Music addict since 1993.

Fav styles: Detroit, neapolitan, minimal, tech house, deep house, dub, trance (pre '95), and every oldschool stuff from the early '90s.

Fav labels: R&S, M-Plant, Underground Resistance, Transmat, Harthouse/Eye Q, Basic Channel/M, Plastic City, Tresor, Platipus, Superstition, Kanzleramt, Southsoul, etc...

If you want to sell anything on my wantlist, don't hesitate to contact me (except e-bay offers).
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posted a review of Greg Gow - Echalon EP. over 15 years ago
This EP is just fantastic! One of my slsk-dude suggested me this record before a few months (I've never heard about Greg Gow before that), he had some promo rip with an unrelesed remix. I downloaded it and then almost collapsed: brilliant atmospheric... See full review
posted a review of Robert Hood - All Day Long. over 15 years ago
The B2 is really an excellent track; typical Hood-minimal, and from the half of the track get through to a wonderful melody. Probably one of Hood's best track. But the others... IMHO totally meaningless and empty tracks, just for filling the EP. Even... See full review
posted a review of Ego Traxx Records. over 15 years ago
Always worth to check out and pay attention to the little new labels or newcomer artists, because in plenty cases they're at least good as the big fishes. The Ego Traxx (former Egoist) from Hungary is a prime example for this. The label started around... See full review
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Mixture. over 16 years ago
As usual I feel sick with these silly, retard, and cheapy remakes, but on this record there's something other, something better... Two eternal classic in solid new dressing, directly for destroy the dancefloor: New Order - Blue Monday on side-A, and... See full review
posted a review of Joris Voorn. over 16 years ago
As Enrique I got the first touch with Joris' music for a year by the 'Muted Trax 1 & 2' on Keynote and his sound immediately overawed me. How can we describe it? Hmmm... Deep & atmospheric tech-house-electro with oldschool & Detroit feeling. Soulful... See full review
posted a review of Gaetano Parisio - Profile 1.0. over 16 years ago
After more than one year pause on Conform, Gaetano strikes back with this fascinating double EP. In my opinion seven tracks from the eight is really good, and two from seven is absolutely killer. I mean for the 'Act One', which is a huge neapolitan... See full review
posted a review of Bio Booster - Undecided Destination. over 16 years ago
Perfect debut from the newbie brazilian guy Paulo Silva. His sound is very similar to the neapolitan producers especially Tomie Nevada or Marco Carola: funky-groovie-tech-house, or what... Worth looking out his forthcoming releases. Too hot to ignore!
posted a review of Memory Lane. over 16 years ago
Labelinfo from the ELP site: "ELP's latest label - driving energy music / no frills club tracks - artists that don't want their music to be judged by their profiles but by their music instead - a continuation of the question label wich all of you will... See full review