electro, detroit, hip hop, breaks, jazz, thats what i'm about.
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posted a review of Gigi Galaxy - Disco 2000. over 16 years ago
A strong release from the Teknotika imprint. A soulfull disco tinged loop amid atmospheric strings combined with a powerfull bassline provides an excellent dancefloor hit. A slightly stranger mix is acompanied via the b side.
posted a review of Orlando Voorn Presents Fix - Flash. over 16 years ago
woo ha. re-issued from KMS records at last. sought after by many for years, worshipped on the dancefloor. electro influenced techno from orlando voorn. unfortunately two weak remixes accompany this classic.
posted a review of Milch - The Motor Years EP. over 16 years ago
weird and wonderfull release from the man who brought you the theme to "beverly hills cop 2" harold faltermayer. one side is terrible, euro pop trance at its absolute worst. the b side however is an electro kitsch track of the highest order. marching ... See full review
posted a review of Surgeon : Regis - British Murder Boys. over 16 years ago
excellent. without doubt the finest techno record of the year. influencial artists surgeon and regis take the birmingham scene forward once more with this blistering duo of harsh rhythmic pounders on the sometimes inconsistent downwards label. well ... See full review
posted a review of Female - Angel Plague. over 16 years ago
Not the best that female has to offer i'm afraid. lots of mindless clickety clack rhythms and bristling beats, but overall one to miss. i bought this after hearing some earlier tracks by the same artist. hhmm, not one for the consistency awards....
posted a review of Japanese Telecom - Japanese Telecom Remixes. over 16 years ago
inspired 12" that takes the original theme and turns it upside down. dj asault provides total humour, booty style, but the real gem is the perspects track. minimal electro at its best.