Here's one of the most prestigious gigs of my career, where I shared the spotlight with one of my idols:

Here's a good way to contact me:


I DO NOT do file-sharing or CDR burning at this time.
And my "collection" is humongous, so don't be put off by the small number of items in my "Discogs Collection"... I'm working on it slowly, probably for the rest of my life!

I'm a "semi-retired DJ".
I worked my way up to full-time, "professional" DJ-ing by the mid-80's.

I actually had a few early guest spots at (to quote Nina Hagen's classic "New York New York")
Mudd Club!
In the course of my "career", I spun regularly at
the original, "authentic" Save The Robots,(That's me below, playing in what must have been one of the smallest, most cramped DJ booths out there)

M.K., which was on NYC's 5th Avenue & 25th Street (and for which I cannot find any urls or articles out there),
The Loft (on numerous occasions as a "musical guest host" of David Mancuso),
The Palladium and a few other spots.

By the early 90's I was getting burned out after 10 years of non-stop DJing, partying and general self-abuse;
I was getting sick of the commercialization of "House" Music, tired of the so-called club-scene, and was freshly inspired by something completely different:
the "Lounge/Exotica" revival and
The Orb.
I collaborated (read: barely pulled my own weight) with my dear friends and fellow dysfunctional music-junkies
Adam Goldstone (R.I.P.),
Alex Gloor, (half of Codek Records and In Flagranti);
Brilliant veteran N.Y.C. sound engineer Perry Brandston completed the "mix", (or "train-crash", depending on your point of view,) and we would throw
Slambient parties, use custom-modified backwards-playing TurnTables, use up all our drink-tickets for ourselves or in ill-fated attempts at procuring sexual favors, and be Totally self-indulgent Wankers!

It was lots of fun, and among our guest selectors was the notoriously pig-headed-but-brilliant Francois Kevorkian, the amazing Fred Jorio, musician extraordinaire David First, Terre Thaemlitz - a musical and intellectual "gentle giant" and many other geniuses of experimental noise and music.
In my humble opinion, this was a crucial peak and high point in the late Adam Goldstone's illustrious career, and things only got better and better for Adam until his untimely death.
He will be sorely missed.

Over the years I've seen the following artists live at the listed venues and heard these dj's at these clubs or parties, in rough chronological order:

The Mothers of Invention
at The Fillmore East
Max's Kansas City (Suicide, James Chance and the Contortions),
CBGB's (XTC live,
before they stopped touring, The Cramps),
Hurrah (The Screamers
, often with Robert Fripp sitting in, The Undertones, The Cure, Brilliant Non-Disco DJs including English ex-pat Sean Cassette, Bill Bahlman and Sara Salir,
The Mudd Club (DJs Mark Fotiadis, [Invalid Artist], Walter Durkacz, and unforgettable shows by Bow Wow Wow, more shows by The Cramps, and too many other shows to remember thru the cannabis/alcohol haze!)
Tier 3 (More great DJs known and unknown, and seminal shows by New Order and The Pop Group),
The Ukrainian National Home
(yet another legendary New Order show,
The Palladium (The Clash, The Undertones, Siouxie and the Banshees),
The Roxy (Danny Krivit on roller-skating night, DJ Afrika Bambaataa, Afrika Islam, Jazzy Jay and Red Alert),
Danceteria (the first and second incarnations),
Irving Plaza (The Gang of Four opening for The Buzzcocks!),
The Paradise Garage (Heaven on Earth, great sound but earplugs were de rigueur for those in-the-know...
Larry Levan...I miss you!
Save The Robots (My longest-running residency between 1986 and 1991),
The Loft (East 3rd Street, Avenue A, Avenue B:

The World (Frankie Knuckles!),
The Choice (David Mancuso leased The Loft space out for 2 years...Larry Levan's "home" after The Paradise Garage closed.),
Bass-Line (Junior Vasquez' first serious underground party shortly after the Garage closing),
The Sound Factory (mainly in the first and 2nd years),
Better Days (I was too late in the game to hear Tee Scott, but Bruce Forest is a genius too!),
The Electric Lounge Machine (Perry Brandston, my late great friend Adam Goldstone, Alex Gloor and yours truly),
The Departure Lounge (all of the above except Alex, who went on to focus on Codek and more),
and a few others I can't remember right now.

I have tons of records of all kinds. I am a
pathetic vinyl junkie.
Hoarding and storing ridiculous amounts of vinyl is an me.

When I ship vinyl, I pack it real well with quality new or recycled LP mailers and I tape the package very securely with 2.6 mil tape, and I also use 2 or 3 12 5/8 inch square cardboard filler pads to make the package much stronger and protect the edges of the records from bending and denting.

I'm bitter, jaded and cynical deep inside, but nonetheless try to maintain a sense of humor and compassion.
As you can see my taste in music is eclectic:
there are only two kinds of music:

music you like

and music you don't like.

Respect, Love, and shout-outs to:

Abbie Hoffman (R.I.P.), Adam Goldstone (R.I.P.), Adam X, Al Roth (R.I.P.), aldohernandez, Alegre Moon, Alex Gloor, Alexandra, Alice Bertrand, Alisson W, Andy Schwartz, Andy Reynolds, August Dvorak (R.I.P.)
Bill Brewster, Bill Coleman, Bobby E. Davis (R.I.P.), Brian Chin, Bryan Keller, Bryan Webster, Bruce Forest,
Carlos Soul Slinger, Carol Cooper, Caroline Martin, Christina Visca, Christopher X. Brodeur, Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy,
the Dalai Lama, Dana Beal, Danny Krivit, David R H, David Leifer, David Mancuso, David Morales, David Wojnarowicz R.I.P. Danny Tenaglia, Daniel Wang, Denis Pruvot, Dwayne Holt
Forest Mars, Francois Kevorkian, Frank Zappa (R.I.P.), Frankie Knuckles, Frankie Bones
G-Man, Gary Stewart (R.I.P)
Heather Heart
Jerry Rubin (R.I.P.), Jim Fouratt, Joe Claussell, Joey Negro, John Sr (R.I.P.), Jonathan Leake, Jungle Boy, Junior Vasquez
Kai Fikentscher, Kay-Bee, Kat, Kenny Carpenter
Larry Levan (R.I.P.)
Mama, Mark Berkley, Maura H, Mike Moon, Mikey Jones, Moby
la Negrita,
Paul McGregor, Perry Brandston
Reese, Rick Rubin, Rob Rives, Robert Lederman, Robert Owens, Rudolf
Sandy Moon, Sara Brandston, ShampooCell, Sharon White, Stan Hatzakis, Stefan Prescott, Steve Dash, Steve Koenig, DJ Steve Popkin, Steven Cohn (R.I.P.), Susan Morabito
Tee Scott (R.I.P.), Terre Thaemlitz, Tim Lawrence, Tom Finn, Tony Humphries
Valda Grinfelds, Vince Aletti,
Walter Gibbons (R.I.P.), Wayne Hunter

To Be Continued; anyone I've forgotten will be added to this list asap!

Love Saves the Day!

But before we can save the day, I gotta vent a little, here's my Short Shit List:

The American Taliban, including but not limited to
Dick Cheney
Karl Rove
George H.W. Bush
George W. Bush
Michele Bachmann
Mitt Romney
Rand Paul
Rick Perry
Rudolph Giuliani
Sarah Palin

and all their ilk.

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Elektrik Funk - On A Journey (I Sing The Funk Electric)
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Different pressings of this tune are spelled either "Electrik" or "Elektrik", but it's the same song group either way.
Another ahead-of-its-time Prelude masterpiece, still played by David Mancuso at The Loft. The vocal side is a bit cheesey to my... See full review
Simple Minds - Promised You A Miracle
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Nytro - Nytro Express
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Minnie Riperton - Stick Together / Young Willing And Able
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Warning to the melatonin-challenged: this track is "TOO BLACK...TOO STRONG!" I've never even heard the so-called A-side; all the jocks and collectors I learned from treated "Stick Together" as THEEE cut on this rare 12" single. I distinctly remember... See full review
Cheryl Lynn - Star Love
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Major, powerful and aggressive uptempo masterpiece from the Glory Days of soulful Disco. This was a big, big tune on the Urban "mix show" airwaves, and a big floor filler at NYC's Paradise Garage. Larry Levan ROCKED this! This slickly produced number... See full review
The Orb - AbsOrb - Selections From Orb Live 93
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This 12" is must-own for the nice, loudly mastered version of "Assassin", which is a totally mind-blowing track and still sounds fresh 12 years later. Lots of throbbing trippy energy and stereo seperation. Excellent pressing, excellent tune on each side.
Disconet Program Service
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Disconet 12"ers were my first introduction to to the concept of the DJ remix service. For the most part the best ones are the earliest ones from the late 70's. Some of them have terrible, mini-train-crash blending between the tracks, but the song... See full review
Simon & Garfunkel
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Nami Shimada - Sun Shower Remixes
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Simon & Garfunkel - Simon And Garfunkel's Greatest Hits
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A good starting point, a collection of their biggest hits, but to me these hits represent the most over-played and least special aspect of their amazing output. Don't get me wrong, these are all great songs, but if you've ever been near a radio,... See full review
Simon & Garfunkel - Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.
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Very FOLK, very spare and minimal, but still it heralded the beginning of something big, special, and different. These young men were destined for greatness and it shows on this first album that was way ahead of its time compared to the other Folk... See full review
Simon And Garfunkel* - Bridge Over Troubled Water
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A masterpiece album, see my review of the remastered version. The sound on this early CD version is so mediocre compared to the new CD or the original first pressing vinyl that It rates a 4 instead of 5 due to the sonics. But the bottom line is the... See full review
Simon And Garfunkel* - Bridge Over Troubled Water
posted a review of Simon And Garfunkel* - Bridge Over Troubled Water. over 19 years ago
Unless you can find a first pressing on vinyl, this is the definitive re-issue for those of us who are not deep-pocketed. This is sonically superior to the first CD version: it's a day and night difference. Every song on here is a winner, even if the... See full review
Larry Levan
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There's not much that can be said that hasn't been said already in dozens of articles, reviews and tribute websites, but I'm compelled to add my two cents. I first heard about the Paradise Garage from an article in NYC's defunct "SOHO Weekly News",... See full review
DJ Smash
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I first met DJ Smash while working at the still-in-business Saint Mark's Sounds in the heart of NYC's East Village back in the mid 80's. Back then, "Sounds" was THEE place to find amazingly underpriced 12" singles of all genres. Local DJ's would bring... See full review