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posted a comment on Thunderhead (2) - Lost In Time. 4 days ago
The artist name and logo is most probably a reference to Gilius Thunderhead, the axe-wielding dwarf from the classic arcade game Golden Axe.
posted a comment on Fugees - Rumble In The Jungle (Drum & Bass Remixes). 11 days ago
I've always understood to be by Special K too. Definitely sounds like his production.
posted a comment on DJ X Rated - DJ XX EP. about 1 month ago
Definately 1992. Tin Tin plays it at Quest in October. At the time of writing you can hear the set here:

Tune appears towards the end of the set at around the 1 hour 25 min mark.
posted a comment on DJ Solo + DJ Aura - Justice. 5 months ago
The white label version of this release does not have the pressing fault mentioned below in case anyone should find one of those knocking around the marketplace.

'Gone Clear' is the pick of the two tunes for me. It's a no-nonsense, Hip-Hop sampling, ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Doughbwoy 'N' Crashead - Two Evil Eyes. 5 months ago
Back before Discogs was a thing, there was a local 2nd shop in Hull where I live. It was one of those places with so many records that they had long spilled out of the racks and were stuffed into every available inch of the shop. There was no order to ... See full review
posted a comment on Together - Hardcore Uproar. 7 months ago
I was 10 when this came out, and at that time I wasn't into music - I was into computer games. My Spectrum 128k was my most prized possession.

One day, this came on the TV and the connection was instant. It was as if the music in my computer games had ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Phantasy - What Possessed You Boyee!. 7 months ago
I absolutely love Liquid Wax during this era, and this release is a prime example of why.

'What Possessed You' takes a BDP sample and combines it with crisp, punchy breaks and one seriously funky-as-hell bassline that keeps everything bubbling along ... See full review
posted a comment on Corky & Yaka - Livin Love E.P.. 10 months ago
Bit of trivia; Corky and Yaka are the names of two captive killer whales (or orcas). Given that there were two members of Orca, and that another local Bristol guy, Ramjack, is given a shout on the label, I would put good money on this being an Orca ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Selecta (2) & GL2 - Reach Out / Incognito. 10 months ago
Okay, first off, I love this tune. It’s got all the right ingredients for a quality bit of happy hardcore: pounding kickdrums, breakbeats, great stabs, elements of drum & bass, cheeky film samples etc… they all combine into a tune that is seriously good ... See full review
posted a comment on Q•Tex* - Equazion Remix E.P.. 11 months ago
Like Tiddlypeep has already mentioned, the B side is a megamix is four different tunes.

The full release of Celebration is available on: Q-Tex - Celebration
The full release of Integrator is available on: Equazion - (Part Two) Hardcore Nation EP

However, so far as I'm aware, both Equinox and ... See full review
posted a comment on Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds / Symphony In September (Remixes). 11 months ago
I can still remember using my pocket money to bag this back in my school days. I pretty much just played it over and over on my cheapo supermarket hi-fi turntable. I just loved it! The beats, the bass, the chipmunk vocals, the pianos, the way it was ... See full review
posted a comment on Love Nation / Donna - I Believed / House Of Heaven. 11 months ago
Being into both Happy Hardcore and Drum & Bass back in 1996, this release blew me away when I heard it, as it was a perfect marriage between the two. The kickdrum is ditched in favour of a Kurtis Blow break made popular by D&B tunes like Circles (Adam ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Ham - Green Eggs And........ / Slow Motion. 11 months ago
'Green Eggs And...' is great, obviously. But the flipside is a cracking bit of Ragga Jungle from an artist and label more normally associated with the Hardcore side of things. Skittering amens, ragga chanting, and a lush spaced-out breakdown make Slow ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Kaos Theory 4. about 1 year ago
For those looking to save a few £££'s, buying this promo release for the 4 track sampler is a sneaky way of bagging a couple of pricey tunes such as Streets Of Rage and Searchin' for a fraction of the cost.

The sampler also contains Far From A River as ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Rap - A Propa History Volume 2. about 1 year ago
A few bits here that still remain unreleased in physical format, such as 'I've Waited So Long', which is a killer tune played by Rap & Aston during their 1993 P.A. At Dance Planet 'Return Of The Detonator.

It would be amazing if Rap, Aston and one of ... See full review
posted a comment on From The Man Like The Pennywise - Suspension Of Disbelief / Mystery. about 1 year ago
Suspension Of Disbelief is an unstoppable juggernaut of a tune which makes me feel 10 feet tall whenever I hear it. No more to say than that, really!
posted a comment on New Direction - Run To Me. about 1 year ago
The 'Underground Rave Mix' is a wonderful piece of emotionally charged Hardcore propelled along by some thunderous beats.

It is a shame that the original version doing the rounds right at the back end of '92 never made it onto the release though ... See full review
posted a comment on D'Cruze - Watch Out (Remixes). about 1 year ago
Why-oh-why did Sub Base not release the version Mickey Finn played in his set at Pandemonium 'Eighth Wonder'!?

I mean... these mixes are fine and all... but that Mickey Finn plate was on another level.
posted a comment on DJ Rap & Aston - Jeopardy / More Time. about 1 year ago
DJ Rap plays an early unreleased version of More Time in her September 1993 set at Helter Skelter. The version she plays is much more uplifting with plenty of rave stabs and reggae samples. I can only guess that Sub Base told them to go away and ... See full review
posted a comment on Source Direct - Future London / Shimmer. about 1 year ago
My favourite thing about Future London is the way the mood switches the instant the Think break kicks in. One second the mood is bright and breezy, the next it's dark and desolate. Great stuff.
posted a comment on Rhythm 'N' Ryme - Luv Drug. about 1 year ago
Quality bit of under-the-radar Hardcore which (at the time of writing) can be bagged for less than a can of decent IPA.

Personally I could do without the MC, which comes across a little cheesy, but that isn't enough to prevent this from being a 5* tune ... See full review
posted a comment on The Alcan Warriors - Hyp-No-Tize. about 1 year ago
If you like proper hands-in-the-air piano Hardcore from the likes of Rhythm Section, then this tune is for you. The 'In Ya Hed Mix' (which at the time writing is not on YouTube) is my favourite mix, as it's a bit rougher, and keeps the vocals to a ... See full review
posted a comment on Dillinja & Batmix - Rushing Bassheads EP. about 1 year ago
It's testament to Dillinja's raw talent as a producer that he managed to progress from writing dross like this to certified bangers within the space of a year.

These very early releases are worth checking out for the sake of curiosity, but I suspect if ... See full review
posted a comment on The Advocate - Deviant. about 1 year ago
Astonishing bass on 'Deviant Too'. The only place I heard it BITD was on a Mastervibe tape @ Dreamscape. I was surprised when it turned out to be by a reletively unknown artist on an unknown label. For years I was convinced it had to be something ... See full review
posted a comment on Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - What The.. Remixes. about 1 year ago
'Session Two' is a masterclass in breakbeat wizardry from Mr Breaks.

Clocking in at almost 8 and half minutes, the track splits into 3 distinct movements. Things start relatively straightforward with crisp beats, twinkly pianos and samples combining ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Rap & Aston - Jeopardy (Remixes). about 1 year ago
Love the drum programming on the Desired State mix. The way the different breaks clatter around each other as if in some sort of breakbeat waltz is a joy for the ears.
posted a comment on Various - Bonkers 2 - Now We're Totally Bonkers. about 1 year ago
The exclusive mix of 'Droppin' Bombs' is insanely good. It's dark, has a big Hip Hop and D&B influence, and a breakdown that gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.
posted a comment on Tekno Dred Feat. Dave Jay - Change The Style / More Understanding. about 1 year ago
Stompn' Choonz were at the forefront of pushing some of the most experimental Hardcore during this era. 'More Understanding' is a lush piece of music that proved Hardcore could be both deep and soulful.
posted a comment on QBass - Funky Hardcore / Deepa (Remixes). about 1 year ago
I could be mistaken, but I seem to remember Sub Base's artwork guru, Dave Nodz, saying it was he who suggested NRG for the Remix of 'Deepa'. Whoever suggested it deserves a pint of the finest ale. NRG takes a fairly unremarkable original and flips it ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Freshtrax & DJ HMS* - Harmonik Distortion E.P.. about 1 year ago
Check my lists good sir! I'm adding stuff as often as I can. Mixes can be streamed or downloaded.

Glad you enjoy them btw :)
posted a comment on Sub System - Sub System II (J'Ai Peur). about 1 year ago
With sounds of metallic clunking and pressure valves releasing throughout, 'J'Ai Peur' is like a T-1000 relentlessly marching through a futuristic dystopian wasteland. Dark and industrial.

Fans of old skool Hardcore will recognise the bells and "J'Ai ... See full review
posted a comment on Moby - Into The Blue. about 1 year ago
The 'Uplifting 4-beat Mix' is hands-down one of my favourite tunes of all time. It manages to just hit that sweet spot between being euphoric and uplifting without ever being cheesy.

Seduction gets the credit for this remix (and of course you can ... See full review
posted a comment on Frequency (3) vs. Atkins* - Industrial Metal / Kiss The Sky Remix. about 1 year ago
I can never make my mind up whether I prefer the original or the remix of 'Kiss The Sky'. I love that shuffling break in this remix. It gives the tune a real sense of movement and makes it impossible not to have a little dance to. But then I love the ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Storm From The East . about 1 year ago
'NRG & Consciousness' reminds me of the opening to a sci-fi film. I can picture a beautiful panoramic shot of the expanding vastness of space as it plays.

Generally, when it comes to atmospheric D&B from this era, I much prefer tunes like this that ... See full review
posted a comment on Floor Filler - Part II. about 1 year ago
Just to echo the sentiments of the reviewer below, 'This Is The Future' is an absolute beauty! Dark, eerie Sci-fi vibes aplenty.

It baffles me as to why the '94 Sound Entity releases remain so overlooked!? (Maybe people weren't feeling the new 8-bit ... See full review
posted a comment on Noise Engineer - Jelly Wobble. about 1 year ago
This took me years to ID from an old Grooverider set @ The Eclipse. It took even longer to track a copy down!

'Thru The Night' is a belter of a tune. I have a bit of a moment everytime the Outlander style 'Vamp' stabs come in around the 2:20 mark.
posted a comment on DJ Reckless Project - Keep On To The Beat / Reckless Theme. about 1 year ago
Some people have this mad idea that as soon as the clock struck midnight on NYE 94/95 no more decent breakbeat Hardcore was being made. Maybe that goes some way to explaining why tunes like this continue to remain criminally overlooked. For me this tune ... See full review
posted a comment on The Obsession Project* - 4 Track E.P.. about 1 year ago
Reading the release notes of Various - The Sound Of Obsession Volume One I noticed that Obsession Project is a 3-way collaboration between Peer Osmundsvaag (as already mentioned by the reviewer below), Gideon Dawson (the man behind the Obsession raves) and Ron Wells. I have updated the artist info ... See full review
posted a comment on Swift+Zinc* - Vol 1. about 1 year ago
Turns out, mine is pink one side and white on the other. 'alf n 'alf.
posted a comment on Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track. about 1 year ago
I realise the label states 1991, but I have to wonder if this could be an error? I can't find any evidence of it appearing in any tracklists until around summertime '92. Does anyone have a link to a well-known '91 set where this got played?
posted a comment on J.D.S. - Classified. about 1 year ago
I can't find any evidence of this appearing in tracklistings until the later half of '94. This is also around the time I remember it arriving in the record shops too - Does anyone have a link to a well-known '93 set where this got played?
submitted Tronik House* - Straight Outta Hell (Simon "Bassline" Smith Remix). about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. over 2 years ago
That would have been either myself or Bingo Bertie then :D I still have my old list of prices somewhere - Think I did these for about £7 lol. Ah well, the main thing is that they all went to good homes.
posted a comment on Bhab & Cas* - Two Thumbs II. over 2 years ago
Some good points there. Although I would add I'm dubious about the release date for Horn Track being 1991. To my knowledge there is no evidence of it appearing in any DJ sets until around mid '92. If anyone can link me to a '91 set with the Horn Track ... See full review
posted a comment on Bizzy B - The Science EP. over 2 years ago
Despite it's name, 'Slow Jam' is Hardcore at its most uncompromisingly brutal. Makes me wanna smash stuff!
posted a comment on Justin Time / Love Nation - Remixes By DJ Force + The Evolution + Austin Reynolds. over 2 years ago
When it comes to unsung heroes of the Old Skool Hardcore/Rave scene, Austin Reynolds must surely be up there amongst the best of ‘em. If it wasn’t for his tireless work behind the dials of almost every early release, Suburban Base would have undoubtedly ... See full review
posted a comment on Orca - Dances With Dolphins E.P. No. 1. over 2 years ago
One of those copies ended up with myself - Still got mine too :)
posted a comment on Bhab & Cas* - Two Thumbs II. over 2 years ago
Anyone into their oldskool breakbeat hardcore should instantly recognise the opening of Brain Rain, as it was sampled (like so many other Belgian techno tracks) by Egyptian Empire for the massive 'Horn Track' released later that year. As for this EP, ... See full review
posted a comment on The System (4) - Get The Music. over 2 years ago
In response to the message below I have uploaded and added the correct tracks for the white label release.