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posted a comment on Various - Tantrance 2 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance. over 4 years ago
Together with Goa-Heads (starting with vol. 3) these compilations provide the best selections of goa/psytrance tracks for the given years.
posted a comment on Juno Reactor - Laughing Gas. over 5 years ago
Whatever the previous commenters have said, this is one of the first releases to anticipate what would become the goa trance movement. Of course they didn't call it "goa trance" back then, for as a movement it didn't exist yet. But there is no arguing... See full review
posted a comment on Yggdrasil (9) - Prose Edda. over 7 years ago
What?! Really? :)) Everything good this band has they got from Shpongle. And if you can't relate to humor in Shpongle's music, then you haven't taken enough acid! :)))
posted a comment on John '00' Fleming - Goa Culture. over 7 years ago
Super-compilation!!! Respect to John '00' Fleming!
posted a comment on Yage - The Woodlands Of Old. over 7 years ago
Being a HUGE fan of FSOL, I don't like this release. The vibe is dark and sinister throughout, and sort of different from their usual sound to the point where I find it almost unrecognizable. Definitely a move into a new direction for the guys, and I... See full review
posted a review of Various - Mana Medicine. over 7 years ago
After a few boring tracks (culminating in Ott's Escape from Tulse Hell), this disc proceeds to an exploration of wobbly, groovy spaces, and you may find yourself - yet again (or at last!) - in the dark rainforesty atmosphere, where groovy goblins... See full review
posted a comment on Youth - Ambient Meditations 3. over 8 years ago
It should be supplied with a hit of acid and a good company. Otherwise, it may just make you miss those times that you may regret you have never experienced...
posted a review of Bluetech - Love Songs To The Source. over 10 years ago
Awesome album, very fresh, with several killer tracks! Some great continuation of The Divine Invasion's shroomy breaks ("Waiting for Initiation"), and several incredible unexpectedly traditional vocal and instrumental dub pieces with beautiful... See full review
posted a comment on Sandoz - God Bless The Conspiracy. over 10 years ago
Does anybody know what is depicted on the cover of this album? (It looks like a map, but a map of what?)