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Fasme - Creeping Plant EP
submitted Fasme - Creeping Plant EP. 6 months ago
Priori (2) - Pareidolia
submitted Priori (2) - Pareidolia. 10 months ago
OCB (5) - Crocodile Tears EP
submitted OCB (5) - Crocodile Tears EP. about 1 year ago
Strktur - OK.
submitted Strktur - OK.. over 5 years ago
Dan Lodig* - Ms-45
submitted Dan Lodig* - Ms-45. over 6 years ago
Anders Hellberg - Cybotania EP
submitted Anders Hellberg - Cybotania EP. over 6 years ago
Anders Hellberg - Eternity EP
submitted Anders Hellberg - Eternity EP. over 6 years ago
Exilles - Alliance EP
submitted Exilles - Alliance EP. over 6 years ago
Lab Personnel - Recreation
submitted Lab Personnel - Recreation. over 6 years ago
Rèdacs - Echoplex
submitted Rèdacs - Echoplex. over 6 years ago
GhostHouzBoy - Toggoscisafari
submitted GhostHouzBoy - Toggoscisafari. over 6 years ago
Ceephax Acid Crew - Acid Fourniture EP
posted a review of Ceephax Acid Crew - Acid Fourniture EP. over 6 years ago
As far as his acid output is concerned, "The Zone" is, in my opinion, Andy Jenkinson's finest moment. Unlike his usual style, which often either sounds wonky, playful, and light - or, as with his older releases, reminiscent of the early 90's 'bangin'... See full review
Various - New York_Chicago
submitted Various - New York_Chicago. over 6 years ago
Ruhig - Sleeping Oracle EP
submitted Ruhig - Sleeping Oracle EP. over 6 years ago
Emanuele Onorato - Ashtray EP
submitted Emanuele Onorato - Ashtray EP. over 6 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
Fonemi - Cosmopolis
submitted Fonemi - Cosmopolis. over 7 years ago
Paintbox.x - Nâm
submitted Paintbox.x - Nâm. over 7 years ago
Carlos SicRock - Estructuras
submitted Carlos SicRock - Estructuras. over 7 years ago
Miller & Keane - Remnants Of A Technologically Advanced Society
submitted Miller & Keane - Remnants Of A Technologically Advanced Society. over 7 years ago
Lockertmatik - Shtum 013
submitted Lockertmatik - Shtum 013. over 7 years ago
Klankman -  World Of Phenomena EP
submitted Klankman - World Of Phenomena EP. over 7 years ago
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Modulator - Acid Bangin'
submitted Modulator - Acid Bangin'. over 7 years ago
Mitchell Goor / Tafkamp - Paling Trax 3
posted a review of Mitchell Goor / Tafkamp - Paling Trax 3. over 8 years ago
The opening track is huge. Slow techno with a moody melody and synth stabs that make me want to re-listen to this track over and over again. Deep. The (male?) vocal sample only adds to the groove of this modern techno classic.

B1 sounds like... See full review
The Exaltics - Some Other Place Vol. 2
posted a review of The Exaltics - Some Other Place Vol. 2. over 8 years ago
A2 may be amongst my favorite electro tunes of all time. With the infectious pads, synth stabs and slick percussion, it really does take you to "some other place." A nice place, I think. It also has a 4/4 kick, so you can easily throw it into a techno... See full review
Sir Real - Apocalyptica EP
posted a comment on Sir Real - Apocalyptica EP. over 8 years ago
Landscapes is the jam here. Proper electro - melodic, groovy, vocoded samples - electronic music at its finest.
I.S.Q. - Let The Come Flow
posted a review of I.S.Q. - Let The Come Flow. over 8 years ago
Machine Gun is the jam here. It's basically a 909 track, with some fx. But the percussion, structure and complexity make it an oldschool hard techno classic. The way the toms and snares are tweaked throughout - sounds live - is superb. The energy and... See full review
John Tejada & Tin Man (3) - Acid Test 10
posted a review of John Tejada & Tin Man (3) - Acid Test 10. over 8 years ago
Swift Box is a nice deep acid cut, in the modern style. Very well crafted, with synth layers and an acid line that is sure to evoke an emotional response.

Diamond Lanes is the emotional opposite of A1 - whereas Swift Box is deep and moody, this one... See full review
Psychonauts (2) - Alchemy
posted a comment on Psychonauts (2) - Alchemy. over 8 years ago
Xerophytic also uses samples from Blade Runner (10 words entered).
Imminent Starvation - Human Relocation
posted a review of Imminent Starvation - Human Relocation. over 8 years ago
Dislocation 3 is rather interesting. It's pretty much acidcore with extremely dense reverb and delays. The initial synth sound must be from an analog monosynth, likely being triggered by a 303 (?) with CV/Gate. You can clearly hear the octave changes.... See full review
*SOUR* - Obscur HS 07
submitted *SOUR* - Obscur HS 07. over 8 years ago
Analogue Bipolar Boy / Tenet (3) - Tales From An Analogue Graveyard
submitted Analogue Bipolar Boy / Tenet (3) - Tales From An Analogue Graveyard. over 8 years ago
Tainnos - Törmä
submitted Tainnos - Törmä. over 8 years ago
Boneless One - Breakaway
submitted Boneless One - Breakaway. over 8 years ago
Symbols + Translations - Symbols + Translations
submitted Symbols + Translations - Symbols + Translations. over 9 years ago
Tankorr [013] - Neurotrope 031
submitted Tankorr [013] - Neurotrope 031. over 9 years ago
Collision (6) - De Stilte Van De Nacht (Le Silence De La Nuit)
submitted Collision (6) - De Stilte Van De Nacht (Le Silence De La Nuit). over 9 years ago
MF Machinist - Acid Burns Brooklyn
submitted MF Machinist - Acid Burns Brooklyn. over 10 years ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 16 years ago
Robbert Latumahina - Number Eight
posted a review of Robbert Latumahina - Number Eight. over 17 years ago
A2 is a tenebrous, mellow affair suffused with a desolate, droning atmosphere, pleasantly punctuated by effervescent, abstract, industrial sounds pouring into receptive ears. An enchanting illbient soundscape and Robbert in top form. For some personal... See full review
Kaylyn - Your Wildest Dream
posted a review of Kaylyn - Your Wildest Dream. over 17 years ago
I'm not sure why, but I regularly find it difficult to try and ascribe a kind of "edm" style to The Slick Bass Remix. This track is an out-and-out 'banger', in every sense of the term. At times it sounds to me like hard trance, then hardcore, now... See full review
Hemisphear - Devoid Of Mental Restrictions
posted a review of Hemisphear - Devoid Of Mental Restrictions. over 18 years ago
The consummate collaboration of two renowned talents from the Brussels Weird Project reaches its apogee with a truculent alien acid assault. Cortex Invaders resounds with a redoubtable buzzing and ominous acidlines that dissolve the mind in... See full review
Phlegm - Ashes
posted a review of Phlegm - Ashes. over 18 years ago
"Stasis interrupted." Schism sets the tone with its sulky, dissolving landscape gradually melting into the unknown, while Phalange portends an inevitable war of great proportions with its mounting furor. The creatures are inexorable. In Netek, I... See full review
Seekness - The Crack Between The Nothing
posted a review of Seekness - The Crack Between The Nothing. over 18 years ago
Apart from Devious Destiny, this is another favorite of mine from Phüric. Coaglüking Mixture is an endless illbient tale of nebulous skies in a desolate, miasmic wasteland that issues forth from its innermost depths groans of hulking machines, and... See full review
Mike Ink - Paradise City
posted a review of Mike Ink - Paradise City. over 18 years ago
Here we've another comparatively overlooked djungle release, primarily due to Paradise City, an astringent acid-techno tune that, from the beginning till the very end, simply does not subside! An ebullient effusion of squelchy acid with hard,... See full review
Nick East - East Of Index E.P.
posted a review of Nick East - East Of Index E.P.. over 18 years ago
It doesn't get much better than "Increased Outline." Sounds somewhat like a conjunction of djungle acid and dbn's hardcore/hardtechno style. Ingeniously crafted 303 with driving, unmitigated drums, marked by great attention to detail and pace.
Meek (2) - Glowing Trees
posted a review of Meek (2) - Glowing Trees. over 18 years ago
If you thought Weatherall's 93' EM was an awesome electronic excursion, you really owe it to yourself to hear and play this vinyl throughout. Two subtle, ambient-esque techno pieces, with soft basslines, full of all manner of melodies perhaps... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 18 years ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 18 years ago