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posted a comment on Martin L. Dumas, Jr.* - Attitude, Belief & Determination. 12 days ago
are you referring to the ultra rare original press, or the reissue?
posted a comment on Recall IV - Interstate. 28 days ago
i would absolutely love a double LP of that! essential technohouse / rave history!
posted a comment on The Human League - In Darkness. about 1 month ago
can anybody say something about the sound quality of the LP? because there are files online but they are terrible, like a brutally overblown denoiser that removed 90% of the sound together with the noise,
resulting in a sound similar to a 32k mp3. is... See full review
posted a comment on Azoto - San Salvador. about 1 month ago
there are people that believe in god, i believe in celso valli, nuff said.
posted a comment on Mario Argandona* - Brown Eyes. about 1 month ago
the information in the notes above is wrong, "extended version" on this pressing and "extended mix" on the 1987 pressing are identical, the song later was re-released with different sleeve and additional LP version, and i'm not talking about the 1987... See full review
posted a comment on Sam Fletcher - Friday Night / I'd Think It Over. about 1 month ago
"I'd Think It Over" has clearly inspired michael jackson to "billie jean" ..
posted a comment on David A. Stewart Featuring Candy Dulfer - Lily Was Here. about 1 month ago
jup. totally useless version, but i like the original :-)
posted a comment on Fred Ventura - Undercover EP. about 1 month ago
try B1 on 45 rpm and -8 pitch - for me an equal enjoyable smasher! :-)
posted a comment on Scoop (3) - Say You Go. about 1 month ago
top track! but man, was the cutter sick or what? no, your needles is not skipping multiple times on the b-side .. it's just ..
oh my gosh ..
posted a comment on Various - House Party I - The Ultimate Megamix. 2 months ago
thats a good question, noted that some years ago as well and wondered about it also, but did not compare further, if i switch between the two releases to compare now, they seem to have added some tracks later, T99 for example. why they gave it a new... See full review
posted a comment on Age Of Love - The Age Of Love. 2 months ago
normally i hate almost all these post 1992 remixes, as they are 99% "diggedy diggedy kindergarden trance remixes for little child smurf tekkno ravers", not in this case, pretty well done remix, and not easy to remix such a class tune!
posted a comment on Various - House Party I - The Ultimate Megamix. 3 months ago
Absolute beast of a techno megamix. heard it when it came out and it blew my mind, was 13 at the time, and the energetic and amazing forward pushin tracks with intro and middle break, sirens/horns, rave stabs, deep house organs, moody basses, phat... See full review
posted a comment on Magdaleine - You Can Do. 3 months ago
hahahaha what a bullshit rip off from modern talkings "brother louie" and "cherie cherie lady" (that is not better of course) :-)

just standing in my kitchen, youtube random playin' this, laughing hard ^^
posted a comment on Autumn - Synthesize. 3 months ago
Jarren thinking the same, thats why i sold it.
posted a comment on Quadrophenia - Paradise. 4 months ago
heavily inspired from culture beat - erdbeermund, listen to the bass and the "fill in" crash/hi hats :-)
but common at that time to sample from each other, very very well done, no problem at all, love it :-)
posted a comment on E-Zee Possee - Everything Begins With An 'E'. 4 months ago
be happy, thats great for you, this does not help my five fucked copies that have heavy oxidations/abrasions and crackling in the intro like a campfire.
posted a comment on Alton Miller Feat. Dorothea Lynn Sharon - Glory. 5 months ago
dopest. brutally overlooked deep house shit of the highest order, in the vein of 1992 freshness!
posted a comment on Tiziana* - Seduce Me. 7 months ago
100% agree! cheap covers of the original on institute rec. 1989!
posted a comment on Mike Ash - Return To Acid. 8 months ago
"Oh Three" = acid monster, on par with the 86-89 bangers!
posted a comment on E-Zee Possee - Everything Begins With An 'E'. 8 months ago
buyers beware - i ordered this record the fifth (!!) time - and all five copies are completely fucked trash full of scratches, abrasion, oxidation. due to the thin sleeve without inner and the cheap treatment of the sellers through the years it's... See full review
posted a comment on Hercule - Sunday Morning Fever. 10 months ago
just thought the same.. pretty worthless without the artwork :-)
posted a comment on The Salsoul Orchestra - Ooh, I Love It (Love Break). 11 months ago
sounds like you mean montana sextet - heavy vibes:
posted a comment on Cat Gang - Locomotive Breath. 11 months ago
i have a crazy mispressing of that, record sleeve and labels are "koma band - i ni ghi na'" on crash records 006, but the tracks pressed are cat gang - locomotive breath! anyone has the same issue? received my order today and totally wondered what i... See full review
posted a comment on Moskow - Come Back. 11 months ago
surely not for everyone, this record for me is one of the greatest italo records of all times,
so melancholic, so emotional, what a song!
posted a comment on Gazebo - Lunatic. about 1 year ago
amazing masterpiece that inspired a lot of later productions, for example "hubert kah - wenn der mond die sonne berührt"...!
for me, the gazebo productions belong to the most touching moments in italo disco, no matter if commercial or compared to the... See full review
posted a comment on Front 242 - 05:22:09:12 Off. about 1 year ago
couldn't agree more!! just thought the same,
someone lent me the CD when it came out, copied on tape in 1993, still have it and will buy the CD now.
When i heard it the first time, it blew me away, one of the greatest Albums of all times, un fuckin'... See full review
posted a comment on Speedy J - Pullover (Remixes). about 1 year ago
Still love it - realized it as "groundbreaking" when it came out ..but well i was 12 back then :-)
posted a comment on Wuf Ticket - The Key. about 1 year ago
and the sleeve is ugly as well ^^ better prelude company sleeve and us original with phat sound than that ..
posted a comment on Polygon Window - Quoth. about 1 year ago
try "Bike Pump Meets Bucket" on 45, mixed with renegade soundwave's "phantom" :-)
posted a review of Various - Om Lounge 12. about 1 year ago
Groove Armada - History (M3 & Bachelors of Science Remix) - what an insanely good track!! one of these legendary wonders where you already know it's pure art when it's released! Amazing tune, that has no need to go for the oldschool style, but instead... See full review
posted a comment on Timerider - Invader / Space Iwan. about 1 year ago
Invader is an amazing masterpiece imo, of course i'm a bit biased here, but for me, it marked a beginning of a new era at that time, an era of dance and techno music, for me it sounds like a kind of intro to "the new world of worldwide fusion of... See full review
posted a comment on Phuture Wax - Phuture Wax E.P.. about 1 year ago
5 stars for "flying doll" at minus 10 pitch alone :-)
posted a comment on Kurtis Mantronik - Mad. about 1 year ago
how anyone can rate this one below five stars is beyond my understanding. timeless dope shit
posted a comment on Shamall - My Dream. about 1 year ago
love the track "my dream!" . when i played "katakis" on C64 in 1988, i did not know one of the tracks was a cover version (by the way a bloody great one!) from "my dream", took me almost 30 years to realize :-)
posted a comment on Macho Cat Garage - Freedom For The Macho Cat. about 1 year ago
4 smashers on one 12" - very rarely the case. definite 5 star one here.
posted a comment on K. Alexi Shelby* - All For Lee-Sah. about 1 year ago
completely share this. significant blueprint also for the rave scene in europe some years later!
posted a comment on Michael Sembello - Maniac. about 1 year ago
my copy of this is in dark violet vinyl, anyone noted that as well when checking under bright light?
or are only some copies of that pressing in that colour?
posted a comment on Lhasa - The Attic. about 1 year ago
thanks for the update, great news, can't wait ! :-)
posted a comment on Dee-Fecto - ...Like Sombreros. about 1 year ago
in my opinion on of the best italo smashers ever. and outstanding instrumental too, absolute masterpiece in
arrangement and emotion!!
totally reminds me on the funfair in my hometown, and it's mid 80s atmosphere. priceless!
posted a comment on Bas Noir - Ah...Bas Noir. over 2 years ago
not to forget the amazing "if i" on B3 :-)
posted a comment on Public Passion - Flash In The Night. over 2 years ago
agree with the previous reviewers - sweet, harmonic, balanced, innovative - a timeless classic, a masterpiece!
posted a review of Steven Dale - Together Forever. over 2 years ago
absolutely amazing, wonderful record, one of my absolute favourites! very emotional and passionate, and even the sleeve underlines it's understatement. i can easily imagine that the producer / singer had put all his emotion in the tracks to show his... See full review
posted a comment on Klaus Schulze. over 2 years ago
well, you think you can do a quick overview through my history, and then make a quick claim i would have no clue what i'm talking about?
what about tolerating others opinions, instead of insulting others comments as "unnecessary" and "unqualified",... See full review
posted a comment on Klaus Schulze. over 2 years ago
completely agree with "ttooyyss". Klaus Schulze = most overrated artist musicwise.
the same, uninspired chords, melodies all over.
posted a comment on The Hasbeens - Maybe. over 2 years ago
very very patrick cowley '81 inspired, and very good :-)
posted a comment on Georges Vert - An Electric Mind. over 2 years ago
completely agree, thought the same when listening to it the first time!
posted a comment on Cybotron - Alleys Of Your Mind. over 2 years ago
the cybotron vs sharevari "who was first / more techno" question leads to nothing imo :-)

you could easily name loads of earlier stuff or records released in the same year that could be equally classified as proto techno, whatever. For example... See full review
posted a comment on Baby Ford - 'Ooo' The World Of Baby Ford. over 2 years ago
"The World Is In Love" is one of the best housetracks of all times - nothing less ..
posted a comment on Tangerine Dream - Exit. over 3 years ago
exactly my 2 favourites - 100% agree! also, i'm convinced the producers jarvis & regisford of the proto garage house vinyl, "visual - music got me" were inspired by TD's "Choronzon".
posted a comment on Lhasa - The Attic. over 3 years ago
please include the amazing (!!) demo version of lhasa - the attic there.. whe talked about it some years ago, heard it at the tekknozid revival in berlin in 2000,
otherwise i would not have even known it exists ..!