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posted a review of Various - Raiders Of The Lost Dub. 3 days ago
When I was in high school this was my go to record whenever I would decide
to skip my last two classes, and go home and smoke weed instead. Probably
more often than not. One of my all time favorite dub albums. The mixes are
all impeccable. A must have ... See full review
submitted Prince Douglas - Dub Roots. 4 days ago
submitted Burning Spear - Garvey's Ghost. 5 days ago
submitted Various, Wolfgang Laade - Tunisia Volume 3: Folk Music. 7 days ago
submitted Neon Footsteps, Van Louis - All In Good Taste / Life Is A Journey. 7 days ago
posted a review of Jaybird (3) / JSL* - Work Dat Box / Fight Dub. 10 days ago
The A side of this release has got to be one of the most mental dubstep tracks ever released.
Seriously this will smoke your mind blind. People will come up to you after you play it out and
and be like, "what the hell was that shit?!!! A secret weapon ... See full review
posted a review of David Tarrodi - Tree Rings. 10 days ago
This is an obscure 2015 release from Sweden. I picked it up at a thrift purely by chance
as it wasn't listed in the DB yet. I think the music contained herein will really appeal to
fans of modern day "Eclectic" music. As made by such artists as Kronos ... See full review
submitted S.S.T. (2) - Flying (Theme From The Motion Picture "E.T."). 10 days ago
submitted Talas - Sink Your Teeth Into That. 12 days ago
submitted David Tarrodi - Tree Rings. 12 days ago
submitted The Boys In The Band - (How Bout A Little Hand For) The Boys In The Band. 13 days ago
submitted Mandré - Solar Flight (Opus I). 14 days ago
submitted Barrabas - Mellow Blow (Long Version). 16 days ago
submitted Charles Earland - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow / 'Cause I Love Her. 17 days ago
submitted Houston Person - The Houston Express / Just My Imagination. 17 days ago
submitted Donald Byrd - The Emperor. 17 days ago
submitted Roscoe Shelton - You're Such A Good Thing / I Know Your Heart Has Been Broken. 18 days ago
submitted Hearse (5) - Twist It Up. 18 days ago
submitted Illinois Jacquet - The Message / Bonita. 18 days ago
submitted The Black Velvet - I Shall Be Released. 18 days ago
submitted Gate Wesley & Band - (Zap! Pow!) Do The Batman. 18 days ago
posted a review of Dennis Coffey - Theme From Black Belt Jones. 18 days ago
This single taken from the backsploitation film soundtrack LP of "Black Belt Jones" is indeed
a killer instrumental funk track, and as far as I can tell seems to be the most valuable release
in the entire Dennis Coffey catalog fetching $100 + prices ... See full review
submitted The South Shore Commission* - Right On Brother. 18 days ago
submitted Rotation (4) - Ra-Ta-Ta / Rotation. 19 days ago
submitted Johnny Law Four - Call On Me . 19 days ago
submitted McKinley Travis - Baby Is There Something On Your Mind . 20 days ago
submitted The Phantom (21) - Whispering / Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue. 20 days ago
posted a review of Polk And Matthew Of Los Angeles, Calif. - Make Up Your Mind. 20 days ago
Completely unknown 60's soul duo from LA. Side A is more of a doowop style vocal ballad that
is kind of cheesy. Side B "Put Out The Fire" is a pretty decent northern soul type of affair. Well
worth obtaining if you can find it. It is pretty rare, and has ... See full review
submitted Googie Rene Combo - Smokey Joe's La La. 20 days ago
submitted "Pine Top" Smith* - Pine Top's Boogie Woogie. 20 days ago
posted a review of The Frogmen (2) - Underwater. 20 days ago
N.B. The six members of the Frogmen actually wrote Underwater, but they couldn't put all the names on the label. So, Jack Andrews, who helped promote the record put his name on the label. 'J. Andrews'.
submitted Paul Scofield - The Other World Of Winston Churchill. 21 days ago
submitted Jonra / e:machinery - Acid Daze / 777Kicks. 23 days ago
submitted Way Deep - Motherland Mixtape Vol. 1. 25 days ago
submitted Ravin* - Cardiac Auscultation An Audio Presentation. 26 days ago
submitted Purple Penguin - De-Tuned EP. about 1 month ago
submitted Piero Piccioni - More Than A Miracle (Music From The Original Sound Track). about 1 month ago
submitted Pierre Boulez - Shönberg* - Moses Und Aron. about 1 month ago
submitted Is That It? - State Of Mind E.P.. about 1 month ago
submitted Claude VonStroke - Beware Of The Bird EP. about 1 month ago
submitted The Temptations - Psychedelic Shack. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Monsoon. about 1 month ago
Indeed. Monsoon is quality music that is timeless. In fact, pretty much everything
on Mobile Suite (Monsoons record label) is good, and merits investigation.
submitted Monsoon Featuring Sheila Chandra - Monsoon. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Godhead (2) / Triad - Surface Tension E.P.. about 1 month ago
Fantastic leftfield downtempo tracks here completely under the radar as well
posted a review of Spy-Fi - Camel Walk. about 1 month ago
Bought this when it first came out, and have loved it ever since. The music is all over
the map and often difficult to pinpoint, but terms like exotic, retro, and spy music
are relevant, it's all pretty leftfield for sure. I highly recommend this record. ... See full review
submitted Modest Mouse - Atlanta Opening. about 1 month ago
submitted Mikael Kirke - Only For You. about 1 month ago
submitted J.S. Bach*, Wuerzburger Chamber Orchestra, Fred Neumeier - Brandenburg Concertos 3 & 4. about 1 month ago
submitted Michael Bloomfield* - It's Not Killing Me. about 1 month ago
submitted The Jim Kweskin Jug Band* - Garden Of Joy. about 1 month ago