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0203983A - Untitled
submitted 0203983A - Untitled. 11 days ago
Sender Berlin - JR 500
posted a review of Sender Berlin - JR 500. 9 months ago
massively underappreciated release.
original mix sounds like an Axis era Mills track with some eerie short strings and killer 909 programming. develops into a complete different beast in the second half with a crazy psychedelic pulsing synth... See full review
Nanospeed - Membran Tracks 5-8
posted a review of Nanospeed - Membran Tracks 5-8. 9 months ago
This one and the other Membran Tracks release have aged incredibly well. Inventive dubby minimal techno with great sound design. The dancefloor tracks work a treat aswell. Really sticks out from the sea of boring low-mid tempo dub techno copycats out there. See full review
Kasbah - Words Of The Elders EP
submitted Kasbah - Words Of The Elders EP. 10 months ago
DJ Deeon
posted a review of DJ Deeon. 10 months ago
Rest in peace, DJ Deeon. Hard to put into words how much of an impact he had on House, Techno and Juke/Footwork music history.
In a more subtle way his influence can even be found in modern pop music and hiphop. All this while keeping it 100%... See full review
Jeff Mills - Steampit EP
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Steampit EP. 11 months ago
He created a legion of copyists who released generic, tribal techno records that lacked all of the skill, soul, funk, and drive that he had mastered and made his own.

Absolutely not true. There are hundreds if not... See full review
Eurisco - Never Enough Dope
posted a review of Eurisco - Never Enough Dope. 11 months ago
A quote from Neville Watson on Eurisco:
"Ian & Steve were friends of mine from Brighton. Ian was quite involved in the free party scene down there DJ'ing under the name Vitamin Ian. I lost contact with them both in the late 90s and as far as I know... See full review
posted a review of Muslimgauze. 11 months ago
To my understanding:•Soleilmoon has an agreement with a member of Jones' estate.•Staalplaat doesn't.

Can you please point to a source for this info?
There is literally nothing to be found online on either label website.
Sandwell District - Feed-Forward
posted a review of Sandwell District - Feed-Forward. 11 months ago
With demand this high they could have easily made the records way cheaper.
Seems like now even techno vinyl is going the way of bullshit "boutique" box sets for bourgeois collectors.
AudioMatriX - Technomusicology EP
submitted AudioMatriX - Technomusicology EP. 11 months ago
The AMX* - AudioMatriX Volume 1
submitted The AMX* - AudioMatriX Volume 1. 11 months ago
AudioMatriX - Technomusicology EP
posted a review of AudioMatriX - Technomusicology EP. 11 months ago
buy the digis on their bandcamp words words words words
posted a comment on Muslimgauze. about 1 year ago
So what is the copyright situation with all this archive music being released on the Staalplaat bandcamp?
Where is the money going? Did Jones just leave this music behind with the label?
A small statement from labels like Staalplaat and Soleilmoon... See full review
Musik Aus Strom (2) - Biotech Motor Traxx
posted a review of Musik Aus Strom (2) - Biotech Motor Traxx. about 1 year ago
Is this funkstorung in their early days? Seems odd this has the same name.

This is Holger Erlenwein and Ive Müller (H.E.I.M. Elektronik) who produced this record on a rented Soundcraft desk in Holger's barn, inspired in part... See full review
2 Men On A Trip - You Make Me Feel (Get Funky)
posted a review of 2 Men On A Trip - You Make Me Feel (Get Funky). about 1 year ago
Bonus Beats are completely off the wall. Swiss Jackin madness!
Wish they would have made a 5 minute version of this stripped down style.
Autobot 1000* - Revolution EP
posted a review of Autobot 1000* - Revolution EP. about 1 year ago
There is no white label with grey typo. The other entry just had a low quality greyscale photo.
Autobot 1000* - Revolution EP
posted a review of Autobot 1000* - Revolution EP. about 1 year ago
an absolutely bad boy detroit electro release, buy on sight!!
2 Tha Point (2) Featuring Ascend (4) - Feel The Need (Mixes)
posted a review of 2 Tha Point (2) Featuring Ascend (4) - Feel The Need (Mixes). about 1 year ago
Mine is stamped with 8th of August 1997. Probably not the release date judging by how this record sounds?!
Ginji Ito = 伊藤銀次* - Winter Wonderland I Thank You
posted a review of Ginji Ito = 伊藤銀次* - Winter Wonderland I Thank You. about 1 year ago
This is a pretty fun synth-pop album. For some reason Sony blocks this on youtube or any other streaming service outside of Japan so you will have to take my word for it.
Muzaffer Akgün - Erzurum Daǧları
submitted Muzaffer Akgün - Erzurum Daǧları. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Xenon (8). about 1 year ago
I'm guessing this is Douglas Patterson aka Autobot 1000.
"Living in Detroit" has a similar runout matrix number scheme as the 2004 release "Autobot 1000 – Revolution EP".
Voice sounds similar too.
Dettinger - Totentanz
posted a review of Dettinger - Totentanz. about 1 year ago
Extremely forward thinking EP. Technoid Dembow rhythms like you would expect to hear them on a 2023 record made in 1999.
I could not believe my ears the first time I heard this.
DJ Spen & Karizma Presents Deepah Ones - In The Sky
posted a review of DJ Spen & Karizma Presents Deepah Ones - In The Sky. about 1 year ago
Secret Baltimore Club bomb on the B-Side. Karizma did all his greatest club tracks around this time on Hardhead etc and this one is of the same caliber but 1/10th of the price.
Millsart - Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 5
posted a review of Millsart - Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 5. about 1 year ago
People are sleeping on this series. This is some of the best music Mills has ever made.
It's like the happy medium between his scifi experiments and his more earthy mid 90s sound.
Gottfried Renz-Fidéo - Nightdrive - Keyboardsession
submitted Gottfried Renz-Fidéo - Nightdrive - Keyboardsession. about 1 year ago
Richard Devine - Coefficients Of Friction EP
posted a review of Richard Devine - Coefficients Of Friction EP. about 1 year ago
Someone please upload this to youtube already. Been waiting to hear it for years.
Devine is probably too busy being a eurorack instagram influencer to care about this record nowadays.
The Don* - The Don EP
posted a review of The Don* - The Don EP. about 1 year ago
Great to see this reissued.
Idk what source was used for the reissue but the record doesn't exactly sound super clean.
Anyway, the sound aesthetic of the original tracks itself is a bit lo-fi and not mixed very professionally (isn't that the... See full review
Marja Burchard, Simon Popp* -  Percussive Maintenance (2)
submitted Marja Burchard, Simon Popp* - Percussive Maintenance (2). about 1 year ago
Fairmount Squad - Techno Hustlers EP
posted a review of Fairmount Squad - Techno Hustlers EP. about 1 year ago
Reissue coming on Brian Bonds, Kenneth Harrington and Brian Boyer's label harbonder.
DJ Etnic - Stardust Symphonie
posted a review of DJ Etnic - Stardust Symphonie. about 1 year ago
Not sure why people are trying to sell this for speculative prices over 20€. It's pretty generic big room prog trance (think, Tiësto).
Nothing like the label design and limited availability would have you believe.
Similar as to what can be found on... See full review
Phase* - Katino II EP
posted a review of Phase* - Katino II EP. about 1 year ago
The sometimes sudden volume changes of the pad on B1 are a simple but genius way of keeping this track interesting.
posted a comment on Ben Mays. about 1 year ago
Wonder what happened to him. He was destined for greatness imo. Amazing records, most of them working and mixing with talented session musicians. The potential for a career even in the wider music business was there as far as I can tell. Even did some... See full review
DBR - Demon Bass Anthem
posted a review of DBR - Demon Bass Anthem. about 1 year ago
Same email is written on the following release with a similar title:
Unknown Artist - Demon Bass
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Demon Bass. about 1 year ago
Linked to this one. Also produced by Dameon Troy:
Jeff Mills - Conquest
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Conquest. about 1 year ago
Probably scrapped due to 9/11. Needs a re-release badly.
Same as the Kana EP on Purpose Maker.
Outsider - Trax For Ghetto Blasters
posted a review of Outsider - Trax For Ghetto Blasters. about 1 year ago
If it wasn't obvious already, Sex is Extra samples Prince - Sexy Dancer.
DJ ESP - You Gotta Do  What You Gotta Do
posted a review of DJ ESP - You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do. about 1 year ago
The voice on this record is sampled from the classic Boyd Jarvis / Regisford production "J-A Groove – Dub The Tension".
Samuel L Session - Fallen Funk Files
posted a review of Samuel L Session - Fallen Funk Files. about 1 year ago
Might just be any random reversed voice sample but "Purpose" sounds like it samples "Kid Creole And The Coconuts – Adnaloy", evidenced by the aptly named track "Kid Creole" on the B2.
User (4) - 02
posted a review of User (4) - 02. about 1 year ago
The track in the video is on User 002A:
Abstract Thought - Hypothetical Situations
posted a review of Abstract Thought - Hypothetical Situations. about 1 year ago
In the same post he mentioned that the CD was mastered with low bitrate mp3 files. Looking at the CD on a spectrum analyzer confirms this sadly. The only possibility for a proper reissue that remains is GD or JS's family having backup copies of the... See full review
City-2 St. Giga
posted a comment on City-2 St. Giga. about 1 year ago
No wonder nobody is talking about it when a 12" record (not even an LP) from this vinyl only label costs 35€ minimum at a European distro on release. The music is pretty great though.
Joerg Bergs
posted a review of Joerg Bergs. about 1 year ago
One of the most underrated German 90s techno producers. Never afraid to get a bit weird with the sound design but keeping a purist Hood/Mills style approach to the rhythms. Also made some cool electro tracks. Overall his sound reminds me of Voiteck... See full review
Amber (7) - A Matter Of Time
posted a review of Amber (7) - A Matter Of Time. about 1 year ago
It's a typical early-mid 90s Trax pressing. Don't expect other copies to sound any better.
Majik Man - Majik Man
posted a review of Majik Man - Majik Man. about 1 year ago
B Side sounds a lot like Mr G. A Side not so much but still plausible...
DJ Tee Bee* - Roll Em Up
posted a review of DJ Tee Bee* - Roll Em Up. about 1 year ago
The runout and labels are swapped with AINT001, which in turn accidentally has the label and runout of this record. I corrected the two pages now. For anyone still confused, the youtube links on the two pages play the correct tunes but show the label... See full review
Buckfunk 3000 - Modulation
posted a review of Buckfunk 3000 - Modulation. about 1 year ago
Killer! More straight forward machine techno than the other Buckfunk records and thus reminiscent of Beggs's releases on Eukatech. Cool synth sounds, Chicago influenced drum trax with IDM-leaning beat repeats and fills to keep things interesting (esp.... See full review
Light Sounds Dark
posted a comment on Light Sounds Dark. about 1 year ago
On an individual artist copyright level I understand the frustration with this bootleg label. However, basically everything they release is long out of print, obscure and prohibitively expensive. If anything these bootlegs have sparked new interest in... See full review
Clan Analogue
posted a comment on Clan Analogue. about 1 year ago
Amazing label. Worth a proper deep dig especially since almost all of it is available on digital platforms now.
Mr. De'
posted a comment on Mr. De'. about 1 year ago
For me the #1 Detroit unsung hero. Unmistakable basslines and piano playing. Probably behind more of everyone's favorite ghettotech tracks than people realize and oversaw some of the best releases out of Detroit. Remarkably consistent even going into... See full review
Pekka Airaksinen
posted a review of Pekka Airaksinen. about 1 year ago
genius musician with masses of obscure CDr releases. pretty much every single one I have heard so far was a worthwhile listening experience. I seriously hope his family/friends/right holders release all of this material online or work with a label to... See full review