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posted a comment on Secret Life - Love So Strong. 4 days ago
Still one of my favorite house songs of all time. Class.
posted a comment on Boxsaga - Positive Sweat. 4 days ago
Atata is so good. For what was out in 2000 this is way ahead of its time.
posted a comment on 2 Dollar Egg - 4 Rooms. 4 days ago
2 Dollar Egg's take on dub techno still holds up today. Why? Because its more techno than dub techno. While i love me some dub techno but 2 dollar egg were at another different level. Almost like Black Dog did.
posted a comment on Secede - Tryshasla. 4 days ago
Tim does have a point. You really start your "critiques" with a LAME in all caps? Need anyone go any further? Btw while I am here, I give this release a 88/100...
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posted a comment on Space Coast - Crystal Lake. 5 days ago
This will get better with age. I havent listened to the cd still but when i got this i still is hard to leave out of my bag. I wont tell you what song but you are gauranteed to like a few of these.
posted a comment on Funken Wavetropi - Feel Me. 6 days ago
Solid record. Lovely keyboards and true underground sound. Excellent pressing and good vibes.
Melodics are the key! Favorites are A1 and B2.
posted a comment on Detroit Syndrome - Count 02. 11 days ago
Aurora harkens hack to that futuristic 80s electro flow. Bringing back that bounce and 808 bells. Very danceable and heady. This ep is about the closest thing I have heard to how Bistream used to sound.
posted a comment on Process - Shape-Space. 16 days ago
There are a few minimal glitch artists who from the years 1996-2003 that blended a broken techno with ambience that were ahead of the crowd. Process was one of them. While none of these may blow you away for a 12" there is plenty put together for a nice ... See full review
posted a comment on Synkro (2) - Hand In Hand EP. 25 days ago
Sort of reminds me of a downtempo bvdub with the melodies that branch out on the songs. The beats and sounds are above average so it works. Nice stuff. Good listening. Every track is a winner.
posted a comment on Combination X Featuring Joon - Love And Harmony. 25 days ago
The new york dub mix has a nice ending. Nice bassline roll thru it as well. These are the nice tracks people look for that are very unknown and have a good charm to them. 1993 ambient house. Vocal mix is also good. The retro mix adds a bit of disco to ... See full review
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posted a comment on Conforce - Time Dilation EP. 26 days ago
Not sure why the low ratings. Maybe too dark for the newbies? This is one of the darkest techno stuff Conforce has done. A few are down right sinister and aome of the truest techno hes done. This one has staying power compared to his stuff that the ... See full review
posted a comment on Pilgrims Of The Mind - What's Your Shrine?. 27 days ago
I have to highly disagree with user Sam Pope below. This is a house influenced album more so than some trance or prog house side. Him comparing timeless sounds to digweeds northern exposure just shows that. The melodies are whimsicle and carefree while ... See full review
posted a comment on Brothers & Sisters - Smooth As Scat. 27 days ago
The Deep Scat version is nice and smooth. Like the song title suggests. Everyone looks for early 90s deep house because they are no non-pretentious and carefree but they still deep enough. Well, here you go. Very west coast.
posted a comment on Process - Fiction. 28 days ago
Surface is a good tech house jam that is sure to make people dance. Has a nice snap to it and a deep melody. So works well most of the night hours and day
posted a comment on Simoncino - Mystic Adventures. about 1 month ago
Update: i had to get a second copy.

Words words
posted a comment on Simoncino - Perugia EP. about 1 month ago
My brother , Dani is the strongest cut on here. You expect the better than qverqge from simoncino and you get that. But every releases he has at least one that moves everythimg forward. Ita just tok bad this didnt cover the A side...b1 is really good too
posted a comment on Erell Ranson - Hand In Hand (The Remixes). about 1 month ago
The A1 is excellent. Certainly a hark back to 90s with a strong breakbeat and evolving acid line. The melody brings it all together. Knowing me , a2 is my favorite though....those tones.
posted a comment on S.O.L. - Pulsar. about 1 month ago
Polarlitch is very undrerated. Its one of the last good Superstition Lieb tracks I heard also. Excellent and eerie melody that brings a touch of minimalism to trance with it. Once you hear it you will always recognize it. One of my favorite Lieb ones.
posted a comment on System - Plus. about 1 month ago
I havent bought a Morr release in quite some time. Known for their meloncholly and catchy electronica sounds when they started I didnt realize they were doing a more ambient type release. So i took a chance on System and sure enough he brings that ~scape ... See full review
posted a comment on Squares There - Contemporary Tools E.P.. about 1 month ago
Solid ep. My sisters might be the most addictive track on here. But the b-sides, whichever mood you are in for this has got the vibe for you. One is light and creeps up on you with its elegant trippy melody. Then you have the dark version which is ... See full review
posted a comment on Astral Matrix & E.T.I. - Reptical. about 1 month ago
You cant help love the energy on these tracks. So raw and ravey. They are great examples of west coast rave sounds. Trance verging on tech house?? Exactly. Tribal hardcore. Every track is a trip.
posted a comment on Astral Matrix - 4. about 1 month ago
Probably one of the darkest prog house records. A tribal monster
posted a comment on C-Lektro - C-lektro 8. about 1 month ago
Listenable electro. Not only for the dancefloor but more for everyday as well. The less is more approach is well done. Lots of focus on the rhythym more than most electro artists. Strong percussion and sounds accentuate the off structure beats. Nothing ... See full review
posted a comment on Drum Club. about 1 month ago
Surprised i am the first to comment on this. Out of their first underground smash hit with "you make me feel so good" Drum Club was onw of the biggest acts in Electronic Music. Statewide they were bigger than Underworld for example. And their tour as ... See full review
posted a comment on Stefan Robbers - Mask EP. about 1 month ago
My introduction to stephan robbers back in 1994 and still a personal favorite of his. Not as good as stuff from Terrace but should not be forgotten
posted a comment on GUNSHIP - Dark All Day. 2 months ago
I guess I will be the only one with a critical view. The first album was amazing. It nailed everything. Especially not overdoing the corniness and also it was a cohesive and balanced album. This album takes the songs and themes to the max and I am afraid ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Duke - Green Pastures EP. 2 months ago
This is a very versatile and 90s sounding record. All 4 tracks are good and well produced. Skyscrapers bass will fill the room. Moody and melodic tracks verging on house and techno. Solid
posted a comment on Jose Rico - London Calling. 2 months ago
Wow. 4 awesome tracks. I rated 2 of them 4 out of 5 stars which is near classic rating on first lusten through. The other 2 songs 3 snd a half stars and one a 3. I am a tough grader as well. This record is jam packed. One of those ones u wished was a ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 8. 2 months ago
I had not bought any Moon Harbour in quite a few years but stumbled upon this and thought i would give it a shot. Not really what i was expecting. I was expecting some breezy deep house with nice melodies and more of a late night session. This is more ... See full review
posted a comment on Iron Blu - Jack 'n' Daniels E.P.. 2 months ago
Scion is great. Its jacks properly with some excellent keyboard stabs and wonderful pacing. Cool outro also. B sides are good too. Solid ep
posted a comment on Eyetek - Moonshine. 2 months ago
Not sure why the low ratings. Solid trancey stuff. The ambient mix is really nice. Its got a good tempo and its nice and breezy while still keeping a tribal spiritualism to it. Solid bassline and cool melody helps this track stand the test of time better ... See full review
posted a comment on Eskimos & Egypt - Fall From Grace. 2 months ago
Forgot the thr Bearmasters mix. Its ok but really dated. Go to the "Free mix" for yhe essense and best deeper parts of the track. The great basslime, excellent melody, vocal of "free me" and the best parts of the percussion. A classic track.
posted a comment on Various - Audio Distractions Vol. 2. 2 months ago
Devistated is a wicked looper...tribal techno funk for the future
posted a comment on Jussipekka* - Fun. 2 months ago
One the best early Dessous records for sure. Deepness personified. Tracks Fun & Forced do excellent jobs of long building melodies and basslines. Beautiful melodies.
If you like songs that long gentle buildings then definitely buy this. This record got ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Pacific Rhythm - The First Wave. 2 months ago
This is an excellent. West coasr breakbeats mixed with ambient in a trance way. I still havent replaced mt original copy that got caught in my cd player in 2003 but seeing the cd case today in my collection keep reminding me that i need to replace it. ... See full review
posted a comment on Tesla Boy - Remedy. 2 months ago
Physical releases should be out soon...
Compromise is a great first single. Great video too
posted a comment on Esox Lucius - L'Escargot EP. 2 months ago
The A side is a slow banger. Very minimal with the slightest acid changes through the entire thing. Somewhat of a long loop this one seeves it purpose. Demented but surprising wicked for the tempo.
This vinyl is big sounding. Beautifully raw cut of ... See full review
posted a comment on Norken - The Lost Day EP. 2 months ago
Probably the most complete and best Norken ep. While Southern Soul might be his best moment this ep brings it home for me. Much more soothing, ambient and deeper. There is a gentleness about this period of Norken that I find the best. Fern for example. ... See full review
posted a comment on Soluce - Birth . 2 months ago
There is a starkness and darkness to this music that has been missing in dubtechno for far too long. An eerie, aggresiveness that seems to get forgotten when people make this type of music. Its easier to make grooves, its harder to create atmosphere and ... See full review
posted a comment on Manual - Isares. 2 months ago
Wake is one of the best by Manual. Perfect balancing of melodies and crescendos. And one of the most memorable melodies he has done. Emotional music
posted a comment on Adam X - Reverse Forward. 2 months ago
Wave of the Future is probably my most favorite X song pre-EBM. Its highly addictive and raw detroit at its darkest and funkiest. Pure robotic funk
posted a comment on Various - Form+Function. 2 months ago
A fantastic double mix cd. One of my favorite of the time. Includes deep house, tech house, some techno and some progressive house. Full of underground classics that took years to discover by most. Like Southern Soul. Or the Pure Science one. Svek, Dave ... See full review
posted a comment on Jose Rico. 2 months ago
Jose rico is deepness times 10. One of my favorite producers in the last 4 years. A good balance of spacey and tribal while balancing techno and house flawlessely. An artist to follow
posted a comment on Conquista / Voodoo Warriors Of Love - Conquista De Casa / Limitless. 2 months ago
The sheltering sky mix is more ambient house than progressive house. My favorite on this record. The b2 remix is a bit more fun and retro but unfortunately pressed very compact and low sounding. Still, some charm to these tracks no doubt. Surprised at ... See full review
posted a comment on Mihail P. 3 months ago
Mihail is up and coming. With a great background in the history of electronic music, he has started to create his own based on channeling those experiences in sound. The future look bright and you can expect quality deepness from this gentleman. Check ... See full review
posted a comment on ELEVE. 3 months ago
This label is dope so far. I gonna give it much respect. Adjectives upon abjectives. Quality over quantity.
posted a comment on Deto & Gleam - Earth Orbit. 3 months ago
This is fantastic. People must be late to this. Check the titles of the tracks. Each one on its own side. The best clear wax you can get. This is Hungarian with love. I got it about a year ago and i keep putting this to the side for another listen.
posted a comment on Gunnar Jonsson* - Muskelminne. 3 months ago
I was digging thru some older house vinyls today and yesterday and came upon this. Massagerutin 1 is the jam. When i picked this record out my pile the stark white record with a K for the logo looked familiar but when i played it just now it was like i ... See full review