Record collector since 1981. DJ since 1990. From Nottingham, England. Inspired by drum machines & electronic music. Survived the rave/hardcore/breakbeat/acid house/early house, techno, drum & bass, 80's/90's electronic music scenes & far beyond to present day. Raised/schooled on Hip Hop & electro. Drum break fanatic. Major Jazz & Funk disposition. Original broken beats & experimental garage head. Loves a bit of Disco/boogie. Tastes: B-R-O-A-D!

Obsessive about music, sound & vinyl. I'm fussy about grading. I grade close up, critically, under bright light, & have 20/20 vision & 'engin- ears'. I am not a trader, these are my personal records for sale & all have been treated with care. Your in very safe hands...

My advice when selling on this site is to read the Discogs grading rules, read them again, put your glasses on, open the curtains, study the vinyl surfaces & grade correctly, close up under a bright light. Would make it a better place for all. I don't believe that grading is subjective, I believe that some just don't do it correctly... Some folk apparently need glasses & a good Johnsons ear bud session!

I have sold many more records than my feedback shows on Discogs (around double) plus double that previously on eBay & other platforms, however not all can be bothered to leave feedback. From those buyers, no news is good news, so rest assured, your in very safe hands. I keep my records in prime nick & bin garbage/damaged records, I don't sell them. Right now I am selling a very small selection of unwanted records, all in great condition. I am yet to disappoint, & intend to keep it that way...

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posted a comment on Steve "Silk" Hurley - Jack Your Body. 7 days ago
Silk is just the master! Like Todd Terry in the 90's, Steve bossed it on the early Chicago scene & remains highly underrated. 'Jack Your Body' broke out of the underground because it absolutely rocks any dance floor no matter what you know about dance... See full review
J.M. Silk - I Can't Turn Around
posted a comment on J.M. Silk - I Can't Turn Around. 7 days ago
Hugely underrated early Chicago house from Steve 'Silk' Hurley; retrospectively this is no doubt due to being overshadowed by the global success of 2 records: the 1st being Silk's own powerhouse hit 'Jack Your Body', and the 2nd being 'Love Can't... See full review
Underground Enthusiasts - Enthusiastically Underground E.P.
posted a comment on Underground Enthusiasts - Enthusiastically Underground E.P.. 27 days ago
4 words: Birds, Trees, Flowers & Bees...

Within Phil Asher's legacy there are some true gems lurking, & this is one of the very best.

An absolute gem from the estate of the late great Phil Asher...


posted a comment that has since been deleted. 27 days ago
Ronan (12) - Interdépendence
submitted Ronan (12) - Interdépendence. 30 days ago
posted a comment on Ronan (12). about 1 month ago
Here we have a young artist who has that missing factor (for myself) so many other great artists can't quite tick: Paying extremely close attention to history lessons. The Orb, The Black Dog (& Plaid), Orbital, Sabres Of Paradise, Luke Vibert,... See full review
Red Astaire
posted a comment on Red Astaire. about 1 month ago
RIP Fredrik, very sad to hear this news today. Will still follow you. My sympathies to your family
Fredrik Lager
posted a comment on Fredrik Lager. about 1 month ago
RIP Fredrik, very sad to hear this news today. Will still follow you. My sympathies to your family
Freddie Cruger
posted a comment on Freddie Cruger. about 1 month ago
RIP Fredrik, very sad to hear this news today. Will still follow you. My sympathies to your family
Dark Dean & Hankinson - Touchdown E.P.
posted a comment on Dark Dean & Hankinson - Touchdown E.P.. 2 months ago
Incredible to see Underdog pick up the baton & serve up it's 16th release,so many years down the line in 2022.

And what a release! All 4 tracks are outstanding, with 'Good Samaritan' (Dub) perhaps the creme of the crop. This 12" is the strongest of... See full review
MAW* Featuring Louis Salinas* - Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You)
posted a comment on MAW* Featuring Louis Salinas* - Pienso En Ti (I Think Of You). 2 months ago
Just check that f%£ing percussion on the Nu Yorican mix intro!!!! Kenny when being true Kenny was a BEAST on the pads! This is a proper MAW grab, under the radar & one of the very best... Was lurking in my dungeon for 24 years with just one quick play... See full review
Kenlou - The Bounce / Gimme Groove
posted a comment on Kenlou - The Bounce / Gimme Groove. 2 months ago
In line with KaiAlce's comment, 'The Bounce' is an off-cut / track derived from the same session as the Incognito 'Everyday' remixes of the same year. 'Mels Dub' & the 'Everydub' mixes ( are essential!! See full review
Tony Wilson (3) - Only What You Steal / Hanging Out In Space
posted a comment on Tony Wilson (3) - Only What You Steal / Hanging Out In Space. 2 months ago
Try the early output of Newcleus, greatest space crew of all time...
Paul Mac - Seaside Electronics EP
posted a comment on Paul Mac - Seaside Electronics EP. 4 months ago
'Yellow Deal' : check Carl Craig's Innerzone Orchestra classic 'Bug In The Bassbin', realeased the previous year (1996). An influence, or, a direct response from Paul Mac? ;-) either way, 'Yellow Deal' is a beauty.

'Reminiscent'. Well here's a spooky... See full review
Paul Mac - Another Escape EP
posted a comment on Paul Mac - Another Escape EP. 4 months ago
Another corker from Paul Mac on Fragmented; As with 'Seaside Electronics', choice 90's techno peppered with Detroit leanings (there's a BFG/Paperclip people vibe running through PM's work at this stage), nifty drum programming & ambience.

I've always... See full review
Juan Atkins
posted a comment on Juan Atkins. 4 months ago
Don't listen to them AP; your writing is creditable & perhaps a couple of points taken out of context by some. I was here for the entire UK rave scene, start to finish; it was a different thing & of course Detroit and Chicago were 1st, we just sampled... See full review
R. Tyme* - Illusion / R-Theme
posted a comment on R. Tyme* - Illusion / R-Theme. 4 months ago
Good to know! I'd still direct anyone looking for a 12" cut from the time to head straight for the Kool Kat release... Perfect audio also 👌
R-Tyme - Illusion / R-Theme
posted a comment on R-Tyme - Illusion / R-Theme. 4 months ago
Good to know & share deeman1976, a shame for such a seminal release to be fatally flawed like this.
DJ Koze - Let's Love / I Want To Sleep
posted a comment on DJ Koze - Let's Love / I Want To Sleep. 4 months ago
The same could be said for dubstep, late 90's/early 00's - on fire, since then a real yawn- a- thon (bar a few long standing/pioneering artists & tracks) for anyone who's been around long enough. Not sure how dubstep's even relevant here; agreed, this... See full review
Infiniti - Game One / Think Quick
posted a comment on Infiniti - Game One / Think Quick. 4 months ago
Think Quick. Every time. The jazz is in there... The acid is in there... Dark, trancey, abstract, mechanical; the detail between the drums & that trickling synth line is nuts. Sinister!! Understated techno black magic masterpiece from Juan & a fave... See full review
Laverne Radix - Say It / Dick Control
posted a comment on Laverne Radix - Say It / Dick Control. 4 months ago
'The man should be cumming/if he ain't gonna be cumming then the man gonna be going some where else'.

Halleluiah. Any chance you could have a word with my misses? 😂😭
VEX (2) - VEX-1
posted a comment on VEX (2) - VEX-1. 5 months ago
Only 4 years late on replying daftcombo!!! Avatar is the Fun House (NYC) DJ booth. Jellybean was resident. Madonna is rumoured to have been scooped from here as she was a regular party girl. That photo reminds me of the fun & creativity that went... See full review
Daniel Orpi
posted a comment on Daniel Orpi. 5 months ago
Vinyl, please? Especially 'So Hot'. Anything that warm should be served on a plate...
Derek Scott - Sounds Unusual
posted a comment on Derek Scott - Sounds Unusual. 5 months ago
Thanks Jonny Trunk for putting out the knowledge on this one. Soon as I found out plenty of soundtrack moments from the original 'Dawn Of The Dead' were lifted from this very LP, I sold the wife on for a copy without a blink. I wonder what Derek... See full review
Claude VonStroke
posted a comment on Claude VonStroke. 5 months ago
Surprised a guy with huge, huge studio skill like 'The Stroke' (and after offering a legendary early run of genius, fun, mental tracks & remixes that kicked the 00's stale minimal house scene right up the jaxy) doesn't command universal unconditional... See full review
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
posted a comment on Daft Punk - Random Access Memories. 5 months ago
For us 90's kids, there's only 1 Daft Punk LP... Bangalter knew his way around drum machines like the 303 like a wizard; the slick 'Cerrone' like production that followed on LP's like 'Discovery' & 'Random Access Memories' is extremely well done, &... See full review
Aron Friedman (2) & Jason Lanox / Babies From Gong - Heavy Romance Ep
posted a comment on Aron Friedman (2) & Jason Lanox / Babies From Gong - Heavy Romance Ep. 5 months ago
Wow, no reviews... Really well kept secret this. 'Jazztalk', a deep, lagging stripped back slice of very deep meditative action, is by 2000 and One (who if ya didn't know are master producers of a well rounded Amsterdam house sound, the kind you... See full review
Pal Joey - #3
posted a comment on Pal Joey - #3. 6 months ago
I've spent many a night with side A over the years, & not regretted a single minute 😊
Red Paradise - Dance / Gator Groove
posted a comment on Red Paradise - Dance / Gator Groove. 6 months ago
Bottom Line provided nothing but absolute pure quality all the way; deep USA garage, the original deal. A stack of 90's electronic music directly sampled drums & vox from the back catalogue, in fact odds are you have heard a few snippets from Bottom... See full review
Music And Art - Rockin' You
posted a comment on Music And Art - Rockin' You. 6 months ago
'I Want You' is a classic NU Groove joint, organ sounds typical of the era, skippy NY garage beats, cut- up vox & a large bassline. Never been a big fan of the Latin sections in the NY house tracks (I LOVE Latin music, it just doesn't always sit right... See full review
Peverelist - Infinity Is Now / Junktion
posted a comment on Peverelist - Infinity Is Now / Junktion. 6 months ago
The absolute nuts from Pev. On my second copy & will spin it with cotton gloves on if I have to! 2 absolute pearls for any dancefloor, any space in time, intelligent heads permitting. Flawless sonic alchemy.
The Ragga Twins - Illegal Gunshot / Spliffhead
posted a comment on The Ragga Twins - Illegal Gunshot / Spliffhead. 6 months ago
When 'Reggae Owes Me Money' dropped, I can't remember much else making the car stereo in my mates VW Polo for about a year 😂
'Spliffhead' was, & still is, a highlight, alongside 18" Speaker, Wipe The Needle, Hooligan 69, and... Well, the entire... See full review
N.O.R.E. - Nothin'
posted a comment on N.O.R.E. - Nothin'. 6 months ago
Ha ha! "a sure testosterone-risin, hormones burstin sexy party bomb, filled with the freshness and self-confidence of youth". Thanks restless, you saved ALL from the time needed to write a review!! Nothin' to add 😁
Kiki & Silver Surfer* - Sleeza / Etheric
posted a comment on Kiki & Silver Surfer* - Sleeza / Etheric. 6 months ago
'Sleeza' has those tasteful lazer disco hits you can't ignore, a choppy shufflin' bassline & a large synthline that will dominate the floor; but it is 'Etheric' that gets my red carpet here, a dream of a track, floating, driving & shimmering along... See full review
Raw As F**k - Punks / Demon Beats
posted a comment on Raw As F**k - Punks / Demon Beats. 7 months ago
Breakbeat never left; you can hear it today in many forms of techno, dub, garage, jazz yadda yadda; new school breaks however I think had its day back in the day, & only a smaller % of tracks made it unscathed as 'timeless stuff'. This is the... See full review
Rithma - Caves, Tunnels
posted a comment on Rithma - Caves, Tunnels. 7 months ago
'Caves, Tunnels' (original mix) is a really sneaky great slab of versatile techno/electronix. Dark, moody but never broody, like a can of well restrained angry wasps! Serious track.
Richie Hawtin - DE9 | Closer To The Edit
posted a comment on Richie Hawtin - DE9 | Closer To The Edit. 8 months ago
Try playing it loud while driving ;-) worx for me every time! Ultimately this is (and I HATE the term) 'minimal' techno in it's correct form. It relies on subtle shifts in percussion, melody, pitch or any kind of sound to reward the patient listener... See full review
John Carpenter - Assault On Precinct 13 (The Original Motion Picture Score)
posted a comment on John Carpenter - Assault On Precinct 13 (The Original Motion Picture Score). 9 months ago
As per my review; there was no 1970's release. No clear commercial market for it at the time.
Dead Kennedys - California Über Alles
posted a comment on Dead Kennedys - California Über Alles. 10 months ago
'California Über Alles' is one of the hardest greatest moments from the DK's & cracks me up everytime, still sounds urgent, still sounds relevant! Powerhouse attitude & madly together for such an insanely lose record. Pure f&%ing class.
Carmel - Nujazzkiller
posted a comment on Carmel - Nujazzkiller. 11 months ago
Three words: 'Man From Atlantis'.

Gives me goose bumps, a dark, snappy beast of a Nu Jazz track & still sounding like nothing else... A stone cold killer.
Domu - Up + Down
posted a comment on Domu - Up + Down. 12 months ago
Listening to the contemporary jazz scene today in 2021, there's some great things happening. Closer to home in the UK, it is interesting to acknowledge that leading artists like Emma- Jean Thackray have had their hands in Londons broken beats scene &... See full review
Orange Water - Lo Tek  / Love Life
posted a comment on Orange Water - Lo Tek / Love Life. 12 months ago
Landmark 10" on the unstoppable Archive imprint; 2 flavours, both outstanding; 'Orange Water' is a pinnacle in the cross- over art of experimental garage/dub/techno/broken beat mayhem that surfaced around the time & continues to excite today. Choice... See full review
The Blaktonez* - Flying High (You And I)
posted a comment on The Blaktonez* - Flying High (You And I). 12 months ago
Drum loop & samples from: Edwin Birdsong – 'Rapper Dapper Snapper', an old Salsoul classic... Class 1st Main Squeeze outing for IG & Afronaught!!
Various - The Whole Wired World
posted a comment on Various - The Whole Wired World. 12 months ago
Frivolous, 'Busy Bee'. If your techno/house a bit wonky with that skippy garage edge, look no further.... And,. With Thomas Heckman on mastering duties, need I recommend this any further? A prime cut!
Patrice Bäumel - Just Electricity
posted a comment on Patrice Bäumel - Just Electricity. 12 months ago
Wakey wakey folks; 'Just Electricity' was a monstrous anthem in 2007 & 15 years on, it remains undeniable & absolutely huge. 'Fantomas' does the doo too. Euphoric, emotive & slightly dark. A lost, weepy moment gem on the shit hot Trapez label.
Alex Under - Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano
posted a comment on Alex Under - Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano. 12 months ago
'El Verano' delivers a techy, wiggly garage like driving track that works well today, as it avoided the trend of the time & cut out the 'plinky plonky' sound everyone was calling 'minimal'. If you like that place that sits between techno & garage,... See full review
Harry Axt - Pulpfunktion EP
posted a comment on Harry Axt - Pulpfunktion EP. about 1 year ago
'One Way Ticket' is a bouncy dub techno joint with some bite, this stays with me along with 'Congo Budders'... 14 years, really? Seems like yesterday! If you like experimental techno, get on this Leftroom classic, its a winner.............
Hardfloor - Mahogany Roots
posted a comment on Hardfloor - Mahogany Roots. about 1 year ago
Tricky business remixing a classic. One of Hardloors greatest moments (a track like no other) & something I wouldn't want to tackle myself for fear of falling way short... but... Work focuses on the more emotive sections of the original turning out a... See full review
Pure Science - The Red One EP
posted a comment on Pure Science - The Red One EP. about 1 year ago
The beauty is, at times in Phills work you hear Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, the Wiggle thing; the benal shifting between cold slamming tech house & subtleties beyond it into real artform music; and then, also simplicity; 'Believe' reminds me of early... See full review
Pure Science - Speak 2 God
posted a comment on Pure Science - Speak 2 God. about 1 year ago
'Can U Feel It?' still SMASHES it's way into a crowd like a ton of bricks. Nuff 'Wiggle' on this one! 'I Get Deep' I could hate; so many mediocre versions of this vocal over the years; but this is by far the best! Acid anyone? ... 'Speak To God' does... See full review