Long time clubbing veteran, occasional music critic, fulltime music nut. Addicted to buying rediculously cheap CD singles of dubious musical quality. Favourite labels include but are not limited to Bonzai, Clone, Ural 13, White House, Overdose, R&S, Disc Doctor, Mute, Roulé, XL, Clash Records, Scanner, Soma, Antler Subway, Ladomat 2000, Moving Shadow, Suck Me Plasma, JOOF, Planet Core Productions, Tracid Traxx, Headroom, Go Bang!, Eye-Q, Kanzleramt, BXR, Twisted, Armada, Vulture, Drizzly, The Third Movement, Who's That Beat?, Social Circles, Vision Soundcarriers, International Deejay Gigolo, Data, Hed Kandi and occasionally, Warp.

On the metal side of things: Barbarian Wrath, No Colours, Avantgarde, Drakkar, Norse League, Peaceville, Unsung Heroes Records, Osmose, Malicious Records, Head Not Found, Embassy.

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Nüw Idol - Kick Drum Domination / Not Afraid
posted a review of Nüw Idol - Kick Drum Domination / Not Afraid. 4 months ago
It's for the B-side "Not Afraid", that lead melody is 100% goa
Schiller Mit Jette von Roth - Der Tag ... Du Bist Erwacht
posted a review of Schiller Mit Jette von Roth - Der Tag ... Du Bist Erwacht. 5 months ago
The prize turkey here is the superb Martin Roth remix of this already spendid Schiller production.

It's a great example of this somewhat forgotten era of trance around 2004-2006, when the genre was already well past its artistic and commercial peak... See full review
Choice / Soofle - Acid Eiffel / How Do You Plead?
posted a comment on Choice / Soofle - Acid Eiffel / How Do You Plead?. about 1 year ago
RA are oldschoolers. Back in 1993 when this came out, this was definitely considered “trance”. You can also see this on Discogs from the numerous compilation albums from 1992-1994 with “trance” in their title, like the Trance Europe Express series,... See full review
Push - From Beyond
posted a review of Push - From Beyond. over 6 years ago
Interesting thing about this first Lightning Records issue is that it has different versions for three of the big hits that this album produced. Subsequent editions have these tracks replaced by the remixes from the singles.
- Strange World is much... See full review
Kelis Featuring Too $hort* - Bossy
posted a review of Kelis Featuring Too $hort* - Bossy. over 16 years ago
Braxe & Falke's Earth Out Remix is the mix everybody will buy this record for. Hypnotic electrohouse with unashamedly crowdpleasing trancy synths that only they dare to use these days. Their other mix is completely different, straight 80's electrofunk... See full review
Thorns Vs Emperor (2) - Thorns Vs Emperor
posted a review of Thorns Vs Emperor (2) - Thorns Vs Emperor. over 16 years ago
The first CD is a tedious, half-assed exercise in the industrial/black metal experiments that were popular at the time, by two bands far past their prime. If they're not embarrassed looking back on this, they should be. The bonus CD however contains... See full review
Anathema - Alternative 4
posted a review of Anathema - Alternative 4. over 17 years ago
This is where things started to get pear-shaped for Anathema. Their previous album "Eternity" was largely excellent despite some weak, off-key singing. "Alternative 4" sees Vincent Cavanagh improve on his singing considerably, but one cannot escape... See full review
Various - Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone - Eight Norwegian Bands Paying Tribute
posted a review of Various - Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone - Eight Norwegian Bands Paying Tribute. over 17 years ago
Considering the big names on this tribute, this is a disgrace. There's one highlight: Gorgoroth is spot-on in a gloriously raw and sick way - but of course the song already appeared on their own "Destroyer" album. Thorns at least puts in some effort... See full review
D.O.N.S. Feat. Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
posted a review of D.O.N.S. Feat. Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam. over 18 years ago
New remixes of the crappy 1997 remake of the Technotronic classic - this could only be terrible, right? Surprisingly, it's really great - definitely the best remake yet. Side A has two remakes by D.O.N.S. themselves who completely redeem their awful... See full review
posted a review of Anathema. over 18 years ago
The band profile above is the story as the band likes to present it now. A more critical version goes something like this:

Anathema started out as a young and innovative doom band, part of the "big three" Yorkshire bands along with Paradise Lost... See full review
Emperor (2) - In The Nightside Eclipse
posted a review of Emperor (2) - In The Nightside Eclipse. over 18 years ago
The album is legendary. This particular reissue, though, is massively annoying due to the two atrocious bonus tracks (covers recorded years later) tacked onto it, which reduces an amazing listening experience to a race to the stop button.
Absu - Tara
posted a review of Absu - Tara. over 18 years ago
I don't want to fall into hyperbole too much, but this is the best metal album from the US since Winter "Into Darkness" crawled out of its mental institution in 1990.

Slayer's "Reign In Blood" might be a better comparison though, as the... See full review
Emperor (2) - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
posted a review of Emperor (2) - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk. over 18 years ago
A decent record, although definitely not in the same league as the quintessential debut "In The Nightside Eclipse" or the demo and Emperor/Enslaved split. Although the album is virtually identical stylewise from the previous album, it's the lesser one... See full review
Liquid Overdose - Pure Glide
posted a review of Liquid Overdose - Pure Glide. over 19 years ago
This is the darkest and arguably the best M.I.K.E. release to date. Pure Glide is a minimalist, brooding, extremely sinister techno track with a nightmarish repetitive lead that gradually emerges and fades away. Contact has a similar atmosphere but is... See full review
Titchy Bitch & The Fallen Angel* - Retribution
posted a review of Titchy Bitch & The Fallen Angel* - Retribution. over 20 years ago
Features the infamous "I know over two hundred ways to kill a man" sample.
Cappella - U Got 2 Know
posted a review of Cappella - U Got 2 Know. over 20 years ago
The main melody of this tune is from Siouxie & The Banshees "Happy House"
M.I.K.E. Vs. John
posted a review of M.I.K.E. Vs. John "00" Fleming* - Ice Cream. over 20 years ago
The M.I.K.E. Remix is standard M.I.K.E./Push fare (ie, high quality), the Original Mix isn't too remarkable, and the John "00" Flemming Remix is one of the most evil sounding trance tunes ever, a sprawling maelstrom of 303's, filters, sweeps, and... See full review
Tomcraft - Loneliness
posted a review of Tomcraft - Loneliness. over 20 years ago
Caned by nearly every DJ, regardless of style. This is a huge floorfiller, incorporating everything that made Zombie Nation's "Kernkraft 400" great and then some more. The Klub Mix is a straightforward banger, the Muc Mix is a mellower electro... See full review