Record collector since 1981. DJ since 1990. Originally from Nottingham, England. Inspired by drum machines & electronics. Survived the rave/hardcore/acid house/techno/1st & 2nd gen house music scenes. Raised on Hip Hop/electro. Drum break fanatic. Jazz disposition. Likes a bit of Disco. Tastes: B-R-O-A-D

My advice when selling on this site is to read the Discogs grading rules, read them again, put your glasses on, open the curtains, study the vinyl surfaces & grade correctly. Would make it a better place for all...
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posted a comment on D.I.T.C. - Thick. about 15 hours ago
Incase you didn't know, D.I.T.C consisted of the late Big-L, Showbiz, AG, Buckwild, Fat Joe, Diamond D, O.C & Lord Finesse. Throw in DJ Premier & you have a bona fide classic on your hands. Not much else in 1999 sounded quite this good, for me a late but ... See full review
posted a comment on Darqwan - Said The Spider. about 19 hours ago
'Said The Spider' made its way into the hands of a few mainly London based jocks via dub plate, and created mass hysteria at pioneering nights like FWD>>. It's following release on Texture was overseen by Ammunition, who were a driving force behind the ... See full review
posted a comment on 16B - Water Ride. 1 day ago
Stacey Pullen's mix has haunted & stayed with me since it first appeared, and still sounds fresh as a daisy. The Detroit Jazz sensibility comes through in the drums, as it does in the occasional Derrick May style arpeggiated synth- accordion type ... See full review
posted a comment on Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life. 1 day ago
... & 'All And All' on a freestyle/new beat tip.
posted a comment on Towa Tei - GBI (German Bold Italic). 1 day ago
Shy FX on rmx duties here for an ebony showdown spectacular; a much overlooked, evil, EVIL tune. Could do without Kylie's input though... Although I didn't even know she could type, so Kudos n all that ;-)
posted a comment on Darqwan / Mark One - The Remix E.P.. 1 day ago
I happen not to like vocals about happening to like spiders; but, cant fault the sheer brutality & bass assault of 'Said The Spider VIP', so Ill let it slide... Strongest track on offer here. Can it top the OG mix? Not quite, more offers a reworking of ... See full review
posted a comment on Etienne De Crécy - Scratched Volume 1. 1 day ago
Great WUZ remix, comes over in a similar vein to something off the invincible Motorbass 'Pansoul' LP. My pick from both Vol 1 & 2.
posted a comment on Kiss The Floor* / Karl And The Kurbcrawlers* - This Desire / Same Day (Again). 1 day ago
Listening to Regis back in the 90's, I should have guessed Carl's industrial influences would lead someday to releases like this. Two sides, two styles, both absolutely brilliant. Kiss the floor is both heavy & ghostly thanks to the pairing of a driller ... See full review
posted a comment on Runaways UK* - Finders Kreepers Revisited. 1 day ago
Spinna's mix is on point as always, choice breaks & cuts over 'Peter And The Wolf', really nifty track for scratch DJ's...
posted a comment on DJ Trace & Pete Parsons - Sniper / Azure. 2 days ago
'Sniper' was and is a huge tune, seems its been overlooked. Simple, clean, deadly; like the name might suggest...
posted a comment on Ray Keith - Terrordome 2002 (2001 VIP Mix). 4 days ago
Saves you buying another when you've worn one side out!
posted a comment on Shut Up & Dance - Moving Up. 4 days ago
PJ & Smiley can do no wrong by me, & this is no exception. Huge bassline, the dub version all the way for me.... Rough.
posted a comment on Youngstar (2) - True VIP! / Funk Power. 4 days ago
One of the best garage breaks out there, courtesy of PJ & Smiley. Funk Power! Heavy, heavy, heavy... Those basslines just can't be beat. Don't overlook if you like a shake n break with your dubs. Feels like some of these slammers have been temporarily ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Hoe-Down. 5 days ago
As with the 'West madison Street Throwdown' release, this mixed bag holds some EXCLUSIVE acid cuts which can only be found here. Lidell Townsell once again behind some of the best, with of course Tyree Cooper, Kool Rock Steady, Debrice King & Reggio ... See full review
posted a comment on Roska - TWC EP. 5 days ago
Absolutely shi*t hot release from Roska himself, stands head & shoulders against the onslaught of 3rd gen dubstep doing the rounds. Amazing deep, bouncy & tough production, highly futuristic & swathed in techno sensibility. B1 'Sheppard' is alone worth ... See full review
posted a comment on Charged. 5 days ago
I'm sure anyone working at Charged in the early 00's would join me in offering thoughts & a tribute to the late James Starling & family. James brightened everyones day & will never be forgotten. RIP buddy.
posted a comment on Infinite Livez - Sumfink 4 Nafink. 5 days ago
Mental biz from Steven Henry (and Barry Convex...!) Slept on abstract electronic riddims, file with Anti-Pop Consortium etc. Ugetdehseed Instrumental is a handy track....
posted a comment on Inland Knights - The Shadey Shuffles E.P.. 5 days ago
Twas great to see our very own from my home town of Notts release stateside on the Siesta imprint, but did it live up to those classic Drop Music 12"s?? For sure, there's an extra West-coast sensibility, a la Hippe/Halo/Onionz & label Artists of the ... See full review
posted a comment on A Man Called Adam - Easter Song. 6 days ago
One of the most beautiful pieces of sound committed to recorded media.
posted a comment on Nick Hakim - Pour Another / The Light. 6 days ago
The first vinyl single release from Nick Hakim, from his first album 'Where Will We Go Part 1&2'. This isn't just soul, this is psychedelic ambient blues, if you will. Well, to me, at least. True art is open to individual definition by the viewer, or ... See full review
posted a comment on Nick Hakim - I Don't Know / Lift Me Up. 6 days ago
An element of Nick Hakim's music that often gets overlooked is a psychedelic one. Sure, its soulful, and the influences of all that good old USA music he's clearly been inspired by is strongly present. But its an ethereal, other-worldly ambience that ... See full review
posted a comment on Freedom Soundz - Feelings / Downtown. 6 days ago
One of Alex Attias' best tracks, 'Feelings' hits with a garage/almost gospel sensibility, & rattles along with a wiggle thanks to a nifty bass & synth pattern that does the damage on the floor. Another broken beat classic falling short of the radar, grab ... See full review
posted a comment on Procreation - Rhythmatism. 6 days ago
Awesome future Jazz & techno, not much techno past the 2000 watershed sounds as authentic... 'Future Mood' does it proper, warm, pacey & laced with those subtle hi-ride cymbals that make ya rush. Great synth work too. 'Freakin' strikes a minimal chord & ... See full review
posted a comment on East Records. 12 days ago
I'm hoping Curtis might shed some light on East records, as to if they put out any other mid to late 80's house, or if it was set up as a one stop release for 'Real Fresh House' only...
posted a comment on Miles Davis - On The Corner. 13 days ago
Damn straight. At least 10 words must be entered. Please enter at least 8 more.
posted a comment on Shelly Manne - Mannekind. 13 days ago
'Come Clean' by Jeru The Damaja (DJ Premiere production) was & still is an absolute staple track; I used to wonder over where the main sounds came from. With an African/Conga feel, but totally Alien & unique, its still one of the most unusual & brilliant ... See full review
posted a comment on Jack Rabbit* - Only Wanted To Be. 13 days ago
With regards to the original mix & the different version found on the Yoton LP (incidentally, also released November 1988, only stateside): The LP version ... See full review
posted a comment on Dwayne Omarr - This Party's Jam Packed. 13 days ago
A favorite from Dwayne Omarr. The bounciest, funkiest bubbling vocoder electro-funk you'll likely hear, such a good time vibe & one of the illest analog baselines committed to wax. Ridiculously good.
posted a comment on Omni Trio - The Deepest Cut Vol 1. 14 days ago
Those days were beyond amazing. Nothing could come close right now, the political times, the rebellion, the sheer living for now-ness & talent coming out the speakers. Insane times you had to be there to not remember correctly :-))))))
posted a comment on Omni Trio - The Deepest Cut Vol 1. 17 days ago
These won't be around forever & are getting harder to come by in good condition as time goes on, like much of the early Shadow releases. The Foul Play V.I.P mix is an exclusive, and while the whole LP is TOP notch (Living For The Future V.I.P needs no ... See full review
posted a comment on Rob Bright & Neil Reid - Starkey's Dream. 18 days ago
Still a great track from Rob & Neil, holds its own against the slew of disco edits & tracks fetching silly money on account of having anything to do with the good ole' US of A. Solid disco grooves.
posted a comment on Mike Ladd - Nostalgialator. 19 days ago
Highly underrated Abstract Downbeat from Mike Ladd. Scattered among the more beat orientated tracks lurk moments reminiscent of Sun-Ra, Axelrod etc (A6-B5 in particular). Its an immersive listen which is so unique, many could get with it on its release. ... See full review
posted a comment on Darryl Pandy. 19 days ago
Another brother I'd love to have met & sadly won't get the chance. Sure to be remembered fondly by so many, for many years to come... What a big voice, & no doubt personality. Here's to you.
posted a comment on Ron Hardy - Rdy #1. 20 days ago
Another series of tracks which are hard to find, out of print, not hurting anyone banned from sale on Discogs. Daft.
posted a comment on The MD Connection - Tracks That Move Ya. 22 days ago
Each to their own & all, I just feel a bit sorry for anyone who could feel that way towards some of the most authentic analog house classics out there. Not an unhappy face anywhere I've played these!!!! Sounds like the devil succeeded in making digital ... See full review
posted a comment on Phuture - We Are Phuture. 22 days ago
Larry Sherman apparently pressed so many variants of each release in such random numbers, with whatever colour labels going. Not all are listed, as for many Trax releases, so if you have a variant, get involved & list it! There are notes to help on ... See full review
posted a comment on Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass. 22 days ago
I love it that 5 people found having the lyrics written down helpful!!! Acid house Karaoke anyone? 😂
posted a comment on Armando - Don't Take It. 23 days ago
Figures, what a gem & glad I snagged it as it came out. If this had made its way to release in 85-89, it would have been huge... Ridiculously good.
posted a comment on Holly Jump - You Can't Hide. 23 days ago
Mad to hear D's voice like this, raw & untreated; I never knew he had such a great voice, as most later stuff was treated with pitch shift etc to suit his 'Boompty Boomp' days on Classic. Amazing!
posted a comment on Knight Action - R-Trax / D-Rail. 23 days ago
Huge Italo influences, especially on 'D-Rail'. Bonafide early Chicago House!!!!
posted a comment on Monte Hoffman - Tick Tock. 24 days ago
This can't be from reel To Reel Studio, Chicago; incorrect entry....
posted a comment on 'Jackmaster' Curt* - Real Fresh House. 24 days ago
One thing I learned working in auction houses is that; an items worth is governed purely by what the public are prepared to pay for it. If the Mona Lisa painting came up for sale, & no one was remotely interested, it might go for a few pence. Interest is ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - West Madison Street "Throwdown". 27 days ago
In retrospect, 'Addicted', and in particular 'You Keep Me hanging On' perhaps should not have found their way on this compilation; at the same time, Acid House was but one of the styles of this era, and the early Italo/European influences can be heard in ... See full review
posted a comment on Bad Brains - I Against I. about 1 month ago
Not all copies came with inserts... Mine came sealed with no inner sleeve!
posted a comment on Ziad Rahbani - Abu Ali. about 1 month ago
This is great Jazz Funk, But £884.84 great? That's up to you. Despite its hard to find status. £884.84 could get you a stack of rare jazz, although it must be said, the musicianship here is top notch & this stands tall next to the cram of USA session ... See full review
posted a comment on Laurent X - Machines. about 1 month ago
Thinking about just why OG copies of this classic seem to go for relatively little, I'll start with the 2009 re-issue which the majority of people will have heard, & many just that version. It's like listening to completely different tracks, as the EQ & ... See full review
posted a comment on Head High - Megatrap. about 1 month ago
1st press= picture cover, 2nd press= plain cover. No other difference, however there were clearly at least 2 runs of this great release.
posted a comment on Mark Imperial & Co. - She Ain't Nuthin' But A Hoe. about 1 month ago
One aspect of acid house that is mostly lacking in modern contemporary takes on the sound, is the funk... This is a top example of how to tweak not just the 303, but your body... Classic Chicago A☺️C☺️I☺️D
posted a comment on Various - Missing Records Special Edition Volume 1. about 1 month ago
4 me, the best track out the lot. That wonky vocal is 100% out there on its own, insane...
posted a comment on Various - Acid Trax Volume 3. about 1 month ago
Hands down the fave acid house compilation out there. Bought this aged 14 & had no idea what would come of it. I'd become obsessed with Acid Smileys after seeing them on badges & people's T-Shirts, took my pocket money into HMV & bagged a copy. It turned ... See full review