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posted a review of Kid606. over 15 years ago
Kid 606 is the epidamy of Post Modern music.
Post Modern art is different from modern art, in the sense that it reflects on the past, and Modernism does not. Modernism rejects the past. So as Kid 606 reflects the past, he becomes Post Modern music. ... See full review
posted a review of El-P - Fantastic Damage. over 15 years ago
This is what the Def Jux community was waiting for. It completes Cold Vein (by Cannibal Ox) to the MAX !!! El-p's producing uses the most original, abstract beats and samples. He is the most intelligent man in Hip-Hop.
posted a review of Various - The Annual Spring 2001. over 15 years ago
Possibly the best collection of hard house, hard trance, and crazy chaos race trance. With the appearance of lots of Warp Brothers' tracks, it starts headbanging for even the weakest of techno fans. Joy, DjDan's Zipper, We Will Survive, Fire Wire. ... See full review