I am into Dub, Dubstep, Dubtechno and all sorts of music with deep basses and distant echoes. I have been involved in the scene since the early 90s and am active on Discogs since 2005. I am selling here parts of my own collection as well as rest stock from my previous record shop.
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submitted Gaggeldub - Beyond Andromedub. 2 months ago
submitted Various - Raiders Of The Lost Dubs. 2 months ago
submitted Dubcreator - Dub Splitz - Part 1: The Beginning. 2 months ago
submitted Buume & The Dub Griots - Live At Namib Studios. about 1 year ago
submitted 10 Sui & La Resistance Feat. Jimmy Screech - She's Scandalous. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Puisto-osasto - Back To The Beach. over 3 years ago
This is one of the best albums ever made. It is one of the few records I repeatedly play at home for more than 12 years now. The music is super groovy and smooth and it always brings me in a good mood. It feels like summer, at the beach, with a cocktail ... See full review
submitted The Dub Sync - Dub Ex Machina. over 3 years ago
submitted Dub Plate Vibe Crew* - Dubplate Vibes. over 4 years ago
submitted High Priest (3) - Slave Driver. over 4 years ago
submitted Wendy Walker - Sad Girl / Got To Be Mellow. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Micky's Star-Parade. over 4 years ago
30 years later and I can still sing along with most of these tunes. For example my favourite:

"Denn im Wald da sind die Panzerknacker, da sind die Panzerknacker. Hahahahahaha, hohohohohoho, und Morgen schreibt der Polizeiberichterstatter: Das war'n die ... See full review
posted a comment on PMMP - Rakkaudesta. over 5 years ago
I don't like rock, I don't like pop. I am not Finnish. But this album blows my mind. I would have liked a MP3 download code coming with the LP-version though. It was prices enough. But still, wonderful album, thanks PMMP.
posted a comment on Laineen Kasperi* - Seis.. over 5 years ago
This is one of my alltime favourite albums, although it is so very hard to digest, so dirty, so bizarre (and I'm not talking about how Finnish sounds for a foreigner). Sometimes I put it in the CD player in the morning and have it on repeat until I go to ... See full review
posted a comment on Konstruktive Kritik - Kühl. over 5 years ago
The album is imho only mediocre overall, but "Zeig' mir den Weg" is until today in the top 3 of my favourite rap tunes. A dream of sound. Because of that, the record is still rotating on my turntable for now 16 years. For that I want to thank KK: thanks. ... See full review
posted a comment on AB-10 Meets Uptown Selector - Dub Splitz Part 2: Northern Lights. over 6 years ago
Well, just a short comment: This release is one of my all-time favourites, especially the A-Side. "Scaling / Reform (Diskomix)": one of the best Dubs ever! Love it.