I am a vinyl record collector and the former owner and publisher of '" (active 1998-2013), a website dedicated to the history and promotion of Italo Disco, and also a home for the italo-disco community.

Disco, Funk, Boogie, Italo Disco, proto-house music, and WBMX original Hot Mix Five's mixes still float my boat.

An occasional DJ, hear the sample of the works here:

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Owen Masterson - (We All Know) Santa's On His Way
submitted Owen Masterson - (We All Know) Santa's On His Way. 6 days ago
Various - Sombrero
posted a review of Various - Sombrero. 6 months ago
Brilliant series of mixes for 1984! Enrico Monizza was right there with the very best. Great edits, effects, and long harmonic blends. I wish this one would get a 6-CD compilation re-dux and an official release.
submitted Attilio (11) - Fireflies On A Leash. 6 months ago
Laura Branigan - Self Control
posted a review of Laura Branigan - Self Control. 6 months ago
Raf was the first, of course. Steve Piccolo wrote English lyrics.
Attilio (11) - Baja Cool
submitted Attilio (11) - Baja Cool. 6 months ago
Richard Romeo - Non Chalance
posted a review of Richard Romeo - Non Chalance. 8 months ago
This is a beautiful Italo-Disco record that received little or no attention from "Italo Heads" over the years. A real mystery to me as to WHY? This is an impeccably styled and arranged song by Romano Musumarra, the master of emotional and romantic... See full review
Borneo - Let's All Dance
posted a review of Borneo - Let's All Dance. about 1 year ago
Well, Discogs changed a few things in terms of record pricing. Some records went to the toilet, and some others flew into outer space.

Nevertheless, the B side is a real gem, especially for those collectors who love the emotional Italo-Disco. A real... See full review
Attilio (11) - Later That Night
submitted Attilio (11) - Later That Night. about 1 year ago
Vis-A-Vis (14) - It's So Wonderful (You're The Part Of Mine)
submitted Vis-A-Vis (14) - It's So Wonderful (You're The Part Of Mine). over 2 years ago
Flowchart (2) - Ask The Boss
posted a comment on Flowchart (2) - Ask The Boss. over 3 years ago
This is a classic Italo Boogie sound, produced in Italy, 100%.