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posted a review of Various - Global Pandemic. over 15 years ago
I can not remember a record that made an impact on me as this one did.
This is the ultimate industrial(techno) album. This has it all; Industrial hardcore, breakcore, IDM and even trippy Breaks.
If you're into industrial, or just not afraid of... See full review
posted a review of DJ Bass - Mazz Deztruction. over 15 years ago
Mazz Deztruction is a very cheap rip off from Project Omeaga's 'Prednison Attack'
The stolen kicks are layered with a low-fi sound.
Also, Instead of the nice filtered vocals/sound effects produced by Project Omeaga, this 'producer' ripped of a... See full review
posted a review of Negative A - White Fluids Of DNA. over 15 years ago
This one is my favourite DNA release. It has it all from ,darker Hardcore to terror to Hard-Techno.
White fluids of DNA has the very loud compressed kick, the one you can find in many Promo tracks. After the screaming synth in the first break, when... See full review
posted a review of Meagashira - Helvetica Chimica Acta. over 15 years ago
‘Helvetica Chimica Acta’. It refers to the name of a Swiss Chemical Engineering Journal. Chemical engineering or process engineering is the profession of E. van Brakel. Many of his track titles are related to chemistry also.

This release contains... See full review
posted a review of Meagashira - Through Inner Core. over 15 years ago
Ever thought that you were satisfied with a mix from this track to another? Well, that's almost impossible since the last melody slows down in the arrangement, whereas the drums continue the way they were during the track. The melody is shifted one... See full review