Awesome website!! As far as myself goes: I was born in 1972, and started collecting records in 1985 or so... Favorite artists (have made at least 5 really good records minimum) include: 808 State, DHS, Meat Beat Manifesto, Caspar Pound, The Mover, Fast Eddie, Klaus Schulze, Aphex Twin, I.F.,Legowelt, Adrian Sherwood/Keith LeBlanc, Orlando Voorn, JTC, Chep Nunez, Freddie Fresh, Umwelt, Chris Carter, Renegade Soundwave, Suction records, Lory D, Old UR, Skinny Puppy, J. Saul Kane, New Order/Joy Divsion, and anything that is done well and not too commercial. Depending on my mood though my tastes can change, that is what is so great about music, it can change your emotions almost instantly. I myself mix and scratch records. I am in a lifelong quest to hear the most killer music always! I am mainly after old school electro and underground futuristic new school electro (Morphology, ERP, Versalife, Kan3da, Plant 43), underground acid house, razor blade edits, Moog records, perverted comedy records, Bleeps and Breaks, 90-92 Hardcore, smooth and sleek Detroit Style techno, and electronic listening music from the beginning to now.

I am clearing up some room and will be selling some more vinyl and Cd's. You know you have too many when you sell most all your furniture and you still fill up a 16 foot truck with vinyl.


Just because a record is super rare does not mean it is good, there is so much music out there, that it would take 5 lifetimes to hear it all. Why is there so much music being repressed? When there is so much good new music only available digitally? I got a love/hate relationship with this site, it has turned me on to a lot of great music, but it has turned record collecting into baseball card collecting as well.

********RIP KEVIN DUNCAN AKA PROF. X*************

Check out my music, free albums to download:
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posted a review of Various - Demon Uprising. 23 days ago
Cymbol The Sisyphean Task- The intro to this song sounds like a satanic ritual on vinyl....
submitted Reflectoid - Really? What's Next?. 23 days ago
submitted Reflectoid - The American Dream. 23 days ago
submitted Reflectoid - Floating While Sinking. 23 days ago
submitted Reflectoid - Headfuk Conspiracy. 23 days ago
posted a review of Daniel Martin - Xposed. 25 days ago
This record is freakin bizzare, check out the youtube video. I am suprised this has not become a cult collectors item.....Not yet at least.
posted a review of Zeller (2) - Audio Vandalism. about 1 month ago
Damn this music is super interesting, so much going on, so many cool samples and effects and cool breaks, distortion and delays, super well produced hybrid of idm, electro, breakcore, dubstep, and a bit of industrial, but not obvious at all, super ... See full review
posted a review of SolarX* - Chanel N° 303. about 1 month ago
The Track Bionic Man on this is slamming up tempo electro with killer effects on the sample from the Bionic Man tv show. Killer song! I recommend all his 12's some of his songs remind me of Aphex Twin a bit.
posted a review of Noise Connection - Noise Frame. about 1 month ago
This record was played a lot by Joey Beltram back in the day, slamming hoover techno that is creative.
posted a review of Dissident / Fracture & Neptune - Nothing Outside Nothing / Blind Viewer / Planet 13. about 1 month ago
Nothing Outside Nothing is a killer Drum and Bass track that sounds very exotic, has some great sounds, sounds like Middle Eastern drum and bass for opium dens.
posted a review of Alien Sex Fiend - Bun Ho!. about 1 month ago
Bun Ho! especially the Time Gentlemen Please mix is sort of electro with some pseudo acid, it is a really cool track with lots of cool voices and a hoppy beat that could fit in an electro set.
posted a review of We Are From Mars - Aliens You Can Dose. about 1 month ago
Aliens you can dose is a pretty cool acid track that is dirt cheap on here, pretty unknown, should be more popular.
posted a review of Funky Robots - Untitled. about 1 month ago
This record is pretty dope. Reminds me of Spiral Tribe if they were doing electro, very good drum programming and hypnotic.
posted a comment on Clementine - Passage One. about 1 month ago
It's all about The Opening, for me. What a track! Absolutely beautiful work from Luke Slater.

Agreed, this is one hell of a track, really stands out.
posted a comment on CD III - Get Tough. about 1 month ago
Agree this is a serious electro cut, super good melody! Really good vocoder barely in the background.
posted a review of Dei Sub - Criminally Groovin Too. about 1 month ago
What the jump is pretty cool, has a lot of different elements going on, acid, some old school samples, some breakbeat, pretty original!
posted a review of Elektrosmog - Swiss Invader. about 1 month ago
Highly highly underrated electro and techno record! Can't believe people are sleeping on this.
posted a review of Eden 224 - Holocaustic Soda. about 1 month ago
Don't Inhale (Presidential Suite Mix) is awesome acid electro, wish it was on a 12".
posted a comment on EDC* - No Pills. about 1 month ago
As the review says above the No Pills (Guarana Mix) is absolutely awesome!
posted a review of Full On Sound - Mayhem. about 1 month ago
Mayhem has so much potential to be a killer 92 rave track except for a few cheesey riffs and cliches here and there, could use a good remix to edit out the cheesey bits.
posted a review of Frozen - Soul Saver. about 1 month ago
Agree with the other review. This record is so dark and menacing, the kind of thing you would expect Jeffrey Dahmer to listen to while he was working in his lab. (Did you know he was a fan of Industrial and Electronic Music, I heard they found a ... See full review
posted a review of Frequency (3) - Hey, Hey, Hey. about 1 month ago
This record is highly underrated, Hey Hey Hey is super original and quite exotic and subdued, every sample fits perfectly.
posted a review of Spelunk Recordings. about 1 month ago
Why is this label so popular now, someone please explain?
posted a review of Jon Hassell - Dream Theory In Malaya (Fourth World Volume Two). about 1 month ago
This is an awesome album! This is how you can make music as art without sounding pretenious, there is about 100 more ideas on this album than your average run of the mill techno album. Exotic music that will take you to places.
posted a review of John Rocca - I Want It To Be Real. about 1 month ago
John Rocca really has an amazing voice, he perfectly harmonizes with the music but does not over power it, hitting so many different notes, I would love to see some d-bag on American Idol try to sing this....LOL...this is a great record, if you know your ... See full review
posted a review of Nigel Richards Presents 611 Grooves - I Like It. about 1 month ago
Was wondering when people would start picking up on this was dirt cheap until recently. Nigel Richards has done a lot of decent stuff if you search it out. Good funky acid, almost electro,
posted a review of New York City Survivors - World Of Madness. about 1 month ago
First heard this on a killer Adam X electro mix that he put up on here, this song if played at the right time would absolutely go off. Great groove.
posted a review of Neil Young - Sample And Hold. about 1 month ago
Suprised people are not on this record more.....Super melodic vocoder!
posted a review of Nebula II - X-Plore H-Core / Peace Maker (Remixes). about 1 month ago
X-Plore H-Core (Remix) If I would have heard this on a big system geeked out back in 92 I would probably still be locked up in a psych ward to this day. Holy shit this song is sooooo bad asss!!!!
posted a review of Nasenbluten. about 1 month ago
If you have never seen Mark N. dj, and you like turntablism you should youtube some of his videos, he is on a Dj Q-bert like level with his beat juggling and scratching, except to a whole lot more out there musically.
posted a review of Mystic Letter K - Prophecies. about 1 month ago
This album is awesome, it sounds like GraGee on his label, Check out GraGee if you like this sound...mechanical cold trance like icy vocoder electro.
posted a review of N-Joi - Music From A State Of Mind. about 1 month ago
It is all about Techno Gangsters on this one for me and most of my old buddies back in the day, super funky killer breaks and pauses awesome bleeps. Still gives me goosebumps almost 30 years later.
posted a review of Multicore - The Underground Ravers E.P.. about 1 month ago
The True Techno Gangster isn't really breaking any new ground, but it is a straight up shot of 92 style adrenaline!
posted a review of Legowelt - Reports From The Backseat Pimp. 2 months ago
Wow! this is an awesome album!!! Really shows the genius of Legowelt.
posted a comment on Kool Keith - Erotic Man. 2 months ago
100% bought it the week it came out from Watts music, biggest distributor of vinyl in North America back in the day....
posted a review of Kool Keith - Erotic Man. 2 months ago
Bought this from Watts is it really a bootleg??smh
posted a review of Spiritualized Electric Mainline* - Pure Phase Tones For D.J.'s. 2 months ago
This record is beyond simple, I do like some of Spiritualized stuff and side bands etc, but this could have been made in 5 minutes.
posted a review of Various - Toxic. 3 months ago
This has an awesome long version remix of Electric Funky Drummer......if you know you know
posted a review of Various - Global Surveyor Phase 3. 3 months ago
The Middle Men track Space Quest is super dope spacey electro with awesome vocals. Really stands out.
posted a review of Various - Back To The Grindstone. 5 months ago
I am suprised this compilation is not more popular or selling for more, especially with the popularity of labels like Dark Entries, this is right up that alley with 80's electronic "no wave" or whatever they call it, some of these songs sound really ... See full review
posted a review of George Harrison - Electronic Sound. 5 months ago
How did I never hear about this record until recently? Really out there, not musical, but I dig it, Reminds me of Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed as most of the fans of their respective bands that have heard those albums absolutely hate them.
posted a review of Myron Fagan* - Illuminati - C.F.R. (The Council On Foreign Relations) Volume 1 - 3. 5 months ago
There are more records on this label not listed on Discogs, one of them is called Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr, named after the book, I have volumes 1 and 2, will get around to adding it to the database here soon. This is on Anthony J Hilder's ... See full review
posted a review of Sneak-Thief - Dirty Romantic EP. 5 months ago
Unkind- Is an awesome groovy, vocoder jam, with a really good melody, always love the tracks that make the vocoder more musical sounding, this is a great one.
posted a review of SunKings - Klunk Klik. 5 months ago
Ikarus Rising is a really out there dope hardcore techno track with lots of trippy effects.
posted a review of DJ Spun. 5 months ago
Suprised no one has commented on him on here. He was one of my favorite dj's in 91-96 or so, he always played some of the best electro and acid and funky stuff, He played all over San Francisco where he was located (San Jose), but he was constantly ... See full review
posted a review of RAC - Tangents. 5 months ago
It is all about the track HUB for me, awesome electro, sounds totally modern almost 25 years later, super awesome production, gotta rank up there in the top 100 electro tracks of all time for me. Sounds awesome on a booming system.
posted a review of Rondo Veneziano* - La Serenissima (Theme From Venice In Peril). 5 months ago
I first heard this on a Daft Punk or Justice mix and really dug it. Super uplifting disco with a hugely memorable melody, emotional, lots of strings, you could play this at a wedding and have 80 year olds dancing to it.
posted a review of State Of Grace - Hello (New Mixes By Meat Beat Manifesto And Love Brigade). 5 months ago
Hello (Procession Dub)
Producer [Additional] – Jack Dangers is pretty damn cool, dubby low beat breaks at 108 bpm, but has some some cool echoing vocals and some spooky idm style pads, pretty hypnotic for $1 on here.....damn cheap! I will usually buy ... See full review
posted a review of Automia Division - Diagram. 5 months ago
Awesome record, super underground sound, acidy techno, some idm, some really out there stuff, 3 out of 4 tracks are killer. 5 stars.
posted a review of The Phuture Project - Light Bringer (Escape From 2017). 5 months ago
Music for huge space arenas- All 3 tracks on this are bad ass, dark and menacing, creates a really heavy mood like the world is going to end tomorrow. Hard, but not stupid hard, more like 92 style dark underground techno, before this style got super fast ... See full review