Corruption (4) - Gang Of DJ's as reviewed by dsyn2spin

January 22, 2018
The B side mix of "Gang Of DJ's" is quite good I think. It's essentially an Italo style
production, but add's a harder "New Beat" kind of flavor to the mix, as one
would expect from a release produced in Belgium at the onset of the "New Beat"
acid house era of '86 - '90. And while the A side mix has all the trappings of
a production from this era that make it sound so dated, The B side mix manages
to escape that fate with a much more stripped down basic drum sequence
that is pretty minimal in it's scope, and manages to sound like something
much more compatible with the current style of similarly influenced
electronic productions. This fits right in nicely. It's currently flying
under the radar and therefore available for close to nothing. That
won't last too long though, once word gets around, and it appears
in someones mixtape. That is my prediction, at least.

Various - Cheap Electric Paradise as reviewed by dsyn2spin

January 17, 2018
This collection of tracks is really something special. The music is both captivating and unique.
Drawing from a wide range of influences that sound both old and new. Electronic, exotic,
moog, avant garde are all relevant points of reference here, totally retro, yet thoroughly.
modern and contemporary. Brilliant and masterfully arranged to just the right mood.
Very enjoyable futuristic primiteva et al extrordinaire le electronique. I really can't
recommend this record enough. It's all killer, and NO filler. grip now, or gripe later.
Totally overlooked at the moment, and criminally undervalued in the DMP.

Jan & Dean - Filet Of Soul as reviewed by dsyn2spin

January 16, 2018
a copy of this version has now sold for $7.00

Various - The Decline Of Western Civilization as reviewed by dsyn2spin

January 10, 2018
It seems that punk rock has died a thousand deaths, yet refuses to ever let itself be
laid to rest. If today's punk-a-holics have anything important to add to the whole
big business of anarchic idealism that the punk movement has always adhered
to as the primary foundation of it's anti-establishment driven pseudo politico manifesto.
But anyway f*~k all that noise, the point being that there are more posers out there
than ever before. and only those that have done their homework, and thus have
gained some understanding about what the most important benchmarks are in
the whole punk timeline are going to have any clue about the
way the punk scene really developed into it's present form..
And "The Decline Of Western Civilization" certainly
ranks as one of the most essential and accurate pieces of documentation
ever undertaken of the early punk rock scene in Los Angeles, a city whose
punk influence is only seconded by London itself, the city that initially
gave birth to the earliest wave of punk rock phenomena. The Decline
perfectly captures the mood, and the intensity of the punk movement
in LA in 1980-'81 on celluloid film without adding any post production
agenda, so commonly seen in Hollywood. It simply is what it is, and
exactly as it transpired. This I know for a fact as I was there at the
Starwood the night the Germs played their last ever show, and
the night that much of the principal shooting of the movie took place.
That night certainly was an important benchmark for me being 14
years old and trying my best to not get punched or kicked in the head
as was probably the case for many who were in attendance that night.
it was a very aggressive and violent event, and being half as tall as
everyone else made it extremely difficult for me to actually enjoy
the show in any meaningful way. All my attention had to be focused
on not getting smashed to the ground. It was not fun at all. But
even then I could sense the overall significance that that night
would later come to represent. And that moment came when
the soundtrack to the "Decline" first came out and became
one of the very first records that I ever went and bought
myself. Still own the same copy even. End of story.

Cube & Sphere - Ganz NEU! as reviewed by dsyn2spin

January 6, 2018
wow $2.50 median price on Discogs? like really? this release is super
hard to find, and it's good. Wtf? talk about some wack values.
makes no sense at all. somewhere down the line this is going to
fetch $50 on the regular. mark my words.

Ssleeperhold - Ruleth as reviewed by dsyn2spin

January 6, 2018
This was another random discovery by way of a garage sale that had
a swath of experimental noise rock type records that I was completely
unfamiliar with. All being in the 2001 - 2009 date range. Since it is
somewhat uncommon to find such esoteric fodder at a garage sale
I naturally bought all the ones that looked even slightly interesting,
which ended up being a good percentage of the whole stack.
After giving most of them a listen, I decided that this release by
Ssleeperhold was the best one out of the whole batch.

Blacka'nized - Six Track EP as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 23, 2017
Excellent UK underground hip hop release, well worth investigating
if that sounds like your joint.

Second Hand Investigations - Present The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack... THE SUITE as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 23, 2017
Totally strange soundtrack release here from the Austrian techno label Sabotage.
Some of the tracks are more less remixes of movie themes like Moroder's the chase
or the main theme from Carpenter's Halloween. But the other tracks are worth
noting here due to their complete and abstract randomness. Hypnotic and dream
like machine moods abounding here. This is worthy of investigation should you
come across a copy, and it's dirt cheap, because no one has a clue about what
lies inside the grooves. Another under the radar gem.

Jan Davis And The Flamenco Boogie Band - Flamenco USA as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 20, 2017
Very underrated and under valued LP of Latin funk.
Definitely worth picking up at current prices

Os Ritmistas Brasileiros Conduzidos Por Luciano Perrone - Batucada Fantástica as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 20, 2017
This record is nothing short of amazing. It's basically a type of Brazilian tribal
music that has lots of percussive elements happening in very fast paced
polyrhythmical patterns which are always building up and then breaking
down in constant cycles. However, what really gives these recordings a
unique almost futuristic sound quality, is the environment in which the
recording takes place. Which is best described as being very similar to
a giant airplane hanger of vast proportions. The amount of natural reverb
just gives the performance a very ominous sounding mood. This record
is an absolute must for ethno-percussion enthusiasts. A very fantastic
musical experience is achieved here, and one you are sure to enjoy. This is
more or less flying way, way, under the radar, and can be found for
very low prices if you can find it at all. I Highly recommend it.

Nev - Deep Beep as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 15, 2017
I acquired this gem back in '92 and it's still something that sounds great
in just about any context. That's rare quality for any 25+ year old piece
of wax to have at this point. Nev has come through with some great
productions through the years, but I always go back to this one for
some reason. Absolutely ride for Deep Beep 100%

Vertical Cat - Crown Curios Victoriana as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 15, 2017
flying way way under the radar. good stuff here.
tell your friends

The Bad Examples - Elektro Tiki as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 15, 2017
This one is a personal favorite of mine. If you like loungy, leftfield electro
then this will please you to no end. Every track on this EP is a winner.
Completely overlooked and criminally undervalued gem. 10 out 10.

DéHaël - DéHaël 98 as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 15, 2017
Totally overlooked hip-hop gem of an LP from Belgium.
I highly recommend this release if you like good hip-hop
from Europe.

Three Point Turn - By Any Means Necessary as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 15, 2017
I liked the drum & bass track (side A) on this release
Didn't much care for the rest of it though. Either way
it deserves mention for being one of the few releases
that combines d&b and ___trance within the same context.

Summit - Weeding The Cliff Edge as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 14, 2017
This isn't half bad at all. Some tracks with a late night downtempo vibe

Various - Replicant Rumba Rockers. A Rather Interesting Mix as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 7, 2017
This record is really quite an outstanding collection of this artist's work
under this moniker. The treatments here are fantastic and the resultant
sound is something akin to Latin mashups gone breakcore. Every track
is a winner and some of them seem to be already mixed for continuous
playback of the full album. A great party record that always gets a nod
of approval from most anyone who happens to be present when it's
played. Especially on a really good large system. Bottom line is,
you need this LP in your life. It's as simple as that.
I rate it at 10 on a scale of 1 -10. Need I say more?

Synthemes + - Imightaswell as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 7, 2017
Overlooked, and undervalued release. Worth picking up for the downtempo stuff.

55 Beatz* - Yosens as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 7, 2017
This is quite a decent effort from this German hip-hop outfit.
Totally overlooked it would seem. I definitely recommend this
release if you can somehow manage to find a copy of it.

Quincy Jones And His Orchestra - Around The World as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 6, 2017
This '69 album release is a reissue from the Mercury Perfect Presence series PPS-2014/6014 of 1961. This Mercury audiophile series used the PPS 2000 series for mono and the PPS 6000 series for stereo.

The issues began with PPS 2000/6000, released in September, 1960, and went through PPS 2032/6032, released in September, 1962. The series was meant to be for the audiophile who was interested in the purest sound, rather than specific performances.

Alois Huber - Amazing as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 5, 2017
Great record from great Austrian label. Overlooked and under valued.

Electronicat - Voodoo Man as reviewed by dsyn2spin

December 1, 2017
This album is just fantastic. It's the kind of thing that you can play
around people who don't think they like techno music, and they'll
dig it, but don't tell them it's techno though. It might spoil their day.
This release seems to be entirely over looked by vinyl enthusiasts
who are into good electronic styles. It can be had for criminally low
prices. And it's not easy to find either. At least not in the USA.
It's only a matter of time until the word gets around how good
this LP really is. Then it will be a $50 item at least.

Deejay Punk-Roc - Chicken Eye as reviewed by dsyn2spin

November 29, 2017
This record is great. I totally recommend it all the way
especially if you dig that late 90's big beat / breakbeat
kind of sound. Totally slept on classic.

808state* - Don Solaris as reviewed by dsyn2spin

November 28, 2017
This is probably my favorite "State" album, though it has little in common
with any of their heretofore previous LP outings. You get the impression
straight on, that Massey, and co. were given free reign by ZTT to record
this album in a very high end recording studio. The production quality
is nothing short of stunning. A Really amazing listen on a good pair of headphones

Team Scrub - Never Again For The First Time as reviewed by dsyn2spin

November 25, 2017
This isn't too bad actually. It's got a few good live dub tracks
with a nice haunting melodian. ala early PIL meets Augustus Pablo