I love real techno and house music: real meaning straight from the source and, you know, real! I am pretty attached to all of my records. I don't participate in trading or selling. I just use discogs to help in my cataloging. Good luck in your search for great titles! :) All the records I own came about from lots of digging and gracious donation at opportune moments. ;)
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posted a comment on Mr. Scruff - Keep It Unreal. over 7 years ago
as this was put out in 1999, it captured a lot of the liberty that the newly forged 'trip hop' movement afforded in its infancy. ninja tune is also a label that has no problem with novelty, and many ninja tune fans follow the label specifically for that ... See full review
posted a comment on Jamie Principle - Your Love. over 8 years ago
i would say that the bassline is not entirely verbatim, but the riff is definitely appropriated. the progression is different, but there is no question that it was inspired by and closely mimics the bassline in the excerpt specified from the 'Feels Good' ... See full review