Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures as reviewed by drewc

April 2, 2019
If you ever wondered what this glorious album sounded like “benefitting” from the full throes of the Loudness War, this is the test pressing to get. It’s as awful as you’d imagine. I was in the loop when Bernard, Hooky and Steve categorically rejected this (and a similar Closer remaster test press) outright on first listen. Even Warners went “errrr, no”.

Theweddingpresent* - Seamonsters as reviewed by drewc

February 28, 2018
This 1991 pressing, which per the label was pressed in Germany, sounds divine. Hard to imagine how any of the subsequent reissues could improve it. Quiet vinyl, dynamic as hell, it's lovely.

Naked Raygun - Basement Screams drewc

February 16, 2018
There's been a long-running rumor that the band put it out themselves. Mine's from Reckless as well and it was out long before the CD reissue in '99, and sounds too good to be a copy of the 12" original. They did self-release "Vanilla Blue" after all, so they had the pressing plant connections...