"er" aka Frédéric Pleutin is at first a sound architect. For many years he is a dedicated listener of music like classic, jazz, rock, electronic. He is a maniac vinyl collector and was a drummer on a Jazz band. His involvement in different art fields makes his style very personal. He likes to develop electronic music sets within a varied and different genre environments, always seeking to privilege an emotional and mental involvement with the audience by making an eclectic and sensual mixing statement. Some artists like Sebastien Bromberger, Nhar, Tim Paris, Ivan Smagghe…, have influenced his vision, and approach of music.
He has played in some bars between France and Greece & invited in radio shows like Electric Dreams Music and Ordem's Radio Show.
Recent Activity
posted a comment on Scape One - Omicron. about 1 year ago
Love it! Beautiful loops and melodic grooves! My best wishes and regards from France Kurt!