Jeffery Dixon/Belinda Elias - We Can See It Through Forever / Why Can't This Be For Real? as reviewed by iwc62

December 15, 2018
Ultra rare 7 incher by Jeffery Dixon and Belinda Elias. They were unknown singers which collaborated and recorded two songs entitled "We can see it through together" and "Why can't this time be for real ?". Both of them released on Jady Records in 1982 from California.Produced by himself. Arranged by Carl Evans Jr and Edwin Sicat. - ref. Rare Philly Sax

The Sun And The Moon - Le Soleil, La Lune as reviewed by jestoon

December 15, 2018
This album equals the best work by The Chameleons as far as I'm concerned - that is, the impeccable Strange Times - with it's shimmering guitars, and frontman Mark Burgess' strong voice and urgent lyrics. John Lever's drumming - always a central piece of The Chameleons sound - is brilliant as always, and cements his place as one of the greatest sticksmen of all time. A highly recommended album

The Beach Boys - Sunflower as reviewed by streetmouse

December 15, 2018
With some instrumental and vocal harmonic complexities that were certainly better than those delivered on Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys finally seemed poised to lay down an album that could fill a huge space, provided that huge space is a supermarket, or even a confined space, like an elevator, in need of some mindless lovable muzak, just perfect for browsing the high end yogurt section, where girls in oversized linen trousers and head scarves smile on endlessly, as if trying to remember the punchline to a joke they overheard while having a latte on the other side of the store … and while unable to, giggled anyway at the memory.

The album is primarily composed of love songs distributed across the record in varying degrees of effortlessness, breezy dreaming and mindless intoxication. With Brian continuing his own personal exploration of what makes up a good song, he’s stepped knee deep into the contemporary mellow soft rock California realm of all things pleasant. It’s a self-conscious homogenized affair, where in 1970, the album and the backwards step into naivety, making the album and the band totally irrelevant.

On a positive note, finally the Boys have graced us with an album of original material … matter of fact the guys handed in over thirty songs and let the record label sort the mess out. Of course, in the end there’s a floating warmth to the record, and certainly the production and engineering are flawless, yet it all comes across as quite mindless, and dare I sound, jaded, the conception sounds far too out of focus, where again, the Beach Boys manage to create an even worse album than before, staying on the charts for less than four weeks and peaking at the #151 slot. The single “Add Some Music To Your Day” was the record’s saving grace, where based on that single alone (which peaked at #64) was responsible for nearly all the album sales.

With Brian hopelessly addicted to cocaine at this point in time, he rambled on to friends and the music press that the band was broke, that their funds had vanished and they were considering filing for bankruptcy. What strikes me as most compelling, is that so many critics claimed that the album was great, yet their claims were never validated, with those claims comparing Sunflower to other failed adventures by The Beach Boys … though that certainly begs the question, is almost anything not good when compared to something really bad? Others have said that Sunflower marked a return to some balance within the band, with few outside musicians playing, meaning that the Beach Boys were once again responsible for their own sound. Yet again, when you listen to folks talk about this record, they point to this minute, or that aspect, or how this chord transitioned into these harmonies, though no one stands up and touts Sunflower as being the greatest album of all time, the Beach Boys defacto Sgt. Pepper.

So, discounting “Add Some Music To Your Day” what song found here holds up as well as “Good Vibrations,” “Sail On, Sailor,” “Good Timin’” or even the blistering slow dance number “Surfer Girl.” Even with all their studio double tracked double vocals, spilt stereophonic textured effects, and overtly considered harmonic balances, for me this is nothing more than a late summer bit of interlocking playfulness that is entirely forgettable.

Listen, the Beach Boys weren’t really good at this whole easy going concept thing, get yourself a Greatest Hits album, I promise, you’ll be much happier.

*** The Fun Facts: Working titles for the album were as follows Reverberation, Sun Flower, and Add Some Music, before they finally agreed on Sunflower.

Review by Jenell Kesler

Nina Simone - Nina Simone Sings The Blues as reviewed by gamosvinyl

December 15, 2018
My wife picked this up in a bargain bin. Crispy corners, looks the vinyl's never been played. Just incredible. It's like winning the lottery. Superb...

Abner Jay - True Story Of Abner Jay as reviewed by sethelkins

December 15, 2018
Abner Jay is the TRUTH! So happy I got this. My copy has all the inserts, and I couldn't be happier. If you're not familiar with this incredible one-man band, do yourself a favor and dive in head first and blindfolded. Anywhere that you think it lacks, he compensates with an ability that is simply unmatched.

Marti Caine - Point Of View as reviewed by professormouse

December 15, 2018
She had Randy Crawford on her TV show as a guest !
THAT wasn't such a great idea as when Marti did the end number...the audience seemed to have hurt their hands once they realised ms.Crawford was off !
This is knockout and plays to her strengths = who knew ?

Young Jeezy - Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 as reviewed by DJCVR

December 15, 2018
"YEEEAAAHHHH", "HA,HA". Honestly, this album was just an ad-lib monster. I truly could not really follow Jeezy's first official studio release. Whatever he was saying on "TM:101" was overshadowed by the repetitive ad-libs, that ultimately would go on to inspire trap rap's now massive usage of ad-libs to make up for lackluster lyrics. This is not to say that what Jeezy was saying was not important, for example on both The JUSTICE League helmed "Don't Get Caught" and on album opener "Thug Motivation 101" where on the former I started sweating like I just got pulled over myself even though I was just standing in my kitchen, and on the former I could just feel the roaches crawling on my skin as was mentioned in the opening lines, even though it was daytime. And I was cooking up a meal, though over the course of having my ear to the record I felt as if I was cooking up a bag to earn a meal. The hooks were infectious, just check the singles "Soul Survivor", "Air Forces" or album cuts like "Bottom Of The Map"- the whole album was full of memorable hooks, but not really any memorable verses save for the guests like Trick Daddy, Bun B, or T.I.P. pulling the weight of bar-for-bar MCing, while Jeezy tasked himself to craft contagious choruses to fit over the trunk-rattling club banger instrumentals by some of Southern's finest in Mannie Fresh, Nitti, and Drumma Boy. Even though TM:101 wasn't exactly lyrically dexterious, and one may come out with the knowledge on how to weigh things on a triple beam more than any knowledge of self, "TM:101" is still entertaining as a blaxploitation flick in the 70's - an aura of danger and promiscuity encapsulates the record but it's still at arm's length. And for those hating on the light lyrical content, Jeezy still was "Young" at this stage in his career and had many more years to become the trap-rap lyricist giant he is known as today.

Misfits - Walk Among Us as reviewed by robert.huffman.311

December 15, 2018
This is a very good pressing, it doesn't say what the weight is but it's heavy. More importantly it sounds great, good clear volume with no distortion or crackling at all. After I ordered it I saw a clear release I would have got instead but no regrets here at all and the translucent blue is a good look as well. Also the cover is quality too, thick with a crisp, clear printing job. Nice!

Photek as reviewed by telwin5000

December 15, 2018
edited about 6 hours ago
To say Photek around the mid 90's produced under his various guises a few to many tracks that sounded very similar to each other is a bit like accusing an old master of painting to many Madonna and child, so hence we can say he did not do so, but rather honed his skills and became a true craftsman. add to this his earliest hardcore inspired outings and also the more stripped back individualistic efforts of the latter 90,s and we can safely say he is easily one of the better talents of the era whose mentioned above work still remains relevant and looks like will remain so into the future.

Viktor Vaughn - (VV:2) Venomous Villain as reviewed by DJCVR

December 15, 2018
With "Venomous Villain", Viktor Vaughn has won me over as the premiere personality I would like to hear from the man behind the metal mask on the mic. This record serves as a great follow up to "Vaudeville Villain". One just has to sit and vibe to this one, as DOOM spits his inane lyrics over the instrumentals and (refreshingly) record scratches on this short but sweet offering. After, hearing "Venomous", I can see why when collaborating with Earl Sweatshirt on the Adult Swim Single "Between Friends", Sly brought out the tyrant behind the mask, as it could be seen that Viktor's more violent and ruthless rap style over the other vying personalities in Dumille's head influenced not just Earl, but other great poets in our time and onward.

GZA / Genius* - Beneath The Surface as reviewed by DJCVR

December 15, 2018
edited about 7 hours ago
Many self proclaimed genius' are usually far from exhibiting any ingenuity. In regards to the Wu-Tang Clan, most usually the derivative monikers that each MC goes by are usually on point in defining each members characteristics (i.e. Method Man = Iron Lung, RZA = The Abbot , ODB = Doctor) the GZA is no exception to this. Serving as a follow up to the classic "Liquid Swords", "Beneath The Surface" is a cryptic LP worthy of extensive replay value to catch every word that this Genius and his guests have to say.
Now, some things that can be picked up from GZA on this outing during the first listen is that Ice Cube was not the first one to have a pyroclastic flow, schools that represent a fast track into the music industry are full of shit (wish I would have heard this LP before I ever attended M.I. in Hollywood, a school full of fraud for anyone reading) , and just by the way "Beneath The Surface" is structured, hip-hop, at it's finest, can be more raw and informative than any syndicated news program.
Thus, keep the tube off, shred the newspaper, and spin "Beneath The Surface" if you would rather hear words from a Genius rather than that of a sheeple regarding the world today.

SRC Vinyl as reviewed by grayson883

December 15, 2018
I sincerely despite SRC vinyl. They shipped me the wrong product and refused to give me a copy of the product i ordered. They then also told me I had to pay for the product I received. But get this, they were willing to give me a discount! Hope the company crashes and gets squashed by the likes of discogs. Scorched earth for me... thing is I read these negative reviews but was dumb enough to give them a chance regardless. Hate SRC. If and when they go bankrupt I'll drink to that. AVOID THIS COMPANY. Let me be a living example so you guys don't need to waste your time and hard earned MONEY!!!

Tony Bennett - Snowfall (The Tony Bennett Christmas Album) as reviewed by JackKem

December 15, 2018
The cover image here which matches my copy in hand does not show track B6 I'll Be Home For Christmas. My record also does not have this track.

Dopeskillz* - 6 Million Ways (Remixes) as reviewed by Paucus

December 15, 2018
If your looking for a dope old school Jungle track here it is in 6,5,4,3,2,1, 6 million ways!! Holy crap!!!

Erykah Badu - Mama's Gun as reviewed by DJCVR

December 15, 2018
"Mama's Gun" played out like the vocal stylings of Badu - slow and sultry beginnings ending the same with crescendo's spaced out in between. Almost like a death cry, where Badu questions reality in the prisons of this realm, whilst boasting of having on "no panties" and threatening to put a gun to the back of those who see the truth and plan on hiding their spirits from what their eyes have just witnessed, Badu rocks the mic with authenticity for the ears of gods only.

The Maryland Cookies - Snack-Bar Casualties as reviewed by Toco2009

December 15, 2018
Pure garage 60’s sound, well done! a must buy! Four stars.

Thee Fourgiven - It Ain't Pretty Down Here as reviewed by Toco2009

December 15, 2018
Wow! What a 60’s feeling! Beats the Lyres and Fleshtones too, no needs to Get back to the bands back then and pay huge money. Superb album .

Colin Chin - Intruding On A Silence as reviewed by Expansive09

December 15, 2018
One of those seem to have fallen from everyones sight new age cum electronica albums. What do you get in a cd with such cover that looks like a doorway into another dimension?
Well you get three great studio musician two of which many of you should know about being Mark Isham and Patrick O'Hearn the last being Michael Pluznik the percussionist that releases=d the amazing Where the Rain in Born.
The mastermind behind it all is composer Colin Chin and he focuses on mid tempo mood pieces with lots of digital synthesis, trumpet and plucked instrumentation accented by Pluznicks sampled and acoustic percussion.
The cream of the release is the minor keyed enigmatic textural piece Ayers Rock held into places by a plucked acoustic guitar and electronic drum machine.
Really this isnt a sappy Lanz meets Yanni new age affair tracks like Farewell to Innocence sound like they came straight out of Vapor Drawings with a little added later period instrumentation. Patrick O' Hearns bass and production give the release an almost on parallel to something Private Music might have released had Chin struck a deal with Baumann.
A real solid effort.

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love as reviewed by mcorba

December 15, 2018
Wonderful! Simply wonderful. Nice to have these extra tracks also.

The Arabian Prince & The Sheiks - Take You Home Girl / Innovator as reviewed by Debi-deb

December 15, 2018
Eny one who wants sell diz tune plz get in touch

Men & Volts - Tramps In Bloom as reviewed by Toco2009

December 15, 2018
A lot of New Rose releases are mini lp’s, not this one. Why, I ask , Ok the lyrics are funny but just three songs are really Good . Two stars.

Kendrick Lamar - Overly Dedicated as reviewed by MarcosNiederer

December 15, 2018
OK audio, definitely audible background hissing. Sounds better in some parts than in others. Happy with the purchase since now i only have Section80 to complete my Kendrick Lamar collection. If anyone has a bootleg copy of Section 80 for sale, contact me!

Ataque Frontal - Ataque Frontal as reviewed by HologramDamage

December 15, 2018
Hands down, one of the absolute best HC records to come out of South America. An extremely underrated record.

Jean C. Roché - Birds Of Venezuela as reviewed by niponjean

December 15, 2018
amazing birds ! for ever fresh and stunning -

Light Of The World - Round Trip as reviewed by Toco2009

December 15, 2018
In a way this is a timeless record , surprised when I noticed it’s from 1980. Highly recommended Brit-funk Lp.