the clear album LP was in the rear sleeve of the ... See full review
submitted John Digweed - Live In Tokyo. about 1 year ago
posted a review of John Digweed - Bedrock XX. about 1 year ago
Top album with 2 mixed discs by Digweed, and all tracks in their unmixed form on the last two CDs. Some very nice futuristic and spacey techno and tech house, with some real melodic gems here. The standout tracks are the always reliable Guy J with a ... See full review
submitted Nick Warren / Saeed & Palash - Nick Warren Ibiza - Saeed & Palash Miami. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Seduction - (You're My One And Only) True Love. over 2 years ago
I do like New York House Mix 2, but for me, this song will always be a late 80's freestyle classic and the vocal club mix is the best version here.
posted a review of Brian Eno - Lightness (Music For The Marble Palace The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg). over 2 years ago
This is now available in Eno's Music For Installation boxed set.
submitted Tyrone Davis - Relaxin' With Tyrone. over 2 years ago
submitted Tyrone Davis - Pleasing You. over 2 years ago
posted a review of Guy Mantzur - Moments. over 2 years ago
CD mastering is a bit bass heavy, but still a great mix, nonetheless.
posted a review of Hernan Cattaneo* - Renaissance: The Masters Series Part 17. over 3 years ago
Cattaneo saved his best Renaissance Mix for last. Full of breathtaking melodies through both discs, and stays consistently along the lower BPM levels, similar to his more recent Sudbeat Balance mix, and other slower tempo efforts like Nick Warren's ... See full review
posted a comment on Sasha - Involver. over 3 years ago
Last good thing? I guess you haven't heard Scene Delete?
posted a comment on John Digweed - MMII. over 3 years ago
I have the Australian CD on the EQ label and there is no skip at that spot, so it must be that US CD release only.
posted a comment on DJ Hardware - Let The Drums Speak. over 3 years ago
Please submit that as a separate promo CD release. . .
posted a comment on Habischman - Nubreed Global Underground . over 3 years ago
I've got the first Nubreed by Pappa and this one as the top 2 in the series. The more I listen to these two mixes, the more I feel it could actually be the best. Tracks 3-7 on disc 1 are just superb.
posted a comment on Dave Seaman - The Selador Sessions. over 3 years ago
1,000 made but only 31 people have this. Where are the rest of them??
submitted Solomun - #GU40 Hamburg. over 3 years ago
posted a review of The Cars - Candy-O. over 3 years ago
On my copy, the volume is not consistent from track to track.
posted a comment on Joris Voorn - Balance 014. over 3 years ago
Magda, Richie Hawtin, Wighnomy Bros., Martinez, Kiki, and Sasha all released mixes like this before this one came out.
posted a review of Depeche Mode - Dreaming Of Me. over 3 years ago
Sound quality is phenomenal. One of the best sounding 7" singles I own.
submitted Mark Lanegan Band - Gargoyle. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Spirit. over 3 years ago
What kind of off sounds? I didn't notice anything on mine.
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion. over 4 years ago
3rd reissue of this album in the past 10 years and still no repress of the Live album!?!?
posted a comment on Oasis (2) - The Masterplan. over 4 years ago
My side A had a series of small scratches/gouges that sadly was audible. About 5 revolutions of pops. It's going back.
posted a comment on Björk - Vespertine. over 4 years ago
My black vinyl version says DMM in the runouts. I don't think I have the 2013 version, as my vinyl feels like it's 180g and that one is supposed to be normal weight vinyl. My runout info matches the 2013 reissue.
posted a comment on Brian Eno - The Ship. over 4 years ago
I just corrected that. Someone listed index tracks wrong.
submitted Roedelius* & Muraglia* - Ubi Bene. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on David Bowie - Hunky Dory. over 4 years ago
Bad copy? Mine sounds great and I've seen plenty of reviews praising the quality of this. Maybe the consistency is poor from sample to sample. New vinyl is definitely not as consistent as it used to be back in the vinyl heyday.
submitted Pet Shop Boys - Behavior.. over 4 years ago