Warehouses and the music they, loudly, contain is a dear old friend of mine!
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posted a comment on Purple Plejade - Realms Of Human Unconscious. 8 months ago
This is one of those records that brings sunshine in my heart - i guess it is like, for me, the same as it is for someone identifying as a "hardrocker" to wear a Motorhead t-shirt... only though... this is so much better!

"Yolo" and what now - ACID ... See full review
posted a comment on Kai Tracid / Rob Acid - Deeper / Perfecto. 8 months ago
"Deeper" is plain and simple, just, fun - I wish it always was like this!
posted a comment on Anne Clark - Our Darkness. 9 months ago
The "Hardfloor" remix is an what not now to be simply said... "Doubting all the time. Fearing all the time" - Party music!
posted a comment on R.N.D. Technologies - Automorphic Dream Remote. 9 months ago
"The arrival" gives me goosebumps every time - to bad I'm just an old fool now and having problem with today's youth and Facebook; Iphone and what not! I want to spend my time in a dirty evacuated warehouse, were I can stomp my feet without any remorse ... See full review
posted a comment on Astrocat - Mission EP. 10 months ago
"Explorer" is high class trance, and something to be sought after by everyone who refuse "Brittney Speirs"!
posted a comment on Air Liquide - The Mercury EP. 11 months ago
I declare a proposal for marriage to M, Applegate and a all praise to Air Liquide - "This is not a mind trip" wrecked my brain so many years ago, and I'm not quite the same yet! This is some timeless stuff in the echelon of Van Gogh, Beethoven and the ... See full review
posted a comment on Rexanthony - Menticide. 11 months ago
The intro to "Trance to galaxy" should be placed in a "hall of fame", or something like that - God i miss the 90ish!
posted a comment on Genecom - Quaternary EP. 11 months ago
"Sunchase" was the obvious track on this record when it was released, and so it was also played, most if not, all of the time - and rightly so ... But at home, sneaky as I'm, I always played "Synaptic", which were the track I always saw to be the this ... See full review
posted a comment on NKS - Untitled. 11 months ago
"Namenlos" is the, absolute, standout track here - "Jack" and a lot of blipping TB-303 at the same recording session!
posted a comment on Naum / Joachim Spieth - Speicher 15. 11 months ago
Spending my time in this moment trying to relief myself from upcoming sadness... "Use case" is the perfect distraction to, at least, feel somewhat, f*ck you world and let me be, positive - Absolutely a perfect building track!
posted a comment on Mechanism - Forever South I Fly. 11 months ago
Weird memories have been shaped by the track "Forever south I fly" in my past - it's the only track, to my knowledge, using a, typ of, "heavy metal drill saw sound sample" and then some TB-303... I LOVE IT!
posted a comment on Octodred - Technological Illusions Vol. 2. 11 months ago
"Creeper" is a must have - you can buy it from me! The price will at least be "One billion dollars", so don't be scared to send me a PM!
posted a comment on Lost Sector - Funky ESP. 11 months ago
Funky Esp: "Du, du, du... Du, du, du, du" as a baseline and some "spooky" strings on top of that - Classic!
posted a comment on Digital Express - The Club / Man, Woman, Love. 11 months ago
"The Club" is a banger! "MWL" on the other side is none the less good... but it's not the side you choose to play - Welcome to the club!
posted a comment on Jammin' Unit - Ali Bey. 11 months ago
Listening now, somewhat 15 years later, at home - "Ali Bey" is an hell of a groovy track... Play it loud and f*ck everything called neighbors!
posted a comment on Space Demons* - They Come By Night - Volume 1. 11 months ago
Many memories later... But it seems like, for me, "Equalise her" stood the test of time best of all the tracks.
posted a comment on Deepsky - In My Mind. 11 months ago
Anyone who can guide me in any direction that places me to find a track like "Deepsky - Departure" don't, you dare, hesitate contacting me about it!

A+ music, in every aspect
posted a comment on Duoteque - You Know All About Drags E.P.. 11 months ago
"Elektronische" is a vocal distortion happy feeling - with a consistent baseline and pop-chords that is reminding of the 80's ... A-class music; and always welcomed everywhere: classic party music!
posted a comment on Johannes Heil - Die Formel Der Liebe. 11 months ago
"Die Formel Der Liebe Pt. 3" is a world changer, and the track to highly promote on this ep - a sawtooth base; space phhews; a stab + some warm melodies!
posted a comment on L.S.G. - Double Vision. 11 months ago
Mr Lieb, please release it on vinyl - and that PROMPT!
posted a comment on Redeye / Genetic Waste - Contrex Ville / Palace Of Wisdom. 12 months ago
But Marcus it's Redeye - "Contrex ville" that stood the test of time... Du du dudutudu di diiiit dut du!

Green plastic, with memories colored by a multicolorgalaxy druginfumed state, impressing as never before a youngster!
posted a comment on The MFA - Motherload / Sphinx. 12 months ago
Sometime - it has been too long... Sometime I feel like it´ll never have an end - I don't wanna die!
posted a comment on MikeroBenics - Diadora. about 1 year ago
I'm quite sure I was told that this was, so called, "Hard Trance"... And I liked it!
posted a comment on Madonna 303 - More Than Sex Can Say!. about 1 year ago
Track "Help me do good" is pure and simple, just, PARTY - Yeah, yeah hmmm hmm!
posted a comment on Icon - Desire. about 1 year ago
Even if I've never met, or talked, to Discogs member "Wizhard" i feel we share a special bond - because for me it's exactly the same! The "Icarus mix" is for me, perhaps, the strongest release from, a titans strength that is, Eye-q's catalogue - I mean ... See full review
posted a comment on Cores vs. Robyn* - Sioux. about 1 year ago
"Sioux (Tomahawk)" is a 12-o'clock Friday night feeling: just, somewhat extra, "fine and dandy"!
posted a comment on Cybotron - Clear. about 1 year ago
Troy Pierce's remix is making me dizzy... and that is a good thing!
posted a comment on Tommers (A.G.U. Project) - Projekt Nightflight. about 1 year ago
"Deeper sea" is that perfect melancholic F%#K U! an early Sunday morning - a pounding kick; lightly overhead string melody's accompanied by a TB-303 that, obvious, is in a bad mood!
posted a comment on DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Purple Road EP. about 1 year ago
I'm inclined with dr303: "Purple road" is a nuclear bomb... the perfect track at the barbecue when your in-laws are in town - family bonding stuff for sure!
posted a comment on Be-Zet* - Blue Illusion. about 1 year ago
The "Flat horizon mix" is a masterpiece that only speechlessness can describe... but it'll make you feel like you wanna listen to Dissidenten's "Jungle Book Part II" (remixed by B-Zet) soon thereafter!

Why did Sundayafternoontrance vanish... and where ... See full review
posted a comment on Paragon - The Poets. about 1 year ago
The poet who: "always thought that poets were people who were sniffing cocaine in Mayfair and smoking hashish in Tangier" was none other than William, S. Burroughs... "Naked lunch" is a very strange tale!
posted a comment on Illusion 5* By Karnak-X - Mental Storm. about 1 year ago
What's lacked in, somewhat of, studio finesse is compensated with heart - masterpiece!
posted a comment on Soma - Soma Romanz. about 1 year ago
A wonderful, trance, track consisting a perfect sampling: Oooooooh ooo oooooooh ooo ooo åååh!
posted a comment on Brainchild - Vol. II - Singularity. about 1 year ago
Citing user Ivodepivo: "Goosebumps, goosebumps, goosebumps, this is what I get when im hearing this song. Especially the symmetry" - regarding the - C mix of course!
posted a comment on B-Zet - B-Zet 1. about 1 year ago
At least for me this is the strongest Steffen Britzke release: "Walk now" - a repetitive madness miracle!

Seek also blue illusions...
posted a comment on Various - A Mission Into Drums. about 1 year ago
Sunday morning... B-Z - the world needs you promptly, and again!
posted a comment on Dissidenten - Jungle Book Part II. about 1 year ago
The B-Z remix cognitively throws my thoughts to the track "Maya & Aliens" found on a double album titled "A Mission Into Drums"!

Sunday morning temple music!
posted a comment on Larry Heard Presents: Mr. White* - You Rock Me / The Sun Can't Compare. about 1 year ago
"You're my light - the sun can't compare to your light. You're are my dream - the moon can't compare to your beams" + some blipp blopp TB-303 and handclaps = fine audio logistics!
posted a comment on Spicelab - A Day On Our Planet. over 2 years ago
-"You should always take responsibility for your mistakes" my mother told me... so here we go! Posted wrongly my opinion at the CD-release version some years back, without never ever seen a copy in that format with my own two blue eyes; how could I be so ... See full review
posted a comment on Laurent Garnier - A Bout De Souffle EP. over 2 years ago
"Wake up - there's no turning around now, you've come too far"... Not far enough, obvious, to be unable to remember moments when this was played, during early Sunday mornings, with the intention to shake the last out of the living; that's from the living ... See full review
posted a comment on Silent Breed - Chemicals. over 3 years ago
"Chemicals" is the cooler; tuffer; sweeter etcetera and absolutely BETTER version of "Amphetamine" - Bath salts is such a much more better deal than mainline "speed"...

5/5, noise complaints from my mom while I was "growing" up!
posted a comment on Christian Borée - I Against I. over 4 years ago
For me this release was like a prediction for a coming and a new paradigm; where the previously so monotonous techno were beginning to be dissolved, and were this "new style" later on would come to be classified, for example, as "tech house"... even if I ... See full review
posted a comment on Octodred - Untitled. over 4 years ago
One of those records that made Mom appreciate me moving out!

Absolutely genius!
posted a comment on Spicelab - A Day On Our Planet. over 4 years ago
The track "Falling" has always been, now and forever, the, obvious, soundtrack for my life; consisting a emotional ambivalence and beauty... I reckon that it will be played, and provide the atmosphere, at my funeral; while the pastor is preaching!?

30+ ... See full review
posted a comment on Kamaya Painters - Far From Over/Cryptomnesia (Oliver Lieb Remix/Original Mixes). over 6 years ago
Nothing is said about this beautiful remix from Oliver Lieb?

On the brink to tears every time I play it!