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Various Master

PDO, Germany (January 1986 until September 1991)
PMDC, Germany (January 1993 until March 1999)
Universal M & L, Germany (April 1999 until May 2005)
EDC, Germany (May 2005 - present)

PDO, UK (December 1986 until March 1996)
PMDC, UK (19 April 1996 until 28 March 1999)
Universal M & L, UK (April 1999 to April 2002)

Allied Record Company If there is both ARC and SRC, then the CD was pressed at Allied but the glass master came from Specialty Records Corporation

Specialty Records Corporation Specialty 'S' logo in the matrix ring. (1993 to 1996 [into 1997?) After > WEA mfg logo.
WEA Mfg. Olyphant (1996 to 2003) - "wea mfg. OLYPHANT" = Glass Mastered, but maybe not pressed.
WEA Mfg. Commerce Mould SID Code of IFPI 2V**
Cinram, Olyphant, PA (2003 - present) - mastering SID code of "L901" to "L903", "L908" and "L909" but lacks any mention of WEA Mfg. Olyphant, then please credit "Cinram, Olyphant, PA (Credit: "Made By" or "Manufactured By") mould SID code of IFPI 2U**

Warner Music Manufacturing Europe
CD matrix appears as WME or WMME.
Usual SID Mastering codes: IFPI L011... IFPI L017
Usual SID Mould codes: IFPI 05** / IFPI 06**

DADC Austria
'Manufactured by DADC Austria' until 1988
'Mastered by DADC Austria' 1988-1994
'DADC Austria' 1994-1999

1987-1995: 'Label prefix-catalog number (e.g. [logo] CDCBS-450152 43 A1
1991-1997: 'nn-xxxxxx-yy BB CC' - (e.g. [logo] 01-468884-10 13 A12)
1995-1997: Axxxxxxxxxx-yyzz BB CC (e.g [logo] A0100181635-0101 15 A1)

LCCN, ONLY the "Axxxxxxxxxx-yyzz

Sonopress 1957 until 2004. Only these specific Sonopress patterns like B-1234, G-3990 or A-12345 can be entered as Sonopress company numbers into the LCCN field. Sonopress numbers on modern CDs occur in an 8-digit format of "5xxxxxxx" This sequential number can be added as LCCN number.
Sonopress Arvato 2004-2008
Arvato Digital Services 2008

If there is a sequencial number found starting with A1 or A0 (e.g. A0101837096-0101) in the matrix, this media is pressed by Sony DADC.
Enter as follows to LCCN:
Manufactured By = Dicentia
Pressed By = Sony DADC A0101837096-0101 (as an example).

EMI Uden
NL suffix = Pressed by EMI Uden.
Mould SID code "IFPI 15##" pressed by EMI Uden.

EMI Swindon
NL suffix = Pressed by EMI Uden.
No country suffix = Pressed by EMI Swindon
EMI Swindon in Matrix = Glass Mastered by EMI Swindon.

I enjoy buildling guitars. Below is one of them.
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