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submitted Don Peachey - Down Home Polka / Jim, Johnny And Jonas. 24 days ago
submitted Rufus Thomas - (Do The) Push And Pull. 26 days ago
submitted Warbastard (3) - Blood On Your Hands. about 1 month ago
submitted Assück - Necro Salvation. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on 腕白JUNKIeS - 腕白Junkies. about 1 month ago
I have heard the characters translate to 'Walpurgie'. Not sure though.
posted a comment on Carcass - St. George's Hall, Bradford 15/11/89. 2 months ago
Second disc is not blank, it has Amott. Not really a PD proper as it has 2 pictures glued to each of the blank sides of the record. Simply glued on top.
posted a comment on Brutal Truth - Ill Neglect. 2 months ago
So the other cover is pictured. The one without the logo and with lighter more visible images. Anybody know the story? Labels and matrix match.
posted a comment on Confuse - Kill The.... 2 months ago
Mine is on yellow and has a sticker of the Nuclear Addicts cover.
posted a comment on Bolt Thrower - Realm Of Chaos. 2 months ago
The official story is Games Workshop wouldn't renew the artwork license. I suspect Earache didn't want to pay what Games wanted, seeing as GW became so huge.
submitted Screaming Beast - Our New Narrative Of Hate. 2 months ago
submitted Murder (26) - The Reality Without Bounds. 2 months ago
submitted Woodhull - Hotshots. 2 months ago
submitted 6 Prong Paw - Mapping The Void. 2 months ago
submitted Lacrimosa - Inferno / Schakal. 2 months ago
submitted Rattus - Uskonto On Vaara. 2 months ago
submitted Long Distance Calling - TRIPS. 3 months ago
posted a review of Since By Man - We Sing The Body Electric. 6 months ago
A really great and under appreciated album. Milwaukee screamo. Melodic but brutal. Heartfelt, danceable, out of control but listenable. Crazy time changes. Mature aggression. If this doesn't get you moving, man, I don't know.
submitted None Left Standing - Regenerate. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Ecclesia Satani - NS Satan. 6 months ago
There is a Swastika on the tray card. Never understood why a Pole would be a Nazi. I mean, they rolled over you in like 9 days. Good album though. Ambient passages are menacing & haunting with martial industrial elements. Black metal is lo-fi chaos with ... See full review
submitted Last Crack - Runheadstartscreaming . 7 months ago
posted a comment on Last Crack - Runheadstartscreaming. 8 months ago
Is this a CDr? I have a pro made version of this on CDr.
posted a comment on Metallica. 9 months ago
Why won't they split the releases? It seems like that idea is the consensus. Frigging 14 pages of 20xfile. You can't even sell them on DIscogs.
posted a comment on The Cult - Electric. 9 months ago
They did a promotional item for this album. A beer (or soda) can with an Electric logo wrapper. Like all the crushed ones on the back of the jacket of the Love Removal Machine 12". Anyone have one they want to sell?
posted a comment on L7 - Bricks Are Heavy. 9 months ago
They did a promo item for this item. An actual size brick with the logo and title on it. It was foam, so not that heavy. Anyone have one they wanna sell?
posted a comment on Pestilence - Malleus Maleficarum. 9 months ago
1st/Rarest/Best Press. RC & Roadracer Will Always Be More Collectable Than Roadrunner.*My Top 5 Favorite *"Brutal Thrash" Albums of All Time & *Still Their *Very*Best!! This Bands Dysentery Demo Is Honestly Worth Over **$1,500.00 To My Collection....!! ... See full review
posted a comment on Cellar Darling. 9 months ago
'Switzerland's most successful metal band to date,' Are you talking sales numbers or influence?
posted a review of Last False Hope - Dig Nails Deep. 9 months ago
Such a zippy and cynical album. Speedy gutter-grass. (have we settled on a name for this punk sub-genre?). Gruff vocals and all the folk instruments you'd expect, played at alarming tempos. Spinning tales of woe & heartbreak, this is a romantic album, ... See full review
posted a review of It's Casual - The New Los Angeles. 9 months ago
A really exciting hard rock album. If you are not familiar with the City of Lost Angels, this may open your eyes. They are not painting a pretty picture of L.A. Great riffs, pummeling drums. Urgent and angry vocals. Cynical, yet truthful lyrics. 'The ... See full review
submitted Security Let Us In - Ultimate Communion. 9 months ago
submitted Various - Gathered At The Altar Of Blast . 9 months ago
posted a comment on Kiss, Ace Frehley - Ace Frehley. 10 months ago
Clearly? Did you look at the song titles. They're all Ace's songs. Criss didn't have New York Groove or Wiped-Out on his record, did he?.
submitted Nekropsy (2) - Redemption Execution. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Cannibal Corpse - 15 Year Killing Spree. 10 months ago
I have the box with a CC logo guitar pick. I will add that, but not sure, nothing on Metal Archives about a guitar pick included. Could have came from anywhere.
submitted The Skintones - This Is Science. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Die Kreuzen - Cows And Beer. 10 months ago
I've never seen this. How many were made? This seems like a few covers made for some left over vinyl.
submitted Raymond Simmons - Hot Percussion Licks. 10 months ago
submitted At Face Value - Ive And Echo. 10 months ago
submitted Zoogz Rift - Looser Than Clams. 10 months ago
submitted Sceaming Beast - Our New Narrative Of Hate. 10 months ago
submitted Zendik Orgaztra - Ecollapse. 10 months ago
submitted Whale Bones - Island Fire. 10 months ago
submitted Pacing, VWLS - Collaboration Vol. 1. 10 months ago
submitted Boar - Centered. 10 months ago
submitted Girth (4) - First 3 Splits. 10 months ago
submitted Armenia - Profundismos Antropomorficos. 10 months ago
submitted Mean Jeans* - Jingles Collection. 11 months ago
submitted The Last Gang (4) - Keep Them Counting. 11 months ago
submitted Of Montreal - White Is Relic / Irrealis Mood. 11 months ago
submitted Jolly Cholly's - Laughing Polka / Just A Bummin' Around. 11 months ago
submitted Jolly Cholly's Trio - Dummy Doll / Squaws Along The Yukon. 11 months ago