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posted a comment on Cocteau Twins - Treasure. about 2 hours ago
Drums tended to be 'less than adequate' and lack presence until around the 90's, it seems like. Idk whether it had to do with recording techniques of the day or people just not caring as much back then, but i notice this with a lot of the older band's... See full review
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posted a comment on Marusha - Free Love. about 1 month ago
i don't expect this to ever be read so i'll just come right out and ask: ....Is Marusha a dude?
posted a comment on Kosmos (3) Feat. Mary K. - Codo. about 1 month ago
lol The Mission is so boring. I swear some people just pass on any music that's even remotely upbeat in tone, simply because it's upbeat in tone. Major chords FTW.
posted a comment on Ravers Choice - Ravers Choice 7. 2 months ago
You must be new here. Welcome to the 90's.

word word word
posted a comment on TNT (4) - First Match. 2 months ago
I may be overthinking it Titanic's logo a swaztika?
posted a comment on Pimouss - Fenek Records 05. 3 months ago
A1 is better at 33, haha i am just sayin'!
posted a comment on Lady - Dance To The Music. 4 months ago
Isn't that the love interest on Napolean Dynamite? what the heck?
posted a comment on Morgana (21) - Just Like A Game. 4 months ago
can anyone fill me in on why Bart Simpson is randomly on the album cover? lol
posted a comment on Daydream (5) - Through The Night. 4 months ago
This track is nowhere near as good as Thinkin About You, just my opinion. The melody is completely forgettable lol
posted a comment on Daydream (5) - Thinkin' About You. 4 months ago
Can someone fill me in on why all these old Italodance and Eurodance CD's are so valuable?
posted a comment on Brothers (4) - Sexy Girl. 4 months ago
How do these labels get away with that shit? Do they just hope no one makes a fuss about it?
posted a comment on Alex C. Feat. Yass* - Euphorie. 4 months ago
After listening to 'You Have The Greatest Ass In The World', I find it hard to believe the whole album doesn't sound cheesy and commercial lol.
posted a comment on Right Said Fred - Deeply Dippy. 5 months ago
What TF is wrong with these guys?
Were they genuinely trying to be taken seriously?
posted a comment on Revert Project - Resonate E.P.. 5 months ago
Last release? Do you mean the label went under?
words words
posted a comment on Various - Happy Hardcore Essentials. 5 months ago
I almost bought this when i first got into Happy Hardcore probably right about the time this came out. The selection of electronic music in *most U.S. music stores in the late 90's-early 00's was very limited. Imported CDs had to be special ordered... See full review
posted a comment on M-Zone. 5 months ago
Does the 'M' in his name stand for 'Minor'? Because i just spent a good 2 hours going through his discography and it seems almost like the man's incapable of producing in anything BUT minor chords -____-
posted a comment on Lovechild - In My Dreams. 5 months ago
Even the other two versions are near impossible to find as MP3's. The original mix is floating around the internet but it's always terrible quality.
posted a comment on DJ Beeno - No Rules Here EP. 6 months ago
Aaaaand the only copy on here is gone -__-
posted a comment on Coldplay - Trouble In Paradise. 6 months ago
I'd been looking for this remix since 2004, when i first heard it in a Chris C. 'Live in Tokyo' set. Can't believe i finally own it! :)
posted a comment on The Beatles - Abbey Road. 6 months ago
Beautiful pressing. No defects, sound is amazing. Found a copy at Guitar Center and grabbed it.
posted a comment on Zensation Featuring Amelia X - Feels Good / Good Energy. 7 months ago
Just got this in the mail today, so pleased to finally have it. Beautifully flat vinyl, crisp dynamics. Thanks Kniteforce/ROTV/Zensation!
posted a comment on Unique - Higher Ground / Feelin' Fine (Remix). 7 months ago
Darren Styles is largely responsible for steering happy hardcore into basically boy-band territory.
He put too much insistence on writing original songs as opposed to the usual sample based vocal bits everyone else was doing. And that's totally cool,... See full review
posted a comment on QFX - Freedom. 7 months ago
2003?? This track and the video SCREAM early 90s lol
posted a comment on Rave 2 The Grave. 8 months ago
DJ Jedi, i believe. Under the alias Rave 2 The Grave. Though this series is weirdly absent on their official sites.
So Kniteforce by extension.
posted a comment on Rave 2 The Grave & Mice Electa - Never Felt This Way / Cubic 22. 8 months ago
Agreed. These are top shelf reworks and at least for me personally, are responsible for my current obsession with the hardcore sound revival.
posted a comment on DJ Brisk* - DJ's Delite Volume 3. 8 months ago
lol ouch
words word word word word word word word word
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posted a comment on Rave 2 The Grave & Mice Electa - Far Out / Closer. 8 months ago
This series kick started my current obsession with all the new-oldskool stuff that's been popping up lately. Not a single snoozer on any of them. Highly recommended. Much love and care went into these and you can hear it.
posted a comment on Mi-Ko - Dreaming Of You. 8 months ago
This has to be one the hardest dance tracks to get any info on or sources to. It's literally nowhere in digital form. So many dead ends.
posted a comment on Gliss (3) - Langsom Dans. 8 months ago
Just found this band and it's some of the most moving gaze i've heard in a very long time. New fan.
posted a comment on Sugar (47) - No Sex Only Feelings. 9 months ago
no blame directed at Sugar, but labels are responsible for this for one or both of 2 reasons:
1. They're a small label and cannot afford to press very many.
2. It's done to increase hype and create a perception of demand that may not actually be... See full review
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posted a comment on Darren Styles Feat. Lisa Abbott - Pandora / Days Like These. 9 months ago
Will the world ever forgive D. Styles for turning hardcore into tween music? Probably not.
posted a comment on Fade* - XCess-G'Netic* - Dreamworld / Party Animal. 9 months ago
Moby - Feeling So Real hahaha Always a welcomed melody.
posted a comment on DJ UFO* & Shelly* - Waiting / Always. 9 months ago
i know your comments are way old but that seemed to be a pattern around that time where they'd either release an altered full version, or they wouldn't release it at all. Very irritating.
posted a comment on Vinylgroover / M-Zone & Fade* - Feels Like Magic / Another Dimension. 9 months ago
lol to each their own i guess. I'll take the A side over that Fade track any day. Hard trance is a snooze fest imo, especially the early stuff. I feel like trance in general took a while to really find it's footing, sound wise. Whether that was the... See full review
posted a comment on Secret Squirrel - Dam Ruff Beatz EP. 9 months ago
Too hard to control/prevent illegal downloading and quality control would be my guess.
posted a comment on Rave 2 The Grave - Give A Little Love / NRG. 9 months ago
As do I. No disrespect to the originals but these recent reworks of late have mostly been incredible. I was too young to have really enjoyed them the first time around. The updated sounds are very welcome.
posted a comment on Stimulus Timbre - Miles Away. 9 months ago
Any chance your work will get released on a physical format? Preferably vinyl, of course :p
posted a comment on E'voke - Runaway. 9 months ago
These are H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E as well as very forgettable remixes. I'm not usually very critical and these are like 8 years old now, but i had to say it.
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posted a comment on Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu Astatke. 9 months ago
ikr? I'm sure they realize their error now, still funny.
posted a comment on Kolorit - Workshop XXI. 10 months ago
Calm down, dude lol.
Not everyone can reach this "divine state of enlightenment" that you seem to have.
Plus I doubt any meditation or fancy breathing exercises are going to get you to the same plane as psychedelics would.
posted a comment on White Poppy - White Poppy. 10 months ago
Sadly that seems to be a recurring theme with most of these recent
indie label pressings.
posted a comment on Greg Beato - Cum In Peace. 10 months ago
I came in peace so i'm happy with it.
posted a comment on Yosemite Sam - 002. 10 months ago
Mediocrity is acceptable to people now? I think I'd be kind of upset lol.
posted a comment on Cottam - Untitled. 10 months ago
It's part of the whole a e s t h e t i c lol
posted a comment on Gold Panda - Good Luck And Do Your Best. 10 months ago
The advantage to spreading the music onto more discs is improved sound quality and it reduces the chances of inner groove distortion.
Buuuuut, sometimes i get the feeling it's just done to charge more $$$
posted a comment on Kassem Mosse - Workshop 08. 10 months ago
Yes, ALTHOUGH i much prefer those over the more obvious meth noises.