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I listened to electronic music since i was 6 years old ;-) Everything started with Vangelis, J.M. Jarre, Kraftwerk and DeMo. 1991 i heard U96s "Das Boot" on the radio (I was 10 years old) this day my life changed! I grow up with Trance and Techno, Low Spirit, Bonzai, Urban, Suck etc. but also Scooter and U96 are my favorites. But until 1996 the music in this genre changed and i dont like the most new tracks from 1997 till today!
Later i went to dark electronics, like Welle:Erdball, VNV, Blutengel and so on - but i never forgot, where i come from, i came from the "celebration generation"!

Alltime Rave Favourites:

Scooter - Unity Without Words Part. II
Scooter - Cosmos
Scooter - UFO Phenomena
Scooter - Rhapsody In E
Scooter - Across The Sky
Sunbeam - Outside World
Sunbeam - Days Of High Adventure
Sunbeam - Sequence
Jones & Stephenson - First Rebirth
Drax Ltd. II - Amphetamine
RMB - Redemption
RMB - Spring
RMB - Passport To Heaven
Genlog - Airwalk
Genlog - Eiskalt (RMB Remix)
Westbam - Wizards Of The Sonic
Steve Baltes - Naked Brunch
U96 - Das Boot
U96 - Boot II
U96 - Love Sees No Colour
U96 - Love Religion
Dave Davis - Transfiguration
TB Tuner - Snavalo
Komakino - Outface
Komakino - Man On Mars
Aqualite - Outback
Final Fantasy - Controlling Transmission
Final Fantasy - Control Your Fantasy
Blümchen - Herz An Herz
Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance
M.O.M. - The Religion
M.O.M. - Culture Flash
M.O.M. - Great (Talla 2XLC Rmx)
Capella - U Got To Let The Music
Charly Lownoise u. Mental Theo - Wonderfull Days
Chill 'N' Force - I Feel Free
CJ Bolland - There Can Only Be One
Cryptic Diffusion - Insensé
D-Lay - Secret
Sound Source - Voice Control
Signal Response II - Voice Spectrum
D-Trance - Springworld (Nostrum + Gollum Mix)
Das Modul - Kampf Der Betriebssysteme
Dee-Lay - Its Easy
Divino - Proper To Men
Dune - Million Miles From Home
Emperor - Out Of Control
Nostrum - Baby
Nostrum - Trance On Ecstasy
Nostrum - Brainchild
Nostrum - Polaris
Nostrum - Good Evening
Hardsequencer - Magic Flight
Imperio - Quo Vadis
Interactive - Koma
Jam & Spoon - Angel
Robotnico - Brazilian Trancer
Tempodrom - The Tempodrom
L.S.G. - My Time Is Yours
Los Pablos - Its A Dream (Robojox Rmx)
Lotus Eye - Enchanted
Mark'Oh - Randy
Mark'Oh - Higher Than Five
Marusha - Raveland
Marusha - Over The Rainbow (RMB Rmx)
Meteor Seven - Colours In The Sky
Micro Cosmos - Up The Pole
Paragliders - Oasis
Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes
Push - Universal Nation
Ravers Nature - Exit Fantasy
Ravers Nature - Somebody Scream
Shahin & Simon - Do The Right Thing
Spiritualist - White
Spiritualist - Flight Over Jerusalem
Taucher - Infinity (Phase 3 Mix)
Tomcraft - Overdose
Smorphya - Megawatt
Wasabe - The Legacy
X-Rotation - Wir Fliegen Fort
Yves Deruyter - Yvesday
Yves Deruyter - Outsiders
Silent Breed - The End
Neoplan - Your My Love
Alcatraz - Orbital
Gary D. - Attention Dimension
Genetic Line - Blue Sky
Cyril's Magic Journey - Janet Is Waiting For You
Angel Heart - Far, Far Away
Cosmic Baby - Heavens Tears (Cosmic Baby RMX)
Solar Quest - Into The Machine
The Bio-Logicalz - What I Mean

.... Und noch SOOO Viele die ich vergessen habe!
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worst discogs comment ever - author shows crappy low intelligence...
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CD? Tape? Vinyl? whats wrong with the music business today?
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Nice track... but only f****** "digital content". I wanna BUY something. And "something" means a compact disc, vinyl or MC!
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"This release has been blocked from sale in the marketplace. It is not permitted to sell this item on Discogs."

???????????????? WTF ?????????????????????
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Still, the vinyl reminds us that this positive world once existed !

DAMN - you're so right mate!!!! NEVER FORGOTTEN BETTER TIMES!!!
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Whow. Really good interpretation of the classic songs. Her voice is awesome!
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oh yes mate, you're so right! Its an really emotional tune, i can not stop to listen since last 30 min's!
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really fine, uplifting, powerful hardtrance/ acidtrance sound. Imho extremely underrated!
posted a comment on Valerie (8) - The Night. over 2 years ago
NO ANV!!! This is a (bad) cover version and NOT from Valerie Dore!
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F*** MP3! I want to BUY a cd or vinyl! Hello artists and labels - if you want my money, give me something to buy!
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Trance? Most tracks are f***** House! But track 11 is awesome!
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where can i buy this vinyl?
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i wanna hold something my hand... CD, Vinyl... even a tape!

F*** MP3!
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where is the CD release???
posted a comment on Celebrate The Nun - Patience. over 3 years ago
...sleeper in metropolis ;-D
posted a comment on WestBam - Celebration Generation (Chapter 1). over 3 years ago
the hymn of all ravers in the early 90's.
The ultimate mix is the uplifting ravers nature remix - come and fly with me!!!!
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submitted Blümchen - Verliebt.... over 3 years ago
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really awesome piece of mid-nineties-classic-hardtrance
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Where can i get this on CD or Vinyl?
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how can i buy/get this?
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i agree to you!
posted a comment on Flow.Experience - Fade To Grey. over 3 years ago
Dubb and Trance Mixes are really awesome, but from track 7-10 the versions are pure shit. You can not make such versions from a classic elektro track!
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WTF? not man enough to post something like that under your real account or even your real name?
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Single Is Called "Dreht Sich Die Erde" But "Flieg" Is The A-Side! ;-D
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This is NO ANV, this is a cover version!
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OMG... the Silent Breed (Drax Ltd.) Mix is so awesome.
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