Record collector since 1981. DJ since 1990. From Nottingham, England. Inspired by drum machines & electronic music. Survived the rave/hardcore/acid house/early house, techno, drum & bass/80's/90's electronic music scenes & far beyond to present day. Raised/schooled on Hip Hop & electro. Drum break fanatic. Major Jazz & Funk disposition. Loves a bit of Disco/boogie. Tastes: B-R-O-A-D!

Obsessive about music, sound & vinyl. I'm fussy about grading. I grade close up, critically, under bright light, & have 20/20 vision & 'engin' ears'. I am not a trader, these are my personal records for sale & all have been treated with care. Your in very safe hands.........

My advice when selling on this site is to read the Discogs grading rules, read them again, put your glasses on, open the curtains, study the vinyl surfaces & grade correctly, close up under a bright light. Would make it a better place for all. I don't believe that grading is subjective, I believe that some just don't do it correctly... I have regular disappointments buying on Discogs from those who apparently need glasses.

I have sold many more records than my feedback shows on Discogs (around double) plus double that previously on eBay & other platforms, however not all can be bothered to leave feedback. From those buyers, no news is good news, so rest assured, your in very safe hands. I keep my records in prime nick & bin garbage/damaged records, I don't sell them. Right now I am selling a very small selection of unwanted records, all in great condition. I am yet to disappoint, & intend to keep it that way...
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posted a comment on Steve Moore (3) - VFW (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 21 hours ago
One evening back last year I buckled down reluctantly for the 30 minute grisly task of trying to find anything but utter garbage to watch on Netflix... You know the one; where your too exhausted to watch whatever rubbish you found remotely appealing,... See full review
posted a comment on John Carpenter - Lost Themes III: Alive After Death. 3 days ago
I wholly disagree in this case, that Rough Trade can be blamed for the processes & techniques involved in making the vinyl blanks. This is a plant issue; for manufacture the colour & style is pre- determined with marketing laid out long before they... See full review
posted a comment on Emma-Jean Thackray - Um Yang 음 양 . 3 days ago
Can anyone confirm, is this a signed LP as per the 'signed edition' notes?
posted a comment on DMX Krew - Cold Rockin' With The Krew. 4 days ago
'DMX Rocks The Beatbox' really struck a chord with me. Back in 96' I knew nothing about Ed Upton & just bought it on a whim. The dred- infused bassline, mixed with solid electro percussion, melancholic bleeps/synth chords & wonky atmospherics makes... See full review
posted a comment on Lone (2) - Abraxas. 6 days ago
Incredible breakbeat driven tracks; harking back to influences of ambient jungle ('How Can You Tell') & sounds of early European acid techno ('Young Star Cluster', TIP!), only very 'NOW' & unique. Big tools, comes highly recommended for those crossing... See full review
posted a comment on Emma-Jean Thackray - Um Yang 음 양 . 6 days ago
Artone Studio's 'direct to disc' sessions have produced some amazing live sets, & the process involved is a vinyl geeks wet dream...

So great to see EJT & ensemble get the live treatment! And its a great session; very organic & not a note off... See full review
posted a comment on John Carroll Kirby - Conflict. 7 days ago
So beautiful it's like the soulmate to Harold Budd's greatest works. Can't think of a better way to put it. Godly.
posted a comment on DJ T. - Freemind. 9 days ago
Listening back on DJ T (who we all had a boogie to & didn't mind in the slightest) it does seem most of his on Get Physical were heavily influenced by artists like Chicken Lips & Metro Area...
posted a comment on John Carroll Kirby - Septet. 10 days ago
Likely no accident this shares it's title with Chick Corea's LP from 1985...

Blown away by the whole thing. I hear Bobbi Humphrey, Ronnie Laws, Roy Ayers & much more; but that's not to suggest plagiarism (far from it- this is painfully original),... See full review
posted a comment on Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble - Now. 10 days ago
1st class. The source musicianship, drums, re-programming & editing manage to capture something truly visionary & without a tired or dull moment in sight. Gonna be on rotation for the rest of my life, without a doubt. All great things, from all great... See full review
posted a comment on Yellow Spoon - Yellow Spoon. 10 days ago
Ambience, vox snippets & vibes galore clash with live drums, clipped & replayed to head nodding perfection. This, and the occasional mathematical, crashing 'off beat' percussion breakdown (check 'Octopus') earn 'Yellow Spoon' bonafide jazz credentials... See full review
posted a comment on Rocketmann ! - Black Hole EP. 25 days ago
Just dug this out after a few years hiding... 100% agree with MellowVinyl below; I think the fact this is not obvious/instantly accessible (aside from 'Black Hole') was likely the reason I skipped through & put aside. Must have been looking for... See full review
posted a comment on Kings Of Convenience - Versus. 25 days ago
Absolutely stunning collection of remixes, reinterpretations & collaborations from KOC vs...

Effortless simplicity is perhaps a part of the seductive qualities KOC possess in abundance, they are just so relaxing, intriguing & satisfying to listen to.... See full review
posted a comment on Steve Poindexter - Work That Mutha Fucker. about 1 month ago
People posting about a glitch on the red- on- white label copies are referring to represses, not this original 89' release... so, the 2013 reissue & later copies not yet listed.
posted a comment on Michael Jackson / Drums Power - P.Y.T / Dance Ritual. about 1 month ago
Drums Power is a B- Boy c-l-a-s-s-i-c!!!!!!!!! And sounding so fresh on this 12"....
posted a comment on GALXTC - Life Is A Mirror. about 1 month ago
Thanks Giles P for the heads up on this one a couple of months back, and what an agonizing wait due to disti/manufacture set backs (pandemic) but... PURE GOLD!!! Apparently recorded in a Paris basement, one session... Space Grapes the one to watch,... See full review
posted a comment on Word Music. 4 months ago
Another pig's ear of a label releases page, chock full of incorrect entries... This page is for the Fracture label off- shoot, late 90's techno/electronic
posted a comment on Outline - Examined Life EP. 4 months ago
'Encounter' remains one of my favourite techno tracks of all time. The interaction between each looped sound & percussion element, and the way in which they are bought in, creates patterns which morph & change as your ears adjust, like an audio... See full review
posted a comment on Steve Rachmad Presents Tons Of Tones - Citation Saga (Part 2 Of 2). 4 months ago
Steve Rachmad's original work across both 12"s is among his best. With a sound that reflected the peak of 90s techno, where influences from dub, Detroit & Europe among others had melted into one, forming a really exciting period that has not been... See full review
posted a comment on Steve Rachmad Presents Tons Of Tones - Citation Saga (Part 1 Of 2). 4 months ago
The Advent remix is a brutal alien techno assault & one of their best; dubby, pulsating 90's action & a fave from back in the day that sounds forward & seminal still today... killer.
posted a comment on J Dilla - Donuts. 4 months ago
I think the 1st listing (this one we are commenting on) was the Americas pressing; no doubt copies were pressed with export in mind, & these may have had the 'RE' in the runout etchings. Could you confirm if the labels are the correct colour... See full review
posted a comment on J Dilla - Donuts. 4 months ago
If it was sealed/from a store I'd say it's another re-issue which has not yet been listed...
posted a comment on Herman Funker III - Rhino E.P. 5 months ago
The original EP has been a staple in my life since it's release; infact the original press sheet for the Primevil 12" states that Paul Mac 'may have started a new genre in dark- step techno'... It was pretty much right, & tracks like 'Box's' & 'Rhino'... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Mad Honey - Upward Bound / Treasure Every Sunset. 5 months ago
There is.... Rumoured to be a session recorded in a Paris Basement, I heard a sneak few minutes at the weekend & it's mind blowing... Like Mad Honey, it's as good as anything old & hard to believe it's new music. 'Life is a mirror' might be the track... See full review
posted a comment on J Dilla - Donuts. 5 months ago
The music needs no introduction... But for fanatical collectors with mad love for Dilla, if you want this 1st edition from 2006, pay close attention to the label colour: Pale/muted light- blue on the 'donut'. The etchings in the runout wax should... See full review
posted a comment on Madlib - Sound Ancestors. 5 months ago
Honestly not feeling engaged after several listens to this latest collaboration between OJ JR & KH. Sure it's a clean pressing, but with a slightly low gain & 'thinness' to the sound that seems to lack a little presence. Madlib: get back onto Stones... See full review
posted a comment on Daft Punk - Da Funk. 5 months ago
Quick fact: As per the listing notes, this 1st commercial UK pressing on Soma was issued in a red sleeve, with a slightly rough texture (like acid paper) & an orange tint. Highly iconic for this 12" which caused hysterior on the electronic & techno... See full review
posted a comment on Daft Punk - Da Funk. 5 months ago
For me it all ended with 'Discovery'. Homework was utter genius. Early 'Roule' & 'Crydamoure' releases, I- Cube, Motorbass, La Funk Mob, Versatile & the whole French scene was incredible...
posted a comment on Sault - Untitled (Rise). 6 months ago
Vinyl repress is out & now for sale in the OG 2020 listing page. Are there differences in the run out info, like the represses of Sault's other LP's?
posted a comment on Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul). 6 months ago
And schooled in stand in front of you, some 37 years after the fact... And one of the most memorable synth lines in electro, from a seemingly subtle/insignificant background part of 'New Religion'. Great spot.
posted a comment on Bilal - Soul Sista / Fast Lane Remixes. 6 months ago
Neo- Soul masterpiece from Madlib!!

As if Raphael Saadiq's OG version wasn't enough; here we have possibly Otis J Jr's finest remix to date; a minimal, shuffling low- slung suggestion of a groove with little more than a clipped double conga hit & a... See full review
posted a comment on Zion I - Critical / Venus. 6 months ago
As well as (according to Discogs) being Madlib's first official remix, & a great one at that; the original mix of 'Critical' is also a real highlight. The unexpected additional treat on this indie 12" is the Drum N Bass mix of 'Venus', & coming from a... See full review
posted a comment on Dangerdoom* - The Mouse And The Mask. 6 months ago
The original pressing sounds great & is also spread across X2 discs... This is an exact copy of the original & possibly from the same metal transfer disc So not sure you had the original...
posted a comment on Madlib - Sound Ancestors. 6 months ago
Black vinyl just arrived, sounds as clean as a whistle!
posted a comment on Madlib - Sound Ancestors. 6 months ago
Black vinyl usually sounds better, as when coloured pigments are added, the material becomes softer, leading to possible pressing abnormalities (don't forget within the groove are tiny details the stylus needs to 'read' which if worn or distorted... See full review
posted a comment on Marisa (27) - Don't Do It / Wish We Were Free. 7 months ago
I head this once & fell deeply in love with it. This voice is just gorgeous. 'Dont Do It' grooves just fine, with an upbeat strut, jazzy key's & well handled guitar chords, a nice cut, but; 'Wish We Were Free' is the gem on this obscure 81' 45. Also... See full review
posted a comment on Prince - For You : Remix And Remasters Expanded Album Collector's Edition. 7 months ago
Loring park Sessions 1977: Holy grail for fans of Prince, & fans of Jazz alike! Absolutely stunning, flawless musicianship, a real moment of beauty... Shame this has been blocked, possibly due to the recording being privately owned & shared without... See full review
posted a comment on Uncle Louie - Uncle Louie's Here. 7 months ago
Of course, the 12" version of 'I Like Funky Music' is a grail for the break; but don't discount this LP version, which holds alotta charm; as does the whole LP.
posted a comment on Bernard Wright - 'Nard. 8 months ago
'We have been very lucky over the past few years to have introduced some very excellent new young talents, but there is none so young and talented as Bernard. He is just 16 years old, in high school, and played like he has been on the scene for more... See full review
posted a comment on Khruangbin - LateNightTales. 8 months ago
'Summer Madness' is one of those tracks you probably never wanted, or needed, to hear a cover version of. Penned by Ronald Bell (R.I.P) & 'The Gang', it is a masterpiece of ambient soul bliss that almost nudges on psychedelic. It's absolute perfection... See full review
posted a comment on Depth Charge - Depth Charge. 8 months ago
Not a bad shout at all... Meanwhile, we can make do with 'Depth Charge Vs Silver Fox'; sounds a bit like this would if cut at 33/plated at 45. Silver Dub is slower but really works. TIP
posted a comment on One Way - Cutie Pie / Give Me One More Chance. 8 months ago
By 1980/81, Parliament & Funkadelic's reign of bubbling synth pop funk (under the cosmic command of George Clinton) had influenced many. Cali's electro funk scene was poppin' & all around the globe, ears were pricking up... Among many commercial acts... See full review
posted a comment on Thundercat - The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam. 8 months ago
Must have been a few runs of this; 2016 was poor; 2020 retail copy sounding perfect. No visual difference from copy to copy like the same pressing... Anyone looking to upgrade from the right channel problem copy, now's a good time...
posted a comment on Black Moon - How Many Emcee's (Must Get Dissed) / Act Like U Want It. 8 months ago
'How Many Emcee's' is a bonafide classic & this 12" mix & instrumental are absolutely essential; if that were not enuff 4ya, we have the lost cut 'Act Like U Want It', which did not make the original LP (along with 'Slave', another choice cut). Both... See full review
posted a comment on The International Studio Group - Band 8. 8 months ago
As a latecomer here to this obscure library sampler from 1966, I am no stranger to 'Dawn Of The Dead', being born in '74 & (irresponsably) introduced at quite a young age (trauma counselling = no harm done!). I have always loved this film for many,... See full review
posted a comment on Black Moon - Enta Da Stage. 8 months ago
I have the exact label match bought in 93, no static, not the loudest, but a good clean pressing as new, but any light needle marks are easily heard. Most selling this 1st 93 press are actually selling re-issues (I know, I've cancelled X6 orders after... See full review
posted a comment on Sault - Untitled (Black Is). 8 months ago
Funnily this has happened with several LP's which started out via Bandcamp. Krhuangbin's latest was the same. Its either a warehousing/transport temperature issue, or a pressing manufacture fault. Most likely the latter, as the skills involved are... See full review
posted a comment on Sault - Untitled (Black Is). 8 months ago
Great 'Wind- Parade' piano hit in 'Out The Lies'... Nice touch. Many influences & I know relatively little about the artists life & background, but, I know without knowing, that they know. Deserved of all its popularity & acclaim, this No. IIII album... See full review