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posted a comment on Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track. 5 months ago
I realise the label states 1991, but I have to wonder if this could be an error? I can't find any evidence of it appearing in any tracklists until around summertime '92. Does anyone have a link to a well-known '91 set where this got played?
posted a comment on J.D.S. - Classified. 5 months ago
I can't find any evidence of this appearing in tracklistings until the later half of '94. This is also around the time I remember it arriving in the record shops too - Does anyone have a link to a well-known '93 set where this got played?
submitted Tronik House* - Straight Outta Hell (Simon "Bassline" Smith Remix). 5 months ago
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. 6 months ago
That would have been either myself or Bingo Bertie then :D I still have my old list of prices somewhere - Think I did these for about £7 lol. Ah well, the main thing is that they all went to good homes.
posted a comment on Bhab & Cas* - Two Thumbs II. 7 months ago
Some good points there. Although I would add I'm dubious about the release date for Horn Track being 1991. To my knowledge there is no evidence of it appearing in any DJ sets until around mid '92. If anyone can link me to a '91 set with the Horn Track ... See full review
posted a comment on Bizzy B - The Science EP. 7 months ago
Despite it's name, 'Slow Jam' is Hardcore at its most uncompromisingly brutal. Makes me wanna smash stuff!
posted a comment on Justin Time / Love Nation - Remixes By DJ Force + The Evolution + Austin Reynolds. 7 months ago
When it comes to unsung heroes of the Old Skool Hardcore/Rave scene, Austin Reynolds must surely be up there amongst the best of ‘em. If it wasn’t for his tireless work behind the dials of almost every early release, Suburban Base would have undoubtedly ... See full review
posted a comment on Orca - Dances With Dolphins E.P. No. 1. 10 months ago
One of those copies ended up with myself - Still got mine too :)
posted a comment on Bhab & Cas* - Two Thumbs II. 10 months ago
Anyone into their oldskool breakbeat hardcore should instantly recognise the opening of Brain Rain, as it was sampled (like so many other Belgian techno tracks) by Egyptian Empire for the massive 'Horn Track' released later that year. As for this EP, ... See full review
posted a comment on The System (4) - Get The Music. 11 months ago
In response to the message below I have uploaded and added the correct tracks for the white label release.
posted a comment on DJ Freshtrax & DJ HMS* - Harmonik Distortion E.P.. 12 months ago
As already mentioned by londoncall earlier, Harmonik Force is pretty much built around a section lifted wholesale from Unknown Artist - Force EP. It's still a wonderful and hypnotic piece of mellowed-out Hardcore however, and the perfect antidote to the rest of the ... See full review
posted a comment on Aphrodite - Bomber / Tell The Truth. 12 months ago
Worth noting that Bomber on this repress is ever so slightly different to the original APH 015 release. An additional "eeeee yeeaahhh" vocal during the breakdown being the most notable difference.
posted a comment on N.R.G. - The Hardcore EP. about 1 year ago
When I was a nipper I used to have a ZX Spectrum 128k. I loved that computer to bits, and each month I would buy magazines like Crash, Your Sinclair, and Sinclair User for the free demo tapes that came selotaped to the cover.

One month, one of these ... See full review
posted a comment on e.kude - DJ's Experience Volume 1. about 1 year ago
Where did the contributor who stated that this was by e.Kude get their information from? Or that this is even connected to the Boogie Times label at all? The production on this smacks of DJ SS - Signature 'farty-bass' the lot...

Check out DJ SS 'DJ ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Edge - The Remix. about 1 year ago
A thought occurred to me about the two different presses of this, (I’ve had copies of each at some point). The pressings I’m talking about are:

1. Single-sided press
2. Double-sided press - same track on both sides

I’ve seen a couple of different ... See full review
posted a comment on Homegrown Records. about 1 year ago
Although the labels state otherwise, roughly H.G. 020 onwards are 1995 releases going by when they actually started appearing in DJ sets etc. I guess they just forgot to update the label info.
posted a comment on Tin Tin (3) - Volume 1. about 1 year ago
Despite the label saying 1994, this was definitely a 1995 release. All Homegrown releases from around 20 onwards are 1995 (I guess they just didn’t bother updating their labels). I can remember the time when this arrived in the record shops, and it ... See full review
posted a comment on D.E.A. - Summer Vibe / The Message. about 1 year ago
You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to, let's just call the whole thing a thoroughly good tune.
posted a review of Various - Noise 3. about 1 year ago
Well worth picking up. Not least because it includes some belters such as Bass Ballistic’s ‘Smoke Dis One (Remix)’ and Run Ting’s ‘Back Again', but it also includes 4-5 tracks that so far as I’m aware were not released elsewhere.

The Dionysus and Spirit ... See full review
posted a comment on Bronski Beat, Marc Almond - I Feel Love. over 2 years ago
Good call! This almost went in the charity shop pile.
posted a comment on Fila Brazillia - Mermaids. over 3 years ago
RIP Blue Lamp and The Room :( Long live the Adelphi though! And yes, this tune is sublime.
posted a comment on Smart E's - Loo's Control. over 3 years ago
There are copies of this that have all four tracks as stated. Mine is one of them.
posted a comment on Quality Dope Tracks* - Ruff N' Tuff EP. over 4 years ago
Aye, Dream World is ridiculous! It took me a few trips to get through all the leftover stock. It's probably a bit misleading in my comment when I say about "tunes that never made it to the shops"; pretty much everything in there I have seen available ... See full review
posted a comment on Quality Dope Tracks* - Ruff N' Tuff EP. over 4 years ago
Ha, it was indeed :D How'd you guess?
submitted Marie (4) - Keep On Shining. over 5 years ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Quality Dope Tracks* - Ruff N' Tuff EP. over 6 years ago
In 1993, Great Asset, a major distributor of Hardcore went bust. Their remaining stock was divided into quarters and sold off at auction to various bidders. One of those quarters happened to end up in my hometown of Hull, bought by a local 2nd record ... See full review
posted a comment on Nebula II - Eye Memory. over 6 years ago
After catching a Nebula II P.A. recently I was lucky enough to bump into Joe Nebula in the chill out area, I wanted to give him props for producing one of my favourite Reinforced tunes. His eyes lit up when it turned out to be ‘Clocked It’ – a track on ... See full review
posted a review of Force Mass Motion - Speed EP. over 6 years ago
Lift / To Feel The Melody is undoubtedly the highlight for me on this EP. Switching perfectly between haunting pads, driving beats and the uplifting breakdowns that were the signature of early Force Mass Motion releases, Mr Wells pulls off a stunning ... See full review
posted a review of Bug Kann / Smokey Joe - Slowdown Baby / Shining. over 7 years ago
Right, if you are thinking of buying this because you remember ‘Shining’ from the ‘Jungle Massive’ compilation be very careful. There is a minor yet fundamental change that is the difference between it being a great track, and an annoying one - that ... See full review
posted a review of D-Code (3) - Take The Feeling. over 7 years ago
For me, this is a release that stands out in a labels discography whose output was more often ‘miss’ than it was ‘hit’. Unlike other Boogie Beat releases which were mostly lo-fi breakbeat hardcore tunes that stole ideas from superior records, this ... See full review
posted a review of Syko - Sextalk / Night Of The Demon. over 7 years ago
‘Night of The Demon’ ditched the zeitgeist of hedonistic Rave vibes in favour of horror-tinged paranoia and fear - an idea which pre-dated the popular 1993 Darkcore sound by two years. The whole track resembles some sort of bad trip where even its more ... See full review
posted a review of U.T.I - Rhyme Bomb. over 9 years ago
Unfortunately for UTI, Rhyme Bomb came at a point in time when Drum N Bass had eschewed the dancefloor friendly beats of Urban Takeover and Dj Hype in favour of the more dark/techy sounds off Ed Rush and Bad Company. However, if Rhyme bomb had a) been ... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 9 years ago
posted a review of Pure Daze - Open Your Eyes. over 10 years ago
Despite coming across numerous copies of the 1-sided labelled release of this tune, I have only ever seen one copy of this double-sided three track white label release.

The extra track (A1) which was not included on the labelled release is exactly the ... See full review