EuRecords is a cooperation of different sellers who combine stock, order-picking, shipped-contracts etc. in order to centralize and optimize activities and reduce overall expenses. If you want to be part of our cooperation or if you want to sell us your complete Discogs selling stock please contact us at Peter message

We are growing fast. We have the largest Discogs stock in the Netherlands and we are amongst the 20 largest Worldwide sellers on Discogs. Check our large stock here: Stock EuRecords

We advise all of you to manage your own wantlist in Discogs, just click on "Add to Wantlist" for each release you might want to add to your collection some time. After that you can easily see which items we offer. These can be combined in 1 large order saving you lots of shipping costs: Items for sale from your wantlist

Stock of these sellers are now part of the EuRecords stock. These sellers might also have other items for sale which in most cases can be added to your order:
More to be added

We are located in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. We work very closely together with a daycare center for people with handicaps and disabilities.

Some reasons why joining EuRecords.EU :
- Central secure storage of all items, this might save lots of space at your home.
- Efficient order-picking as all items are numbered. That way we can easily find them.
- 100% rating on Discogs increases selling.
- As we have a large combined stock, orders will in many cases contain many items, this will reduce average expenses and effort for the buyers.
- We have good worldwide shipping contracts. Shipping a LP worldwide costs less than 9 euros.
- You will not have any packaging and communication-effort anymore. Our staff takes care of that all.
- We will pay you monthly. Please ask for our low consignment fees which are based on our actual costs.
- Nowadays Discogs passes EU seller information to local customs as part of the VAT regulations. When you store your items at EuRecords we pay all the VAT involved and we cover alle businesslike activities. We pay you an amount including VAT as a private seller.
- We are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce ( EuRecords.EU )

This is where our headquarter is located and the building where we store the stocks:

Recent Activity
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