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posted a comment on Tanya Denise - Dance Thru The Night (The Rubber Ducky Song). 7 months ago
Agreed, I like the versions on this release better than the one on the Street Sounds Preview 1 (1987) compilation. But that one has a cool vibe that can be good too in the right situation.
posted a comment on Latoya Jackson* - Gold. about 1 year ago
Just curious, how much would your royalties be for that specific song? I am not in the music business, but it would be interesting to know exactly how much you are getting screwed?
posted a comment on Circuitry - She's Just The Type of Girl . over 3 years ago
Is this even a real release? From the videos on YouTube, this track is either: 1.) A demo from the early to mid-1980s, or 2.) A modern production. I would say it is more likely to be #2...
posted a comment on Toshiki Kadomatsu = 角松敏生* - Girl In The Box~22時までの君は... / Step Into The Light. over 3 years ago
"Step Into The Light" has parts that sound very similar to Unique - What I've Got Is What You Need (1983). Especially the baseline.
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posted a comment on Willie Wood & Willie Wood Crew - Willie Rap. over 7 years ago
The 1979 track Johnson Products - Johnson Jumpin' is the backing track for Willie Rap.
posted a comment on Johnson Products - Johnson Jumpin'. over 7 years ago
This was used as the backing track for the 1979 single Willie Wood & Willie Wood Crew - Willie Rap.