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The vinyl habit started from catching the DJ bug early in the 1990s. First, I was after UK Breakbeat Hardcore / Jungle and US underground house, and then down the rabbit hole I went. I stopped gigging in 2005/2006, records are now collecting dust! Through this bloody resource, I'm still learning/buying.

I've tried to kick it, but it is still... Deep House & Techno 4 Life...

COVID UPDATE... Buying records again and I am behind the decks too! (still no DVS, CDJs, etc..)

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RE: Items for Sale
I'm not a shop, instead just a halfway recovering obsessive with a "robust" team of 1 counting me for this operation (e.g. no elves, i live and die on my own internal tracking, fulfillment, etc). I have been selling online off and on since 1999. Inventory for sale includes mostly house / tech - house / techno then disco, new wave and other repetitive beats being moved from my collection. I do try to playgrade everything that I list especially more valuable pieces.

I'm selling more out of my collection nowadays. I avoid selling common records for $1-2 and those records are going to end up in small lots on eBay, and probably uncleaned... I ain't got no time for that too!

Currently only selling to the US and limited international destinations

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Please don't contact me with requests to convert/rip etc. Thanks!

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1989 Illegal Rave, Acid House

Now, my current rotating trainwreck of a soundtrack:

This one, back to the top -> Keith Jarrett - The Köln Concert
Recently got onto this, but I think I should have been onto this one all along. Love this guy. -> Keith Jarrett - Sun Bear Concerts
Ryan Adams - Prisoner and Prisoner B Sides
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Thomas Dolby - Field Work
Delroy Edwards - Slowed Down Funk 2
Ben Sims mixes found HERE.
Cole Medina mixes found HERE.
Francois K - Spirit of Dub Nov 2015 Dommune
94 East - If You Feel Like Dancing
Ryan Adams - 1989
Pat Metheny Group - Travels
The Church (sometimes on repeat..) - Under the Milky Way
Scientist YouTube Montages - Scientist - Rids The World Of The Evil Curse... 1981 + All The Original Tracks | Scientist - Wins The World Cup + All The Original Tracks 1982
Joe Claussell - Agora E Seu Tempo
Francois K - Opening Set at Deep Space 5/25/07
The KLF - Live From the Lost Continent / Chill Out
Cocteau Twins - Treasure / Pandora (for Cindy)
TORN HAWK - Bad Deadlift and Born To Win (Life After Ghostbusters)
Jose Feliciano - Feliciano!
Manuel Gottsching - Dream & Desire
Ash Ra Tempel - Freak & Roll // Paris Downers
Cat Stevens - Was Dog A Doughnut
Lanterna - Silent Hills
Elza Soares - A Bossa Negra
Dinosaur Jr - The Wagon
7 Seconds - Soulforce Revolution

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D.J. Skull* - Skitzo Frantic E.P.
posted a review of D.J. Skull* - Skitzo Frantic E.P.. 7 months ago
Straight up Chicago Techno loopiness via Frequency Response. Bringing this back to the front..
Aztec Jungle - Go With The Tempo
posted a review of Aztec Jungle - Go With The Tempo. 10 months ago
I just dug this out after not listening to it since the early 2000s.. If I don’t sell it, Just Let the Music Motivate will be in the circulate pile. This is actually quite a good example of good deep house from that time period.
Jackmaster Hater - Your Mind (Passion)
posted a review of Jackmaster Hater - Your Mind (Passion). 12 months ago
I think the tape echo over Robert Owens made me love tape echo sounds...first heard this during late 90s amongst the giant pile of Ronnie mixes found on the DHP...
UBQ Project - Phase III
posted a review of UBQ Project - Phase III. 12 months ago
i just got this ID'd, the bassline from We Can Make It (Aaron's Big House remix) has been in my head for over 15+ years after hearing this at 6/7a (the sun was up outside) at the Shelter NYC in the mid 2000s - I guess Timothy Regisford was rinsing it.... See full review
I:Cube - Cubo Edits
posted a review of I:Cube - Cubo Edits. about 1 year ago
I'll throw my comment in, my favorite one here is A Bicyclette.. Sampling the instro bits of Jakie Quartz - Mise Au Point. I now love the original... lol
Various - Rong All Stars
posted a review of Various - Rong All Stars. about 1 year ago
i backed into the original from this edit. such a beautiful tune..
Jackmaster Hater - Your Mind (Passion)
posted a review of Jackmaster Hater - Your Mind (Passion). about 1 year ago
queue "not everyone understands house muzic" lol^5000. if you are talking about Your Mind, it might as well be techno... or a vision of house courtesy of Ron Hardy.. Absurdino
User (4) - 08.2
posted a review of User (4) - 08.2. about 1 year ago
the 33 1/3 Queen (or AGCG - Blow Your House Down) sampling A side is still a super killer peak response tune. has been in or near "the play box" for the last year again.
Tyree* - Future Recooped
posted a review of Tyree* - Future Recooped. about 1 year ago
my pick on this is Git Phreeky... my copy seems to have a bad DAT segment, i guess that was what it was mastered from...
Tyree Cooper - Da Soul Revival EP
posted a review of Tyree Cooper - Da Soul Revival EP. about 1 year ago
TCX is the jam on this one, definitely a solid drop either for edgy house or techno... on further thought though, Da Butt 95 'is also killer. FJAAK dropped it in one of their HOER sets in '21 IIRC.
Latin Rascals* - It Must Be You
posted a review of Latin Rascals* - It Must Be You. about 1 year ago
it took me years to realize that elements of freestyle is an "x factor" for great house AND jungle/DnB... WOEBOT
Method Men - Disko Biscuit (Remixes)
posted a review of Method Men - Disko Biscuit (Remixes). about 1 year ago
this was one of my fave cuts from the Harvest Season mixtape!
Those Guys - Tonite
posted a review of Those Guys - Tonite. about 1 year ago
Lol, should have been called Baltimore Funk…. This tune is still banging..
Patrik Carrera - Inevitable Decay EP
posted a review of Patrik Carrera - Inevitable Decay EP. about 1 year ago
This is one hella good tracky techno tool... Getting a second copy as I'm worried I'm going to jack up my current one eventually!
Planetary Assault Systems - Devotion
posted a review of Planetary Assault Systems - Devotion. about 1 year ago
Holy canoli, the Barker remix of Eden Tide is sublime... Now my pick on this 12" - but all of the cuts on this are really good.
NYLX Featuring Lula Grelhada - Goosebumps
posted a review of NYLX Featuring Lula Grelhada - Goosebumps. about 1 year ago
I love the Lulapella.. “I think I’m losing my mind…”
DJ Q - Optimum Thinking
posted a review of DJ Q - Optimum Thinking. about 1 year ago
Great 12" however Latin Quarter should be considered a remix to Flying Machine... the most distinctive bits are lifted straight from there. It's good yes, and the 4/4 makes it of course for DJ friendly.. The original however is totally playable... See full review
Zombie Zombie - Illuminations EP
posted a review of Zombie Zombie - Illuminations EP. about 1 year ago
The Sotofett Mix feels like a continuation of the dubbed out/tripped out Reel Houze sounds (Rob Mello/Dominic Dawson) from the mid 90s..
Black Rhythms - Can You Feel It
posted a review of Black Rhythms - Can You Feel It. about 1 year ago
Please note that there is a track entitled Can You Feel It on Duke's Techdisco EP vol 7 that is totally different than the Can You Feel It tracks featured on this 12". Current YT clips as of Dec 2022 are confusing - one mistitling the Techdisco EP... See full review
Marvin Dash - Workshop 14
posted a review of Marvin Dash - Workshop 14. about 1 year ago
This was my first 12” from Workshop, picking it up used through here around 2013/2014…. B1 is a great, late night driver, but the quirky groove on the A side is what has me coming back to this 12”.
Ron Trent Presents: Tkumah Sadeek - Crossroads
posted a review of Ron Trent Presents: Tkumah Sadeek - Crossroads. about 1 year ago
Magical.. I just heard this on some B&S set rec’d in Japan in early ‘22 and got transported to the magical dance floor located at 6 Hubert Street.. classic RT feels and after some Ogs tracking my feelings were confirmed..
Angel Moraes - Hairy & Big
posted a review of Angel Moraes - Hairy & Big. about 1 year ago
I'd seen the title play listed around the time it came out and assumed it was another gimmicky clubtrack.. then I heard it on DJ Sneak's Harvest Season mixtape and it definitely changed my uninformed opinion.. lol..

drums are bit dated, but this... See full review
Larry Tee - What Am I Gonna Do? / Love Machine
posted a review of Larry Tee - What Am I Gonna Do? / Love Machine. about 1 year ago
I’ve only started tracing Mark Kamins work in the past few years… definitely some seminal stuff.. this one definitely seems to fit in with his body of work. RIP
Greeen Linez - Hibiscus Pacific
posted a review of Greeen Linez - Hibiscus Pacific. about 1 year ago
hoooooo, balearic on the A side, hypnotic house on B side... great 12"
Levon Vincent - Impression Of A Rainstorm
posted a review of Levon Vincent - Impression Of A Rainstorm. about 1 year ago
re: Revs/cost You are not the only one, bud! Amazing cut. scannypack
Various - Cosmic Sound : Selected By Daniele Baldelli
posted a review of Various - Cosmic Sound : Selected By Daniele Baldelli. about 1 year ago
Pinnacles on here is a "house" remix, adding a heavy kick and some vocals.. I've had this since it came out, picked up the original LP several years ago and finally got around to being comfortable with this version. Is this a Daniele Baldelli remix?
Mood II Swing - Move Me
posted a comment on Mood II Swing - Move Me. over 2 years ago
Thanks so much. Have been listening to both Move Me & Do It Your Own way again, recently. Dope!
313 Acid Queen x Sickboy (15) - Buildings
submitted 313 Acid Queen x Sickboy (15) - Buildings. over 3 years ago
Soledrifter - Body Werk EP
submitted Soledrifter - Body Werk EP. over 3 years ago
Omar S* - These Complimentary Track'x
posted a comment on Omar S* - These Complimentary Track'x. over 3 years ago
it's this little edit got me to buy 2x copies after I came across this release.. lol
Thomas Bangalter - Trax On Da Rocks
posted a comment on Thomas Bangalter - Trax On Da Rocks. over 3 years ago
aayushvarma18 Lol.. Maybe from your opinion/perspective, but this release was blowing the roof off at clubs and kicking out the jams at raves when it came out.. That makes it very relevant and legit... not hyped... Nothing else sounded like this... See full review
DTR - How Many Times? (Unity)
posted a comment on DTR - How Many Times? (Unity). over 3 years ago
the Free Flight mix is such a gem.. wizardry, this.. Peter Daou & Vanessa Daou, beautiful..
Bubble Club - Lonely Acid
posted a comment on Bubble Club - Lonely Acid. over 3 years ago
the Brennan Green dub jacks Maurizio M-5... and quite effectively.. Lol.
Sandy Rivera Featuring Haze - Changes
posted a comment on Sandy Rivera Featuring Haze - Changes. over 3 years ago
this has also been a fave for a long time.. recently just pulled it out of the stacks for recirculation.. LUL
Mind Fair - Kerry's Scene
posted a comment on Mind Fair - Kerry's Scene. over 3 years ago
My version seems to have the labels flipped from the etching... aye...
Mark Ambrose - Makossa
posted a comment on Mark Ambrose - Makossa. over 3 years ago
alex_hexxen aye, now I've noticed this too on mine.. this is the cut on this 12" as well.. arrrrrrrgghhhhhh.
Various - Hiverned # 2
posted a comment on Various - Hiverned # 2. over 3 years ago
re: Invitation to Love... any credit for Angelo Badalamenti on this one?? =)
Savvas Ysatis - Alright
posted a comment on Savvas Ysatis - Alright. over 3 years ago
bought a copy, sold that copy, now bought back another copy.. subtle masterpiece that Surgeon mix..
Chris Brann - Studies In Form
posted a comment on Chris Brann - Studies In Form. over 3 years ago
I bloody sold this a few years ago while aggressively downsizing the collection.. Aye. I think this is yet another one I will need to source again. Track 2 is the one that comes back to visit in the mental radio frequently.
Umeko Ando - Battaki
posted a comment on Umeko Ando - Battaki. over 3 years ago
I just learned of this from a Francois K Twitch stream broadcast mid January (Drop the Tempo / Jan 14, 2021 or so). As it progressed from section to section, I was like, surely this is the next cut now... Beautiful piece of music. djfunk
I:Cube - Cubo Edits
posted a comment on I:Cube - Cubo Edits. over 3 years ago
re: A Bicyclette / Jakie Quartz... man, what a gem.. just ordered a 7" copy of this... will figure out how to sequence the edit with this!
New Found Land - Wings
posted a comment on New Found Land - Wings. over 3 years ago
over the course of 2020, i've been dropping B2 periodically in my streams, and it always gets a reaction.. "dude, is this Whitesnake?" i never knew the original!
Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé's Choir - Burning
posted a comment on Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé's Choir - Burning. over 3 years ago
Deep Burnt 20+ years later.. this is still a sublime piece to me. I was in NY for most of the summer of '99 and was able to go to the Dance Ritual weeklies @ Vinyl with Louie Vega spinnng while there. He was dropping this each week I was there (IIRC... See full review
Laurent Garnier & Chambray - Feelin’ Good
posted a comment on Laurent Garnier & Chambray - Feelin’ Good. over 3 years ago
Just finished watching DJs & Beers 37, LG is awesome.. He DJ'd at the HAC (and probably across northern England as well) in the late 80s, with sets including Italo piano house, e.g. big piano breakdowns... This is a reflection of that time. Chambray... See full review
Thomas Bangalter - Trax On Da Rocks
posted a comment on Thomas Bangalter - Trax On Da Rocks. over 3 years ago
YEAHHHHH!! This one has stayed with me for years. I brought this back in rotation recently. I wish Daft Punk (or at least Thomas Bangalter) produced more EPs like this.
The KLF - Chill Out
posted a comment on The KLF - Chill Out. over 3 years ago
WHAT TIME IS LOVE? I just got a copy of this yesterday off of eBay, happy to have it, boot or not.
Eschaton (4) - Eschaton
posted a comment on Eschaton (4) - Eschaton. over 4 years ago
What a tour de force... this whole EP is pure machine body rocking funk.
Metal Heads* - Terminator
posted a comment on Metal Heads* - Terminator. over 4 years ago
Thanks for that, I guess they weren't ready... =) I probably would have flipped if I was there..
Blaze Production* Presents James Toney Jr. Project - Lovely Ones
posted a comment on Blaze Production* Presents James Toney Jr. Project - Lovely Ones. over 4 years ago
I remember when a looping clip of the main synth hook was featured on an interim Club Shelter webpage with an nice active shot image of a "lofting" house dancer. This is one that has stayed in the mental radio. I sold off my copy of this some years... See full review