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A List of Discoggers i've had A++++ transaction with.
<a href="" class=ar_lg>anime_gee</a>
<a href="" class=ar_lg>djfrankiebones</a>
<a href="" class=ar_lg>djpascaldesjardins</a>
<a href="" class=ar_lg>dmusict</a>
<a href="" class=ar_lg>mark4kwark</a>
<a href="" class=ar_lg></a>
<a href="" class=ar_lg>downlowmusic</a>
<a href="" class=ar_lg>markusda</a>
<a href="" class=ar_lg>djtatay</a>
<a href="" class=ar_lg>thegreg</a>

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posted a review of G. Flame & Mr. G* - Who Knows !? G. about 1 year ago
This Quadruple Pack (!) has so many deep groovers it is almost impossible to take it all in. I used to mix them all together, but truth be told alot of the tracks go far fast and then its hard to come back to earth and into another record. Still one of ... See full review
posted a review of Trackman - Don't Stop. about 1 year ago
Wickety Wack features on Doc Martin's landmark Mix CD, Unlock Your Mind. Hearing it alone without his overdubing with maybe two other records, it really is an outstanding track on its own. So packed full of low end sounds.
posted a review of JT Company - Feel It (In The Air). about 1 year ago
An ethereal house classic. It could have also been called: An Angel Came to Visit Me While I Danced In My Sleep. The Vannelli Evolution Dubby Mix and the Acapella are the top prize here. This is a good one to let roll to the end and bring another woozy ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago