שוטי הנבואה - שוטי הנבואה as reviewed by garbanzokid

November 20, 2017
Easily one of the best bands out of Israel ever

Lee Hazlewood - Requiem For An Almost Lady as reviewed by WingKongExchange

November 20, 2017
Pressing quality of my copy was tip-top. No defects, exceptional sound. In terms of the album, one of Lee's best. And hands down, the best damn break-up/divorce record ever made. George Jones would be proud/envious ;)

The Stallion - The Dark Side Of The Wall as reviewed by WingKongExchange

November 20, 2017
If this is a tribute, it's definitely pushing the boundaries of what it means to honor someone in song. It's total fucking chaos, as would be expected. It's minimal, it's occasionally big, it's a testament to bat-shit dedication. I love it, i'm confused by it. A+ all the way :)

Townes Van Zandt - Rear View Mirror as reviewed by WingKongExchange

November 20, 2017
For my copy at least, they turned out very quiet, flat, excellent sound. I've certainly had some issues with FP releases before. Thankfully this isn't one.

Tusmørke - Bydyra as reviewed by progfan97402

November 20, 2017
edited 41 minutes ago
Tusmørke unexpectedly gave us two albums in 2017, starting with Hinsides in May, and Bydyra in November. With Bydyra they did what I could have never ever imagined: record a prog rock album specifically for Children. Tusmørke now consists Krizla, Benediktator, HlewagastiR, Phenomenon Marxo Solinas (that is Lars Fredrik Frøislie) and newcomer Dauinghorn av Jordsjø aka Håkon Oftung who is already blowing me away with his symph prog project Jordsjø. They also get help from a children's chorus from an Oslo primary school. This is basically a concept album about a badger, squirrel and crow who lose their home due to environmental destruction. This album, despite its aim to children touches on many more mature subject matters as environmental destruction, rising housing prices (as if Oslo isn't pricey enough, but that can be easily said of London, Paris, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and with smaller places like Seattle and Portland heading that way), poverty, as well as magic. This is as far from Barney the Dinosaur or Disney as you can get. Yet they successfully managed to do a children's prog album. The songs are all short, after all the children aren't ready for Tales From Topographic Oceans (or "Sankt Sebastiens Alter" from Hinsides, for that matter, which clocks at 23 minutes), but the band never sacrifices any of that prog/psych/folk element. So basically a win/win for Norwegian children and progheads in general. Of course American children will get little out of it due to the language barrier. Sure Bydyra won't appeal to everyone, but at the same time, this album only demonstrates how too many children's music albums are so insipid, and inane, Barney the Dinosaur being a prime example. Even I couldn't stand children's music as a child for that reason (luckily Barney did not exist when I was a child), feeling happier when my parents simply tuned to the FM rock station. But when Tusmørke does a children's album, you are guaranteed no ordinary children's album! How many such albums out there do you find Mellotron and spacy analog synths like the MiniMoog being featured? I'm sure the guys noticed too many children's albums were the Elmo and Barney types (or the Norwegian equivalents) and felt the children can do much better. While Elmo and Barney singalong CDs could likely be found at your local Walmart in America, Bydyra is one you never will find there. By far the finest children's music album I ever heard and that's because it's a prog rock children's album!

The Pop Group - Y as reviewed by Acwiz

November 20, 2017
Great record, i'm looking for this version, hit me up!

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly as reviewed by therealericmontana

November 20, 2017
The sound on this pressing really is amazing. One of the best sounding records I own.

Tom Topazz - A Dream Within a Dream 2017 as reviewed by mickweiss

November 20, 2017
New artist name data and label name are correct and can also be found in other web ressources.

ANFS - VNL007 as reviewed by Mr.Modular

November 20, 2017
B2 is such a banger, really crunchy and bumping. I can see it being the highlight of a DJ set.

10-Speed* - Tour De France as reviewed by Automaticamore

November 20, 2017
Really not different enough from Kraftwerk to seek out from a musical standpoint, IMO -- but interesting as a collector's piece if you're seeking cover versions, or obscure Canadiana.

Various - Bush Records Compilation as reviewed by quebeq150

November 20, 2017
Truely an amazing vinyl, the techno is superb with some very good breakbeat!!!

Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas as reviewed by gravbong

November 20, 2017
edited about 4 hours ago
Since the Steve Hoffman/Kevin Gray 45rpm version is now well out-of-reach price-wise for most people, this is THE one to get. There's probably only so many more times they're going to go back to the original tapes, so get this true analog version while you still affordably can. Every other modern edition minus the widely disliked 2006 CD remix is sourced from the same 80s digital transfer, and the sound is far inferior (though I can't speak for the new 2017 version with the retro jacket yet).
Both Analogue Productions versions are truly beautiful, with stunning clarity and lifelike presence, easily the best this album has ever sounded on any format.

Charles Manson as reviewed by LPWJ

November 20, 2017
edited about 5 hours ago
CM should be studied at every cop school, cause cop brutality was what caused all of the bad times he got, now cops are shooting blacks, exactly the same thing but earlier it was hippies til some of them got fed up, and unfortunately Sharon Tate was home that night in '69 RIP. But really it could've been anyone, I think it was the same as today's terrorists, random murders. He should've been released back in '93 already. Done his time.

And yes he was a part of the real hippie movement and the songs are still good, some of the melodies are better than some big artists who are only famous because they are famous (back then and now); some with his singers and some recorded by the Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson who drowned in '83 RIP.

A cover album against cop brutality would be good. In a time when police clashes with the people more and more and just not hippies these days.

Personally I don't hurt a fly, and wouldn't think of joining his family back then, just like Wilson who hesitated and left. All I'm saying is this could've been prevented. Maybe he had got that record deal after all and the world's been different...

"Don't blame me for your sins"

CM '17 RIP

Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, m.A.A.d City as reviewed by JQ1017

November 20, 2017
Fantastic pressing, definitely a contender for one of the best sounding records in my small collection.

The bass alone is well worth the money I spent ($44.99 AUD). My copy has no skips or distortion or sibilance and little to none noticeable surface noise. The gatefold packaging is exquisite as well.

Played on an AT LP-60 USB.

Joe Bonamassa - Blues Deluxe as reviewed by dumbplucker

November 20, 2017
Damn!! This one sounds AMAZING! So much better than the cd. Deep low end and super quiet vinyl!

The Winding Creek Bluegrass Boys - Under Your Spell Again as reviewed by grasscollector

November 20, 2017
Bluegrass in the general style of Don Reno and Red Smiley.

Brute Force Steel Band, Of Antigua* - Jingle Bells as reviewed by Stereokid

November 20, 2017
"Jingle Bells" wasn't included in the Stereo version of the "Brute Force Steel Band" LP album.

Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas as reviewed by Kittysafe

November 20, 2017
You can buy this on Newbury for like $30
So don't get ripped off by resellers.

Bleed (12) - Not So Quiet.... as reviewed by bleedpunkband

November 20, 2017
Long Awaited Third Album From This Yorkshire Band,That Won't Disappoint.

Prince - Prince's Erotic City (Lovesexy Tour Rehearsals '88) as reviewed by nancy90029

November 20, 2017
The exterminator at my apartment building has been stealing my Prince items.

Maywood - Walking Back To Happiness as reviewed by purple-sub

November 20, 2017
Maywood recorded and released this collection of 15 tracks in 1991 - CD released on KOCH International. As usual, the musicianship and harmonies are great. The problem here is the decision to release a collection of covers of 60s hits. For a band with a history of great original song writing, this is puzzling and, to be honest, disappointing. As a Maywood fan, I enjoyed this for what it is but I am heading right back to the first several LPs which represent, at least to me, the classic Maywood sound.

Razor (2) - Violent Restitution as reviewed by Thrashman75

November 20, 2017
Top 10 thrash,speed metal Album of all time and they don't make it like this anymore hail Canada!

Various - Listen 3 - A Faze Compilation Of Montreal Music as reviewed by Automaticamore

November 20, 2017
From A to B side, this comp is divided into more rock-oriented selections (the a-side), and more electronic songs (the b-side). Personal preference for the b-side, but it lacks anything close to the great tracks on the first Listen compilation (specifically the coveted Degrees Of Freedom - August Is An Angel, and, IMO, Three Lines - Reason). Still worth picking up for fans of obscure Canadiana.

Suzy Q - Tonight (Remix) as reviewed by Automaticamore

November 20, 2017
Only the 7" Canadian Unidisc pressing of this single features the instrumental -- not a true instrumental, as it retains the chorus vocals, which is IMO the best part of the song (verse vocals are a tad too affected for my taste).

Silicon Soul - Who Needs Sleep Tonight as reviewed by discodjcom

November 20, 2017
This is pulsating electro madness ... an underground gem and techno predecessor!