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posted a comment on Bassland Prophecy* - Nine / Deeper. over 3 years ago
GREAT!!!! :) ps: my story continued & now I have this vinyl from one of the creators as a gift (with autograph)... This is the main & most valuable item in my collection for me!
posted a comment on Various - Мировоззрение (Kazantip Compilation). over 5 years ago
Great compilation...Only good tracks here, especially "Expedition Zero – It's A Drug"; "SS Project – 4 Апреля"; "J-Run – Утро +5С"; "Agony Aunt – Прыжок В Небо"...too much sense of nostalgia from 90-ss for any M.D.S. & Dj. Incognito fans... Unfortunately ... See full review
posted a comment on Bassland Prophecy* - Nine / Deeper. over 7 years ago
The only bad thing about this masterpiece, it's not released on CD...
posted a comment on Khetzal - Corolle. over 7 years ago
Just received CD today & was surprised about this reissue. Before ordered I was afraid the reissue artwork will be awful quality, but hopefully it’s not true. It was made very well, colorful & accurate, suppose very close to original release, except CD ... See full review
posted a comment on Uni (2) - Unreleased Tracks [1]. over 7 years ago
I've listened to it only on 90's Radio show "Children Of Undeground" by XP VooDoo & from that moment interested about this japanese group. This version of Aion I like more than original which was released on the first album. More drums here & more ... See full review
posted a comment on Shulman - In Search Of A Meaningful Moment. over 7 years ago
This is my favorite album of all time till these days!
Just piece of plastic, but it contents new unexplored worlds, which I’m still interested to learn & every time I fill myself amazing…
Eternal music!
posted a comment on E-Mantra - Signals. over 7 years ago
Goa-heads! I must pay you attention to “Radiant Vision” track!!! It’s very unusual, masterpiece & real trip… I couldn’t explain, but it transferred me in trance feeling & I like it... especially it so long, much than 12 minutes journey ….
Where is no ... See full review
posted a review of Various - N°1 Fantasy (L'Esprit De Ambience). over 8 years ago
Eternal ambient release, one of the best (may be the best) of all time!!! The cover with bottle of perfume it’s very approach to content, like good perfume this compilation still masterpiece after 14 years & even better with time (in my opinion),so much ... See full review
posted a review of Bassland Prophecy* - Nine / Deeper. over 8 years ago
It was a very long way for me to discover the mystery of this unbelievable release and finally is over.
Let me tell You a story. It was deep night in 1998 year, I haven’t sleep listening radio show on 106.8 FM (the first electronic music radio in ... See full review
posted a review of Color Box - Train To Chroma City. over 9 years ago
“Color Box” is the project by brothers Abildgaard from Denmark. Jensen & Kenneth made very good work together in 1997 & presented this album with 8 excellent Goa tracks. The album contains four parts (four “railway stations” - Greenvich, Bluesville, ... See full review
posted a review of Technova - Tantric Steps. over 10 years ago
No posts under David Harrow’s "Tantric Steps" until this day! It’s very strange for me, but may be chill people don’t know about this rare work.
Actually this CD it's compilation with different versions of "Delta"(except "Data"), but each track has own ... See full review