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posted a review of Various - The Secret Life Of Trance (Volume 2). 9 days ago
The 'Flexor' track here is credited to Influx but was actually released under James Bernard's Cybertrax alias in 1994 on Rising High.

Some superb music on this compilation, not least the trip that is 'The Beat Just Goes Straight On & On' and my ... See full review
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posted a review of The Space Navigator* - Welcome To My Dream. 12 days ago
Interesting 2x12" pack where I have to admit I've a penchant for listening to "Cybermatic" and "Welcome to My Dream" at 33 rpm rather than the fizzing 45 rpm of the original speed versions. It gives it that slow, broody acid feel of Atom Heart mixed ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Save The Vinyl - History. 12 days ago
Some variations between the 2xCD and 3x12" versions that are worthy to note.

Dolphin - Heaven, Gentle Pleasure - Lightyears Away, Illegal District - Arise (Arise Mix), Ramin Feat. E-Basement - State Of Suspense, Illegal District - My Dream (Dream Mix) ... See full review
posted a review of Dan Curtin - Matter Of Sound. about 1 month ago
Both tracks on this 7" can be found on the seminal 'Web Of Life' CD on Peacefrog which nurtures a choice selection of Dan's early work into 2 mini-mixes. The 2 x 12" version is unmixed and only has 'Matter Of Sound'. I really love the low-fi but ... See full review
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posted a comment on Jonas Bering - Regain. about 1 month ago
It is available as a CD but is Japanese issue only. There is a link on Jonas' own web page to purchase, which connects to a (reputable) Japanese web site. For us based in the West it's frustrating not to have a domestic distributor of this release. I ... See full review
posted a review of Carpe Di.Em. - Pop Muzik. about 1 month ago
The A-Side on this mystery Italo release is a spangly mix of house and chiming guitar (a little U2 riff from 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' - done very subtlety I should add) with a broody bassline and understated vocal. Really nicely done ... See full review
posted a review of Speedy J - !ive. 3 months ago
It's worth pointing out that a special 2 x CD version of the "G-Spot" release contains the "!ive" set in its entirety as an extra disc. You don't get the nice artwork here with it though !
posted a review of Larry Heard - The Calm & Chaos EP. 3 months ago
Absolutely one of the classics in the Guidance back catalogue. The track "Freaky (Chaos)" saw many a play around Nottingham on it's release. Local underground 'Skyy Club' even managing to get Larry over to play live making a very memorable and personal ... See full review
posted a review of Lady B - The "Hope It Will Open Your Mind To What Is Really Important In Life" Mix. 3 months ago
This 65 min mix can also be found as part of the limited edition 3 x CD set Various - 'La Collection Vol. 2' on F Communications. Lady B's mix CD is the bonus CD in this set and does not appear on the regular 2 x CD set.
posted a review of Eddie Flashin Fowlkes* & 3MB - 3MB Featuring Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes. 4 months ago
A lot of these classic Fowlkes tracks can be found on the misleading titled "Trance Tekno Express - From Detroit To Berlin & Back" compilation from 1993 on Pow Wow Trance, on 2 x 12" vinyl and CD form. That release brings together tracks by System 01, ... See full review
posted a comment on Linea Alba - Chill-O-Matic / Space Travel. 5 months ago
The influences go on.....'Interracial' on cult label PCP for some serious darkness and an Abstrakt Dance favourite
posted a review of Linea Alba - Chill-O-Matic / Space Travel. 5 months ago
The first minute of 'Chill-O-Matic' is awesome, deep minimalism. I'd love someone to do an edit. It's a great track nevertheless showing how versatile Mr De Wulf was at his peak. To my ears the 4/4 bass drum programming has been lifted from 'Spank ... See full review
posted a review of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Dreaming. 5 months ago
A worthy release to own for a number of reasons. A final hurrah single, coming between 'The Pacific Age' and 'Sugar Tax' long players in which the band split (temporarily!). The main reason to seek out the 12" are the 2 majestic B-sides. In my view ... See full review
posted a review of Razor Boy & Mirror Man - Cutter Mix / Beyond Control. 5 months ago
I'm pretty sure 'Beyond Control' kicks of with the riff from E-Dancer ‎– 'Speaker Punishing (Dirty Mix)' on Incognito (1991) which is a great track in itself. You can have a listen here ... See full review
posted a review of Club Genius - Club Genius. 5 months ago
I love the fact that I'm sitting down to listen to this new purchase of mine and I'm hearing the familiar drum loop of something very close to my heart. Both of the 'Club Genius' mixes have sampled the percussion riff from I.A.O. 'Clan (Mongol Hordes)' ... See full review
posted a review of Interphaze - Aural Stimulation. 5 months ago
This entire collection of tracks was reissued as Interphaze ‎– 'Re-Collection' in 2013. Same tracks, different title, artwork and now as a digital download (with a few CDr's knocking around)
posted a review of Bruce Lenkei - Moonlight Zombie Dance. 5 months ago
The first 30 seconds intro to "Moonlight Zombie Dance" properly messes up your time perception, like sliding around in a space time continuum !! My kind of 'Floppy Disco'.
posted a review of The Bionaut, Mike Ink - Hypnobasia. 5 months ago
The track listing on this CD release is exactly the same as Ethik - "Music For Stock Exchange" CD from 1993 on Eat Raw. Interestingly this CD was given a well deserved re-release on Record Store Day 2019 as a 2 x 12" via Kompakt. The tracks are in these ... See full review
posted a review of 2nd Section - Peak. 6 months ago
The acid riff on 'Peak' is near enough identical to Laurent Garnier's 'Wake Up' (FNAC) from 1993 only a little more aggressive and upfront in the mix
posted a review of The Sundays. 6 months ago
Harriet Wheeler's vocals are of a sublime beauty on everything she touched from the spiky 'Don't Tell Your Mother' track on their debut 12" to their final hurrah with 'Summertime'. Soulmate (and husband) David Gavurin's jangley guitars soar and the ... See full review
posted a review of Michael Jackson - Beat It. 8 months ago
This '81 synth sampler LP for the amazing Synclavier II by Denny Jaeger had a huge surprise at 6min 25secs down ! It's the intro to 'Beat It'......
posted a review of Ohm (3) - Toccata Trance. 9 months ago
The first few minutes of 'Toccata Trance' owe more than a passing influence to 'Resistance D - Cosmic Love' from 1991. Then it goes off piste into some keyboards lifted from Sky......
posted a review of Hellhörig - Art Of Phuture. 9 months ago
This single-sided release is the same mix as 'Rhythm Doctor - Phuture' from 1991 on Truelove. The original (!) version can be found here and has 2 extra remakes. I'm showing my age !
posted a review of Cosmic Enterprises - Tao Nonstop / Ratio Tao. 12 months ago
"Tao Nonstop" is in desperate need of a repress please ! An early '91 trance gem up there with 'Tortuga', 'We Came in Peace' & 'Transformation (Media Mix)' and sparking a genre in its wake. Very Cosmic......
posted a review of Peter F. Spiess - Dreamcatcher. 12 months ago
'Sleazy Jazz' is wondrously atmospheric and the standout cut for me on this excellent EP. That said, at 2 min 10' I can't help but hear a strong resemblance to the flute riff in A Guy Called Gerald's 'Eyes Of Sorrow' cut from his FX single of 1989. I'm ... See full review
posted a review of Eduardo De La Calle - Untitled. about 1 year ago
The 'Untitled' B1 cut is essentially a loop of 'Moment of Truth - Carl Craig's Urban Affair Mix' by BT (Deep Dish Records) with added echo plus occasional loud screeches that....hmmm....sound like the teleporter in Star Trek in meltdown. Add a bit of a ... See full review
posted a comment on Cerpent - Class One / Class Two. about 1 year ago
Phylyps Trak is so unique sounding (then and now) that it's difficult to drop in the mix as everything around it will struggle to match the intensity and sheer innovation that that track symbolises. That said, you may like a few BC-inspired cuts that I ... See full review
posted a review of Sequential - Sequential 3. about 1 year ago
Have a listen to 'A Trip to Paradise' again ....... then have a listen to VDT - 'Brainstorming' from the Tanzlust EP on Container Records from 1991. It's the same bassline exactly. Add to the mystery that 'Brainstorming' shares a very strong ... See full review
posted a review of Confusion Club - Move!. about 1 year ago
The bleeps that start 'Move!' are the same as Major Problems - 'Gum Disease' on Nu Groove Records (1991). A few other samples from 'Gum Disease' can also be found as the cut progresses so one can assume Confusion Club looked to the Nu Groove release for ... See full review
posted a review of Outlander - TZ 1. about 1 year ago
The vocal riff that starts A1 - 'Untitled' on this EP was famous sampled by Jam & Spoon for the track 'Odyssey To Anyoona' from their Tripomatic Fairytales 2001 LP in 1992. The vocal from A1 - 'Untitled' was slowed down and looped to great effect and in ... See full review
posted a review of Jam & Spoon - Tripomatic Fairytales 2001. about 1 year ago
Hopefully this solves a mystery for some......! The tribal vocal riff on the magical 'Odyssey To Anyoona' seems to have been lifted from the obscure 'TZ 1' EP which was an obscure R&S sub-label for Outlander releases in 1991. It can be found here ... See full review
posted a review of M:I:5 - Structuralism. about 1 year ago
I first encountered 5:0:1 in 1997 on the Auftrieb re-release - the original 1991 version was included with a re-tweaked remix. I can't imagine what my mind would have thought if I'd have heard this in 1991. It's 130 bpm of grindy, gritty minimalism ... See full review
posted a review of Various Artists* - Superstition Meets Planet E / Basel. about 1 year ago
Bassxpansion 'Concentrate' is one of those records you should experiment with and play at 33rpm rather than 45rpm to give a completely different feel. Sort of slow moody acid with beautiful melodic finesses. See also Shape Navigator - 'Cybermatic' / ... See full review
posted a review of NewOrder* - Regret. about 1 year ago
A little bit of trivia about the 'Regret' sleeve. The cover artwork for New Order's 'Regret' has been lifted directly from Jimmy Dean and the Trailmen - 'Gunfighter Ballards'. Peter Saville's team just switched the image from left to right. You can ... See full review
posted a review of Rhythm Operator - Hope. about 1 year ago
'Hope' is my standout track on this release, mostly because of the effortless way it mixes into the equally wonderful 'The Passion - Original mix' by Phonique & Kiloo from 2008 found here ... See full review