Myron & E* - Do It Do It Disco dog-tones

March 1, 2018
what is the deal with the sound quality on this record? the Tom Noble remix is so amazing, but it sounds like it was pressed off a 96k mp3 file! the hihat/snares are a glassy awful sounding mess. I'm so torn by this record because I love the remix, but every time I spin it it's a little bit of a shock. has anyone else noticed this?

Ultimate Choice - My Body's Hot dog-tones

May 20, 2015
killer funk track, the short mix on the 12" is the superior version to me because they dropped the sax solo completely. wish they used that mix on the 7" as well but unfortunately that's not the case.

Sekou Bunch - Pretty Baby dog-tones

July 4, 2013
on my copy the labels are reversed. the instrumental mix still has the chorus but no main vocal part.

Carol Shinnette - Cyanide Love dog-tones

May 1, 2013
they are different mixes. Optune version is more synth/drum machine, Zilko is more organic w/ live drums.

Rick Holmes - Remember To Remember dog-tones

March 17, 2013
original has "mastered by Frankford/Wayne New York" stamp in dead wax


July 26, 2012
this is not a real release this is a photoshopped label. the SLYCK on solid platinum is a different artist from the one who did TRUST ME.