Do I have any records in your wantlist? Check here!:

I sometimes put items (usually not available on Discogs) on Ebay, so check out my profile there:

I have around 80 or so library CDs on the Bruton label. Some are not on Discogs and I am looking to sell all of them. If anyone is interested, check pics here (some have sold since I took the pics):

All items for sale are either from my personal collection or are pieces I have picked up along the way for the purpose of re-selling or trading. My musical tastes are wide ranged and have evolved since my days of strictly death metal, black metal and all other types of extreme music/noise, so you will see everything from metal & noise to disco & funk in my salelist.

Also, please note that just because I am selling a controversial/offensive piece, it is most likely not a reflection of my personal or political views.

If you see an item in my salelist that doesn't have a "Make Offer" option, you can still feel free to make me one and I will consider it. If you want to purchase multiple items let me know before you order and maybe we can work out a discount.

I don't believe in a "Mint" grading under any circumstances, so "Near Mint" is the highest grade you will see for items I am selling.

I am open to trading certain records in my salelist, but I need to be very informed as to what you are offering me before I decide (artist, title, pressing, grade etc.).

I don't do full mp3s or cd-rs of anything in my collection, but I can provide sound samples.

I should also mention that I can change my mind quickly about an item I am it might be listed one day and not the next. Nostalgia gets the best of me sometimes.


-Die Form/Bain Total tapes: Please contact me if you have ANY Bain Total tapes or printed materials (flyers, zines, art, stickers etc.) for sale or trade. I will buy individual tapes and collections if I need them.

-Original Whitehouse LPs, cassettes or printed materials (flyers, zines, catalogues, stickers etc.)

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Anyone have a copy of just the original cover to sell?
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I just fixed this so all the info should be correct.
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I don't own any of the 70's pressings on Carosello, Conroy or Top Tape, but this pressing is QUALITY! Vinyl weighs in at about 195 grams, and even with a noticeable amount of light scratches on mine it plays really crisp. Highly recommend this pressing ... See full review
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Shirts are European style so they fit a size smaller (XL fits like L, L fits like M, etc.)
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Good resource to make sure your copy is authentic and not the UK bootleg from 2012
( ):

"Between early 1980 until 1984, AZR (Allen Zentz Recording) lacquers had the text ... See full review