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posted a comment on Dead Horse One - Season Of Mist. about 10 hours ago
Not a bad album this, although nothing very original as it is very standard poppy shoegaze with uninspired, derivative lyrics. What is disappointing is the recording which is digital technology at its worst: grainy, harsh, lacking definition. I know that ... See full review
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posted a comment on Cypress Hill - Elephants On Acid. 28 days ago
Good album with excellent ethnic instrumentation that adds atmosphere and intrigue. The recording is a bit grey and lacklustre, however; typical digital. The mastering/pressing leaves a lot to be desired, with low dynamics and ridiculously tight ... See full review
posted a comment on Yes - Re-Evolution. about 1 month ago
A poor sounding bootleg this. Though the treble is quite clear, if a little splashy, the midrange is very garbled, and the bass very light and lack weight and power. Overall, not a good recording, and it seems that mastering cannot solve its problems.
posted a comment on Wolf People - Ruins. about 1 month ago
I have the black vinyl, and yes there is a lot of non-fill, especially at the start of both sides, indicating a hasty pressing process and poor quality control. This results in a lot of crackle at the start of both sides. I do kind of like the ... See full review
posted a comment on Gary Numan - The Fallen EP. about 1 month ago
A great companion piece to "Savage" in tasty red/cream/black vinyl that is quiet and displays the recording to good effect. Is it a stretch to point out that those colours are the insignia of fascism? Maybe, but whether or no, this is recommendable.
posted a comment on Goa Experience - Ekinoxe / Ethnic Modul. about 1 month ago
Very nice early Goa by Martin Cooper of Asia 2001 fame; moody, psychedelic, ecstatic. ~*~
posted a comment on Various - Electrosect. about 1 month ago
Another techtrance compilation from Atomic records in Brighton, dating from the fin de siecle. Really, this isn't a bad compilation, starting well with the first four tracks. However, it sags badly in the middle with Paul Jackson's Voodoo People track ... See full review
posted a comment on Gary Numan - Savage: Songs From A Broken World. about 1 month ago
A prophetic, terrifying album. I would describe the music as darkwave, and whilst Numan doesn't really innovate in the genre, his voice has withstood the ravages of time remarkably well and the songwriting is really good. The crossover between the sense ... See full review
posted a comment on Dead Can Dance - Dionysus. about 1 month ago
All that effort put into a great recording, good mastering and clean pressing, to be ruined by a cheapskate choice of packaging. Mine arrived with quite bad scratches in the middle of side one due to the cheap and nasty hard cardboard inner sleeve. Why ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Fresh Emissions. about 1 month ago
Too all over the place to be a good compilation, in my view. There's no flow or coherence, but some good tracks here and there. Some less good ones too. Imo, a compilation requires more than what is offered here.
posted a comment on Various - Foundations : Coming Up From The Streets. about 1 month ago
Poor mastering at very low volume, noisy vinyl, compilation all over the place. Pass.
posted a comment on Various - Boyd In The Void. about 1 month ago
I want to echo the rave comments from the other reviewers. All I have to add is that this compilation has fabulous flow, something conspicuously absent from most other (weaker) compilations. Loong, slowish, epic tracks build to the frenetic climax which ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Assassi:Nations - The Killers!. about 1 month ago
Alien Project's classic "Genetic Eyes" and Logic Bomb's "Lodjik" are brilliant tracks. The rest are quite good. One of the better compilations from Tipworld; after that, it was seriously downhill into completely kitsch teenybopper psytrance. ~*~
posted a comment on Jon Hassell - Listening To Pictures. about 1 month ago
Awesome album more in the "Fourth World" ethno-ambient mode than in the jazz style. My pressing is very quiet and sounds good. A worthy addition to the Hassell canon.
posted a comment on Various - Further Self Evident Truths 3. about 1 month ago
Not a bad compilation, but it is so all over the place, from rocktronica to d&b to techno to ambient, that it doesn't have much of an identity and flow. Personally, I need a bit more coherence, or no dud tracks, from a compilation to find it worth ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Welcome To The Future 4. 2 months ago
This is mostly a fairly cheesy Eurotrance compilation, but there is one great track: Earth Nation's "Alienated". This is more of a Goa track, and it kicks hard with a darker vibe, mysterious atmosphere, syncopated percussion and good storytelling! The ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Signs Of Life. 2 months ago
Yes, I agree. Spectral was one of the great Goa trance acts, and "Avalon" is an all-time favourite. Deeply hypnotic and charmingly other-worldly, its ethereal beauty never fails to charm the ear. The rest of the compilation is not too slack either. The ... See full review
posted a comment on Ultimate Xperience* - Lazarus Rising. 2 months ago
Kris Kylven produced some awesome Goa tracks and the all-time classic UX album. Along with Sandman and Xenomorph, he is the innovator in futuristic scifi, industrial and gothic trance, what is sometimes called darkpsy. This new record is a noble addition ... See full review
posted a comment on Banco De Gaia - Maya. 2 months ago
A favourite. Great album here from Banco de Gaia, aka Toby Marks, who went on to do plenty of other interesting work. For me, this attempt to mix East and West speaks of a charming idealism in the nineties and noughties that, for all that it could verge ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Dubxotic Ethnofunkadelia. 2 months ago
Quite a good compilation of ethnic dub and funky psychedelia, the kind of music that you would have heard at Whirl-y-Gig in London in the nineties. This is definitely on the funk tip, and not quite as good as the music on Planet Dog, for instance. The ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Tranced Out And Dreaming. 2 months ago
An excellent compilation of gentler Goa-style trance with tribal and psychedelic touches. There aren't really any outstanding tracks, but there aren't any duds either, so there is a sense of continuity and flow, just like a live set, which is probably ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Brownswood Workshop: Multidirection 2. 2 months ago
A nice compilation of mid-nineties acid jazz/trip hop/dub. Somehow it all hangs together, despite the variety and there are no bad tracks. Very light and enjoyable on a hot summer evening. ~*~
posted a comment on Various - Serenity Dub 5.0. 2 months ago
5 stars for Serenity Dub 5. Excellent atmospheric electronic dubs on a quiet vinyl pressing with good sound. Some of these tracks have such moody tribal vibes that they are deeply hypnotic. There's an easy sense of flow too. Recommended! It is a pity ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Amazon. 2 months ago
There is unfortunately no Amazonian rainforest vibe, or any other coherence, to this disappointing compilation. Decent tracks from Bamboo Forest, Etnica, Tristan and Ticon, but the rest are weak and all over the place, from minimal techtrance to full on ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Dance, Trance & Magic Plants - Otherworld. 2 months ago
I only went to Return to the Source and Escape from Samsara at the Fridge in Brixton, so this compilation is a chance to taste the other Goa night there: Otherworld. It seems to have had an "avin it" vibe, if the tracks on this album are anything to go ... See full review
posted a comment on Xenomorph - Obscure Spectre (The Horror Trip Remix) / Telepathic Combat. 2 months ago
HorrorGoa - one of my all time favourites from dark genius Mark Petrick. The 12" that accompanied the highly original and path-breaking "Cassandra's Nightmare" album on Koyote records. Still, my all time favourite Xenomorph track is "Malkuth Temple". ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Jean Borelli* - Transient VII - Genetically Modified Trance. 2 months ago
An enjoyable compilation on Transient from Jean Borelli of Orion. The tracks all have the funky but trippy vibe that is characteristic of Orion, so it is quite a lightweight but fun album. There is a flow, suggesting that the dj took some time to plan ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Truth Of Communication. 2 months ago
One of my favourite Goa trance compilations, right up there with Flying Rhino 1 and Transient 4 and 5. A special mention must be made of Kailash's "Higher" which really is higher than high. A super track on an excellent compilation with no bad numbers. ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Let It Rip. 2 months ago
I agree with Skeleton-Man - a compilation that is so all over the place it falls apart. Most tracks are quite weak. Wow, when Goa died, it fell in flames and lots that came after it was pretty poor. ~*~
posted a comment on Various - Transient 4. 2 months ago
Good Goa compilation this. Transient 4 and 5 are the best compilations from Transient, in what is generally a good series with few mis-steps. Special mention must be made of the amazing Pleiadians remix. Spiritual is Kristian Thinning and "Ride the ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Wizardry Of Oz. 2 months ago
An interesting compilation from the golden era of Goa trance, full of Aussie whacky humour and gonzo attitude. There are some fabulous tracks on this album: Shaolin Wooden Men, Reflecta, Insectoid. However, as is so often the case with compilations, ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Psychoactive Scandosounds 2. 2 months ago
A very nice Goa compilation this, with no bad tracks, and a unique scandinavian vibe, albeit within the usual parameters of the genre. All the tracks are good, but L.A.B's "Trippin Trolls" is delightfully bizarre and gnome-like, with a strangely ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Ethnotechno - Sonic Anthropology Volume 1. 2 months ago
A compilation of early Goa-ish tracks, all with a really seductive sensual ethnic/tribal aspect. Such classics on this album, with no bad tracks. It is interesting how in the early days of dance music, the genres hadn't differentiated yet, and here we ... See full review
posted a comment on Lucas (91) - God Save The Machine. 2 months ago
A quite good compilation from Lucas of TipWorld, that is flattered by the generally low quality of TipWorld compilations during the mid naughties. However, when listened to today without that flattering comparison, it doesn't show itself to be very ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Black Rhino. 2 months ago
A quite good compilation of late dark, hard, noisy Goa, just as it turned into psytrance. Indeed, this compilation played a small role, I guess, in that inevitable transition. The Twisted Travellers track is too stuttery for me to enjoy. My favourite ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - All Boundaries Are Illusion. 2 months ago
The first breaktrance compilation that I'm aware of, and it is good. There aren't really any dud tracks, and the album does gel as a trippy whole - a rare achievement for a compilation. Whilst all the tracks are good, I must make special personal mention ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - White Rhino. 2 months ago
Slo Goa, the glistening ruby in Shiva's forehead, has no brighter facet than "Chai Machine" - one of the most psychedelic and affecting tracks ever recorded, featuring a sitar solo for the ages in its long, emotional climax. ~*~
posted a comment on Various - Enlightenment. 2 months ago
A solid compilation from Koyote here, with excellent tracks from Dara, Marcello and Mark Petrick as usual, but there are no bad tracks. There isn't much of a narrative or flow, as far as I can tell. "Strange Vibrations" was the better compilation, but ... See full review
posted a comment on X.Dream* - We Created Our Own Happiness. 3 months ago
A stone-cold classic with some of the best samples in the history of Goa trance. "We created our own happiness" indeed. And then the unforgettable sample in "Relax Vortex", one of my all-time favourite trax: "Ganja. If you break it down in the Sanskritic ... See full review
posted a comment on Ticon - Rewind. 3 months ago
My favourite Ticon album. Full of percussive rhythms and quite a bit darker than their later stuff, which went in a more disco/electro direction. Recommended. ~*~
posted a comment on Ticon - Input, Output, Caput / Cuckooland. 3 months ago
Quality prog from Ticon here, featuring their usual rhythmic alacrity and lots of percussive details. Awesome. ~*~
posted a comment on Symphonix - Air Pressure. 3 months ago
Mass market festival cheese, easily digested, of low complexity and almost no nutritional value. Skip. ~*~
posted a comment on Synthetic - Africa EP.. 3 months ago
For want of a better word, Dado always had a "synthetic" sound, almost like 80s disco, in his music. This was moderated in Transwave, which remains a good Goa trance act. Without the moderating effect of Absolum on Dado, the result is just too plastic ... See full review
posted a comment on Gabriel Le Mar - Big & Bad / In Peace. 3 months ago
A typically grimy sounding recording from Gabriel Le Mar - not bad, but not one of his finer efforts. ~*~
posted a comment on Alien Project - Don't Worry Be Groovy!. 3 months ago
Standard full on psytrance from Alien Project here. This is nowhere near as good as the previous album "Aztechno Dream" which featured some stonking rhythms and memorable melodies. Not only is the music humdrum on "Don't Worry, Be Groovy", but the ... See full review
posted a comment on 1200 Micrograms* - The Time Machine. 3 months ago
Truly despicable cheese. Not just cheese, quattro formaggio. Ew! How did Goa become this despicable kitsch ethno-porn? ~*~
posted a comment on Synaesthesiacs - Synaesthesia. 3 months ago
The original track by Chrisbo and Nick Barber of Doof sounds a lot like Doof, except not as good. There is a really irritating 8 note nursery rhyme break down that occurs twice in the song to ruinous effect, making it sound like cheesy hard house or ... See full review
posted a comment on Doof - It's About Time. 3 months ago
Classic Goa dub, psybient, chill out, call it what you will, this is a good album. Really well recorded, mastered and pressed as well. Highly recommended. ~*~
posted a comment on Dickster / Aphid Moon Vs Lucas (91) - Dizzy Drops / OK People. 3 months ago
Two nice tracks from the "Reefer Madness" compilation. Dickster's "Dizzy Drops" is particularly psychoactive, with giant moody chords. ~*~