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posted a review of Various - La Collection. 13 days ago
It is well worth your time and effort to pick up both the 2 x 12" and the 2 x CD versions of this stellar and utterly essential release. For starters, all the tracks on the A & B sides of the vinyl set are not included on the 2 x CD set. Sides C & D of ... See full review
posted a review of Sugar Experiment Station - Ultimathule EP. 21 days ago
There are very few electronic records that I have heard over the years where I can personally say "that's a pretty unique track". Well 'New Standard World' on this EP is that. Hard, uncompromising and yet it's funky as hell. I remember clearly, it ... See full review
posted a review of Random XS - The Return. 22 days ago
Welcome back boys ! I'd say "Truant" is the standout cut on this reputed 12" of lost acid masters from back in the day. The bass line is HUGE and makes me hark back to smokey nights in the 'Bubble Club' in Birmingham in the mid 90's. It builds slowly ... See full review
posted a review of Ted Empleton / Regan (10) - Gotta Get Over / Public Life. about 1 month ago
The Regan cut here is a nice remixed version of 'Private Life' by Grace Jones and uses her vocal to great effect giving this classic an updated re-rub
posted a review of Hollis Parker - Looking Back EP. about 1 month ago
The cut "Infinity" lifts the beautiful riff from the hip hop classic "93 till infinity" by the Souls of Mischief. which is found here
posted a review of Mr. Retro - Disco Edits House Trax. about 1 month ago
The label artwork here is very much a cheeky nod to Metroplex Records. 'Get the Dub' is a lovely retro bassline affair and pick of the crop for me
posted a review of D.J. G La Tortue* - Salinas. 3 months ago
Undisputedly one of the most treasured records in my entire collection. Unique sounding then in 1993 and still now in 2018. One you should buy on sight and even more so the beautiful original copy.
posted a review of Raphel - In Memory Of E.P.. 4 months ago
Great little hidden gem from '91 comprising of 4 deep house cuts - the standout being 'Latino' for me. Some rather obvious vocal samples on 'Move Loosely' (move your body) and 'Bad Moves' (bad house music) but nothing to detract from the quality on ... See full review
posted a review of Sensory Productions - Fear Of Flying. 4 months ago
The CD version of this release opens with the bonus track 'Easter Song (Bless This House)' which is not on the vinyl making it the version to have for me
posted a review of Brutal Bill & Anthony Acid - (It's Got Me) In A Spell / What Has Been Joined (By God). 4 months ago
For those looking for the samples '(It's Got Me) In A Spell' lifts the acid riff from Annette 'Dream 17' on Deconstruction and 'What Has Been Joined (By God)' using a modified sample of 'Nude Photo' from Rythim Is Rythim to good effect
posted a review of Vision* - Other Side Of Life / Touch Me. 4 months ago
The chords that start the 'Other Side Of Life (Instrumental)' is famously sampled in 'Beyond Control' by Razor Boy & Mirror Man in 1991 (Rabbit City 001). The drop comes in around 4 mins
posted a review of Raw Sex - Suck It Deep. 4 months ago
For those looking for the source material, the 'Italian Re mix' is pretty much all based around the 'Cutmaster-G mix' of 'Sueno Latino' which can be found here ... See full review
posted a comment on Killerhertz (2). 4 months ago
I'm looking for that very track from that very same show this evening and my search lead me to here. Excellent darker bass tune from the summer of 1991 that needs to be heard by the wider public. From the show it was sent in to Colin on a good quality ... See full review
posted a review of Stasis - Circuit Funk. 5 months ago
The original is differentiated from the 2018 repress by the inclusion of the barcode on the B-side label artwork. The barcode is absent on the original as is the www web address. The original had contact telephone numbers and address on the label and ... See full review
posted a review of Frank Spirit - Basement 108. 5 months ago
The standout track on this EP for me is easily 'Backdrop' which owes more than a passing nod to Pepe Bradock's 'Deep Burnt' cut on but with a nice twist. ... See full review
posted a comment on Tears For Fears - Mothers Talk. 8 months ago
No not at all. In fact it's a pin clear pressing. The US mix of 'Mothers Talk' might not be to everyones taste as its very polished with lots of overdubs (new echoing synth riffs and the guitar is more prominant - in fact guitar replaces the bassline ... See full review
posted a review of Blancmange - What's Your Problem?. 8 months ago
The B-side 'Side Two' is actually the well known track '22339' from the album 'Believe You Me' but what appears to be an extended mix. What separates this from the album version is Neil letting loose on the 22339 riff and at the very end what appears to ... See full review
posted a review of Nonlinear - Angles. 8 months ago
Now here is an obscure little 7" nugget of downtempo moodiness. The B-side is the standout to my ears. Sounds like an LFO out take from their 'Frequencies' period in early 1991 - loads of sub bass. If wouldn't sound out of place on Ifach or Perlon ... See full review
posted a review of Renato Figoli - Tanto Quanto / Oftalmic. 8 months ago
'Oftalmic' is beautiful, warm minimal music. The track successfully manages to merge the best aspects of minimal with deep house chords building to a full fathom five bassline. An understated track but one of the best moments on this excellent label
submitted Convextion - Untitled. 8 months ago
submitted Christian Kleine - Beyond Repair. 9 months ago
posted a review of Spiral Tribe - Spiral Tribe EP - Forward The Revolution. 9 months ago
The title track has always made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I hear it. The female MC on 'Forward The Revolution' is Sim Simmer - one of the original Spiral Tribe crew. For more on the Spiral crew there is a great article on their ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Lost Tracks From Detroit. 9 months ago
I've 2 different white label promos of this release. Both have white labels as opposed to the black labels shown in the master release photo.
Just like the master release one has the matrix engraving as:
STILLOVE4MUSIC-012-A and the B side as STILLOVE ... See full review
submitted In Flagranti - Additional Alpha Blocker. 9 months ago
submitted Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner - Bazar Inflagranti. 9 months ago
submitted Jorge Savoretti and Qik - Wheel Of Time EP. 9 months ago
posted a review of Der Dritte Raum - Mental Modulator. 10 months ago
The excellent track 'Hispeed' is only available on the vinyl/promo and cassette versions. This and M50 are the highlights of the record to my ears. Long, melodic and trancey and favourites of mine when feeling nostalgic for early '90's trance from the ... See full review
posted a comment on Sade - I Couldn't Love You More (Boyd Jarvis Remix). 10 months ago
Has your copy got surface noise like the one herev

No, my promo of Edit-06 has no surface noise at all. It's a little 'trebley' on the drums but its clean and clear pressing to my ears on both sides
posted a review of Sade - Motor City Soul Remixes. 10 months ago
My copy of this excellent smooth deep houser has a black stamper on the A-side and no other markings apart from the matrix number etching (SD-1001) on the run out. It's not brilliantly stamped on my copy as some of the text is missing......but it says ... See full review
posted a review of Slam - Snapshots. 11 months ago
'Stepback' is the killer track in this double pack to my ears. A great cut that builds in suspense, with the vocal fading in and out over some sinister chords and spitting percussion.

The vocal sample on 'Stepback' was lifted from an obscure bleep & ... See full review
posted a review of Techno Grooves - Mach 4. 11 months ago
'Techno Slam' samples the short 'Dance to The Rhythm' instrumental on the Frankie O Generator 12" on DFC mixed with a real monster bass line. Synonymous with the summer of '91 in London for me
posted a review of Terrance McDonald - Wreck The Floor. about 1 year ago
There's not a dud track on this EP. Just great minimal Chicago house. The choice cut for me is 'Pick Up The Pace' which is super simplistic akin to 'Spank Spank' by Phuture. 'Electric Energy' is a great little chugger and 'Love Craze' drops some nice ... See full review
posted a review of The Future Sound Of London - Accelerator. about 1 year ago
A 5 star LP and a very important LP in the evolution of techno. 'Pulse State' rates as one of my favourite tracks ever committed to vinyl. I can easily loose myself in that 303 bass line and those 808 claps intertwined with some heavenly chords. I ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Drive The 5: The On-Ramp. about 1 year ago
The Beat Broker track on A2 entitled 'OMG' lifts the memorable, pretty synth riff from 'Stanlow' by OMD - the last track on their 2nd album 'Organisation'. The sampled riff is about 2:30min into that track.

'OMG' itself is a simple little 122bpm moody ... See full review
posted a review of Cerpent - Class One / Class Two. about 1 year ago
'Class One' is basically a straight homage of Phylyps 'Trak' from Basic Channel. It samples the metallic shimmer effect, loops and remoulds an 11min 'version'. Great tool to mix out of BC-02. I'm pretty sure there is a hiss sample from the breakdown ... See full review
posted a review of Lurifax (2) - Afro Beach. over 2 years ago
The B-side to this uses the brutal synth riff and percussion from 'Feel Me' by Blancmange to great effect turning it into a slo-mo Nu-Disco moment that wouldn't be out of place if it had been released on Claremont 56 or Nang. Nice.....!
posted a review of Julien H Mulder - Den Tredje Färden. over 2 years ago
This release would sound absolutely at home on Jeff Mills' 'Something in The Sky' label. Spooky atmospheric techno...
posted a review of Various - Kokee "The Nose" Anu & Korin Ladke present IGL 014. over 2 years ago
The main riff from 'JC - St Go' is taken from St Germain's 'Alabama Blues' from the 'Motherland EP' on FNAC, pitched down a little. See for the original source material
posted a review of The Martian (2) - Get Up To My Groove. over 2 years ago
Utterly essential acid and sub bass 4/4 tune from back in the day. I first heard this quite randomly whilst walking through Camden Town, just past some geezer selling mix tapes to 1990's market day trippers like me. I asked what it was then popped into ... See full review
posted a review of Over Sky - Terapy Music. over 2 years ago
Obscure little Italian deep house mini LP. The B-Side (4 tracks) are essentially superior instrumentals of the vocal versions on the A-Side. To my ears these 4 tracks have much to recommend them if you like that warm '91 - '94 deep Italian house sound ... See full review
posted a review of Robert Calvin - Methods Of Dance. over 2 years ago
The A2 track is a great modern cover of the 80's classic by UK synth duo 'Blancmange' - see if you want to check out the original. And if you like this then perhaps check out 'Feel Me' by ... See full review
posted a review of Diebstahl - Walk Idiot Walk. over 2 years ago
The B-side is a Koln take on the disco classic "Knock On Wood" by Amii Stewart. Sounds like something Kompakt or Jorg Burger would put out tucked away on an obscure sub label B-side !
posted a review of Sade - I Couldn't Love You More (Boyd Jarvis Remix). over 2 years ago
This release (Edit 06) also came as a white label promo version and with my copy the press sheet shows the label artwork but of note also declares the 'Downtown 161' label suggesting this had something to do with them. Fairly sure this EP was ... See full review
posted a review of The Vision (5) - Laidback & Groovy. over 2 years ago
'Shardé' is right up there as my personal favourite Nu Groove track and considering how many great and influential records this seminal label put out should give you a hint at its pedigree. Laid back house joy along the lines of 'The Voyage' by ... See full review
posted a review of Mr. YT. over 2 years ago
A gifted producer of some of techno's most emotive moments. Perhaps not widely recognised, Yuji Takenouchi released a trio of EP's in the late '90's through 3 equally low key sub-labels from Belgium's R&S Records. Each of these releases is definitely ... See full review
posted a review of Rhythm Invention - Can't Take It. over 2 years ago
If you are interested where the vocal 'I Can't Take It...' sample is taken from you will find it on a single refrain in the acappella version of Peech Boys' 'Don't Make Me Wait' from the early 1980's ... See full review
posted a review of Room 5 Feat. Oliver Cheatham - Make Luv. over 2 years ago
Owes at least a passing nod to this sublime earlier release from 1993 via Phil Asher and friends Both are genuine floor fillers and use the 'Get Down Saturday Night' samples to ... See full review
posted a review of 2000 And One* - Sunk Ice. over 2 years ago
In 'Sunk Ice', 2000 And One release what must be one of the most emotional neo-Detroit tracks ever to be committed to vinyl. A morphing, stuttering Basic Channel stab over a slo-mo beat builds up the mood followed by a beautiful chord wash and melody ... See full review
posted a comment on Fresh And Low* - Little 'i' EP. over 2 years ago
It's called 'No Going Back' so my typo in the original review
posted a comment on Fresh And Low* - Little 'i' EP. over 2 years ago
I think you refer to a different E.P.

No. Blue label, the track is on the B-side. The title is 'No Going Back' I made a typo in my above review. You want the vocal sample ? its about 2 mins in.... enjoy !