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submitted Meco* - The Wizard Of Oz. 4 days ago
submitted Meco* - Encounters Of Every Kind. 4 days ago
submitted Aznavour* - Lo Mejor de... 40 Grandes Éxitos En Español. 6 days ago
Igorrr - Nostril
posted a review of Igorrr - Nostril. 21 days ago
A decade after Venetian Snares, Enduser, Bong-Ra and so on it's hard to get impressed with something within the sphere of Breakcore, I mean what else can you add to this closed equation? It's all about speed and rhythm, there's no space for harmonies... See full review
Manuel De Falla / Various - El Amor Brujo (Banda Sonora Original)
submitted Manuel De Falla / Various - El Amor Brujo (Banda Sonora Original). about 1 month ago
Delia Derbyshire And Elsa Stansfield - Circle Of Light (Original Electronic Soundtrack)
posted a comment on Delia Derbyshire And Elsa Stansfield - Circle Of Light (Original Electronic Soundtrack). about 1 month ago
Thing is this experiment was in the 60s. Delia was a disciple of Stockhousen theorically and the Arti Povera.
Ondekoza = 鬼太鼓座* - Ondekoza-3 = 音語り 鬼太鼓座 III
submitted Ondekoza = 鬼太鼓座* - Ondekoza-3 = 音語り 鬼太鼓座 III. about 1 month ago
Canserbero - Vida Muerte
posted a comment on Canserbero - Vida Muerte. about 1 month ago
All the copies that are appearing now are bootlegs made from WAV to CD in Argentina. They first appeared in early 2021 at 15US each and now reach absurd 100 euro prices.

No official reissue from this double album has been released.
Parabellum (2) - Sacrilegio
submitted Parabellum (2) - Sacrilegio. about 1 month ago
Gates Of Morheim - Omagatoki
submitted Gates Of Morheim - Omagatoki. 2 months ago
Amon Tobin - ISAM
posted a comment on Amon Tobin - ISAM. 3 months ago
Language took 200.000 years to develop and suddenly comes somebody that says: "Hey! It's not that important, let's just keep quiet. What's the need of words? ".
Let us simpletons enjoy the boundaries and magic of language written by someone who... See full review
submitted Buddy Merrill - Fantasía En Guitarras. 3 months ago
submitted Brussels World's Fair Orchestra / Pierre Mitchel Y Su Orquesta De Salón - Cuerdas Fascinantes. 3 months ago
submitted Stanley Black Conducting The London Festival Orchestra And Chorus* - Russia. 3 months ago
submitted Percy Faith & His Orchestra - The Music Of Mexico. 3 months ago
submitted Peruzzi y Su Orquesta* - Temas Inmortales En Samba. 4 months ago
submitted Allyn Ferguson - Cuadros De Una Exposicion Emnarcados En Jazz. 4 months ago
submitted Gustavo Pimentel - Colorama, Fabuloso Sonido. 4 months ago
submitted Trio Merlin* - Musica Para Bailar - New York Night Club . 4 months ago
submitted Sam Marowitz - Sonidos En La Noche. 4 months ago
submitted Raoul Poliakin, Su Orquesta Y Coros* - La Música De George Gershwin Y Cole Porter. 4 months ago
submitted Esquivel And His Orchestra - Exploring New Sounds In Hi-Fi. 4 months ago
submitted Juan Garcia Esquivel Y Su Orquesta* - Las Tandas De Juan Garcia Esquivel. 4 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
submitted Dick Hyman, Su Piano Y Orquesta* - Un Millón De Cuerdas. 4 months ago
submitted Various - Música Para Play-Boys . 4 months ago
The Sound Of Criss Cross - Experiencia Electronica
submitted The Sound Of Criss Cross - Experiencia Electronica . 5 months ago
submitted Claude Denjean - Moog! Claude Denjean And The Moog Synthesizer. 5 months ago
submitted Gino Soccio - Try It Out / Hold Tight. 5 months ago
The Thing With Five Eyes - نور
posted a review of The Thing With Five Eyes - نور. 12 months ago
Some say Jazz is the territory of alien minded musicians. It is probably true, a place where all things heretic music wise are invoked and put into form, sometimes with awesome results, sometimes with strange unearthly forms.

This work is a region... See full review
Canserbero - Vida Muerte
posted a comment on Canserbero - Vida Muerte. about 1 year ago
This album deserves a reissue both in cd and vinyl. It's a long overdue.
Franck Pourcel - Concorde
posted a review of Franck Pourcel - Concorde. about 1 year ago
This is probably the most avantgardistic muzak ever done regarding the time, the context and the theme used.
Pourcel felt or was aware of the electronic music revolution, he was at the verge from it, as a distant expectator but he felt the space... See full review
posted a review of Periskop. about 1 year ago
Among the inmense explosion and mass ejection of crappy dubstep, devoid of any substance, product of a copy and paste paradigm, industrially randomized clones of each other, there are a couple of well respected and above all intriguing projects. They... See full review
Necro Deathmort - EP1
posted a review of Necro Deathmort - EP1. about 1 year ago
Necro Deathmord is a band difficult to categorize, it is a syncretism of styles and genres, every album brings a new exploration equally intriguing and mesmerizing though. Exploring dub, sludge, electronica, industrial, drone interchangeably their... See full review
Prince Charming
posted a comment on Prince Charming. about 1 year ago
"Psychotropical heatwave" hands down. More deep and elaborated. "Fantastic voyage" is more random and chaotic, like a dream and a nightmare. Very psychedelic.
M. Gira* - Drainland
posted a review of M. Gira* - Drainland. about 1 year ago
One of darkest most bleak sorrowful albums you can ever find in the territory of dark folk, industrial, avant-garde music.
It breaks your heart in two as soon as it enters with its encompassed walk of shadowy rhythms and thick basses, It has solemnity... See full review
Tool (2) - Fear Inoculum
posted a review of Tool (2) - Fear Inoculum. about 1 year ago
High expectations may ruin life. Imagination makes us create preconceptions based on subjective ideals. It applies the same for life or for the expectancy of one album like this.
All this was propelled by the several years wait and the inmense... See full review
English Dogs - Mad Punx & English Dogs
posted a review of English Dogs - Mad Punx & English Dogs. about 1 year ago
By 1983, when this ep came, The Exploited were the standard by which everything punk wise was defined. Still this one had the power to puff and blow hard in many heads, mine included. Full albums from English Dogs are good but this one catch the... See full review
submitted Los Challengers* - Mr. Solo. about 1 year ago
Ulver - Flowers Of Evil
posted a comment on Ulver - Flowers Of Evil. about 1 year ago
They grew odd past "shadows of the sun". Their transit is complete from black metal, avant-garde electronica, progressive rock and now Scandinavian pop.
They grew old and thus comformist.
Gaë Bolg And The Church Of Fand - Tintagel
posted a comment on Gaë Bolg And The Church Of Fand - Tintagel. about 1 year ago
Mine starts to skip after seventh track and doesn't show any mark or visible damage. I think the print was awful.
Sisyphus Autopsy - The Unshoeing Of The Ass
posted a review of Sisyphus Autopsy - The Unshoeing Of The Ass. about 1 year ago
Before there was Type O Negative with its infused misogynystic goth metal, way before MGTOWs were even sperm cells planning to get deposited to breed such specimens there was Sisyphus Autopsy, the equivalent in music for two cloned Ignatius Riley's... See full review
Cinorama - 庭々 = Garden, The Garden
posted a review of Cinorama - 庭々 = Garden, The Garden. about 1 year ago
What language hides, music tells. Unspeakable thoughts, difficult sentiments, hidden things that lie dormant behind the curtain of the eyes and the cell of the body.
This lies in here written in between minimalist instrumentals, organic effects, some... See full review
Wendy Carlos - The Shining (Complete Motion Picture Score By Wendy Carlos)
posted a review of Wendy Carlos - The Shining (Complete Motion Picture Score By Wendy Carlos). about 1 year ago
This version has everything, literally. From the original music from the movie main title to the classical excerpts, to the four ballroom tracks that appear during the scenes at the bar. Additionally has all the versions that Wendy Carlos presented to... See full review
The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time Stages 1-3
posted a review of The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time Stages 1-3. about 1 year ago
One thing that amuse about this work is that it is not purposely sinister, yet, after a while you start to wonder what a hellish a tormented world it delivers you in, a world where nothing is definined completely and everything seems to be crumbling... See full review
Skrol - Dances And Marches For The Orphan Age
posted a review of Skrol - Dances And Marches For The Orphan Age. about 1 year ago
To make a body of music you have to bring parts and create a fusion, an alchemy of sounds to create form, that is Integrated music as Hirsch reveal, but in reality this is music in its purest more intimate reality. The expression that join knowledge... See full review
Coil - Unnatural History II (Smiling In The Face Of Perversity)
posted a review of Coil - Unnatural History II (Smiling In The Face Of Perversity). over 2 years ago
Contrarywise direction for easy listening or lounge, Coil second volume collection of rarities and lost sessions roll us back to an otherworldly case where the music accompaniments akin with nightmares and oddly delusions serve as soundtrack for... See full review
Reclusion - Reclusion
posted a review of Reclusion - Reclusion. over 2 years ago
A dissimilar album style in the etno, electronica, Neo classical centered prikosnovenie back catalogue.

Heavily influenced by illbient but with a dark ambient edge. Lots of analog synth layers of sound directed by succinct dub rhythms that grant a... See full review
Yoko Ono / The Plastic Ono Band - Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band
posted a comment on Yoko Ono / The Plastic Ono Band - Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band. over 2 years ago
It's basically krautrock and drone music, today widly known musical genres. So the whole thing it's not that weird or bad at all musically speaking. It was weird for the rock square pop heads from the 70s and the Beatles lovers accustomed to their pop... See full review
posted a comment on Bethlehem. over 2 years ago
Lots of effects and atmosphere less cacophony and more melody, monologues over a carpet of textures. Ocasional blast beat. Lyrics are more reflexive or even puzzling. Theatrical and declamative if one can say so. The music has many stances and... See full review