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submitted Afterlife (32) - Synthetic Joy (FOMO Rave Mix). about 1 year ago
submitted Afterlife (32) - Phandroid. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising. about 1 year ago
not really. This is one for on the wall ;)
posted a review of George Morel - Morel's Grooves Part 4. over 3 years ago
All time house anthem. The melody, btw, was inspired on "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind & Fire
posted a comment on Rexanthony - For You Marlene. over 5 years ago
"I don't understand what is the hype with Hardcore"

If you don't understand then why come here to totally bash the track, just because its not your style?
Rexanthony took an exprimental side step away from his usual genre and guess what, it was an ... See full review
posted a review of The Source (7) Featuring Candi Staton - You Got The Love. over 12 years ago
You won't find the full clean acapella of "You Got The Love" because it was never released by John Truelove, apart from some small fragments. But this record is as close as it gets. The House-a-Pella contains the 5 minute unedited vocals with only a snap ... See full review
posted a review of Twin Hype - For Those Who Like To Groove. over 12 years ago
When sometimes asked about my all time favourite record, this one (the Club Groove version) will immediately come to my mind. Twin rappers Lennis and Glennis Brown, (there must have been a third one called Dennis, making them a triplet;) were very young, ... See full review
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Untitled. over 12 years ago
Became famous as "The Song With The Church Bells", the set-opener in DJ Buzz Fuzz' mix in the legendary radio show "For Those Who Like To Groove" that aired in Holland in 1991-1992. Every week a known DJ attended the show to mix for an hour. Most people ... See full review
posted a review of Liberty City - Some Lovin'. over 12 years ago
Pressed on bad quality vinyl, you're lucky to own a copy that doesn't bump or crackle. Excellent funky vocal track with fat pumping basslines. Been playing it since the day it was released and it has never bored me.
posted a review of Truelove* Presents... The Source Featuring Candi Staton - You Got The Love (Erens Bootleg Mix). over 13 years ago
Candi Staton told in an interview that You Got The Love was originally recorded for a diet video, a film about a man trying to loose weight. It was never supposed to be put on a record. She was completely unaware of the fact that it became a number one ... See full review
posted a review of Inner City - Let It Reign. over 13 years ago
This has to be the darkest Inner City track made. No housy vocal tune this time but nasty dark hoover sounds (definitely marked as hardcore later on) combined with Paris Grey's vocals - a remarkable but great working combination.

The Altern 8 mixes ... See full review
posted a review of De La Soul - Eye Know. over 13 years ago
Samples the bass and vocals from Steely Dan's "Peg" and Otis Redding's whistle from "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay". From all De La tracks, Eye Know is one of my favs.
De La Soul was groundbreaking when it came to blending old soul samples into ... See full review
posted a review of The 45 King - The 900 Number EP. over 13 years ago
The YZ Acapella track, (i wonder why this was apparently released only as an acapella and never as a complete track) is a very catchy acapella rap that has been sampled many times in hardcore/gabber tracks.

For example "The 9 Is A Classic, I'm The ... See full review
posted a review of Sil - Solid Circle / Windows. over 13 years ago
Solid Circle sounds very dated with those typical early nineties "rave noises" while Windows is a wonderful, timeless tribal track that could be easily played in a set today. It's a track that everyone who has been there, will recognize instantly. A true ... See full review
posted a review of Speedy J - Rise. over 13 years ago
While most people may know this record for the famous classic "Something For Your Mind", for me the real treasure is hidden on the B-side: De-Orbit. Its a very dark and slow ambient/techno/breakbeat track. Especially the melancholic strings in the intro ... See full review
posted a review of OXY - The Feeling (The Remix). over 13 years ago
Although the (vocal) remixes are better to be avoided, the original mix of The Feeling is a cute piano-house track with a real happy summer feeling in it.
Every time i hear it, especially those wonderful strings and vocals in the break in the middle, i ... See full review
posted a review of Babyboom Records. over 13 years ago
This is one of the labels ran by the people from Radio Stad Den Haag, a notorious radiostation dating from the eighties. They had a big impact on the development of the local housescene by organizing raves in 1991 (for instance a serie of legendary Rave ... See full review
posted a review of T.urbulence* 'N' T.errorists* - Demolition Party. over 13 years ago
There is a frightning noise in this tune that sounds like you're being sucked into a vacuum. When you play this backwards you hear it's actually a reversed, well known sample: "Huh!! huh!!" with a delay (hard to describe, but you'll recognize it, you ... See full review
posted a review of Bazz - House Of Pax. over 13 years ago
'House Of Pax' is a track i found in the bargain bin a few years ago, and i got it instantly promoted to the top 10 of my favs list. Its an industrial sounding, typical oldskool track. Its just so steady pounding you'd wish it would never end. Made by ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Seduction - Hardcore Heaven. over 13 years ago
The entire 2nd melody has been sampled from X-es - Roller-coaster (Freaky records). Nevertheless this is a fantastic rave classic that takes you back to those massive laserbeamed raves in the early nineties!
posted a review of Dimitri* - Scottish Deserter / Given Flowers. over 13 years ago
This double 12" is a real treat, and Given Flowers is the best track. It's a 7 minute long track, made in a way only Eric Nouhan can. The track starts with magical string and cute vocals and from that moment you're dragged into an adventure. The track ... See full review
posted a review of TC* - 1991 'Berry' (The Remixes). over 13 years ago
The Re-Fratty Re-Energy Version (A1) is an alltime classic while all the other versions of Berry are nothing too special. This is the version with the strings getting higher and higher while the rest of the track is fading away. Then when the strings ... See full review
posted a review of Rave A Graphixx - Rave The City. over 13 years ago
DJ Gizmo has been using his own produced track "Introduction" as an opening to his sets for many years. It contains the sirens and the robotic voice that says "Rave The City". The party itself took place on september 28, 1991.
posted a review of Bass Reaction - Impulse. over 13 years ago
Technophobia was a HUGE hit in these days and it meant the breakthrough for Scott Brown and his labels. He made many, many records after this but none of them really did match the impact Technophobia caused.
posted a review of Distortion (2) - Serious Things. over 13 years ago
Frantic Thigh is one of the first tracks ever to use loud, distorted kickdrums. It's a dark, energetic track that still stands strong today. Strangely enough it hasn't been played much on parties because its pretty unknown, though every hardcore fan ... See full review