Awesome website!! As far as myself goes: I was born in 1972, and started collecting records in 1985 or so... Favorite artists (have made at least 5 really good records minimum) include: 808 State, DHS, Meat Beat Manifesto, D'Arcangelo, Caspar Pound, Aleksi Perälä/Astrobotnia, Hashim, Newcleus, Carl Finlow, Dif Juz, Pete Namlook, The Mover, Pete Shelley electronic stuff, old Front 242, Cocteau Twins, old Jesus and Mary Chain, Fast Eddie, Klaus Schulze, Aphex Twin, I.F.,Legowelt, Adrian Sherwood/Keith LeBlanc, Orlando Voorn, JTC, Chep Nunez, Freddie Fresh, Umwelt, Chris Carter, Renegade Soundwave, Suction records, Lory D, Old UR, Skinny Puppy, J. Saul Kane, New Order/Joy Divsion, Circle Jerks and anything that is done well and not too commercial. Depending on my mood though my tastes can change, that is what is so great about music, it can change your emotions almost instantly. I myself mix and scratch records. I am in a lifelong quest to hear the most killer music always! I am mainly after old school electro and underground futuristic new school electro (Morphology, ERP, Versalife, Kan3da, Plant 43, 214, Umwelt, AC records), underground acid house, razor blade edits, Moog records, perverted comedy records, Bleeps and Breaks, 90-92 Hardcore, smooth and sleek Detroit Style techno, and electronic listening music from the beginning to now.


Just because a record is super rare does not mean it is good, there is so much music out there, that it would take 5 lifetimes to hear it all. Why is there so much music being repressed? When there is so much good new music only available digitally? I got a love/hate relationship with this site, it has turned me on to a lot of great music, but it has turned record collecting into baseball card collecting as well.

********RIP KEVIN DUNCAN AKA PROF. X*************

Making music under different names:
Old shit - Retoid (Tracks on YouTube)
Newer Electro/ Broken Beat - Krutoid
Ambient experimental spacey dub shit - Reflectoid

Here is my free newest album on Bandcamp, Dark Techno and Braindance inspired by The Mover and old Aphex Twin:

This album is more electro and idm style:

4 more ambient space music type albums:
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posted a comment on The Turntablist - Super Duck Breaks ...The Saga Begins. 7 days ago
Dj Rectangle, Jazzy Jim and I am sure lots of others came out before this, like in 92 or 93.
posted a review of Pink Elln & Atom Heart - Elektroniikkaa 1&2 / Electronique. about 1 month ago
Always liked side B side of this Electronique (Live At The Casino Montreux 07/06/92) it goes on forever, sounds like a cross between some 70's electronic music mixed with a bit of acid house.
posted a comment on Reflex One - Cookie Man. about 1 month ago
Yep! It is pretty dope, has an awesome groove and killer bass.
posted a review of Beltram* Presents... Odyssey Nine - Drums Of Orbit. about 1 month ago
Vamp is a nice hidden gem on here a dark moody techno track. Joey Beltram made so many killer tracks in the early 90's.
posted a review of Silent Breed - Mental Surgery. about 1 month ago
Agree with the review below, Mental Surgery is a super zappy acid track that sounds like an electric shock going thru a 303.
posted a review of Space DJz - Eratic. about 1 month ago
This is one of the better Space Dj's records in my opinion, sound quailty is awesome, could fit into a lot of different styles of sets.
posted a review of The Subjects - First Flower. about 1 month ago
First Flower Original mix is a awesome breakbeat track, with a really effective structure and sampling used to build up in energy in the track to great effect.
posted a review of Supermatic - Can't Stop The Bumrush. about 1 month ago
Bassquest is a killer bleepy electro style rave cut like N-Joi Techno Gangsters. I am suprised nobody has mentioned it yet on here.
posted a review of That Petrol Emotion - Tingle. about 1 month ago
The Jazz Tip Mix, used to get played all the time by Doc Martin and SF and Seattle DJ's. An early SF breaks cut, that you will surely recognize, not really my cup of tea, but it is super cheap.
posted a review of Jam & Spoon - Tales From A Danceographic Ocean. 8 months ago
All 3 tracks are top notch, 5 stars all the way.
posted a review of Jauzas The Shining + Foreign Sequence - Talkin' Machines. 10 months ago
Talkin Machines has to be one of the dopest electro cuts I have heard in a long time. The synth line is incredible.
posted a review of Vinyl Solution. 10 months ago
I love this label! Just like Mr Black said, highly underrated, there are so many gems on this label that are dirt cheap, I have at least 50 records on this label and I don't keep them unless they are good.
posted a review of Tha Alkaholiks - Likwit / Only When I'm Drunk. 10 months ago
The pressing of this sounds like shit. Too bad, I wouldn't be the first to use it but the accapella is great, it just sounds horrible on this vinyl.
posted a review of The Beat Box Boys - Give Me My Money!. 11 months ago
Skin Up Ivory- samples Yum Yum, great track, this is so cheap on here....damn......
posted a review of Cazzaza* - Kill Yur Self. 12 months ago
This is a killer record, one side spaced out electronics, way out there like Nik Raicevic, otherside kind of Power Noise like Daniel Menche or Lou Reed Metal Machine Music, but enough changes on in the songs and variation to make them interesting and ... See full review
posted a review of Extrawelt - Unknown. about 1 year ago
I got to say I am new to Extrawelt but this album is pretty damn good! It is hard to place exactly the sound they have but it is electro and some tech house elements, but it is not a Drexciya clone like so much electro is these days, some really good ... See full review
posted a review of Frank Zappa - Hot Rats. about 1 year ago
Peaches En Regalia really is impressive on the musicianship and how tight everything is, it is like 30 songs in 4 minutes, with instruments perfectly in sync playing some very complex music, I especially like the part @ 1.25- 1.40 minutes in, 2 ... See full review
posted a comment on Casanovas Revenge* - Let's Work. about 1 year ago
Great review! I am always searching out Chep Nunez's remixes, there are some really killer mixes and edits he made, it is just a matter of finding the right one's. This one was sampled by Biochip Chip C on Steal it and Deal it.
posted a review of Biochip C. - Drop Me. about 1 year ago
Creative cut up electro with lots of edits and well known samples on Steal it and Deal it, Miami Bass style electro with a lot of records sampled like Beat Club Security. A bit over the top, but good at the right time, the samples are cut in just at the ... See full review
posted a review of Sunrise Society - Edge Of Chaos / Northern Lights. about 1 year ago
Sunrise Society-Edge of Chaos (original mix), I first this on a Colin Favor radio show cassette tape in 1995, and thanks to the interwebs, somebody was able to ID it for me, it first appeared on their first record, which is selling for much more than ... See full review
posted a review of Trax-X vs Atom-X* - From Deinococcus. about 1 year ago
Hexadecyltrimethyl is the cut on here for me, very dark deep and onimous, with lots of distortion but a good beat, and some trippy acid lines, could work well in a lot of sets.
posted a review of INTRZN - Zones. about 1 year ago
This is a great record, really well produced, heavy deep italo, dark wave, could fit in all types of sets, heavy bass and dark overtones, but without the cheesiness that some of the newer retro style nu-beat/italo suffers from.
posted a review of Crazy Eddie (3) & Jazaq - Come On Party People (Lets Ge Down). about 1 year ago
Yep! This is a serious electro jam, agree with the reviews below, I am suprised it is not fetching ridiculous prices like some of the other electro from this era.
posted a review of D.J. Baby B.* - Through The Brain - Virtual Sound Experiments - Phase 1 -. about 1 year ago
Not really sure why this record is selling for so much money now? It has an awesome synth sound on the 46 "Brain Mix" which is just a electronic synth sound that resonates and sounds like a siren, very dope sounding. Extremely useful back in 1993 for ... See full review
posted a review of Trans-Lux - Get It Off. about 1 year ago
I might even like this better than the Strafe version, which is hard to top. The vocodor on this is straight up bad ass.
posted a review of DJ Fresh* vs. Walker-Cologne* - DJ Fresh Analog U.S. vs. Walker Cologne DJ.Ungle Fever Germany. about 1 year ago
This has a killer distorted electro track on here, that has a great groove that keeps going and going, awesome for mixing, heard this on a massive system before at a rave and it pumps, been playing it since the day it came out.
posted a review of Various - Soqui Ponpe. about 1 year ago
The DJ Slip song Spice, is killer electro from way back in 1995, still sounds modern, this was my go to electro jam for many years, Dj Slip has put out some great electro over the years, it just has to be searched for beneath his 4 to the 4 floor more ... See full review
posted a review of Outer Space (3) - Outer Space. about 1 year ago
Memory Bomb is quite an epic Tangerine Dream/ Klaus Schulze type track, very layered and uplifting.
posted a review of Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling. about 1 year ago
Running Thin is the hidden gem for me on here, a really dark melancholy early synth track that sounds like a lot of newer stuff coming out, and this is from 1982, the vocals are more monotone kinda reminds of Ian Curtis mixed with old Front 242 Geography ... See full review
posted a review of Scape One. about 1 year ago
Holy shit! This guy puts out a lot of music! A shitload. A lot of it is really good electro and technical synthy smooth armchair ambient electro. It is impossible to keep up with all Scape One's releases. A while back on Bandcamp he was selling ... See full review
posted a review of D.F.X., Dr. Felix - Relax Your Body. about 1 year ago
Awesome cover version of KLF What's time is Love with a great vocal, kind of hypnotic vocals, I was pretty suprised this got remixed and re-released a couple of years ago by some of the big name dj's that people tend to follow like sheep. It is always ... See full review
posted a review of J.T.C.* - Dance Of Death. about 1 year ago
If you like James T Cotton's more underground acid, low tech, dark warehouse style tracks, this one is pretty dope, and cheap!
posted a comment on Brersoul - Surrender Part 1. about 1 year ago
I agree, Flow (Z-Wave) is super haunting and deep, really sticks in your head, very great track, could fit in all kinds of sets. The lead is what does it, perfection.
posted a review of Legowelt - Vatos Locos. about 1 year ago
This is one of the better Legowelt albums in my opinion, he has put out so much music it is hard to keep up, but this one is a keeper, a little darker and less italo disco style, more acidy and electro as opposed to the more dreamy italo stuff he makes.
posted a review of Deceptikon - Lost Subject. about 1 year ago
Another great idm, kind of trip hop vibe, nice and mellow, with hip hop beats and edits, but good melodies, lost in the piles of IDM that got released in this time period, really nice mellow album.
posted a review of Popol Vuh - Affenstunde. about 1 year ago
Really dig this album, the best one that I have heard by Popol Vuh, very unique sounding, I need to listen to it more often.
posted a review of Lackluster - Container. about 1 year ago
I agree with the review below, there is so much music out there, that I forget about albums like these, that are really good emotional IDM, top quality.
posted a review of винер. about 1 year ago
винер - 1954 LP available on bandcamp is fantastic middle eastern music mixed with futuristic electro, kind of like a cross between FSOL, middle eastern world music, and something on CPU records or similar electro, really stands out. I should add the ... See full review
posted a review of J.T.C.* - Creep Acid. about 1 year ago
This is a fantastic acid house album, all the elements I love of the 303, minus all the shit I don't like, rolling hypnotic, psychedelic acid, that takes you on a serious journey.
posted a review of Various - La Voz De Los Sin Voz. about 1 year ago
ElectroBerlin - MenschMaschine is one of the sleekest slickest smoothest electro tracks with a awesome vocal sample that gets treated with some killer vocoder effects, in the vein of ERP or Morphology, very moody and sublime. One of top favorite electro ... See full review
posted a review of Exillon - The Keening Dithers. about 1 year ago
Yep, this is a great IDM album, kind of buried underneath all the bigger names in IDM, but really good.
posted a review of J. Greinke* - Cities In Fog. about 1 year ago
This is a really great dark ambient album, sounds fully modern but from 1985. 5 stars.
posted a review of Michael Stearns - Baraka (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 1 year ago
This is a really good album, really well produced, lots of interesting world music influences
posted a review of Para One - Epiphanie. about 1 year ago
The track "Ski Lesson Blues" is a pretty great one, it could be used in all kinds of different sets, I am suprised it never came out on a 12 inch, Dudun-Dun is pretty great too, which did come on as a single, some of the other tracks sound like Mr Oizo ... See full review
posted a review of Aleksi Perälä - Project V. about 1 year ago
This album blew me away when it came out, really unique sounding and some very interesting idm that was super original. Lagrange Point and Black Leicester really stand out.
posted a review of Liquid - The Future Music E.P.. about 1 year ago
Liquid is Liquid really stands out verses most of the rave tracks of that era, it sounds pretty killer on a big system, and has an onimous yet sort of happy vibe, next to most of the the tracks from that era, this is one that people will remember from a ... See full review
posted a review of Illusion (24) - Out Of The Mist. about 1 year ago
Not really my style of music usually that I like, but the song "Isadora" is really great, has a great melody and a bit melancholy, gets me a bit misty eyed, which is pretty rare. Maybe I need to get on some medication. ;)
posted a review of Mental Overdrive - The Love EP. about 1 year ago
Invasion 2 is a really good overlooked 1992 rave track that avoids any cliches or cheesey riffs, like an understated PCP track from that era, great production. Introducing the Idea of Love has a really pounding synth line and samples from Yello "I Love ... See full review
posted a review of Orlando Voorn Pres. The Stalker - Electrocute EP. about 1 year ago
Solar System was on Trance Europe Express 5, released back in 1996, a really nice mellow electro acid cut, liked it back then, still sounds great 23 years later.
posted a review of Think (2) - Once You Understand. about 1 year ago
Really odd record, you have to wait til then end to hear the severe left turn that it takes and any raver that was around in 1992 will recognize the samples at the end, sampled in a bunch of rave tracks from that era. I might have to pick up out to play ... See full review