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posted a review of Elvis Presley - 32 Film-Hits. 3 months ago
The 1. Edition "Bild am Sonntag" comes with a german Movie Poster "Cafe Europa"(G.I.Blues)--84 cm - 59 cm and a Sticker in Front say "Limitierte Auflage mit original Filmplakat"
posted a review of Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel . 3 months ago
This record is "Manufactured in Germany" for the scandinavian market
FA means "Fabrikation Ausland" -- also FA 6357 and FA 6540
posted a review of Erus Tsebehtmi. 4 months ago
The Alias - ERUS TSEBETHMI - read it from behind ´cause it means - SURE I´M THE BEST
Drafi Deutscher had a huge self confidence!!!
posted a review of Elvis Presley - His Hand In Mine. 4 months ago
This is NOT a S 6 Label from March 1961
it´s just a Victor V 3-4 Label from October 1964 to July 1965
posted a review of Streisand* - Encore & Partners (The Collector's Edition). 7 months ago
on CD >Partners< is the great ELVIS Song "Love me tender" as a pseudo duett Barbra and ELVIS
posted a comment on Gerhard Wendland. 9 months ago
He was also a excelent amateur boxer in the fifties--sometimes a sparring partner of Gustav "Bubi" Scholz
posted a review of Freddy Quinn - Junge komm bald wieder. 9 months ago
Also diff. Cover - Title misprint "Junge KOM bald wieder"
posted a review of Siw Malmkvist - September Im Regen / Träume Sind Wie Der Wind. 10 months ago
I think there is the wrong record in the sleeve!
A danish cover and a german record and label.
posted a review of The Open Air Orchestra - Open Air. 10 months ago
This is a official alias of DRAFI DEUTSCHER in 1975
posted a review of The Open Air Orchestra - Open Air / Home Sick. 10 months ago
This is a official alias of DRAFI DEUTSCHER in 1975
posted a review of Orchester Bert Bullermann - Good Morning Munich. 10 months ago
this is a official alias of DRAFI DEUTSCHER in 1971
posted a review of Die Valendras - Annabella. 10 months ago
A Member of the Group was DRAFI DEUTSCHER but just for 1 Song "Wo ist die Feuerwehr?"
VALENDRAS is NOT a alias of Drafi Deutscher!
posted a comment on Popcorn Corners - Red Sue. 10 months ago
this is a very rare belgian issue and a alias of DRAFI DEUTSCHER
posted a review of David Hanselmann - Hei-di-ho Princess. 11 months ago
The Songwriter name A. TONIUS is not a alias of DRAFI DEUTSCHER. It is the shortname of the producer Ullrich Antonius RUETZEL
posted a review of Klimper Klan - Five Funny Fingers (Flohwalzer). 11 months ago
The Songwriter A.TONIUS is not a alias from DRAFI DEUTSCHER. A. Tonius is the shortname of Ulrich Antonius Ruetzel
posted a review of Lotti Ohnesorge - Das Karussell Am Place Pigalle / Wenn Das Letzte Blatt Vom Baume Fällt. 11 months ago
Both songs written by LARS FUNKEL = a songwriter alias from Drafi Deutscher
posted a review of Freddy*, Horst Wende Tanzsolisten* - Heimweh Auf Grosser Fahrt. about 1 year ago
"So geht das jede Nacht" was Freddys Song for the " Grand Prix 1956 " in Lugano/Swiss
Germany starts with 2 diff. Singers. The 2. was Walter Andreas Schwarz "Im Wartesaal zum grossen Glück"
posted a review of Ivo Robič* - Mit 17 Fängt Das Leben Erst An (Save The Last Dance For Me). about 1 year ago
there is also a misprint cover "Mit 17 fängt das Leben erst-RICHTIG-an"
posted a review of Birgit Heer. about 1 year ago
The alias Kristina Bach = BIRGIT HEER is wrong ´cause she is a really existent Lady and the wife of DRAFI DEUTSCHERs Ex Manager!
Drafi wrote a view songs and used her name as one of hes new aliases as a songwriter.
posted a review of 2 Generations - Guardian Angel '98. about 1 year ago
It´s a duett--Drafi Deutscher and Stefan Koerber recorded at Nightmare Studios, Hamburg 1998
posted a review of Uranus (13) - My Friends. about 1 year ago
Drafi Deutscher is not just the producer, he is also the songwriter and singer in a duett with Les Humphries in 1969.
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Various. about 1 year ago
This is a giveaway from the rcord-company POLYDOR for record trader-Freddy Quinn-Caterina Valente-Peter Kraus around the Xmas tree--the orig. pack was in a green envelope with a 6 page new records info-the flexi single play 1 Xmas song 4 classicorch. ... See full review
posted a review of Gene Latter - Hello Hello / Mississippi Lady. about 1 year ago
"Hello-Hello" is a duett GENE LATTER and DRAFI DEUTSCHER (just this song)
posted a review of Peter Müller (2) - Verrückte gibt es überall / Ich bin ganz verrückt auf Bier. about 1 year ago
PETER MÜLLER was a famous Boxer in the midfifties and early sixties in Germany
posted a review of Peter Alexander - Mein Tschick-tschack-tschackedi Ponny / Endlose Liebe. about 1 year ago
B-Side is a wonderful Elvis Song " NEVER ENDING " RCA 47-8400-the flip side of "Such a Night" 1964
posted a review of Deddi Driver's Group - Rock 'N' Roll , Round A Round Sue. over 2 years ago
very rare DRAFI DEUTSCHER pseudonym--1. as a songwriter Lars Funkel and 2. as Deddi Drivers Group
posted a review of Johann K.* - Der Bätmän Bin I. over 2 years ago
This is Johann "Hans" Krankel! He is a famous austrian soccer-star.
posted a review of Johnnie Dee - Rosemarie. over 2 years ago
Johnnie Dee was the first "Adam" from the Pop Duo ADAM and EVE
posted a review of Gunnar Wiklund - Jag Vet. over 2 years ago
SERVAS is a label of a german footwear company-over 10 Flexidiscs was a advertising media
posted a review of Mick Und Micky - Eine Rote Jalousie / Sweet Sweet. over 2 years ago
Mick & Micky = Peter & Alex (Peter Munzberger und Alex Rittersporn)
"Eine rote Jalousie" was her first Top Hit in Germany
posted a review of Fingernails (3) - The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Candlelight. over 2 years ago
"Fingernails" is one of over 40 aliase of DRAFI DEUTSCHER
posted a review of Cliff King Und Sein Orchester - A Cossack In Tijuana. over 2 years ago
the flip side "Springtime in Bielefeld" is writen by Seifensieder / LARS FUNKEL = DRAFI DEUTSCHER
posted a comment on Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires - It's Now Or Never / A Mess Of Blues. over 2 years ago
RCA 47-7777 is Manufactured in Germany, but just for the US Army (Copyright Info 13. July 1960) german S 5 Label with silver Triangle
posted a comment on The Manhattans (7) - At The Hop. over 2 years ago
THE MANATTANS is a alias from the beginning years of FREDDY QUINN
posted a comment on Elvis Presley - Roustabout. over 2 years ago
This is the remake from April 1982 (see Elvis on Vinyl-Germany Teil 3) writen by Peter Baumann--Vienna
posted a review of Peter & Gordon - Liebe, Glück Und Treue / Wunder. over 2 years ago
Liebe, Gllück und Treue is writen by DRAFI DEUTSCHER / Loose
submitted Udo Jürgens - Griechischer Wein. over 2 years ago