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France Gall - Computer Nr. 3 / Alle Reden Von Der Liebe
posted a review of France Gall - Computer Nr. 3 / Alle Reden Von Der Liebe. over 16 years ago
Um, well (cough), this is France Gall. Until now, before I accidentially came across this one, I used to run away as soon as I noticed myself listening to one of her bizarre (German speaking) Schlager products. But this one baffled me big time. She... See full review
The Potato Chips - Roxann'es Real Fat
posted a review of The Potato Chips - Roxann'es Real Fat. over 16 years ago
This one had everything what it takes for a cool oldskool-electro mover: the sound, the beats and the funkyness are fine here. disturbingly the sad part is the record lacks of utter political correctness, even for 1984, as the lyrics make fun at the... See full review
Dancer - Number Nine
posted a review of Dancer - Number Nine. over 17 years ago
yeah, it's all about sex. the highlight is surely the "Bedroom Mix" which is a realized acoustic blow-job in the first place. "Stars On Number Nine" uses alienated samples from Michael Jackson's "Bad" release but is overall a good funky dance track... See full review
The Future (2) - Nuclear Holocaust
posted a review of The Future (2) - Nuclear Holocaust. over 18 years ago
TOP oldskool electro-slammer released at the heyday of this genre and it contains a political component as it is a statement against the Cold War. Anologue repetitive pattern as usual for that time but hardly to exceed in funkyness compared to... See full review
Max Tundra - Children At Play
posted a review of Max Tundra - Children At Play. over 19 years ago
I learned to love this record. The main track on side A starts with a short child melody (which IMO sounds better played at 45 rpm) slightly distorted from time to time. It then turns into drill'n'bass mode with a jazzy attitude. I know many people... See full review
Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories
posted a review of Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories. over 19 years ago
..and I felt a strong need to comment this album here. In some way it is very astonishing that it already came out in 1993, a time which was considered as the age of "Intelligent Techno" or "Intelligent" especially by british music press. This one... See full review
Stasis - History Of Future E.P.
posted a review of Stasis - History Of Future E.P.. over 19 years ago
Cool fusion between the deep soul of cryogenic detroit techno and hard hiphop beatz... this tracks take their time, but take a closer look u won´t be cheated at all...
John Beltran - Ten Days Of Blue
posted a review of John Beltran - Ten Days Of Blue. over 19 years ago
Where I have been when this came out? No mediocre track at all on this record, it is a fantastic sound experience here. Emphasized ambient melodies between fine minimal electronica rhythms. "Collage Of Dreams" is one of those tracks impossible ever to... See full review
Redagain P & Keen K - Urlaub Am Strand EP
posted a review of Redagain P & Keen K - Urlaub Am Strand EP. over 19 years ago
This is another treasure I recently retrieved from my archive and I didn't knew that I still own it... today I think it's a brilliant release. Funky experimental robo-tech electro which reminds me in some parts a bit on Kraftwerk (especially the... See full review
Si Begg - Just Feel It
posted a review of Si Begg - Just Feel It. over 19 years ago
What a luck I never sold it. Was not the thing when I first pre-listened it in the store but my internal collector instinct forced me to buy and I never had to regret my decision. Wicked soundscapes, changing rhythms, weird things are happening... See full review
Various - Lexicon Of Techno House
posted a review of Various - Lexicon Of Techno House. over 20 years ago
Everyone is associating some tunes which were most impressive to you when you began to be part of wide universe of electronic music. For me this one compilation (it was my very first vinyl compilation I bought) contains some of them. The LFO tested my... See full review
Infiniti - Higher
posted a review of Infiniti - Higher. over 20 years ago
I honestly admit that I even have noticed today what a wonderful release this one is, really, although I own the record since a long time. Such releases like that one are more relevant nowadays than when they came out. Particularly the melodic... See full review
Various - Essential Electro - The Business
posted a review of Various - Essential Electro - The Business. over 20 years ago
THE BOMB. I learned a lot through this compilation to get an idea about the early times of hiphop-electro. Repetetive "assmoving" pattern tracks are collected with melodic masterpieces together here and definitely you know where all these samples come... See full review
:zoviet-france:* - Mohnomishe
posted a review of :zoviet-france:* - Mohnomishe. over 20 years ago
The sound was so far ahead of it's time. All these strange soundscapes had fascinated me after first listening. Easily to recognize the influences of ambient and industrial. 1983. A good year for electronic music. And sure the masterpiece of Zoviet France... See full review
Pod - The Vanguard EP
posted a review of Pod - The Vanguard EP. over 20 years ago
Can confirm comments above, every time Kenny is releasing something it's pure quality for me. Beside the awesome "Northern Light" track I like this simple experimental "Lifeforms" tune. In conclusio I have to say both tracks are highlights of a true... See full review
Various - Techno! (The New Dance Sound Of Detroit)
posted a review of Various - Techno! (The New Dance Sound Of Detroit). over 20 years ago
Once again, this compilation is great, especially the Blake Baxter tracks... I don't think they are underproduced, the production standards nowadays are far better than 1988. Despite there are hits like "Big Fun" it contains more funk than the most... See full review
The Tornados - Telstar
posted a review of The Tornados - Telstar. over 20 years ago
Mono record of a pioneer of the earliest electronic music, Robert George "Joe" Meek. "Telstar" was probably the first strange sounding no.1 in UK charts & the sure first british no.1 in the states. This track was an hommage to the first communication... See full review
Sluts'n'Strings & 909 - Carrera
posted a review of Sluts'n'Strings & 909 - Carrera. over 20 years ago
There are much tricky arragements in rhythms and a lot of sound variations in it, that's really an astonishing work. In my opinion the best piece is B1 "Past The Gates" (the tracklisting here is currently wrong). Contains well made experimental... See full review
Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4
posted a review of Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4. over 20 years ago
Indeed a journey deep into your mind, when it first came out, music press almost gave (with some exceptions) a negative response, nobody understood this concept. After the increasing the rave scene in the early nineties this record became more and... See full review
Adonis - No Way Back (The Advent Remixes)
posted a review of Adonis - No Way Back (The Advent Remixes). over 20 years ago
Why can't The Advent artists make a own techno track for the purpose to use it for sets of the hard techno fraction? They put together what does not belongs to each other, hard drumpatterns over a soulful house classic!!! This record doesn't belong... See full review
Jesse Saunders - On And On
posted a review of Jesse Saunders - On And On. over 20 years ago
Here probably it is, THE first recorded house release in today's sense ever! Everyone seems to know the first detroit techno track, but house? It is told anytime and everywhere that House Music has many founding fathers, but I'm sure, this record it is...
Lawrence - The Absence Of Blight
posted a review of Lawrence - The Absence Of Blight. over 20 years ago
After first check strong feelings inside me instinctly created terms in direction "Deep IDM House" or similiar... then my mind seems always saying to me like: "Beautiful music! Wonderful music! Deep and sensitive that all!" And so I started to dream... See full review
Type (3) - Jaguar
posted a review of Type (3) - Jaguar. over 20 years ago
This is a ripp-off not approved by UR! Trance mixes made by type instructed by A&R Dirk Dreyer for entering the charts for cash, shame on Dirk Dreyer and shame on the copyright laws which are making this possible that every music company can do such... See full review
DJ BoozyWoozy
posted a review of DJ BoozyWoozy. over 20 years ago
Ok, I don't want make here the same old discussion, Boozy has sure also right with his sight of making music. The intention of record industry can be different than the intensions of artists, which are signed by them. Most of them can identify with... See full review
Plastikman - Closer
posted a review of Plastikman - Closer. over 20 years ago
Well, a possible candidate for the album 2003 and is a collector's item too! Richie is becoming better and better in creating abstract minimal funkiness, permanently loosing myself in it. Will be sure a well asked release in the future. This record... See full review
Fallout - The Morning After
posted a review of Fallout - The Morning After. over 21 years ago
Yes, of course quality! This one was a so much important influence for later generations of producers, especially the "Sunrise Mix". The track is rereleased on "10+1 Influences" album of Warp Records (WARP LP 067). And it's indeed a big acknowlege to... See full review
µ-Ziq - Lunatic Harness
posted a review of µ-Ziq - Lunatic Harness. over 21 years ago
Definitely THE Mike Paradinas release, weird arrangements & abstract melodies between this breakbeat madness make this tune to something special. And a really excellent work, sure will have an influence on other artists in drum'n'bass scene... respect.
Model 500 - Deep Space
posted a review of Model 500 - Deep Space. over 21 years ago
One of my sentimental favorites in my collection. Tracks like "Starlight" (licensed from Metroplex) never left my heart. Juan Atkins was and is still the biggest influence to join into electronic dance music for me, a great collection of essential tracks. See full review
Anti Pop Consortium* - Tragic Epilogue
posted a review of Anti Pop Consortium* - Tragic Epilogue. over 21 years ago

I find this great album is essential for the whole music of Anti-Pop Consortium. They know what they are standing for and they were always discovering a new form of expression in Hip Hop with experiments in sound & lyrics.... See full review
Bogdan Raczynski - Boku Mo Wakaran
posted a review of Bogdan Raczynski - Boku Mo Wakaran. over 21 years ago
A hammer, indeed! A journey through the world of abstract breakbeats & melodies. Will rock every party with guarantee. "Samurai Math Beats" is the same masterpiece, it's very recommended to own both records in your collection.
Sun Electric - Present
posted a review of Sun Electric - Present. over 21 years ago
What a pity that only a few users owns this release at the moment. For me a milestone in ambient and listening music, surely the most advanced work I know from this act. The creative soundscapes in there still sounds very innovative and a lot of nice... See full review
Jake Slazenger - Das Ist Ein Groovybeat, Ja
posted a review of Jake Slazenger - Das Ist Ein Groovybeat, Ja. over 21 years ago
I think this album should get a chance. Sure, that's not exactly the stuff we know under his aliases µ-Ziq or Tusken Raiders... but perhaps every artists moniker is standing for another concept for a work! I like "Hung Like A Bull" and "Lumpback... See full review
Carl Craig - Landcruising
posted a review of Carl Craig - Landcruising. over 21 years ago
A further masterpiece like "More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art" and "Programmed" (as Innerzone Orchestra, both records on Planet E), since I've heard such advanced works I always keep an eye on Carl's recent activities. So it's recommended to... See full review
The Martian - The Long Winter Of Mars
posted a review of The Martian - The Long Winter Of Mars. over 21 years ago
"Spontaneous lifeform"! Yes, that is one of these really good tracks from detroit for which I'm living for. Mostly ignored, but it has these special strenght and intensity deep inside. An eternal minimal acid classic for open minds, worth to check!
Chris Korda & The Church Of Euthanasia - Sex Is Good
posted a review of Chris Korda & The Church Of Euthanasia - Sex Is Good. over 21 years ago
I bought this record years ago because of it's both theme tracks on side A (indeed they are still good today), then after a long time of forgetting I discovered it again after a check of my collection. I noticed that the B-side contains the more... See full review
Various - Ninja Cuts: Funkungfusion
posted a review of Various - Ninja Cuts: Funkungfusion. over 21 years ago
I like this track "The Crow" by DJ Food very much. It's a so deep sensitive music in an awesome way rarely heard nowadays. I know yet really, why he is one of the most respected artists on this label :) Does anybody know an released 12" with other... See full review
23 Skidoo - The Gospel Comes To New Guinea / Coup
posted a review of 23 Skidoo - The Gospel Comes To New Guinea / Coup. over 21 years ago
This one contains the great classic "Coup" originally released in 1983 on Illuminated Records (please view which is one of the sentimental favorites of Andrew Weatherall. Perhaps a reason why this track is licensed to... See full review
Daniel Wang - The Probe, The Strobe
posted a review of Daniel Wang - The Probe, The Strobe. over 21 years ago
"I've written these notes for a while now, and there's not much more to say. I began making records out of both frustration & love: frustration with with today's disposable tracks with no musicianship, variation, or originality, and a love for the... See full review
Various - All Tomorrow's Parties 3.0 - Autechre Curated
posted a review of Various - All Tomorrow's Parties 3.0 - Autechre Curated. over 21 years ago
Of course, all pieces of music here are excellent productions in their own way, but after hearing the whole LP some times again everytime I stopped to this one: "Push Button Objects / ATP Track" (A3). I guess the fact that the track is made so simple... See full review
Fingers Inc. - Another Side
posted a review of Fingers Inc. - Another Side. over 21 years ago
"On a distant planet in the jacking zone Finger Inc.have been displaying another side of House music sincebefore anyone knew there was one. Far and free from the defects that have conspired (in vain) to weaken house music's
exploding popularity -... See full review
Jaga Jazzist - A Livingroom Hush
posted a review of Jaga Jazzist - A Livingroom Hush. over 21 years ago
This one track, "Lithuania" (B3), has touched me so much, always a very emotional jazz feeling and an awesome arrangement, can imagine that it will become a great classic. I think he next track "Cinematic" is suitable for a soundtrack for a melancholy... See full review
Various - Detroit Techno City
posted a review of Various - Detroit Techno City. over 21 years ago
Can't remember really when I have heard a so much fine record from Detroit (except some Transmat releases). Since I own that one it is still in my case with my recent favourites which I hear almost at home. There is a special kind of deep & funky... See full review
Humanoid - Sessions 84-88
posted a review of Humanoid - Sessions 84-88. over 21 years ago
It's still amazing how much creativity is in these tracks, acid would not be a dead genre if there would be released more such crazy and weird stuff. I can't believe that all this music was made over 15 years ago, the whole compilation is definitely... See full review
posted a review of Tomita. over 21 years ago
Here is the right place to put a short biography of this great musician which is taken from the back of his awesome LP "The Newest Sound Of Debussy":

Isao Tomita was born in Tokyo in 1932. He studied art history at Keio University in Tokyo and... See full review
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream
posted a review of Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream . over 21 years ago
This track contains an pre-goa trance attitude which a lot of people can't hear any more today, but for the circumstances in development of electronic music movement in 1993 it was a really innovative mindblowing tune. I also prefer the flip side of... See full review
Various - NSC
posted a review of Various - NSC. over 21 years ago
When I bought this copy I noticed there was a blue coloured DIN A4 paper with a written story in the plastic bag. For record owners who don't have this story or people who are interested in histery of detroit techno, I must tell what is written on... See full review
Kevin Saunderson - Faces & Phases Vol. 1 - The Kevin Saunderson Collection
posted a review of Kevin Saunderson - Faces & Phases Vol. 1 - The Kevin Saunderson Collection. over 21 years ago
I've heard from other users that this release is very recommended to have for someone who likes detroit or good electronic music in general. So I get this one after a long hunting. After hearing through the album the first time I was so excited, you... See full review
Cybotron - Interface: The Roots Of Techno
posted a review of Cybotron - Interface: The Roots Of Techno. over 21 years ago
"This music is just like Detroit, a complete mistake. It's like George Clinton and Kraftwerk are stuck in an elevator with only a sequencer to keep them company."

Derrick May
The Hostile - Ambush
posted a review of The Hostile - Ambush. over 21 years ago
"You've been waiting for your adventure vacation all year and now you're finally here headed up river and you're gonna have fun regardless of the poverty, corruption, political unrest, fragile ECO systems and reports of rebel forces in the area. After... See full review
Plastikman - Consumed
posted a review of Plastikman - Consumed. over 21 years ago
Excellent. Very minimalistic grooves with dubby & slightly dark athmospheres. Sounds and noises appear and disappear slowly during running time of the tracks. Sometimes I have an assoziation to Chain Reaction. This one is the most advanced Richie... See full review