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posted a review of Tapenade. over 3 years ago
Leftfield disco edits which will be hated by most people who like disco edits. Like Soundhack or Soundstream but considerably weirder.
Surface Emp* - Lucky Me
submitted Surface Emp* - Lucky Me. over 9 years ago
DRMCNT* - Jin & Tronix EP
submitted DRMCNT* - Jin & Tronix EP. over 11 years ago
posted a review of Charles "Hotmix" Nelson Presents Dezuan - Party House. over 16 years ago
This is a little known house record on an obscure Chicago label. As with so many house records, particularly those featuring vocals, the various mixes of 'Party House' are very much rooted at a particular point in time and have not aged particularly... See full review
Villalobos* - Alcachofa
posted a review of Villalobos* - Alcachofa. over 21 years ago
This release is that most unusual of beasts, a great house album. The tracks are excellently programmed, devilishly funky and on closing track 'Dexter', Villalobos manages to create a very mournful, poignant piece of of electronic music reminiscent... See full review
Kettel - Cenny
posted a review of Kettel - Cenny. over 21 years ago
Tendency Kibe Sun is an incredibly melodic, atmospheric track with intricate percussion, but a 4/4 underpinning also makes it very 'useable'. This track alone makes this 12" well worth tracking down. One of the highlights of 2002.
Ultravox - Vienna
posted a review of Ultravox - Vienna. over 21 years ago
It is very interesting to listen to 'Mr X' on this album and contrast it with Cybotron's later 'Alleys of Your Mind'. Midge Ure clearly invented Detroit techno.
Psychic Warfare - Race Riot EP
posted a review of Psychic Warfare - Race Riot EP. over 21 years ago
Great jerky, robotic funk. 'Tales from the Crib' was a favourite at the legendary Club 69 when this record was released.
posted a review of Gotcha!. over 21 years ago
This label effectively acted as 'Eevolute UK' i.e. giving UK releases to Eevolute material. The records were also packaged as Eevolute records.
Rother Geist - Notsignal
posted a review of Rother Geist - Notsignal. over 21 years ago
My copy of this comes in a plain red sleeve and bears the catalogue number KA 0046 in the centre label, but with KA94.04.04 etched into the vinyl. It also has the words Rother-Geist-Notsignal-Kanzleramt on the label with no track titles at all. ... See full review
Round Three Feat. Tikiman - Acting Crazy
posted a review of Round Three Feat. Tikiman - Acting Crazy. over 21 years ago
Dirty, murky, voodoo-funk, dub-house with great vocals from Tikiman. Mix out of this into the strings of Garnier's Acid Eiffel and you've got special moment.
Round Two - New Day
posted a review of Round Two - New Day. over 21 years ago
I can't agree more with the comments above - in my view simply the best vocal house record ever made. Peerless production with a beautiful understated male vocal.

'there ain't nothing standing in our way, we got a new day'
Jeff Mills - Shifty Disco E.P.
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Shifty Disco E.P.. over 21 years ago
I believe the 1996 pressings came in a brown sleeve (my copy is) whereas the recent repressings all come in the now standard Gigolo purple.