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posted a comment on Macho Cat Garage - Freedom For The Macho Cat. 19 days ago
4 smashers on one 12" - very rarely the case. definite 5 star one here.
posted a comment on K. Alexi Shelby* - All For Lee-Sah. about 1 month ago
completely share this. significant blueprint also for the rave scene in europe some years later!
posted a comment on Michael Sembello - Maniac. about 1 month ago
my copy of this is in dark violet vinyl, anyone noted that as well when checking under bright light?
or are only some copies of that pressing in that colour?
posted a comment on Lhasa - The Attic. about 1 month ago
thanks for the update, great news, can't wait ! :-)
posted a comment on Dee-Fecto - ...Like Sombreros. about 1 month ago
in my opinion on of the best italo smashers ever. and outstanding instrumental too, absolute masterpiece in
arrangement and emotion!!
totally reminds me on the funfair in my hometown, and it's mid 80s atmosphere. priceless!
posted a comment on Bas Noir - Ah...Bas Noir. 4 months ago
not to forget the amazing "if i" on B3 :-)
posted a comment on Public Passion - Flash In The Night. 5 months ago
agree with the previous reviewers - sweet, harmonic, balanced, innovative - a timeless classic, a masterpiece!
posted a review of Steven Dale - Together Forever. 5 months ago
absolutely amazing, wonderful record, one of my absolute favourites! very emotional and passionate, and even the sleeve underlines it's understatement. i can easily imagine that the producer / singer had put all his emotion in the tracks to show his love ... See full review
posted a comment on Klaus Schulze. 6 months ago
well, you think you can do a quick overview through my history, and then make a quick claim i would have no clue what i'm talking about?
what about tolerating others opinions, instead of insulting others comments as "unnecessary" and "unqualified", just ... See full review
posted a comment on Klaus Schulze. 6 months ago
completely agree with "ttooyyss". Klaus Schulze = most overrated artist musicwise.
the same, uninspired chords, melodies all over.
posted a comment on The Hasbeens - Maybe. 6 months ago
very very patrick cowley '81 inspired, and very good :-)
posted a comment on Georges Vert - An Electric Mind. 7 months ago
completely agree, thought the same when listening to it the first time!
posted a comment on Cybotron - Alleys Of Your Mind. 7 months ago
the cybotron vs sharevari "who was first / more techno" question leads to nothing imo :-)

you could easily name loads of earlier stuff or records released in the same year that could be equally classified as proto techno, whatever. For example ... See full review
posted a comment on Baby Ford - 'Ooo' The World Of Baby Ford. 7 months ago
"The World Is In Love" is one of the best housetracks of all times - nothing less ..
posted a comment on Tangerine Dream - Exit. 8 months ago
exactly my 2 favourites - 100% agree! also, i'm convinced the producers jarvis & regisford of the proto garage house vinyl, "visual - music got me" were inspired by TD's "Choronzon".
posted a comment on Lhasa - The Attic. 8 months ago
please include the amazing (!!) demo version of lhasa - the attic there.. whe talked about it some years ago, heard it at the tekknozid revival in berlin in 2000,
otherwise i would not have even known it exists ..!
posted a comment on Peppermint Lounge - Perfect High. 8 months ago
agree - the recent dark entries reissues like tony moore and this one are terrible. mastering from vinyl would not be a problem if done properly - but this overpronounced bass and the other issues .. no way
posted a comment on Sniff 'n' the Tears - Driver's Seat. 8 months ago
am i the only one thinkin' this is one of the f*ckin best songs on planet earth ever ? :-)
can't get enough of it!
posted a comment on Donna Laser Orchestra* - Vega Synthauri. 9 months ago
how different taste can be.. completely disagree with the previous reviewers, one of my favourites forever, and the b side is also cool .. :-)
posted a comment on Ken Freeman - The Tripods. 9 months ago
totally agree! saw it as an 8 year old boy on german television, the only time they broadcasted it, and scared me to death (but enjoyed it). also, the rebellion against the adults deprived of their soul i liked very much :-) as the previous reviewer ... See full review
posted a comment on Gatsby - Love Sign. 9 months ago
one of the best ever .. straight Italo, no Kid-alo! Can't imagine a more powerful, beautiful, passionate, emotional song as this one -
posted a comment on Blue Camera - Golden War. 9 months ago
very very Sade - "smooth operator" inspired, especially in the beginning :-)
posted a comment on Illusion (7) - Illusion. 9 months ago
song la-la, but dope sleeve - would love to print as a poster :-)
posted a comment on Scott Marlowe - Living In Chinatown. 9 months ago
would rate it 5/5, 4/5 for the "send me an angel" rip off .. as the previous reviewer says, this does not make it a bad song,
but a really keen rip :-)
posted a comment on Silent Circle - Touch In The Night (Crash Version). 9 months ago
i fully agree with the previous reviewers, this track is the sweet spot for catchy eurodisco sound,
simply perfect!
posted a comment on Fat (4) - Take Me Down. 10 months ago
the b-side of my (otherwise VG+ to NM looking copy) is clpping with almost every kickdrum due to extremely loud cutting as it seems. anybody out there with the same issues? i really think this is on every of these 12"es but not sure ..
posted a comment on Bad Boys Blue - Come Back And Stay. 10 months ago
instrumental is a cheap rip-off from pet shop boys - it's a sin
posted a comment on Bam Boo (2) - Foreign East Love. 10 months ago
awesomeness !! dopeness !! Masterpiece !!! i'd kiss the feet of the producer for that :-)
posted a comment on Various - Light Sounds Dark. 11 months ago
playable in a club of course, but terrible at home. it's not even 20% of the sound quality the originals have ..
posted a comment on Andy Romano - Tomorrow You Don't Know / Lady Of Fire. 11 months ago
1000% agree. incredible classic, beats even most 80s underground releases 6 out of 5 points!
posted a comment on Wax Doctor - Heat. about 1 year ago
thought the same, veery "inner city life" summer 1995 and 96 feeling ! :-)
posted a comment on Society Of Silence - Children. about 1 year ago
emotionales Brett vor dem Herrn! genau das fehlt in der heutigen Mucke!!
posted a comment on Bobby Konders - The Poem. about 1 year ago
i never understood why everyone seems so excited about "the poem". it's all about "massai women" on the flipside imo.. :-)
posted a comment on New Musik - The Planet Doesn't Mind / 24 Hours From Culture - Part II. about 1 year ago
and don't forget the b-side. Proto New Beat Monster, FIVE years before A Split Second !!
(later covered superbly by "twice of love").
posted a comment on Georges Vert - An Electric Mind. about 1 year ago
"Cosmic" Disco Album of the decade - at least . bombastic. 6 out of 5 stars - future classic .. 100% definite !!
posted a comment on Larry Graham - Sooner Or Later. about 1 year ago
I would say this track obviously inspired Madonna's "Holiday"! However, dope tune!
posted a comment on Flying - Marilyn. about 1 year ago
does anyone know if the duration of the tracks is really different (longer versions on dark entries), or if the times on labels and sleeve just differ compared to the original release?
posted a comment on M & G - When I Let You Down. about 1 year ago
exactly my opinion, too. and i would also agree with "95%", and spacer woman was not the only issue.. tony moore d.j. sounds terrible as well, compared to the original.
i even made some masters for myself and gave them to a vinyl cutter, and received a ... See full review
posted a comment on Time Modem - The Time Of The Gathering. about 1 year ago
totally agree with the previous reviewer .. this song is as magical as torsten fenslau's best productions! will never ever forget when i first heard it in the hr3 clubnight broadcast in 1990, played by dj torsten fenslau. It was played on many clubnights ... See full review
posted a comment on Scene (2) - The Future Of Music. about 1 year ago
hugely influenced by tracks like scrot - der rhythmusmensch, overlords - sundown...
posted a comment on Cli-N-Tel - 2030. about 1 year ago
five stars for the overdose remix! bringin' rich cason ruffness of '82-84 into this mix, and keepin' it raw..
posted a comment on Acid Warrior - Acid Bites E.P.. about 1 year ago
totally agree with the previous reviewer .. and its also recorded fantastic, on a great sound system it will totally blow you away!
posted a comment on Inhalt - Simulacra. about 1 year ago
five stars for the scott frazer remix! would fit to a kind of middle sequence of the new blade runnner :-)
posted a comment on Blak Beat Niks - A True Poet. about 1 year ago
i can offer top qualiy vinyl remastering if a recording should be available, that you could use for a reissue. also very interested to see this, does not get better musicwise,
and sad this only exists as test pressing up to today.
posted a comment on Lama - Nineteen Ninety Three / Love On The Rocks. about 1 year ago
check out boytronic - brylliant.. maybe you mean that, it's practically a cover version..
posted a comment on The Original Gangsters Of Freestyle* - You Gotta Release (The Hoe). about 1 year ago
completely share freddyfresh's comment, the whole fourth floor / breakin bones catalogue is so brutally overlooked by many, but cannot be overrated. for me personally, in one league with mr. fingers / atkins / may / saunderson with its own, unique and ... See full review
posted a comment on K.A.T.O.* - The Booty Dance. about 1 year ago
the groove is very inspired by marshall jefferson's "time marches on". deep 'n' great record!
posted a comment on Kim English - Learn 2 Luv. about 1 year ago
my absolute favourite here is Marques Wyatt's "Does Your Mama Know" Mix.
Dope Garage House shit at the highest level. 100% floor burner, groovy organs accords, piano chords,
slammin beats and superb arrangement. For me personally one of the best Garage ... See full review
posted a comment on Angela* / Riz Ortolani - I Gotta Little Love / Il Corpo Di Linda. about 1 year ago
really good, "gotta little love" sounds phatter than on the original, as the bass was set to a normal level (on the original, the bass frequencies are very weak)
posted a comment on Matia Bazar - I Feel You (Ti Sento). about 1 year ago
mindblowing masterpiece ..knowin since it came out, and even gets better with the years.. one of the very best!