LOW VOLUME SELLER= TIME TO TAKE CARE OVER MY GRADINGS & CUSTOMERS :-) I grade close up, under bright light, & have 20/20 vision/'enginears'. Your in safe hands.........

Record collector since 1981. DJ since 1990. Originally from Nottingham, England. Inspired by drum machines & experimental electronics. Survived (barely) the rave/hardcore/acid house/techno/1st & 2nd gen house/D&B/ music scenes. Raised on Hip Hop/electro. Drum break fanatic. Jazz & Funk disposition. Likes a bit of Disco. Tastes: B-R-O-A-D

My advice when selling on this site is to read the Discogs grading rules, read them again, put your glasses on, open the curtains, study the vinyl surfaces & grade correctly, close up under a bright light. Would make it a better place for all...

I have sold many more records than my feedback shows (around double) however not all can be bothered to leave feedback. From those buyers, no news is good news, so rest assured, your in safe hands...:-)
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posted a comment on Disk - Bonkers / Piton. about 5 hours ago
Sounds like a replayed sample of Joshua's 'Emotions Unknown' under his Circulation guise... That you may well of heard before out & about...
posted a comment on Disk - Untitled. about 6 hours ago
'Energy' is just amazing, just amazing... Deep as the ocean, delicate, complex, a total fantasy & you will find yourself lost within & not wanting to return. Depth like this is in thin supply these days... One of 2016's best, & no signs of stopping... ... See full review
posted a comment on Crescendo - Crescendo. 2 days ago
Definitely not, the Crescendo is a deep Salsoul sampling disco house cut!
posted a comment on Rhythmic Theory - Forgotten Realms. 7 days ago
More playable now than some of the back catalog due to being a lower key release & with a lasting soul. A standout 12", perhaps out-shadowed by the heat of 'Lucid State/Shores Of Caladan' etc, but with a lasting shelf life.
posted a comment on Neuroshima - Rave Archive EP. 7 days ago
This one slipped by me until now; a deep & dark nod to the early 90's in an original way & great in the mix ('Scanner' & 'Chatter' in particular) & all round solid release. Just one question; where's the follow up? ...
posted a comment on A² (4) - Positive Tones. 14 days ago
I agree 100% on your morals & principles, and that buying a ltd repress just to sell on robbed others of the chance to buy one for keeps at the set retail price. It's mean. I guess its called business though at the end of the day & it is completely ... See full review
posted a comment on A² (4) - Groovepressure 13. 14 days ago
There's No Mistaking that real analog bass..... practically swimming in it. A treat from Alien/Groovepressure to put these out, along with a few others resurrected from the vaults.
posted a comment on Stopouts, Robin Ball - Groovepressure 14. 14 days ago
Jesus H Corbett these are stunning productions... All remastered & sounding better than ever, 'Fionn' is perhaps my pick if forced to choose, but heck all these absolutely kill a room dead thanks to being written, programmed & engineered to do exactly ... See full review
posted a comment on Lennie De Ice - We Are I.E. (Promo 2). 16 days ago
Ahhhhh, the Reckless day's.... What a great crew, both shops (Soho and Angel) still see zaf occasionally, his 'Love Vinyl' shop in Shoreditch still doing well. Those guys knew their sh*t & the label you mention is a typical example. Golden moments!
posted a comment on Various - We Are I.E.. 16 days ago
I always get 'Timmi Magic' mixed up with 'Timmy Mallet' from Wackaday. Bad Air Jordan's ;-)
posted a comment on Joe (43) - Claptrap. 16 days ago
45 RPM, minus 8 on the pitch. Anyone try playing this at 0 pitch? I still don't get why they didn't press it at a sensible speed, as its mixing versatility is reduced as it is. I can't imagine even a loon like Joe mixing it down originally at its 0 pitch ... See full review
posted a comment on Joe (43) - Claptrap. 16 days ago
Thats 9 words pal. Just pointing it out ten words :-)))))))
posted a comment on Meat Beat Manifesto - Version Galore. 16 days ago
Full 'Radio Babylon' suite, with some great extensions of the much loved pairing of Boney-M over Bobby Byrd's 'Hot Pants' break... The 'Space Children Intro' drops the Babylon samples, focusing on the hardcore & is indeed 'burning with ecstasy'. The ... See full review
posted a comment on Pangaea (4) - Bone Sucka. 17 days ago
Haha, each to their own mate & needless to say, one of my fave 12's of the last few months. I'm coming to terms with the phasing & may learn to enjoy it ;-)))))
posted a comment on Special Request (4) - Vapour / Mindwash. 17 days ago
'Vapour' is a pure sonic assault on the floor, detailed & perfectly mastered; a techno treat harking back to the sort of panic Paul Woolford created back in 2006 with 'Erotic Discourse' (hearing Daniel Bell belting said track 'by a humble Leeds lad' out ... See full review
posted a comment on Joe (43) - Punters Step Out. 17 days ago
That Joe bloke is thoroughly, completely & absolutely off his bloody rocker... :-) Still grinning to this one ('Punters Step Out') & still baffled as to how anything so daft could be so serious. Wobble on.....
posted a comment on Chris Farrell (5). 17 days ago
Great guy, great shop, great labels. A driving force behind Bristol's export sounds of late...
posted a comment on Bit_Meddler - Shitmix2000. 19 days ago
... The clue is in the title. 'Shitmix'. It's a shit mix. Of shit records. Its one of my top 5 shit records of all time ;-)
posted a comment on DJ Koze - Pick Up. 19 days ago
Cool your boots gremlins; this is a warm & happy nod back to the reign of French house in the late 90's & a more commercial outing for Koze. I hope he makes some bucks off this one, & swaps that red wine he drinks in his studio for a bottle of top notch ... See full review
posted a comment on Special Request (4) - Lolita (Warehouse Dub) / Deflowered (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix). 20 days ago
The warehouse dub is devastatingly simple & powerful as hell. As for Kassem & Mix Mup, surprised there's a single copy of this 12" left unclaimed...
posted a comment on Special Request (4) - Ride. 20 days ago
Yes indeed ladies & gentleman, this is still the nuts. Bobby Bird's 'Soul' break & the old classic Reese Bassline get splattered to bits for the new school. The VIP mix all the way for me, but nothing wrong with the vox side which see's plenty of spins. ... See full review
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Java EP. 21 days ago
Important to consider that these are tools for techno DJ's; The ultimate creativity is what you do with them. As for Orbital, Drexciya etc, electronic compositions & intended as a more layered, complex listen. So really we are comparing different things.
posted a comment on Kosh (7) - Null 212 . 22 days ago
'Catch The Train' gives me an 'Aux-88/Cybotron' feeling all over... absolutely sterling cut; and like nobody seems able to achieve these days, sounds 100% the real deal (proper late 80's/early 90's electro-tech that is). I'll bet that trains an NY ... See full review
posted a comment on West Norwood Cassette Library - Coming On Strong. 22 days ago
Very, very strong mix from Pangaea which many missed... Moody, broody & ending in a minute or so of disturbing discordance. The original mix I love for the samples, trying to remember where that jazz riff came from...
posted a comment on West Norwood Cassette Library - Coming On Strong. 22 days ago
Same with the commercial release. A side fine, B-side slightly off. However, not really hearing any effect on the sound on my copy... Might vary from stylus to stylus.
posted a comment on Joe (43) - Tail Lift / MPH. 23 days ago
'MPH' cuts a serious, slow burning break-peppered dive into the audio equivalent of a 1980's TV movie car chase for robots on valium. Joe is, as ever, delightfully off his t*tts...
posted a comment on Daluq - Supafine / Oriental Express. 28 days ago
Underrated & excellent broken beat action on Soulja; 'Oriental Express' for the nods & 'Superfine' for floors with no hang- up's. Both are ballsy, clanging trax that will rattle the nuts out the speakers... 16 years on & after a lengthy phase of minimal ... See full review
posted a comment on Pangaea (4) - Bone Sucka. about 1 month ago
For a breakbeat head 'Bone Sucka' is a welcome change to the usual tech/dub crossover template from Kevin McAuley, and a real attention grabber. Simple, dirty & unsophisticated, it might not appeal to all, but will smash home its brutal message nicely on ... See full review
posted a comment on Rodney Trotter's Egypt* - Space Nigga. about 1 month ago
Great obscurity from one hit P-Funk wonder Rodney Trotter. Apt surname, being on 'Greedy Pig' Records! ;-) Really great track for lovers of early squelchy funk excursions, still a few copies kicking about for moderate prices...
posted a comment on IOU - Chill Out. about 1 month ago
I missed a chance to grab 'Queen Constance Theme' with the gold label (not the Purple label with the stereo channel pressing fault), thats a once in a lifetime affair for sure... Ebay crashed in the last 10 seconds of bidding!!!!!! ;-/
posted a comment on Shortie No Mass - Like This / U Like My Style. about 1 month ago
There's only one factor, apart from condition, in determining an items worth; and that's how much people are prepared to pay for it. You can scour second hand shops & set up eBay searches, or you can have it now at a premium. Without Discogs most would ... See full review
posted a comment on Remarc - Drum N' Bass Wise / Sound Murderer (Remixes). about 1 month ago
Sound Murderer (Loafin' In Brockley Mix) is the go to track, time after time after time; The OG mix is a classic, however in this rare case the original was trumped by the remix, hands down. Bastardised Amen worship, Remarc style....
posted a comment on The Beat Conductor* - The Beat Conductor. about 1 month ago
Undoubtably one of Otis Jackson Jr's finest... There's definitely a golden period largely made up of earlier compositions & this is choc full of em', Elements For Mr. Crabfeather' being one such highlight. Crispier than a Jesus sandal.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Funkadelic - America Eats Its Young. about 1 month ago
Often referred to (and even dismissed) by the media over the years as a 'transitional' album, 'America Eats Its Young' certainly cuts a bridge between the previous psychedelic & loose leanings of 'Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow', their self titled ... See full review
posted a comment on Jameson - Urban Hero / Slow Jam. 2 months ago
This is right on the button for the UK's transition from garage to break-step/garage breaks, whatever you want to call it. Most of Jameson's releases previously were traditional garage orientated tracks; this marked a big change & needless to say was an ... See full review
posted a comment on Soulo (2) - Switch. 2 months ago
X2 enormous bass-led rollers from Jameson under his Soulo alias; crude & to the point, it's simply about the huge bassline... Devastating on even a sub-par rig....
posted a comment on Plasticman - Pump Up The Jam / White Gloves. 2 months ago
I've not encountered a dance-floor over the last 15 years that would agree with you.
posted a comment on Runnin'. 2 months ago
https://www.discogs.com/label/4392-Running check for the remainder of releases; two separate bungled listings for this label...
posted a comment on D.J. Krust* - Jazz Note / Burning. 2 months ago
Still completely mesmerising all these years on, 'Burning' cuts the mustard every single time. If you wanted to puck fault, there's better drum programming out there than in certain sections of the track, but what it does well, it does well enough to ... See full review
posted a comment on 2 Player - Extreme Possibilities. 2 months ago
I wouldn't say he came close, personally, I'd say he nailed it. Vibert's mathematical approach & timing made light work of cutting up breaks. OK it's not jungle, but it's the manipulation of time & anticipation that unite the two styles.
posted a comment on Rum & Black - Wicked (Remix) / Zombies At Dawn. 2 months ago
The promo versions are exactly the same, just random sleeve's, some got red, some got black & white... 'Wicked' original mix is an absolute classic, only the heads remember this one. The remixes are not our Hackney hero's finest, and that's an ... See full review
posted a comment on Rum & Black - Wicked (Remix) / Zombies At Dawn. 2 months ago
'Picture A Man'... Is the vocal sample, you weren't far off...
posted a comment on Darqwan - As We Enta. 2 months ago
'As We Enta' is another solid genre defining steppah from Oris Jay, under his Darqwan alias. This second plate from Soulja harbours the growling bass sounds that would define the label, with a splattering of acid to boot. Fierce break-step action, 17 ... See full review
posted a comment on Jaga Jazzist - Day. 2 months ago
Don't sleep on this classic Mathew Herbert mix; floppy slo-mo Jazz, works on 33 or 45 equally badly ;-) class action from the big brain of audio blancmange...
posted a comment on Fog - Pneumonia. 2 months ago
Beautiful & unusual version by Coldcut; turns an already leftfield cut into something very undefinable & lush. One of those worthy of attention, but sitting comfortably in a media quarantine zone...
posted a comment on Static Revenger - Happy People. 2 months ago
Ever wondered how 1000's of records are seemingly hand etched like this? https://thevinylfactory.com/features/vinyl-etching-guide/ great article!!
posted a comment on Onionz & Master D - The Fading Memories EP. 2 months ago
I Swear 'Can't Turn To Momma' has a sample of Scooby Doo repeating on the 8th bar dotted throughout... Either way, 18 years down the line & it's the track that aged best on this Westcoast 12"... Features the same rising filtered scream type noise used by ... See full review
posted a comment on Rocking Distant Thunder - Ford Capri Driver / Behind The Green Door. 2 months ago
The below reviewer may not realise that both 'Flash' and this RDT record both sample heavily from 'Hydraulic Pump' by the P-Funk Allstars
posted a comment on Rhythum Composers featuring QXI* - And All I Want 2 Say Is. 2 months ago
Sneaky Mike Dunn joint! Sampled by a few new schoolers (N-R-G mix) during the 2000's, in my opinion the best track & currently not uploaded to hear... Slightly blighted by a very quiet pressing.