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posted a comment on Pig&Dan* - Complex EP. 3 months ago
posted a comment on J-Voorn* + C-D* - Secret Diamind (Tristan Garner Mix). 3 months ago
i have this on vinyl both tracks that are used are excellent on there own but this makes a clever mash up TOP!!!!
posted a comment on Fehrplay / Jeremy Olander - I Can't Stop It / Let Me Feel. 3 months ago
wow!!!...pricey on vinyl....let me feel a great track real feel good tune!!!
posted a comment on Boy Bianchi - Fireworks. 3 months ago
head straight for the Joris Voorn remix just discovered this on Itunes my favourite new tune!!!
posted a comment on Steve Porter - Drama Queen. 7 months ago
Tony Thomas making the waves here on this floorphilla!!..BRILLIANT REMIX.
posted a comment on Andrew Maze - Long Road Home EP. 7 months ago
Santiago Nino mix is the fave here with it's distorted vocal...really good tune!!
posted a comment on Jano Acta - Fludent Fiction. 7 months ago
Passiva mix is the pick of the group here...nice bit of mellow floaty progression.
posted a comment on Recluse - Isle Dauphine. 7 months ago
probspot delivering another top remix on a great original mix!!
posted a comment on Mike Shiver - Feelings (Disc One). 7 months ago
totally agree cosmic man mix the fave on this disc!!!
posted a comment on Keenan & Anderson* - Remixed #1. 7 months ago
pick of the bunch here is the santiago nino dub tech mix....a peak time corker!!!
posted a comment on Lustral - Broken. 8 months ago
check out the praha mix gives the track a distinctly darker edge with a haunting but uplifting vocal.
posted a comment on Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Probspot Remix). 8 months ago
Probspot serving up a good remix of this classic track.
posted a comment on Saints & Sinners - Peace. 8 months ago
head straight for the breakfast mix just recently discovered this version what a tune!!
posted a comment on S.S.R. - Hippodrome. over 2 years ago
The vocals are taken from the rhythm is Going get you by Gloria Estefan and the Miami sound machine.
posted a comment on Gemini IV - Jump. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Omar Santana With The Brooklyn Bandits - Do What You Want / Acid 1990. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on T99 - Too Nice To Be Real. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on The Young Braves - Reach. over 7 years ago
never mind the vocal..peruvian mix is the quality track here!
posted a comment on Jonny L - Make Me Work (Turn Me Around). over 7 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
posted a review of Solace - Hold Me Now / Bright Side. over 7 years ago
dreamy trancy prog house features on verigo's daisy chain mix.
posted a review of Electric Ecstasy Club, The* - Jesus Loves The Acid. over 8 years ago
beefed up version of this underground classic!
posted a review of JD* - JD's Acid Power. over 8 years ago
"my mind is gone..." rolling acidic tune!
posted a review of Yanou Feat. Liz* - King Of My Castle (Sander Van Doorn Rmx). over 8 years ago
smart remix!
posted a review of Future Sound Of London* versus Annihilate - Papa New Progressif. over 8 years ago
posted a comment on The Untouchables - Take A Chance. over 8 years ago
superb four tracker from the legends of house!
posted a comment on Microbots - Chip I. over 8 years ago
dark and edgy underground tune.
posted a comment on Jerry Duck - Duck And Dance / Pure Engine. over 8 years ago
stomping european techno!
posted a comment on Lil' Louis / The Night Writers - I Love Chicago Classics. over 8 years ago
awesome re-edit of this classic track. a real set climax!
posted a comment on The Well Charged Latinos - Latin Prayer. over 8 years ago
progressive house at it's best!!
posted a comment on Brett - Freedom, Love & Ecstasy. over 8 years ago
"davaricz" is the pick of the three. great techno from r&s sister label!!
posted a comment on Fuzzy Logic Featuring Erire - Obsession. over 8 years ago
spine tingling quality track,features on sasha&digweeds awesome first northern exposure.
posted a comment on New Order - Spooky. over 8 years ago
really classy remix by fluke features on welly's santa's on acid mixtape from way back.
posted a comment on Bingo Players - Devotion. over 8 years ago
some clever remix work,the original doing it for me!!
posted a comment on Hoxton Whores - Funky Guitar. over 8 years ago
top notch remix from the whores!!!
posted a comment on Austin Leeds - Netherland. over 8 years ago
check the reworking of this l.s.g classic. superb stuff!!
posted a comment on Illuminatus - Hope. over 8 years ago
quality mix from oliver lieb. you dancer!!
posted a comment on D.G. Sound Project - Xabrax. over 8 years ago
technical mix being the fave of the three!!
posted a comment on Headless Chickens - Juice. over 8 years ago
head straight for the dub for a nice bit of old skool trancy house.
posted a comment on 51st Street - Turn Around / Move Your Feet. over 8 years ago
mavellous mash up!!
posted a review of Whelan & Di Scala - The Vamp. over 8 years ago
vamp gets the electro re-rub.
posted a review of Mason - Exceeder (Rmx). over 8 years ago
loving the remix treatment on this plate!!
posted a review of D-Shake - Yaaah!. over 8 years ago
beefed up version of this techno trance classic!!
posted a review of Paul Harris & Mark Knight - This Is Jack / Astral Acid. over 8 years ago
2 mind blowing tunes here!!
posted a review of Starkillers - Scream. over 8 years ago
quality electro house!! love the dirty overture!
posted a comment on Java & Jan - Fascinate Me. over 8 years ago
TOP TUNE!! a harp back to old skool techno.
posted a comment on Frank De Wulf - The B-Sides Volume One. over 8 years ago
cool early techno.
posted a comment on Aspecto - Klash / Damage. over 8 years ago
excellent bouncy electro house!
posted a comment on Pizzaman - Babyloop / Sans Bateaux. over 8 years ago
my favourite norman cook tune!
posted a comment on Mike Loucas / R. El Lungo* - Exposure To Little Electronic Noises. over 8 years ago
insane dutch techno. top stuff!!