Technotrance & MC XXX - Untitled dommersj

June 25, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
I have deleted the uploaded video as incorrect - I agree, not the same the tunes. Youtube video now correct, and agree it is same as that release

DJ Trax & Assorted Anonymous - Mystery In The Making dommersj

October 11, 2017
One of the best slabs of UK Hip Hop (US vocals) in last 18 mths. Works perfectly, and even if you are not into Hip Hop this is accessible and enjoyable.

DJ Rap - Siren / No Return as reviewed by dommersj

July 3, 2017
Under rated tune that is only done real justice on a big rig. Has Special K production written all over it but still retains typical DJ Rap style. Probably a little late on release - I suspect if released in 1996 it would have been rinsed on sets up and down the country... and as such it is overlooked. Bargain.

Stu & Nee / DJ Saltee - Guitar Hero / Hyper Sniper dommersj

February 14, 2010
Never released in any shops. One of the few hardcore breaks tune to get played on Radio 1.